The Superpower USA Could Come to an End After 2020

Each person can decide for themselves if the important things in the country have changed “for the better” by now


This new article is openly addresses the heavy involvement of professed Christians in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, which brings to mind these passages from the Henoch Prophecies :

286. Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.

287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

With today’s events we see Billy Meier’s prophecy fulfilling, regarding what will happen when Trump is voted out of office:

At that time it was the so-called “Watergate” affair that broke the neck of the US president, and this time it will be no different when the present US president will be deposed, because he too will abuse governmental powers in a similar way, trample the US constitution underfoot and set the world in turmoil. The difference, however, will be that Trample-Tramp-Trump will be voted out of office by the majority of the US people, even though he himself as well as his lowly intelligent, simple-minded supporters will organise terror against it.

Alleged photo of Trump supporters, Washington, D.C., January 6, 2021 

And, with the invasion of, and attack on, the capitol by right-wing thugs – er, I mean patriots – we’re also seeing coming attractions of what is yet to come:

17. In the future the USA and the US governors will be exposed to very frequent threats, which will come from both state and non-state acting persons who are hostile towards the government and state, as well as from great parts of the US population, whereby the US population will split into different population groups for which the basic factors have already been created and consequently the US population already in the current time separates into different groups.

So, the demagogues like Trump – who couldn’t care less about his supporters and uses them to his own ends – Alex Jones and all the idiotic conspiracy theorists are hell bent to fulfill the worst of the prophecies. Of course, the radical left-wing is not blameless in all of this either. They lit fires that preceded the mess that is now unfolding.

So, much to the dismay of clueless Americans, the immutable law of cause effect, presaging the long foretold coming US civil wars, continues to fulfill, fueled by the ever-increasing polarization and divisiveness, dead-end, delusional, mind-enslaving religions and moronic politics because:

Now Unstoppable

As noted in this article, I began emphasizing Billy Meier’s warnings about the two coming US civil wars in my blog in 2013:

“So, while it seemed preposterous when, in 1987, Meier warned about two coming civil wars, the year 2020 may give new meaning to that old saying about…hindsight. Perhaps many will be rereading Meier’s words by candlelight – in their bunkers – here in the good ol’, formerly United States of America.”

I specifically suggested that 2020 would be important, as I felt that Meier’s warning, in 2012, could be pivotal for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

We had already included the warnings from the Henoch Prophecies about the coming US civil wars in the Silent Revolution of Truth, released in 2013.

Meier’s warnings about coming US civil wars warranted another mention in as the time fulfills, from 2012.

And I repeated the warnings in And Did They Listen?, in 2014.

Such things as have been long forewarned, and now fulfilling, are nothing to celebrate, as we welcome an – after 2020 – new year.

But the following is…

The Key to Our Future Survival

The new book, Introduction to Meditation will soon be available. Please stay tuned for more information…coming soon.

Excerpt from’ Introduction to Meditation’ by Billy Meier 2020, page 58:

Purpose of the Book

The ‘Introduction to Meditation’ allows the human being to learn the meditation through one’s own study. Therefore he/she does not need to visit ‘gurus’ and ‘yogis’, who, for much money, want to make him/her believe that they could bring him/her ‘salvation’, although thereby they only make him/her dependent, exploit him/her and poison his/her thinking and thereby enslave him/her in his/her consciousness.

The study of meditation however is very hard and requires much commitment, willingness to learn and perseverance, if the human being wants to enjoy the unsurpassable gifts of the consciousness. A crash course, a short or intensive course, as they are offered everywhere for the impatient ones, may well be tempting, however, they are extremely delusive and dangerous, and above all – the reward fails to appear.

The human being of Earth is not used to creational-law-based thinking and acting, therefore the switch to patience and calmness, as the meditation demands it of him/her, is not easy for him/her. At school and also in one’s job, material-intellectual efforts (ambition, thirst for knowledge, and so forth) and the devout dealing with cognitions and knowledge which are not one’s own, are constantly demanded of the human being.

The religions have placed the human being under the thumb of an imaginary godhead and thereby have deprived him/her of his/her self-mastery. Worldly and human might-structures such as church, state, economy and science also ensure that the human being remains unknowing and manipulable. The human being therefore no longer knows the might that actually is present in himself/herself, which is why he/she searches for compensation in a purely material achievement, wherethrough he/she condemns his/her consciousness to inactivity. But perhaps nevertheless some human beings internally have an inspiration from their subconsciousness which tells them that many things, which they have taken part in, cannot be right. The human being, and above all his/her consciousness, wants to live differently, namely in harmony with the Creation.

Many human beings believe – idly expecting a flash of light – to receive the right kind of life and the right mentality while sitting by the roadside.

The human being needs not sheer off because he/she can begin in his/her own familiar environment to think and act based on the laws of Creation. However, he/she must not and cannot wait any longer to really concentrate for a few seconds on his/her inner self, only because it temporarily requires still more of him/her, for example, to find out the exact time from his/her inner self rather than looking at the clock. However, once the human being masters this concentration capability, then it is also useful for him/her where he/she, with his/her habitual material mode of thinking, would have to go for kilometres in order to check something, of which he/she then nevertheless still could not say with absolute certainty: IT IS SO.

The human being should consider that the Creation is never inactive. It also uninterruptedly fulfils all its self- created laws and recommendations, in order to secure all its creations in their existence. The human being is one of its creations and has to follow suit.

The meditation does not simply serve the relaxation – which is why it is also recommended by doctors. No, it serves especially the self-disciplining of the human being, the schooling of his/her consciousness, the cognition and the creating of inner peace and the equalisedness and the actual mastering of life in general.

If the human being studies this book accurately and heedfully and acts according to the presented knowledge, then these and many other cognitions will be granted to him/her.


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John Webster

It IS unquestionably a new normal on this planet, and to address the introductory paragraph above, ” Each person can decide for themselves if the important things in the country have changed ‘for the better’ by now” . . truth be told, there never HAS REALLY been a United States, especially when history shows, that the concept of democracy is enforced by ideologies. Humans have a deeply imbedded, seriously deteriorating consciousness. But, then again, history [Plejaren / Meier material] clearly shows it’s something that, only from an individual basis, can remedies come into Being.


17. In the future the USA and the US governors will be exposed to very frequent threats, which will come from both state and non-state acting persons who are hostile towards the government and state, as well as from great parts of the US population, whereby the US population will split into different population groups for which the basic factors have already been created and consequently the US population already in the current time separates into different groups.

41. The lives of the governors and financial leaders, who rule in a lax and wrong as well as elite, might-greedy, selfish and imperious form over the populations, will no longer be secure and they will be forced to defend their lives as well as their goods and possessions, which will only be possible – if it is at all – when they have themselves protected by bodyguards or even their own mercenary force.

Another cause and effect (Ursache und Wirkung). I feel like these problems have been around since I was born! The government is known for lying. People have been speaking out about the unjustice (also being ignored). The growing inequally (that I was told that is the way it is)… All these things are problems and they don’t just go away…

Under a real democracy they would all have a voice! One that needs to be heard and understood and a way for problems to be recognized, which in turn would cause each person to use reason and intellect to think it all through. But nope, that is far from what I see in the USA! We are influenced by elected persons insulting the other, while saying words that lead to nothing.

Gregory Dougall

Thank you for calling the government democracy hotline. Your opinion is important to us. Due to the high call volume, your estimated wait time is…800 years. Please continue to hold.

Solon H Hinson

I will leave my message in the trees then 😛

Terry Carch

Or 2880. Please hold?

rex resa

That’s funny, I like a sense of humor;)

billy wilson

Can I preorder Introduction to Meditation’ by Billy Meier 2020

Diego Abascal

I would like to order it too! Please, make it available for delivery in Mexico.

william lacefield

WOW! All so true! But to stand by and allow depopulation puts a sour taste in my mouth. Billy please talk them in to removing 50% of us to another planet or stop it by landing in each city. Help us!! To stand by and allow us to kill ourselves is heartless. Billy who put the Georgia Guide stones up???

Michael Ronquillo

Hi Michael, i know this is off topic, but can you ask Billy about Ivermectin? I am seeing a lot of good reports of how it prevents, and helps with the healing process of covid. It is used with doxycycline, and zinc.

Eusebio Apellido

In the contact report, it was mentioned that we had three habitable planets to which our ancestors destroyed one, Malona. Long story short, we have one planet left in the SOL system at the moment where the good news is that, if we get a hold of our out-of-control-of-our-good-human-nature attitude and address overpopulation in a logical, reasonable, rational and intellect wise manner, we can repopulate Mars once again and also see towards doing likewise to our other neighboring planet Venus.

rex resa

I know it will all blow over with a tiny bit of smoke…*smiling, burning a bit of sweetgrass, or süße Gras, as I think billy would put it…

Melissa Osaki

Unfortunately, I think we’ll need a lot more than sweetgrass incense to come to our senses.

Mark Weatherly

Witnessed the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building. Everyone that was breaking the law should be punished to the fullest extent. BTW Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year! May I ask you a question? Received a message on FB, from a friend of Billie, in a CR, that Trump and his followers were of low intelligence, however, that the Plejaren also said he was trying to do good, but the people he surrounded himself with were trying to persuade him to do it their way. Do you know what CR(s) that may be in. All the best, Mark Weatherly

Melissa Osaki

Hi Mark,

Yes, the unfortunate events from yesterday are a glimpse of what is to come. According to news reports, there were some arrests, but I don’t know any details beyond that.

I fail to see the benefit that any of the protests/riots have had over the years. They just stir people to act in a chaotic and illogical manner. On the other hand, I do understand the frustration of having a government who acts according to its own will and not the will of the people. This has been the case for a long time and we are seeing the culmination of years of neglect. It’s one of those things where you can certainly agree with many of the complaints, but not the methods used to enact the required changes.

This is one of the first contacts where Ptaah spoke about Trump and said that he had some good ideas. He said that he wanted to focus on domestic issues and stop the globalization and interfering in other countries. However, it is my assumption that Billy already knew, for a long time, about the disaster that would occur. He was certain that the civil war would still ensue, even with Hillary out of the picture.

Chuck Torbyn

Having just read CR663, I’m puzzled also. Somewhere between then and now, Billy and others started in with the”Trample-Trump” name calling and I have to wonder why. As a Trump supporter, I agree with Ptaah about Trump’s basic good heart and good intentions and haven’t seen anything to contradict it. What did I miss?

Melissa Osaki

I’m pretty certain that Billy knew long ago. I’m basing my opinion on the prophecies and predictions, and then reading between the lines. Regardless of whether he had good intentions, the last 4 years have been a chaotic mess. The fires have been stoked, and it’s doubtful that the country can ever reconcile at this point. I do find it strange that Billy and Ptaah have yet to mention Biden.

Dougal McRae

Surely you can hardly blame Trump for any so-called chaotic mess when 75% of Washington, nearly all the media, FBI, DoJ, CIA have been actively trying to undermine and frame him?

Melissa Osaki

I do blame him, just as I blame the democrats for all of their foolishness. I don’t think one side is better than the other, they are all out of their minds and not fit to be in leadership positions. The whole system is broken. We are left with choosing incompetent stooges or criminals to run our cities, states and federal government. Biden is just as foolish.

It’s just as Billy said, those who can think logically can’t do anything about it because it’s so corrupt. Even if Trump came in with some good ideas, the entire four years have been a chaotic mess. Neither side has been willing to work with each other on anything. They act like spoiled children who kick and scream if they don’t get their own way.

Eusebio Apellido

Biden? Couldn’t really take him seriously, for meself. Had a chance to listening to his speech after the storm of the capitol and couldn’t help but NOT listen since he kept on interjecting the word “belief” and “believe” so much I felt like I was going to church or something.

Tony Schwab

The same happened with Trump as did beforehand with Obama. At the beginning of their presidency they both had good intentions, but soon after they both became misadvised, threatened and brainwashed so they both turned to evil. This is why Plejarans praised them both when they became presidents, and, as they both turned to evil; they started to bash them accordingly. Plejarans and BEAM also turned against Trump because they know what evil he would commit if he would win the second term. Normally this is the time when US presidents start wars, as they don´t have anything to lose anymore, as it is their last term.

So if Plejarans are saying he must go, they must have a good reason for it. Plejarans are always praising US presidents at the beginning of their presidency for the reason of hoping for cooperation, not burning down all the bridges already at the start, even though they already know at the start that these presidents are going to turn out a total disaster. In this way they are at least leaving open an opportunity for them to turn to the better. But this does not mean that Biden would be any better than Trump, probably he would be even worse. With Biden also nuclear war with Russia is again being on the table, as he intends to cooperate with demented EU tyrannical lunatics again, this war is, eventually, going to become unavoidable for sure.

But there is one point that bothers me; namely in their prophecies Plejarans stated that the 44th US president, which is Donald Trump (in truth he is 44th, not 45th, president of USA, as one of the previous presidents has been counted twice, as his terms were apart), is going to be the last US president. Does that mean that Civil War in USA is going to break before Biden´s inauguration, or did that prophecy change, also?!

Probably Civil War in USA became unavoidable, as those people who stormed the Capitol, as well as all other Trump supporters, are going to be persecuted because of this act, so they won´t have any other choice but to defend themselves, thus Civil War in USA becoming unavoidable.

Another point that bothers me is that in CR 663 Plejarans told that if Democrats would know Trump would win they would commit the biggest voter fraud in history of USA. Obviously this voter fraud did happen during this last presidential elections, as evidences are thousandfold, why Plejarans didn´t mention this fraud happened?!! Probably because this would do more damage than good.

Also, as I could read through the prophecies, Americans probably only still have two options, either Civil War, which many Americans would survive, or Global Nuclear Holocaust, caused by EU assisted constant provocation of or even attack on Russia, in which also all Americans would get exterminated. Thus Civil War would prevent the later one. So, which one to choose, which on to choose, hmmm…

Tony Schwab

Wasn´t this mentioned somewhere in their Prophecies and Predictions?!? I thought I have read it in CR where Plejarans explained why Trump is in truth 44th, not 45th, president of USA, but I can´t remember in which CR exactly. I was sure that they explained this to resolve why they predicted in the past that 44th US president is going to be the last one, as, if Trump would really be 45th president, that prophecy or prediction would be proven wrong.

But it is also possible that I have read that somewhere else. All I know is that I have read it somewhere more that 10 years ago. This is also why for the last 10 years I have been telling people that 44th president is going to be the last president of USA.

Isn’t it possible that Plejarans, just like they did “last pope´ prophecy”, changed also this one? Or is Biden never going to become a president, being stopped before he can be inaugurated on January 21st, 2021? I guess we will see, but would really like to know what BEAM and Plejarans know about that. Haven’t they ever mentioned anything about this?

Chuck Torbyn

The P’s warned about Hillary right from the start. Look at Obama’s bio. He NEVER had any good intentions! He was raised by radicals and communists and to hate the country and to advance the leftist overthrow of the country. Trump always had the best intentions for the country and the world. Look at everything he did NOT to have countries fight. That his hopes for the world were fought internally by the “deep state” only shows where the real enemies of peace are. How DO you know who to trust? The best he could do was to follow his instincts and depend on his family whom he trusted the most. No wonder everyone hated him. Imagine, trying to the right thing!? How many of you could have stood the five years of attacks he did, only to be shown he was the most honest guy in town!? What other President has ever been as loved by the common man? No wonder the left had to cheat! The big problem is that so many radicals are in so many places in media, govt, etc, they’ve been able to use the “big lie” in so many ways to constantly blame the right while totally lying about everything they do. Remember all the reporters saying the BLM protests were “mostly” peaceful while fires burned behind them? Occupy Wall Street.? 100 days of insurrection in Portland? Do you really think all these people are going to go away peacefully when saner minds try to establish civility again? The left has been working on getting to this time incrementally for two hundred years. When they’re this close to finally establishing the totalitarian system they’ve been dreaming about, do you really think they’re going to stop now, and that’s the problem. Do you surrender to evil without even a fight or do you stand up for the freedom to be that all humans have and which even Billy and the P’s have referred to in different ways? Unfortunately, unless you work at it, trying to always be the “nice guy” always leads to conservatives being overwhelmed by the progressives and civilization collapsing. Man, what a time to be alive!

Chuck Torbyn

I know I’ll never change your mind, but I enjoy the repartee.
If you want to say Obama had good intentions then all I can say was that he was a narcissistic, clueless “useful idiot” who was used to further the left’s agenda.
As for cronies, where were they? All I saw was Trump under siege for five years.
I agree with you about some of the administration moves that threatened nature. With the size of govt and the number of unelected bureaucrats behind the scenes, I’m not sure you can specifically blame Trump. Most of what happens in govt is behind the scenes.
There is so much evidence of fraud, even a letter from a participant in Italy, you have to be deliberately making yourself blind to it. You can’t afford to admit it for some reason maybe?
As to the friend you mentioned; politicians play hardball and so do businessmen. For that story there many others I’ve heard exactly the opposite, so it’s a wash.
Anti-patriotic? MAGA? It does not compute!
Shiftless, emotionally riled up, etc.? Did you not notice that most of the MILLION people in DC were OLDER people, just like the rallies? Are you not aware of the Antifa instigators who started the broaching of the Capital?
I’m fine with your intelligence and commitment to all the BEAM material. It mostly makes sense. I just notice that a lot of the material seems to miss the subtitles of human nature and not allow for the motivations that can ensure from them. If we can’t handle it, I’m not sure being more intelligent is going to get you there either. Still, it’s nice to there’s someone out there who’s trying to cover our six.
Till next time.

Thomas Horner


There have been many who read these and comment – and – some think, some read CR’s; BEAM books/materials, and finally learn to think on their own.

Your posting about whether the USA will break apart – has – IMO – about a 30-70% chance of survival. 30% for; 70% NOT.

I have mixed ‘feelings’; attributed to a pride in learning aboot the Constitution, teaching it to others; processing court-level cases in support; . . . ad infinitum . .

I wonder IF – the dissolution(of USA) would break the ignorance of Creations Laws and Recommendations so as to create a lasting peaceful world in the years ahead. . . .?

Tony Schwab

There is no such thing as left groups in US, Antifa is as much left as a pile of stinking shit is a perfume. Leftism is only their propaganda, to put a black shadow on those who really want more just social system. Antifa and similar groups are all brainwashed useful idiots, used and secretly led by the imperial “elite”. Antifa and BLM are run by the same imperial powers like Nazis were, the only difference is that this time UN finances and controls those two groups, UN in truth being only an extended hand of the imperial “elite”.

Communism is by Vatican Jesuits established social movement which was intentionally led so terribly it would present to the world how horrible all other social systems are, except those which the imperial “elite” wants, like monarchy and capitalism, so they can continue to rule the world and present themselves as being “royal”, “god´s representatives” and more important than others, so they can continue to exploit people, as people would reject any other social system than monarchy and capitalism, as all other social systems were presented to the world as being so horrible. Antifa is in truth a modern day Neo-nazi movement, neo “Hitler Yugen” or neo “Blackshirts” movement if you want. And their goal is the same as was the goal of Nazis, which is total enslavement of humanity and total eradication of everyone not agreeing with their totalitarian ideology.

All these modern day “left” groups, like Antifa and BLM, are in truth run by right wing – monarchists, who are using these useful idiots to create a total – righ wing global dictatorship, with imperial “elite” on the top, Vatican being above everybody else. Proper “Left” in truth means “all people are equal and have the same rights”, while “Right” means pyramid social structure, cast system, different layers of society, with the “elite” on the top, every person only having rights according to his/her social status. What people nowadays are wrongly assuming being Right is in truth Left, and “Left” in nowadays presented as “Right”.

The only people truly belonging to the real and true LEFT nowadays are those of us who are living according to BEAM and Plejaran teachings, according to Laws and Directives of Creation, who want to create more just, free, peaceful, wise and harmonious world!

If you truly believe nutters like Democrats, Biden, Soros, Gates, pope, UN or similar POS truly being Left you are naive beyond compare. Nobody is more Right wing than they! Rich, “royal” or any kind of “elite” can never be really Left. It they wouldn´t be Right wing, they would never want to totally enslave humanity. To reach this goal their intention is also to even cause and use Civil War(s) in USA, by “problem – reaction – solution” and by “divide and conquer”. Storming the Capitol was a staged psy-op to invoke both Martial Law and a Civil War in USA. The “elite” can´t enslave Americans just like that, as Americans are too many and still armed, but they can create a situation when Americans would fight and kill each other. But when just a few survivors are left at the end, the “elite” can easily enslave or kill them all.

“Fighting” corona virus is just another way with the help of which they are trying to achieve this same goal. This is the real reason why they don’t want to listen to Plejarans and BEAM corona warnings and advices, as the “elite” never really wanted to solve this pandemic, but instead is using it to (force) vaccinate people and totally enslave humanity with nanotechnology, 5G and AI.

Dougal McRae

Totally agree.

Ned Duke

That’s a negative for either Civil War or Nuclear War. These are not mutually exclusive but quite very likely mutually inclusive. Most likely, if we’re weakened we run the risk of having every city end up in “flames” of the nuclear kind. You have to remember, USA is a nuclear power. Do you think any of the remaining Nuclear Powers would run the risk of rogue nukes being smuggled out of the US? It was the long running fear scenario for sometime when the Soviet Union collapsed which is the basis of several fictional novels.

Thomas Horner

“?Persecuted?” How very unusual to apply that terminology to LAW breakers.

They will be prosecuted for Breaking and entering; sedition; destruction of public property, insurrection et al. (this section ALSO covers those who Conspire with others to subvert the laws and elections – including giving aid to such people and organizations)

FBI news conference this morning set out their directives and actions to be taken)

Your ‘so-called’ “evidences” are nothing more than allegations. 60+ court level hearings were held and NO ‘Evidence” was ever presented. The States, each one – audited their severally voting laws/rules, and NO evidence sufficient to exceed 0.1% defect in votes and procedures.

Affidavits are NOT evidence; they can – at times- be supporting to actual evidence. Videos shown by Trump lawyers – in efforts to Grift money from stupid people and making false and unsubstantiated statements about machines(Dominion is now suing those who claimed such and people and organizations that published that falseness)

IMO – the Pleyaren did not/do not offer their research into our situations – due to our OWN responsibility to ferret out these facts and actions

It took me a short few moments to find data and actual court-cases; perhaps another hour or two to read and assimilate their data points – and then make logical and critical thinking processes to gain a factual insight into what really happened.

ANYONE who thinks logically and with a search for verifiable fact – can reach the same conclusions.

Tony Schwab

Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth:

Chuck Torbyn

Two hundred years ago Robert Owen established the community of New Harmony, Indiana for the express purpose of establishing socialism in America and to create a public school system to brainwash children in his ideology. Two hundred years! All this time the totalitarian progressives have been infiltrating all institutions of America to destroy from within. That’s why your children are now being taught “critical race theory”, “systemic racism”, “gender fluidity”, and so on. The courts and prosecutors are some of the worst with refusing to enforce laws except against the victims and conservatives and, in the case of the election fraud lawsuits, completely lying about the evidence available and totally refusing to hear the suits. You have to be a total zombie not to see and admit everything that’s going on in this country. Obviously the educational system and “kool aide” purveyors have been successfully doing their jobs!

Melissa Osaki


Why do you ignore the fact that our system doesn’t benefit anyone unless they are at the top or in politics? Ignoring and blaming it all on one side won’t make it any better. Until you see it for what it is, you and your fellow citizens/neighbors will remain divided and oblivious to the real agenda.

Chuck Torbyn

OUR system doesn’t benefit anyone but the elite? So Cuba, China, N Korea, Venezuela, Pakistan, etc are bleeding heart liberals who only care about their citizens? At least half of America is trying to fulfill the ideals the country was founded upon, slow as that progress might be. Even Ptaah, in mentioning the freedom to be and evolve that humans need could have been referencing America. You would suggest throwing the baby out with the bath water and condemn everyone because the country isn’t perfect, even if it’s trying? If that’s the case, why even try? We might as well admit we’re hopeless, and give up on a future for humanity totally! I’m not that negative.

Melissa Osaki

Wow Chuck, you sure did project a lot from a couple sentences. I don’t think I mentioned China, NK, Cuba, or any other country. In fact, what other countries do in their own country is none of my business. It doesn’t mean I like it or agree with it.

The ideals this country was founded on was not Crony Capitalism and starving the working class. This country hasn’t lived up to its ideals in a long time, if ever. A Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. That was a great idea, too bad no one understands what it really means.

Half of America is not trying to fulfill any useful ideals. They are trying to make sure their rights are protected, but not the rights of anyone else. As long as they have what they need and want, to hell with everyone else. Who cares if you can’t afford your healthcare, I have mine, so don’t make me pay for yours. Who cares if only the rich and political class can afford what should be basic human necessities. If those are the ideals you want to live by than maybe we aren’t so united after all. Maybe we aren’t for the people after all. In my mind, a country for the people is for ALL the people. And if you think you’re free, I have a beamship to sell you.

Chuck Torbyn

Trump made other countries step back and be cautious. Biden, on the other hand, only projects weakness, so if that inspires one of those countries I mentioned to launch a nuclear missile, THAT won’t be any of your business?
I see your thinking otherwise; it’s utopian! Kumbaya! Sadly, such efforts time and time again fail because humans DON’T have a hive mentality. They’re born individuals and die as such. If that’s bad, talk to Creation! Apparently it took the P’s 75,000 years or so to learn how to cooperate so I really wouldn’t be bad-mouthing your co-humans if they’re not as capable as the P’s. As far as I can see, a lot of us are doing the best we can. Isn’t there at least ONE cheerleader for the rest of us out there? I sure could use some hope.

Melissa Osaki

How did we go from caring about their citizens to launching nuclear weapons? It seems to me that they might leave us alone if WE mind our own business and leave THEM alone.

Maybe you should look around at almost all the other industrialized countries. We seem to be the only country that doesn’t take care of its own. They offer healthcare and other benefits that are being paid while people can’t work. Why do you think this country has been brought to the brink since the pandemic? People can’t afford their rent, food, healthcare, and other basic necessities. It has nothing to do with kumbaya and sitting around a campfire. It’s BASIC common sense, something we don’t seem to have.

Why would you take money from your citizens and put most of it towards the military machine instead of providing for your own citizens? You would only do that if you intended to be the world police. America was never destined to be destroyed from the outside, it was always going to be the poor policies and lack of human compassion that destroyed us from the inside.

Humans ARE individuals, but they also have a deep desire to live in communities that nurture and help them evolve and grow as human beings. WE DON”T DO THAT, and that’s why we will fail. You can go back to the days of primitive peoples and see that everyone worked toward the common good of the entire group. Anyone who was greedy and stole got shunned or kicked out of the group. This isn’t rocket science. If everyone worked towards the common good, it wouldn’t take us 75,000 years. We would grow and evolve by leaps and bounds. Socialism and Communism fails because you always have greedy and power hungry elites at the top. True democracy is the only way forward, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until more people figure that out.

Chuck Torbyn

I KNEW I could get you to admit the incredible idiocy of the Democrats, and the right also. I totally agree with both of you. Life COULD be better for all. I just need you both to layout the cultural and political systems that would work for humans.
PS. Don’t I remember reading about a UNILATERAL nuclear attack possible on NYC after 2020?

Melissa Osaki

Stop fibbing, Chuck, you already knew that we don’t approve of these idiotic politicians and their political parties.

How many times has Michael said that politics makes people stupid?

Melissa Osaki

We just went from one ridiculous clown to the next. Not to worry though, the elites don’t have to worry about their buildings being burned to ground. They have 30,000+ troops protecting them.

Tom Ebner

My opinion is the following:
The Trampel-Trump name calling came after Trumps chaotic and insensitive way of saying/doing things (search for Trampeltier). Billy knew the outcome of his presidency, so in statements in the CR regarding different matters , I sometimes felt Billy’s frustration with current and future situations, as he was talking with Ptaah. The latest one, when he said something like”that there is no point in talking about the Coronavirus” (anywhere in CR 759,760, or 761), because he had traveled back and forth through time with Sfath and knew the outcome.
The thing is, when someone who has many devoted followers, or is in a position of power/might, his/her words matter(think also of the media). The wrong words and attitudes can do some real damage in a population, like creating division, amplifying emotions of anger, influencing people who then adopt a certain behavior (coronavirus).
All of this, of course, happens because most people have not figured out that they are letting themselves being constantly manipulated. And this is because there is practically nobody who is able to think things through, or has a grip on their emotions.
The book Michael posted (Introduction to meditation) is fitting for this issue, also the book (Meditation aus klarer Sicht), which I am currently studying. But it was not my intention to make an advertisement about this, just take it as some info.

Dougal McRae

I am in the same boat. He seems to care about America, its people and its Constitution 1000 times more than the Democrats and even half the Republican Party.

Thomas Horner

What world are you living in, Dougal McRae? Trump swore and Oath of Office – to a document he seems to have NEVER read. Trumplicans(a commentary label applied from a news commentator – lol) either have not it seems – if ever, read the US Constitution. AND, – in fairness – many of Democrats and independents, as well as average US Citizens would fit that there also. It ‘seems’ from your posts – you have not either?

To make such a blatantly incorrect statement that Trump supports it – the Constitution of the United States of America – is really delusional. Trump only cares about himself. Perhaps, it is genetic – perhaps, environment(his dad) – though, a Psychopathic Narcissist has NO ability to care(emotive based) for anyone outside of ‘self’.

If he doesn’t leave(the USA) – he surely will face court cases in the multiple; criminal and civil, and will pass away into history as the most corrupt President citizens ever authorized into that office.

Still; we have NOT had a Nuclear War. For that, I am willing to add that to his list of Positive accomplishments.

Thomas Horner

WHat you may have missed – (many, many points of data) a) lack of reading capacity; b) psychopathic and narcissistic personality disorders; c) never took his “Oath of Office” honestly(constant unconstitutional directives and actions spanning the 4 years); d) having been sued in court numerable times – defaulting on most losses with bankruptcies; e) NEVER takes responsibility for his acts – constantly blames other for his errors and losses . . . .etc.

The “good” parts are a) strong border policy; b) remove troops from other nations; c) warms up to Russia and attempts to get close to North Korea(however terrible that turned out to be!; d) refused to ‘meld’ within the general Republican Party -THOUGH – negatively turned most of them into automatons=Trumplicans.

Any US citizen who would take the time to read the Constitution and laws; KNOWS that his cahllenges to the elections were based in his FRAUDULENTLY attempting to use the court system to subvert the US Constitution(the STATES determine their own regulations of voting – AND, the congress has NO authority to override the US Constitution))

. . .and this can be expanded much further through understanding that Ptaah has more than once stated that ‘we’ ought to submit to the laws and attempt to legally change their faults.

rex resa

Biden will be inaugurated, and based on probability, trample-trump will eventually flee the country. This is what I say, but hey, what is wrong with a little conjecture!
The “hard” reality vs softer “I’m gonna do my thing, and see what happens” type of malleable reality, I chose the latter most times. .
Perhaps I’m “delusional!” *Bwaa haa ha

rex resa

Repeat, just so it is crystal clear, the threat of a US civil war is now over. There, I said it, you guys no longer have to read between the lines…

Melissa Osaki

Ignoring reality won’t make it go away. I think I’ll stick with the person who has impeccable accuracy and is far wiser in these things.

Tim Thomas

While I agree that things don’t look good, at all…my understanding is that civil war in the USA is a prophecy, not a prediction.

I can relate with Rex’s softer “I’m going to do my thing, and see what happens” choice on facing the malleable reality of prophecies.
Like back to back civil wars in the United States, for example.
Or the prophecy on the last Pope, for another example.
(Granted the 2 examples are different and the civil war(s) may likely happen, but they are both prophecies and not predictions is my point.)

Even if there are many indicators that the prophecy is on track, until it happens one can’t know FOR SURE whether it will happen.
And until they happen things can change, like with the Pope.
I think?

Probability calculations are probabilities and the higher the probability, the higher chance of it coming true.
But probabilities are also different than predictions and do not necessarily have to come to pass.
Again, I think?

Predictions, like the Yellowstone and San Francisco predictions, require facing the “hard” reality, as Rex writes, in my understanding.

Perhaps I misunderstand?

Melissa Osaki

Hi Tim,

Yes, you’re right on all accounts, the possibility always exists for prophecies to change, but based on my understanding of cause and effect, nothing has changed for the better. And when Michael asked Billy in 2016 if the civil wars would still happen, Billy said yes. In my opinion, he wouldn’t say yes if it was still only a prophecy. He would say something like, it depends on what happens with this or that.

There’s a lot of things that can still change, but in my honest opinion, the civil war is not one of them. I won’t be upset if I’m wrong. 🙂

rex resa

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Thank you Tim, you got my back…Finally someone gets it! What a relief!

Hey, let us see who is right, shall we? When do see the world crashing down before us exactly, Melissa? What date? So short

Let us have your probability calculation? I thought as much! I sound as exasperated as MH!

If WE all did OUR part, two days from now, the world would be an intergalactic paradise. Perhaps you should try an circulate the peace meditation more and stop scolding me about whose right or wrong or good or bad or whatever… I’m sorry, but your circulating a worn out paradigm. Meditate on that .
Truly, or truthly as Billy would say, “meaning dedicated to the truth, corresponding to the truth, relating to the truth, belonging to the truth!”

Billy is a shining star in my book, hands down, Uber prophet in-the-extreme. I’m a nobody, a nowhere Man, if you will.

What I’m about to say could be interpreted as fighting words. I don’t mean this. Read on:

BUT, dare I say, that even a prediction can be changed. Yes, a set in stone prediction. Blasphemy, you say! Heresy! Anyone contradicts my one true prophet! And then your back at square one…(crucify him, you say!) Well, I just did, that is contradict Billy…What are you going to do about it? Get angry at not post this comment? That would be shooting all of us in the foot!
If we truly want it, pretty much anything is possible. Trust me, the writing is on the wall! You just have to be perceptive enough to see it!
Now don’t get me wrong, I love each and every being in the universe.
EPECIALLLYY you three. I actually pick no fights. Love is not a strong enough word, and I’ve never met you. Every person, every being in the universe is family, regardless if we get along or not.
That is my message. And I’ve been obsessed with the Billy material for roughly a year. Read between the lines people! Let us light speed this mission!
Salome gan nan ben urrda! Rex out!
*Drops mic

Melissa Osaki


It wasn’t my prophecy or prediction, but when Billy Meier says it will happen, I’m going to listen to his advice and not some random person on the internet. It also seems to me that you don’t want to accept things as they truly are. The truth is harsh, and if me telling you my opinion feels like scolding, maybe you should meditate. There’s no need to get upset.

When Michael asked Billy in 2016 if he still sees the civil wars coming to America, he said, “Yes, yes, you know, that will wreck all of America.” He didn’t say maybe, or it depends on the next president, he said YES. And no, according to the Plejaren, predictions that are set in stone can’t be changed. Do with that what you will because I’m not trying to convince you or anyone else. It is my hope that folks will see things as they truly are and stop playing fantasy world.

Rex Resa

Maybe back in 2016… Until very recently in fact…

Nuclear war? Nope! Apophis hitting the Earth? We won’t stand for it! You might, and that is a shame. I rap rainbows around you.

We where eyeballing you for a leadership position… It’s not too late to have an open mind

I’m a conduit for information. Pure and simple. And we are growing in numbers…

Maybe I’m “living in a kind of fantasy world,” MY world, and whole lot of other people’s. One where I get to dream big, and see what happens…

There’s an exception to every rule…Billy is a human being, according to the material, non-spirit forms are capable of making mistakes. What! The pleajars too! Even the High Council! Get out of here (can’t you see I’m toying with you) but also I’m dead serious.
Billy isn’t creational law in the flesh. No one is, yet, to my understanding.
Now I’m sorry I got “provocative,” that is what I do at this moment in time. Other people have other roles to fill, way bigger roles.

Yes, by all means I have some work to do, conscious work; this involves meditation. But can’t you see that Billys and a lot of people’s priorities, including mine, line up precisely! We are going to change the world, actively are in fact. Are you on board, or not?

Billy is BEAM, but WE are the magnifying glass.

Ps: you have 48 hours to make a decision, once you get this. You have a chance to be a part of something great. you will notice things get way easier in a couple days if you make the choice to be with us. I will not respond, pretending nothing happened either way

Melissa Osaki

This is the type of fantasy world drivel that has taken over millions of brain-amputees around the world. Serious students of the spiritual teaching can see the events unfolding just as they were prophesied or predicted by the Universal Prophet. One of the foundational elements of the spiritual teaching is to see things as they really are.

I’m sorry that you refuse to see the events that are unfolding, or the millions of armed and angry citizens who will end up in a frenzy when they feel they are pushed too far. The coming events are inescapable and we have our own idiocy and lack of self responsibility to blame. Wishful thinking, dreaming, hoping or relying on a non-existent sky daddy to save us is exactly what got us into this mess.

I’ll take a pass on your new-age mumbo jumbo. I have real work to do.

Ned Duke
Terry Carch

Hi Ned I just heard on the news that Trumps twitter account was taken away and now he has another account on another social network(not facebook) I couldn't get the name. Also Trump has no phone either. I dont know if they mean ce ll
l or regular phone or both.

Terry Carch

I just heard today Saturday January 9th 2021 that that other social media is crawler the concervative website that Tramp Trump Clown tried to acces since that Humpty Dumpty tried to access since Tramp Trump`s twitter account was taken away etc.

Dougal McRae

The other social network is likely ‘Parler’. However, both Google and Apple have removed that app from their stores, and Amazon is about to deny service to Parler so that even those who already have the app can no longer use it. And people say “Trample Trump” was bad. Bring on your Leftist overlords…

Tim Thomas

Trump’s idiocy gave them the excuse.

His actions now effect everybody.

Thank you for that parting gift after your sage handling of SARS-COV-2 Trample Trump!
(His handling of the Coronavirus has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and counting, with no end in sight.)

Oh yeah, not bad on your handling of the national debt! (When he took office it was under $19 Trillion, now it’s over $29 Trillion. In four years!)


Both sides suck and Trump is, soon to be was, just another sociopath power hungry politician.

Abel Anondo

An interesting article that agrees with the prophecies:

Timothy Allen Anderson

Hundreds of thousands of years of accepting lies for truth can never be overcome in a few decades without a mass awakening. One country that continually forces its people to choose between the lessor of two evils is nowhere near the necessary awakening. This is as far as I will choose to allow politics to influence my posts here. Hang on to your hats, we’re in for a very bumpy ride!

rex resa

Andrew Basiago 2024, I’m willing to venture it can happen!

Thomas Horner

Just what we all need! (not) another New-Ager fostering a known liar for president. Basiago is a fraud. .

Norm Smith

The Earth had repeated close proximity interactions with planet-sized comets (CR150 & CR155) that brought advanced civilizations back down to the stone-age facilitating “worship” of an angry GOD and those who seized the opportunity to become GOD by enslaving mankind with religion.

Then there was the recommendation “… be fruitful ad multiply” pushing population levels above the Earth’s service limit of 529 million causing the snowball effect and coming catastrophic avalanch.

Shiva Balu

In a democracy like India,many people are eager to start political parties, and some regional parties started just 6 months before elections have won and are in power in some states. People who really wanted change encouraged these parties. And their performance is not bad so far.
Wondering why there was no choice /chance for other parties besides the 2 existing ones in the US which is also a democracy.

Ned Duke

A fire burns itself out if you deny it oxygen.

It’s something the media has to learn to do instead of reaching for eyeballs with catchy headlines. It’s also something we have to do as a people if we want to build a future and prove the prophecies wrong or risk being burned.

Terry Carch

Ned Iv posted that this world Earth has come awfully close to a nuclear war several times before in fact Tramp Trump just this afternoon Friday January 8th 2021 threaten to nuke this world but I dont know if Tramp Trump was telling the truth or lying which Tramp Trump always does which is Tramp Trump`s normal way of is just bleeding his mouth off or what etc?

Melissa Osaki

I don’t think that’s true Terry.

Terry Carch

Sounds more of a lie, at least let`s hope so but knowing how Tramp Trump talks tweets etc, you never know, at least Tramp Trump talks and tweets from coming out of two sides of his twisted mouth etc?

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