Is It A Dilemma? An Open Letter to New York Magazine

How precious, now it seems they really want to know…but do they? $5 awaits.

The dilemma I refer to isn’t the disease, it’s how the best warnings and recommendations were ignored and, worse, actively suppressed.

I’ve got $5 on you continuing to do the same.

All of this was avoidable except that the source of the information was too “controversial”, never mind the impeccable accuracy; not a word ever had to be deleted, rewritten, revised, etc., in over 90 COVID articles on our blog.

When I first began publishing the information, on February 25, there were 57 cases in the country.

When I began sending the warnings to governmental, medical and…media officials throughout Arizona, on March 5, there were five cases in this sorry state.

Dr. Charles Rothberg discovered our “clever” little test that proves, through copyright verification, we’re more accurate than – and always publish before – the CDC, WHO, etc. He decided to say no more.

In his Al Jazeera interview, Dr. Pilly was referring to our source; he’d be glad to be interviewed again.

As fas as reaching out to media, the info in this blog is a testament to, well, you fill in the blanks.

Regarding our “controversial” source and UFOs, the topic certainly wasn’t taboo for all your cutesy little fluff pieces, as you also dutifully reported the crap and disinformation from the Pentagon as well. By golly, I even wrote about it last March. And I sent it to you. It wasn’t handed to you by your “official sources” so, move along.

Our friend, Mr. Meier was the first person to warn  about unnatural, manmade climate change, global warming, etc., and the coming, unstoppable US civil wars…and much more.

And now, thanks to super-heavyweight intellectuals in the media, like you and our friend at ABC15 in Phoenix, America and the rest of the world gets to pay the price for your pandering, ineptitude, neglect and prioritizing trendy, politically correct, truth-suppressing bullshit.

So, Why Was It So Hard to Raise the Alarm on the Coronavirus?. Look in the mirror.

I think my $5 is safe.

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Michael Horn (Bio)

Authorized American Media Representative

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I ran into that exact same situation at the hospital I work at. I may have posted this before but I’ll say it again. A questionnaire was emailed to everyone asking if anyone had any suggestions or ideas as to how to deal with Covid-19. I filled out the questionnaire explaining exactly what was being advised to us as how to deal with this. I also added that you will probably ignore this information as many others have done before. To my surprise they reached out to me, asking where I got the information. I advised them that I would gladly give them any information that was required. A lady called me and I told her the truth, have you ever heard someone’s jaw on the other end of the phone. She basically told me she couldn’t go back to the main players with that information. Since then our cases and deaths have escalated, so I sent her an email stating that it shouldn’t matter where the information comes from if it’s correct. You know what I heard….Crickets!!!!

Gregory Dougall

Now 9 months later, everyone can se that Dr. Pilly in NYC was spot on in warning about the details from Meier’s pandemic memos.


I can’t talk about this information without being called crazy, even when i present them the evidence (articles +publishing dates) lot’s of cognitive dissonance going on! I don’t understand how people can be so blind! Mr Horn must be a very courageous guy!


Hey Puntenpol,

You’ll understand if you can accept the fact that we live in the Age of Stupid!!!!

rex resa

Michael stands up when others sit down. He has had death threats, but he won’t back down…he stands for truth, as he sees it.
I tip my cowboy hat off to you!


I just forwarded the Dr. Pilly video to the lady I was dealing with at the hospital. I bet I don’t hear a thing.

George Champaninh

Sadly, we live in a world where the majority is being rampaged by an invisible source that is very real, but believes in an “invisible source” that has never been real.

Timothy Allen Anderson

It seems now more than ever it’s not the truth that is so important, but rather where the truth comes from. I would have never thought we could become more polarized than we were a decade ago, man was I wrong.


Wait. These virus “strains” have been mutating in the wild since 1976 when it first escaped from the lab and is approaching the 5000th mutation. Even if everyone had followed the “advice”, the virus would continue to mutate in the wild via other mammals. It was on;y a matter of time before humans got it. By this reasoning, it is not possible to contain this virus until it burns out.

Melissa Osaki

The COVID-19 strain, and all the resulting mutations, is not one of the naturally mutating coronaviruses from the wild. It was further weaponized in a lab and accidently released upon the world.


Yes, but regardless of following the advice of social distancing, respirators, global isolation for at least three months with only essential services operating, the virus would still be carried and mutating independently via other mammals with eventual jump to humans. So the advice cannot work with this reasoning unless humans not only carry-out the recommendations indefinitely, but also keep distance from all mammals. Now how would that work for cattle ranchers, animal slaughter, … ???

Melissa Osaki

If we would have done it in the beginning based on Ptaah’s recommendations, we could have gotten it under control and stomped it out. Now it’s too late because Earth humans aren’t able to think logically or responsibly. There might have been a few cases in the wild, but it wouldn’t have spread wildly and uncontrollably like it does with humans. The key has always been to act responsibly, but China hid the outbreak and didn’t notify the World Health Organization until months after the virus was out of control. The WHO didn’t act responsibly and so on and so on.


No excess deaths in British Columbia Canada.

Try countering the claims in this video.

Melissa Osaki

I won’t waste my time on this incredibly stupid and irresponsible nonsense. If you want to pretend that a deadly and rampantly spreading disease doesn’t exist or doesn’t pose a lifelong threat to everyone’s health, that’s your prerogative, but don’t bring anymore unsubstantiated hogwash to the blog. You can’t debunk the Corona deaths that have happened in my circle of friends and family, or the friends and family of others. All of them are people who would still be here had they not caught the Corona disease. And we are yet to discover the future implications and health destroying effects.