The Superpower USA Could Come to an End After 2020

Each person can decide for themselves if the important things in the country have changed “for the better” by now


This new article is openly addresses the heavy involvement of professed Christians in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, which brings to mind these passages from the Henoch Prophecies :

286. Yet the misery on Earth will continue, as two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.

287. Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.

With today’s events we see Billy Meier’s prophecy fulfilling, regarding what will happen when Trump is voted out of office:

At that time it was the so-called “Watergate” affair that broke the neck of the US president, and this time it will be no different when the present US president will be deposed, because he too will abuse governmental powers in a similar way, trample the US constitution underfoot and set the world in turmoil. The difference, however, will be that Trample-Tramp-Trump will be voted out of office by the majority of the US people, even though he himself as well as his lowly intelligent, simple-minded supporters will organise terror against it.

Alleged photo of Trump supporters, Washington, D.C., January 6, 2021 

And, with the invasion of, and attack on, the capitol by right-wing thugs – er, I mean patriots – we’re also seeing coming attractions of what is yet to come:

17. In the future the USA and the US governors will be exposed to very frequent threats, which will come from both state and non-state acting persons who are hostile towards the government and state, as well as from great parts of the US population, whereby the US population will split into different population groups for which the basic factors have already been created and consequently the US population already in the current time separates into different groups.

So, the demagogues like Trump – who couldn’t care less about his supporters and uses them to his own ends – Alex Jones and all the idiotic conspiracy theorists are hell bent to fulfill the worst of the prophecies. Of course, the radical left-wing is not blameless in all of this either. They lit fires that preceded the mess that is now unfolding.

So, much to the dismay of clueless Americans, the immutable law of cause effect, presaging the long foretold coming US civil wars, continues to fulfill, fueled by the ever-increasing polarization and divisiveness, dead-end, delusional, mind-enslaving religions and moronic politics because:

Now Unstoppable

As noted in this article, I began emphasizing Billy Meier’s warnings about the two coming US civil wars in my blog in 2013:

“So, while it seemed preposterous when, in 1987, Meier warned about two coming civil wars, the year 2020 may give new meaning to that old saying about…hindsight. Perhaps many will be rereading Meier’s words by candlelight – in their bunkers – here in the good ol’, formerly United States of America.”

I specifically suggested that 2020 would be important, as I felt that Meier’s warning, in 2012, could be pivotal for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

We had already included the warnings from the Henoch Prophecies about the coming US civil wars in the Silent Revolution of Truth, released in 2013.

Meier’s warnings about coming US civil wars warranted another mention in as the time fulfills, from 2012.

And I repeated the warnings in And Did They Listen?, in 2014.

Such things as have been long forewarned, and now fulfilling, are nothing to celebrate, as we welcome an – after 2020 – new year.

But the following is…

The Key to Our Future Survival

The new book, Introduction to Meditation will soon be available. Please stay tuned for more information…coming soon.

Excerpt from’ Introduction to Meditation’ by Billy Meier 2020, page 58:

Purpose of the Book

The ‘Introduction to Meditation’ allows the human being to learn the meditation through one’s own study. Therefore he/she does not need to visit ‘gurus’ and ‘yogis’, who, for much money, want to make him/her believe that they could bring him/her ‘salvation’, although thereby they only make him/her dependent, exploit him/her and poison his/her thinking and thereby enslave him/her in his/her consciousness.

The study of meditation however is very hard and requires much commitment, willingness to learn and perseverance, if the human being wants to enjoy the unsurpassable gifts of the consciousness. A crash course, a short or intensive course, as they are offered everywhere for the impatient ones, may well be tempting, however, they are extremely delusive and dangerous, and above all – the reward fails to appear.

The human being of Earth is not used to creational-law-based thinking and acting, therefore the switch to patience and calmness, as the meditation demands it of him/her, is not easy for him/her. At school and also in one’s job, material-intellectual efforts (ambition, thirst for knowledge, and so forth) and the devout dealing with cognitions and knowledge which are not one’s own, are constantly demanded of the human being.

The religions have placed the human being under the thumb of an imaginary godhead and thereby have deprived him/her of his/her self-mastery. Worldly and human might-structures such as church, state, economy and science also ensure that the human being remains unknowing and manipulable. The human being therefore no longer knows the might that actually is present in himself/herself, which is why he/she searches for compensation in a purely material achievement, wherethrough he/she condemns his/her consciousness to inactivity. But perhaps nevertheless some human beings internally have an inspiration from their subconsciousness which tells them that many things, which they have taken part in, cannot be right. The human being, and above all his/her consciousness, wants to live differently, namely in harmony with the Creation.

Many human beings believe – idly expecting a flash of light – to receive the right kind of life and the right mentality while sitting by the roadside.

The human being needs not sheer off because he/she can begin in his/her own familiar environment to think and act based on the laws of Creation. However, he/she must not and cannot wait any longer to really concentrate for a few seconds on his/her inner self, only because it temporarily requires still more of him/her, for example, to find out the exact time from his/her inner self rather than looking at the clock. However, once the human being masters this concentration capability, then it is also useful for him/her where he/she, with his/her habitual material mode of thinking, would have to go for kilometres in order to check something, of which he/she then nevertheless still could not say with absolute certainty: IT IS SO.

The human being should consider that the Creation is never inactive. It also uninterruptedly fulfils all its self- created laws and recommendations, in order to secure all its creations in their existence. The human being is one of its creations and has to follow suit.

The meditation does not simply serve the relaxation – which is why it is also recommended by doctors. No, it serves especially the self-disciplining of the human being, the schooling of his/her consciousness, the cognition and the creating of inner peace and the equalisedness and the actual mastering of life in general.

If the human being studies this book accurately and heedfully and acts according to the presented knowledge, then these and many other cognitions will be granted to him/her.


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Rex Resa

Btw, I took your suggestion and bought a red light bulb two weeks ago. Also I stopped following dead end pursuits.

Expand your peace meditation practice, I will too!

Salome gam nan ben urrda!

Terry Carch

Guy, Unfortunately I hate red due to the fact that red is too uncomfortable and sanguine for me. Can I use blue and or green which would be more relaxing and and calmer since I`m extremely very sensitive. Thankyou. Salome

rex resa

Thank you Michael, that means a lot to me.

I have I might have thoughts, remember? I bought it from you.

Any word on Lisa Montgomery!

Any dreams last night? Probably not. (You were there, right?)

Today on my travels, intuition led me amazing dilapidated, abandoned house. There was a lemon tree outside, I took 17. Outside, I found a magnifying glass lens (get the fridge out of here!) In fact, I cleaned it up and polished it real good a real good, get my drift? In fact, I use my time inefficiently.

Coincidence, of course it was!

Do you have the ability to read between the lines? If not, I give it to you freely. It really helps make sense of things.

The point I’m at in my life is, what can this person teach me, any person. Esp. billy.

I SING the peace meditation in my spare time, just started maybe two weeks ago. ANY time, when I get up, before I go to bed.. you are a trained musician, right? Let me hear those pipes!

I KNOW(aka the pleajaren fed. would be so delighted, AND as a benefit they would reward you in kind, hint, hint) it would help if you would record yourself doing it to lead by example but also display how it is done because this recording you have on your site is low quality.

I heard you on that radio show, sometimes I got so embarrassed for you by the questions the guy asked, yikes, but you handled it well. I really heard in your voice at the end that you care so deeply about the mission, really touching. Tears are flowing. I know Michael. I know.

You be shocked at how many allies you have. You just can’t see them right now.

The brain amutee, sky daddy thing had me laughing though. If you only knew! Funny on so many different levels!

But yeah, dream big! Dare to think outside the box! I know I do! Crazy, you insinuated? Thank you very much, wear like a badge of honor!

Saalome gam naan ben uurda!

rex out

Shiva Balu

These are times when people are riled up due to the pandemic , lockdown, joblessness etc all over the world. The other day a street vendor selling carpets was killed by a customer who didn’t agree with the price he asked ! I mean .. who expects this kind of things to happen ? There are murders committed for very silly reasons, gold chains and cellphones snatched by bikers and people trying every trick possible to con others Coming times are going to be even more crazy. Let alone wishing well others,we will be grateful if people just mind their own business. Only for many,there seems to be no business to attend to.

Eusebio Apellido

Perhaps, a divorce is more amicable than a full on civil war. This is to say if we in the US (1) do not get a hold of our racism and hatred; (2) stop plans for world domination; (3) promote understanding; (3) incapable of achieving mutual cooperation with each other; (4) can’t focus on common values; and (5) do not study the spiritual teaching, then maybe a possible election can take place where an “exit” like that of Brittain towards the EU can be made possible in lieu of making it hard on ourselves with civil war. This way the citizenry that is still consciously enslaved through religion and politics can have a chance to voice their wants and needs amicably where then a truer form of democracy can take place – where finally the voice of the people can be heard.

Ned Duke

Actually, if we can keep the country together (which we do need to do) then the USA and most likely Mexico along with that will be OK. The sectarian fanatics from both the left and right don’t need anymore oxygen. And, people need to see politics for what it is and stop with the false political morality to achieve political ends whether its to defund the police or storm the capital building.

If there is anything we need is neutral-positivity and find ways to work together which we will absolutely NEED to do since we didn’t even get to the hard part with the Natural Disasters looming in the future. There are 3 for the US that I know of offhand. La Palma Volcano/Tsunami, SanFran/Cali Earthquake, and Yellow Stone eruption.

Rex Resa

The la Palma volcano/earthquake, the San Francisco earthquake, and the Yellowstone eruption will not happen. Any other issues that I must resolve for you?

rex resa

Did you not get my rex-plan-ation, Michael?

I spent some time on it and I didn’t save it so now it is lost to the world?

Rex Resa

So Wait, you are preventing me from achieving the Precise piece of advice you suggested?

NOTE: Your posts will be approved when they are on topic and written in a clear and coherent manner. It’s also requested that you substantiate any claims that directly refute the evidence in the Meier case. Thanks.


Ned Duke

I’ll do you one better and say that the US willful retreat from the position of Superpower policeman will actually put the US in a better position than the rest of the world that arranged their society to milk themselves to US trade system. While also having a ton of more population because of the security of that trade system but I won’t get into that. We elected presidents that are uninterested in maintaining the global policeman order.

Only Bush Senior was capable of doing that job and instead we elected Bill Clinton that was more interested let’s say being at home than abroad. Bush Junior seemed to be locked to one geographic area on the planet and uninterested anywhere else. Other than terrorism and 9/11, I don’t recall American interest taking up much of the country’s energy or time. Obama continued the disinterested American policeman role and quite frankly wasn’t interested in other nations jockeying the US to do things like its the Cold War. He did a belated pivot to Asia when the Chinese decided to pose and superman flex. Trump just put an accent to all of this with his ‘re-negotiated’ trade deals which were never meant to be for US trade benefit but for US geo-political security. Trump asked that if certain countries wanted the US to be present that they pay the bill. This isn’t only to NATO but across the globe and seems to have largely worked because of how reliant other countries are in maintaining the security so that you can trade peacefully. This is an artificial peace quite obviously so long as you see it neutrally and not take a side in the argument.

The implications of the US willfully leaving Super Power status is very interesting position to take. Peter Zeihan goes into detail and you can search for him on youtube. What I would like to also bring up is that I recall this is what Ptaah suggested to Billy what the US should. See here:

38. The military and US-Americans in general have to retreat from all over the world to the United States, as well as the English to England, while Israel has to give the Arabs back their land.


We seemed to have been going in that direction for 30 years right even if at a glacial pace? The larger offshore based US businesses haven’t retreated or made moves but I’m sure they will come home if the US provided artificial security umbrella paid for by the taxer payer is removed. I think the American people are in agreement where we should take the country with this issue.

Eusebio Apellido

Let’s see, one thing that we come to understand about the Meier material is that “we have to see things as they are” and not see things as we wish it to be OR see things as someone else dictate what they want us to ‘believe’.
This way, we can exercise our own cognitive intuitions, search out our own impulses, steer our own thoughts, see the mistakes of our own thinking and try out possible solutions based on our own experiences and observations where our own unique lives are our best teachers.

Where if we are attentive to our own thinking, (not from others who thinks they know more than any other), we can formulate answers that can be of benefit to our lives since by thinking for possible solutions ourselves, we may pose answers that is unique, answers that no one has thought about or better yet, more qualitative questions where true answers can surely be had.

Of course, we also have to be attentive to other’s views, not in a belief driven manner, but in thinking over what others say so we can evaluate our own views, possible solutions, as well as our own thoughts better when it is reflected by others.
So yes, if we can keep the country whole then this is certainly a good option. But we also have to be attentive to what the Meier material has been given to us in its entirety in order for us to help us avert the coming civil unrest. In the CR’s it has been reported that there are a whole set of problems that the US has a problem with: rascism, white supremacy, consciousness enslavement, unintellect, judging others, irrationality, political sectarianism, and a whole host of other things that is steering the country to the brink of civil conflagration. But from also looking through other kinds of information outlets, we see the causes of war as well. From my observation, this comes in the form of the divisiveness between the President and the house speaker where they make the stimulus for the people a political issue, the inequality we face by those in power when they pass bills that do not help the common citizen but wealthy donors and lobbyist instead, the complicity of the media outlets in not truly giving news in order for the public to make logical choices, and dispossession that we are seeing now in a looming collapse of the housing crisis, our voices being censored, as well as loosing our self-command.
So the US has a lot of problem in its hands. Not only that, since we are conditioned to believe, to pander, make fun of other’s views, and win arguments because we believe we know more than others, no rational, logical and intellect wise thought can be had – no room for understanding the spiritual teaching.
But maybe, like any marriage, what the country may need is a little breathing room. Maybe by having some chance to take in a breath we can think a little clearly. The US folk surely had it’s fare share of folks who marry and find out later that their life-partner is not so likable so in an amicable way, they separate or divorce. Not only for the good of their family unit (if they have children and pets), but because they feel they are incompatible with one another because they have not done a right course of life. So they may divorce or have a separation – to think things through.
So for the US, maybe instead of having civil war maybe a separation is a more logical choice, or in a more proper language a peaceful secession to the union, where those states that feel they only need their kind of folk will only have their kind of folk will do so. Where then they can strive for peace their own way and work towards no strife, or anger or hatred in their state. They can have their own essential workers that aren’t immigrants, to farm the land, working the work that have been so far pawned off to immigrants that are willing to be paid in low wages. Perhaps having white folks working jobs that pay low wages can then be known and understood that these jobs needs to have higher wages and be paid in equal worth, so then a work in government to make this happen can be available and passed into law, or it can go the other direction too where those white folks who want a white state will not see the value of having a white state since their economic way of life is unsustainable when no white folk wants to do the menial work and being paid menial pay.
What this boils down to is, the only way we truly learn is to experience negativity. Where if it is a positive logical negativity (Exit) where we are allowed to have a choice, maybe we can learn from this better than a Gewalt negative negativity one (civil war).

Of course, what I mention here is just speculation on my part and in no ways should be taken as true. What I do want to impart is that if the country do start to fray at the seems, where those leaders at the top fail to see and lead towards the value of the citizenry and the public as a whole (as precious and worth caring for), maybe there is a more amicable way of separating than the two civil wars. Where the people can have a say to their own destiny, fate, and way of life where an EXIT is a possibility – since it is more preferable than war against fellow Americans.

Ned Duke

Speaking of marriage, I take it most people in America are intermixed or intermarried whether it is racial or ethnic based and in many cases with varying beliefs, background, and religions. Something I gathered is what Mao and a certain American were banking on for the US to fail was because we have the world here and very open to immigration for a long time. There might be some enclaves folks live in that avoid people but most people that are here move to where there are jobs. So you have places like West Virginia and New Hampshire where a good amount of young people moved out of state. Then you have Florida which is a giant retirement home masquerading as a state.

That being said, most of these extremists on both left and right use racial language as a political means to incite people. We should note that at the same time, it is done to have moral-authority position over other people which I think is a finer realization most people don’t realize when they’re in the moment. So if we want a future, we really do need to go for the jugular and get rid of political vapid language that’s designed to enslave people and ultimately make otherwise good people to do bad things.

I really do think Mike really coined it simply that ‘politics is the art of the advantage.’ It’s short. And, it gets to the point. If we leave things to the extremists, then we’re just letting the gravediggers of the American Revolution succeed.

Norm Smith

The Near Now at halfpasthuman is an interesting read:

“This mRNA product, called a vaccine, will predispose people who take it to die from their next exposure to the SARSCOV2 virus. And, sadly, it will later be discovered, they will perish from any contact with any SARS virus.”

Terry Carch

Norm This is DARPA and the military industrial complexes response to the SARS 2 COVID 19 pandemic responds now turning into a plague etc!

Jessy Varghese

Where is the research and proof that this will happen if you take the vaccine?

Brigitte de Roch

And I was told just yesterday from an Argentinian that some people in Argentina are losing their teeth because of Covid-19! Now, they have to get dentures despite the fact they had perfect teeth before.

It really is a multi-organ destroyer.

Shiva Balu

There were 6000 covid cases per day in our state with Chennai alone had up to 2000 cases up to the month of September. Now there are 650 cases in the state , Chennai recording 164 cases per day Now I see many people wearing masks although social distancing would be impossible in India. We see the numbers are coming down steadily. But with all shops theatres temples. transport even schools are open now and with about 150 people with the mutated strain of covid ,another round could occur in couple of months Thousands of farmers protesting in cold weather in Delhi against farm laws (almost all without masks) could start new rise in numbers
Everyday some new symptom is being reported.

rex resa

Ok, just woke up from another dream. Part of it has to do sexual energy and preserving it.

( I know, I’m constantly getting embarrassed, get over myself, sheesh.) right now, I’m playing The Cosmic Fool, but the information has to get out there somehow.

The pleajars laughing at me. No, there laughing With me… Billy Mejar…the connections are lining up!

Stephen Dillon

Hmm, Bily’s description of the crazed divisive US president who holds power in the second decade of this millennium by vote buying and fraud doesn’t describe Trump. Ptaah himself in contact 667 says this..
“The case is absolutely clear, following the trump of the right as President of the USA is elected, and that without hacker interference and election rigging or miscounts of ballot papers, as is maliciously claimed by all the Clinton supporters.

Melissa Osaki

Billy is referring to Trump.

Contact 756 (he wrote this when he was 10 years old):

I am still a boy of 10 years, but I have knowledge of the coming times, which will bring bad and malignant changes on the humanity of the Earth, which I predict, write down and spread in the world…

In the second decade of the new millennium, the United States of America will enter an era of chaotic rule by a mad and unscrupulous President who will take power through unfair vote buying, as well as through secret threats, lies, slander and false promises, and who will use the years of his presidency to turn large sections of the governments and peoples of many countries around the world against himself and the United States of America as a result of his stupidity. He will eventually make himself unpopular in his own party, just as he will also wreak havoc within his own country and divide the American people in their senses and aspirations.

From the second decade of the third millennium onwards, Russia and China will be dangerously and stupidly challenged and humiliated by this mad, notorious liar, slanderer and self-assertionist, megalomaniac President of the United States of America. Through the conduct, actions and behaviour of this spineless, incompetent and often self-contradictory and ridiculous President, there will be growing hatred of him throughout the world, but the people of the United States of America will also be exposed to ridicule. This is because they will not defend themselves against the state terror by this criminal president, who will also be responsible, in several breaches of the constitution, for the fact that an epidemic which is spreading throughout the world will claim hundreds of thousands of human lives in America. This is because he will trivialise and ridicule the life-threatening epidemic and consequently no protective measures will be taken and no measures ordered to contain the epidemic.

Tim Thomas

“In the second decade of the new millennium, the United States of America will enter an era of chaotic rule by a mad and unscrupulous President who will take power through unfair vote buying, as well as through secret threats, lies, slander and false promises,”

If one reads closely what is said above, it is specifically different than:

“The case is absolutely clear, following the trump of the right as President of the USA is elected, and that without hacker interference and election rigging or miscounts of ballot papers, as is maliciously claimed by all the Clinton supporters.“

The 2 statements quoted are not actually contradictory.

Melissa Osaki

It also makes you sit back in astonishment at that impeccable accuracy and logic at 10 years old. His ability to see and predict the future would have continued to grow sharper and sharper as he got older.

I know there are some others here who don’t want to see it for what it is, but Billy has been right, and he will continue to be right up until the day he leaves us for good.

Stephen Dillon

l agree, technically there is no contradiction. I could say it’s a distinction without a difference.. Why would Ptaah an Ishwish a king of wisdom, make such a crucial circumstantial omission.

Ptaahs portrayal of Trumps win as honest compared to Billy’s assignment of criminality to a nameless president concern me a lot.

So, I have to ask myself,, why would Ptaah not state that Trumps election was criminal in other ways.

Thom Horn

. . . not to belabour any point, as I had wondered that myself, – initially – (Ptaah’s commentary) . . . .

. .. AND, that is ‘WHY’, I think for myself. That is my only responsibility in this evolution of living as a material being.

I purposefully avoid- becoming a sectarian of any level of cultism, (even FIGU, though, that may or may not happen) . . . personalities long ago defined the Laws of Intelligent Thought,(further data not needed)

Brigitte de Roch

Politics is not my thing so I cannot comment too much at this time.

I received this video though on an Independent Japanese journalist from Okinawa, Japan, the area that has serious problems because of the Chinese invasion.

She came to the US to record what she hears and sees in order to tell Japan the truth about the presidential elections (Japan does not listen to CNN which is known there as China Network News).

In this interview she provides additional details as to what happened at the nation’s capitol last week.

The President did create this whole mess. He opened a huge can of worms for the country because he instigated it and thus allowed even lower intelligent people to participate in a very negative way. Now, people are going to fight each other and make war amongst themselves.

What a calamity for the country, and the world!


steve dillon

When you say ”the president created this whole mess” it sounds like just that, unless you attempt to specify the hows and whens of what happened.. Then that statement falls utterly flat and devoid of truth.

Ptaah stated that Trump had plans for world peace. That he would set out against the globalists. He did these things with great zeal and sincerity. Where would the world be right now if Trump had not obliterated ISIS. We’d be looking at the last pope for sure and religious terrorism rampant worldwide. ISIS had dominion over an area the size of great Britain. it now has nothing and its leader is dead because of Donald Trump.

Billy himself commiserated with Trumps attacks against the media when he said he also was subject to attacks by the media.

Let’s give this man his due, he did not start a single war, is the first US president to attempt to make peace with North Korea, gave us the best economy in history, positively restructured our unfair trade agreements and alerted us to the Chinese threat ,, which is absolutely massive and looming.

To smear and dismiss him is utterly abhorrent and insults the truth. I challenge anyone to articulate how Trump has trampled on the constitution or broken a single law. It simply has not happened except in the minds of the willfully ignorant.

Terry Carch

I just read somewhere that Biden was the archurtech who created and drew up the Patriot Act after the 911 attacks in th fal of 2001.


Terry – perhaps a little RESEARCH on your part would bolster the argument made about Patriot Act author-initiator???

“They say”, a Trumplican favorite expression; –

. . .as a ‘headliner’ claims that Biden bragged about writing the P.A. – HOWEVER, there is NO source for his statement


“Later that year, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) — who introduced the original PATRIOT Act — brought up a new reform bill dubbed the USA FREEDOM Act.”

While the statement may yet find a source – where is YOURS?

Ned Duke

And, the Gravedigger of the American Revolution.

Terry Carch

I agree with you Ned. I think youve got a very good point about the extremists. If this keep up you can bet there will be 2 civil wars which could be the reason why we now have 2 extremists groups, the far right and the far left. Very sobering thoughts etc. As my father told me when he was alive, its safer and better to stay in the middle road. Trouble is you cant please everyone. There is always something for everyone. Its not a win or lose game especially in politics. When you have these 2 extremes nobody wins, everyone loses and that`s where the trouble starts, hence the 2 civil wars as the Ps and Billy predict will happen .

Stephen Dillon

OH ISIS is still a threat? The leader is dead,, it controls no region of the middle east, Trump decimated them in 2 years of fighting, it’s over for them, so tell me what you mean exactly when you infer ISIS is by no means destroyed. you’ve made an assertion now please validate it.

Secondly the debt is up 7trillion under Trump NOT NINE with 4.2 trillion spent on covid.

Calling him names is adolescent nonsense and should be below anyone who intends to be taken seriously.

The destruction of the capital?
Ridiculous unless you are talking about the BLM Antifa riots in DC this last summer.
The damage to the capital building on the 6th was confined to broken glass. No statues were defaced or knocked down (as BLM loves to do).
Nothing was set ablaze. I saw the photos no paintings or statues were damaged yet they were easy prey.

You must be able to do better than that, these facts l’ve layed out aren’t hidden in a vault.. think a little deeper before you post,, I’m sure you mean well..


Melissa Osaki

I think it’s somewhat naive to think that ISIS has been decimated, especially when they had cells all over the world. The caliphate might have been knocked out in Syria, but they are still well funded and at large in many countries. I know because I’ve been studying this extremist group for several years. They aren’t going away anytime soon.

I have no doubt that Antifa and other extremist groups were at the U.S. Capitol, but Trump supporters were in there causing damage and criminal mischief too. To say otherwise is dishonest. Before the purge of right-wing accounts on social media, MAGA accounts were bragging about storming the Capitol building. Some of them were even praising Antifa for their shenanigans. Just because one group didn’t set things on fire or knock over statues, that’s not a good reason to excuse their ignorant and dangerous behavior.

It seems to me that Trump supporters are in a trance and can’t break free from his spell. I mean look around, the country is in dire straits and far worse than it was 4 years ago. You can blame some of it on the Corona disease, but he carries the blame for that too. He’s been provoking China by calling it the China plague and he has his supporters convinced that it’s okay to go out and not wear masks or social distance. He’s playing with the lives of people he supposedly cares about. The Corona virus will pummel the U.S. for a long time to come because of his irresponsible behavior.

You must be able to use better judgement and think things through in a neutral manner. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to delusion and belief.

Brigitte de Roch

Here is the latest on Daesh (ISIS) showing it not being affected by the death of its leader:

It seems quite alive to me and disposed to continue posing threads abroad, especially Europe.

Not to mention their healthy global financial network working under the name of charity:

Iraq’s new president does have a headache with the growing Daesh insurgency in his country:

You may not see it but there are a lot of people who suffer in that area of the world. Many of them have lost their parents or have had to be separated from them. Of course, religion has a lot to do with it.

Brigitte de Roch

Hello Steve –

Thank you for your post. I understand it is difficult to see Trump’s contribution/creation to the events that took place at the Capitol when Ptaah says that he had plans for world
peace, etc.

As you may know from the spiritual studies one is to never let oneself be controlled by any desires which motivates one to play a shining leading role because this demands lots of oppression, many struggles, and huge uncontrollable powers.

Since the President cannot stop wanting to gain/maintain this power, he finds that the unhonest ones are good for him because they put him in the spotlight. If he were not obsessed with this desire, he would put value into the people and the environment. Instead, everything is failing for him, for his fellow human beings, the environment, and the country. I am not saying the President is a bad person, just that power got to his head.

This is how I am specifying the hows and whens of what happened on January 6th, 2021.

As far a globalists, ISIS, the media, peace with North Korea, the economy, trade agreements, the China thread, etc., I don’t see much change. In fact, dictators and rulers might be even more motivated to do their dirty jobs now that they see that even a supposedly democratic country is behaving in this poor way.

At this time, we are not leading by example and this can have bad consequences for the country and the world. Of course, It will take time for everything to unfold but this is the direction we are heading to for now.

Terry Carch

Hi Melissa I have a question and that is do you see parrells between Trump and Hitler? Thanks Salome

Melissa Osaki

No. Hitler was hell bent on eradicating all the Jewish people from the planet and creating a master race. The only parallel I can see is how Hitler could rile up a crowd with his speeches and create a nationalist movement. As far as ideology, they aren’t comparable. I think Trump fantasizes more about being a God and wanting to be loved by everyone. His ego is the size of Jupiter.

Terry Carch

Sounds like something out of the Roman Empire when all the emperors wanted to be loved but also the emperors of the Roman error tried to control l its populace through its cast systems and people of that time had to be subevents to its emperors.

Diego Abascal

Speaking of Jupiter, is any one else noticing yesterday and today the ambient and people overall behavior a bit more intense today? Like there is more activity than usual? I woke up around 1am today and I was not able to go back to sleep which rarely happens to me. Maybe it has something to do with Jupiter and the on going planetary alignment conjunction?

Stephen Dillon

Thankyou for your reply though l have to take issue with the statements there in’.

1) It is difficult to see Trumps contribution to the capital problems.. Lets look at the facts. His speach started a full 25mins after the capital siege.. His words did not equate by any means to incitement to violence.. A key Antifa leader by the name of Sullivan was at the head of the pack. He is on video urging people to burn this sh*t down. The focus on Trump is a outrageous unjust & criminally biased. The Boogaloo group has taken credit for engineering this event. How blind can people be to see that this was a false flag event planned to stop planned objections to vote certification and how blind can one be to not look at the massive evidence of voter fraud..electronic fake ballots, missing ballots and false tabulation.

2) Your infer Trump let the country deteriorate without specificity, yet the reality is he created the greatest economy America has ever seen which led to the lowest unemployment in history for all races. How is that a detriment to the people?

3) You don’t see much change with NK trade or ISIS?.. All trade agreements have been positively renegotiated . NAFTA is now the USMCA.. ISIS was decimated, yet it was headlines and a rapidly growing threat 4 years ago

4) How can Trump be dismissed and even faulted for attempting to make peace with NK.. It’s position now with Biden coming in is belligerent once again. Why? because Biden has said he would not negotiate with them unless they disarmed.. That’s absolutely one sided and antagonistic. Its the same old song we’ve heard for generations. WAKEUP Trump STARTED NO WARS!

Yet here in this forum the voices are one. There is no critical thinking here when it comes to Billy’s words and contact notes and anyone who dares try is attacked or patronized as a child with no knowledge..

Just because you follow Billy’s teachings and information does not elevate you to anything other that student . It doesn’t grant you enlightenment. That state of mind is a form of delusional piety. This forum has it in spades.

Thinking for oneself is dangerous for the herd and must be derided, ridiculed ,silenced and even eliminated.. (cancelled) -Twitter Facebook Google and the printed and televised media all against Trump. Now its you..


Stephen Dillon

You are sweet Brigette, & please forgive me for replying twice with rebuttals, however, l can’t agree with your assessments of Donald Trump, which are really singing along with the group, a notion l’ve had a revulsion for all my life.

The alternative to his presidency was a sure ticket to global nuclear war under Hillary Clinton as stated by Ptaah..
So to criminally admonish a man who stepped out of a life of luxury and refused a presidential pay check, to be attacked relentlessly by both parties and the media from even before his inauguration, with utterly false accusations is sickening to me, as it should be for any fair minded soul.

Trump wanted no war and a thriving economy historic justice reforms and re invigorated American industry. in return he was painted by the media to be a racist and a tyrant, a cycling mantra repeated by globalist media entities and parroted by mindless sheep afraid to bleet out of line, lest they be seen as ”racist” All manufactured reactions, courtesy of your mocking bird media.

FACT:- Without Donald Trump and according to Ptaah:- The entire northern hemisphere would have been reduced to nuclear ashes and devoid of all life, by a vengeful, psychopathic killer in the name of Hillary Clinton.

Did you enjoy the sunshine today? the white snow, something funny, a cup of hot chocolate, warm words from someone you love I hope.

Can we be grateful for these things, before we cut Donald Trump into moral ribbons from the safe vantage points his presidency provided? or are we so smug with judgmental arrogance, that we should ask “What has he done for us lately?”

Peace, life love and the cool living air in my lungs. Donald Trumps presidency averted a planetary catastrophe.

This is his shameful legacy..

Thom Horn

?Really? Michael.

Caitlin Johnstone’s ‘newsletter'(sic) seems to be focused upon a very polarized POV, IMO, lacks critical thinking in many areas; . . .although, there are a few bright spots, that ‘news’ seems oriented in conspiracy theories, and has very massive “political overtones”.

Where is her balance? Seems every post misses any positive, Creational perspective. Then attempts to blame any process to lawfully stop the growing anarchy/terrorists/alternate news sources on Biden.

Her perspective lacks a Constitutional law-based foundation on personal and property protections(rights), . . .something vastly missing in the Education of the nations citizens(and seems to have been delegated to the dark annals of those who wish to create subservient dingbats. Lol

Yes; I did find several interesting articles, though, the larger percentage . . . .. just lacks balance.

Keep up the pot stirring, though! Lol

Thom Horn

Hey there Michael,

I see we’re not the only attractions to simple, plain, accurate factual truths . . .. lol

Please send me an example of Caitlin that you perceive to be ‘on target’. I looked well into many articles, and the suppositions out-weighed the material facts – mostly( IMO).

New Meditation books arrive?

Thom Horn

Excellent, Michael!

I ‘did’ read several of those you mentioned(above); my thoughts upon two, (‘Pendulum’ & ‘Warmongering’)
. . .
when reading and performing research(due diligence) one thing always ‘sticks’ out for me in another’s source citations . . .
1) non-compliance with Laws of Intelligent Thought;
a) Identity; b) Non-contradiction; c) Excluded middle (historically from Aristotle debates/discussions with Plato; which ‘most likely’ originated with Socrates-see history and ‘Dialogues’) . . . .
. . .several also include d) Calculation=(whenever TWO or more events lead to the same conclusion/end, there is ‘calculation’ -defined as ‘purposeful’.

Many -if not most of Caitlin’s work came from sources that QAnon, Fox news, OANN would use as sources, and contain some semblance of sectarianisms, and did not have references cited as to original data source(source behind those events she spoke to.

However, I will set about to verify any that are original thought(on her part). Unless the “secret state” has been ‘overly active’ lol.

The warmongering emphasis came from a source, tied to former Bernie Sanders campaign workers; and had a prejudicial approach(precognitive unsubstantiated conclusion) that tied Biden to his former job under Obama.

In most of those articles attached to this subject – were from fringes of both political ‘sides’, instead of looking at the Biden position of reaching for a ‘middle ground.

While, under a more promising – Creation oriented goal, of a true democracy – as Meier would promote, IMO- Biden seems to be following a path where ‘tweaking’ the ‘needle’ towards the center, (as taught well by those who’s expertise in change management- amongst humans – which, under our current state of ‘unrest’ here in good ole’ USA, may be the only way any success might be achieved.

If one were to study the early CR’s, there were similar challenges then, as we face today. Getting people to be involved, accurately under Creation principles – takes ‘line-upon-line’, step-upon-step, and – helping them to think through the steps needed, so that those steps – then taken – provide a sustained positive progress.

Whew! That took more than I thought to explain. Lol

Stephen Dillon

What you said had zero factual value it was opinion. It was rhetorical nonsense coming from some bloated sense of self.. A pompous lecture.. Oh and dont post links I wont research your position for you.. Thanks for nothing there bud..

Stephen Dillon

I have no anger toward you. The truth is I find your commentary to be pretentious, condescending and uninteresting.

Brigitte de Roch

Hello Stephen –
It’s not worth talking about politics for both of us. Neither of us really know what is in Trump’s mind and what kind of thoughts he cultivates even though he lives in luxury. Obviously, what happened at the Capitol is a result of a lack of leadership and trust within the country. Many of my colleagues and I had a lot of faith in him when he first signed up because we were all tired of politicians. We thought that a businessman would do a better job and operate in a logical and clean way. I am grateful that no wars were started under his rule. This was indeed a nice break because too many people overseas suffer because of invasions, a thing I witness very often. As far as the economy, the debt is very deep and many people are also living in debts, huge ones. You can have low unemployment but if people live beyond their means, they are 30 days away from bankruptcy. This is not healthy for the government nor the people. The ones who are working go to bed with worries as things such as office rents, food, etc. are expensive and they are asked to reduce their fees.
NK it has not had a war for 60 years, yet all their military officials have so many medals on their outfits and they are starving! It’s riDIculous. You should see what the people have to eat there in order to survive.
Our office in Allepo, Syria sees horrors every day in the rural areas because of Daesh and is doing its best to keep the employees because without it they would probably starve as well.
As far as following closely Billy’s words and recommendations, please let me know if you know of something better and I will be the first one to sign up! Until then, I am going to stick to the most accurate, logical and human way of learning and thus living.
No need to apologize because we are all learning and making good progress. This blog is not a like or dislike contest. It’s about us learning together and as Melissa says often, seeing things for what they are.
Thank you again and yes, I have nice days always now with FIGU and the garden is growing nicely.

Stephen Dillon

NOTE: Express your point of view but…be appropriate. Try again.


Stephen Dillon

No room for innocent humor, says the Harper Valley PTA..

Thomas H

Steven; there WERE other choices in the 2016 elections . . .

Just because Hillary DID NOT take the position, does not confer a crown upon DJT. His actions were mostly narcissistic and pathological, . . .though, the dropping of his policies into the body politic were as a grenade into the ‘sleep-walking’ citizens, . . .seems that might be the one of the few positive results of his 4 LONG years.

Similarly, this last election cycle had a person,(Gabbard) there willing and ready to challenge the process of “brutal regime” changing methods most countries use.

stephen Dillon

Thomas,, there were TWO people to choose from for president in 2016.. TWO ONLY..
One was a WW4 candidate and one has started zero wars..
This last election Tulsi Gabbard never stood a chance because she was not a Globalist.. Neither is Trump..

The NWO run media attacked both ruthlessly. HRC calling Gabbard a Russina asset etc.. Now they have their man and they’re asking him what flavor icream he likes and what color scheme he wants for AirForce One.. Smell any rats yet?

Oh and the election was won fairly by this dupe who cant string a sentence together to save his life?.. Even 90% of the troops on his inauguration day motorcade route turned their backs on him.. That’s not even disputable its on video


Thom Horn

Not much for facts, are you?

2016 presidential elections had over a dozen candidates.

Had you performed just a ‘wee’ bit of research(due diligence) – you would have found DJT’s rape charges, fraud suits, molestations, bankruptcies, multiple divorces, mauling of underage women in the ‘beauty’ pageants, . . ad infinitum . . . and Hillary’s dishonesties, frauds, etc(no pizza-child-gate crap, though)

Perhaps – you possibly, could, inquire, as to the ‘why’ the troops were facing away – (must be that intelligence level of yours, lol) – who were they looking 1) for; 2) at; 3) purpose for being there????

Won? You’re really stretching there, Steven Dillon, – HOWEVER, were you to actually READ the Constitution of the United States – ‘Federalism’ has NO Place in State elections; that is(see Amd #9 &10 & 14) any State’s SOLE purview -to determine(as the SCOTUS stated MANY, MANY times – actually 61X) . . .

While I may not agree with conclusions, FACTS are ‘what is/was’ happened, occur and contain the Cause-Effects of choices. Nature’s laws do not require enforcement- those simple ARE.

On ‘globalism’ – what’s your issue there? Is not the entire Universe ‘one-Universe, and Creation – the totality of ‘All-That-Is’?

While Tulsi Gabbard did not ‘win’, she seemed – IMO – to be the most peace-oriented candidate in the Democratic Party offering . . .

Get over any conclusion that life is about “winning” . . .perhaps, instead look for where you might ‘evolve’?

Melissa Osaki

If it’s not already obvious, perhaps you should look into what the Plejaren have to say about globalism and its destructive effects on culture, overpopulation and the environment. Globalism is the main driver of mass immigration and overpopulation. Instead of people staying in their own countries, making them better and breeding based on their local resources, they prefer to go to the perceived rich countries while leaving their own countries crumbling.

Globalism and mass immigration will ultimately destroy the cohesiveness of a culture or country. And we are already seeing this in many places and many of those same places are on the verge of civil unrest. People do much better and make better progress when they are among other people who were raised in the same culture. I could list many examples already here in America with the extreme religious cultures, but I think I’d be talking to the wind.

Stephen Dillon

There were two choices for president on the ballot in December 2016.. ITS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY!!

Read your own post to me, which solicited my response.. Oh and MH says, the guard had orders to turn away from Biden.. I swear the stupidity here is rank. behind the troops was DC which was occupied with 65000 troops.. Show me another presidential motorcade where this has happened.. MH cant because it doesn’t happen!

Finally you say get over believing life is about winning? what an absurd statement. How in Gods name do you draw that conclusion from my comments?

This is like babysitting the simple minded.. Humorous but gets old fast..

KT McInnes

There are a few ‘respondents’-more likely sectarian ‘Trolls’ ( one could easily name them and call them out) on this blog who are either willingly ignorant, under-educated, or a part of what Meier called the conspiracists(conspiracy theorists) and ‘right-wingers/sectarians, etc. Easily recognized due to their seeming total lack of Constitutional statements.

‘Trample-Trump’ has violated his Oath of Office. Plainly stated in the News(of both spectrums), he has incited unrest in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada; urges Georgia officials to break the law by undoing election counts -(as well as the many other state he lost); fails to KNOW that the ‘federal’ side of these United States HAS NO POWER over the States rights to have elections according to their own choices(he lost 60 of 61 court challenges/attempts) told over 8500 lies while in office, ESPECIALLY the challenge to the correctness of the 2020 election totals, violated Federal Criminal codes of Sedition and Conspiracy, violate Georgia’s criminal code for solicitation of election tampering, pardoned criminals and Grifters(himself a Grifter);

. . . and then whines WLB, that he has not gotten ALL that he deserves.

When Creation gets through giving him his due(Laws of Cause/Effect) he most likely will end up in JAIL, certainly poorer for such actions, and despised by all who value Honour and Truth, Peace and Community.

IMO – ANY who originally voted for him(due to mostly being too lazy to research his actual financial and personal histories – have to answer for their stupidity and will enjoy living through the Effect of his Presidency.

Never voted for Hillary, OR Trump(not much of a choice for the major political parties here), will ACTIVELY work to keep Biden from making such errors – by lawful and peaceful ways – each and EVERY day left breathing!


John Webster

Thank you, Brigitte . . . and let’s have a resounding round of applause for Masako Ganaha!

Jamie Liu

Hi, I have read this US 2020 civil war prophecy at 2016(even before Trump became the president):

“Two terrible civil wars will break out in America, whereby one will follow the other.
Afterwards, the United States of America will break apart and deadly hostility will prevail among her, which then leads to the division into five different territories; and it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.”

But I don’t quite understand the last part ‘it cannot be prevented that sectarian fanatics will play a dictatorial role.’ Does it mean those sectarian fanatics will become “dictatorial leaders” of the 5 territories after the civil war?

Many thanks.

Melissa Osaki

When Billy talks about the civil wars, he often speaks about the different extremist factions that have existed in the U.S. for many years. I assume that it will be a mix of political, racial and religious extremists who play a dictatorial role in different territories. It’s hard to say which areas will be affected by which groups, but you can kind of get an idea by looking at the different protests in various cities and states. You can also look at where the majority of certain groups are located.

Stephen Dillon

The sectarian factions mentioned could refer to Ptaah’s statement that the NSA is completely taken over by a religious sect. That sect is quite possibly lucifarian in nature. The attacks against traditional religions in America are growing more and more public with restrictions in schools and public bodies. There is a swing to hedonistic pursuits with drag queen story telling for youngsters etc.. also attacks on family by groups like BLM who want the family unit destroyed and slogans like ”it takes a village” elude to state indoctrinated rearings of children to adhere to the state as a parent,, the dame mindset exists in the CCP. Without a doubt we are being infiltrated by CCP style information censorships.

Melissa Osaki

You don’t think it has anything to do with the religious extremists, white-supremacist’s and ANTIFA/BLM? It doesn’t take much to see that these groups grow more violent and hateful everyday. If you follow them online, as hard as that may be sometimes, it’s plain to see. They all have their ideas about how society should be run, and it’s not a pretty sight.

I would also add the media to the list of extremists. Without their lies and propaganda, the people might be able to make more informed decisions. The citizens have been completely dumb-downed. The prophecies and predictions already warned us that the people would degenerate to such a degree that even the children wouldn’t be safe. And now we are seeing just that with the genderfluid crowd wanting to cut off the body parts on children.

Stephen Dillon

Melisa the key word is ‘sectarian’.. We could stretch that to cover anti govt groups, but it may well be that our own govt could morph into a dictatorship as Ptaah has already stated.
It may be that the sectarian run NSA’s surveillance powers are inflicted on us without mercy and that it just pushes people to a breaking point, where a civil war breaks out.

Ptaah also said Trumps presidency could be the icing on the cake, which leads to a condition where Russia invades the US to liberate us.

Could this condition foment through the Biden presidency?

The reaction to Trumps presidency has been an overtly partisan Big tech crackdown on free speech of anyone questioning the election results and the labeling of Americans as white supremacists and other contrived morally outrageous ‘haters’. Haters being anyone who questions the programming.

Like him or not, Trumps presidency has pushed everything out into the open

The condition for dictatorship Ptaah speaks of may be at our door right now. Dictatorships start with ideologies which are then enforced.. The ideology?

Social justice an nice word which justifies crushing hate groups which the left conveniently designates as belonging to the right. To financially ruin them. Politically alienate them .

This is starting and that road leads to a one party dictatorship sold to you as a hate free society.

Melissa Osaki

I think it’s obvious that we’ve been under a soft dictatorship for quite a while. When journalists are sitting in prison for reporting actual crimes, we have lost our way. When the government cares more about foreigners than our own starving people, we have lost our way. Many people don’t see it yet, but the hammer will continue to drop harder and harder. The rules for us common folk don’t apply to the elite, but I do think a larger portion of the people are starting to see it for what it is. Once we hit critical mass, the people will revolt in an illogical and violent manner.

The corruption is far-reaching within the NSA, but the CIA, FBI, DOJ and many others deserve much of the credit too for their nefarious and dictatorial actions. In my opinion, the oppressive and discriminatory social justice groups have been implanted or guided by some unnamed powerful groups and only serve to create chaos and to destroy the good human nature. The destruction of normalcy, dignity and empathy makes it easier to control the dehumanized masses.

I wouldn’t say that I like or dislike Trump, but he certainly doesn’t, or didn’t, portray the qualities of a wise and dignified leader. I’m not saying that he didn’t experience a lot of adversity from all elements of the government, but instead of trying to find common or neutral ground, he actively insulted and dehumanized many of his adversaries. Guiding and advising in a neutral, loving and logical way is what makes a true leader, and that’s something that most earth humans aren’t capable of doing.

I also didn’t sense any true empathy or compassion from Trump. He loved the people who were agreeable to him and who made him feel like a God or savior. Go against him or his ideas and you’ll eventually feel his wrath. Some of his ideas were good, but he lost a lot of support by coming across as an egotistical narcissist.

I don’t think it matters who is in charge now anyways because we are past the point of no return. The prophecy is upon us (in my opinion). The degeneracy is massive and the effects will be monstrous.

Stephen Dillon

The term ”sectarian fanatics” reminds me of what Ptaah said about the NSA ,which he said has been totally taken over by a religious sect.

That’s an astounding assertion and it’s like two puzzle pieces when you consider the history of our governments involvements in all manner of evils.

T Horn

Stephen; the constant whining (AKA WLB) of your postings is certainly showing a lack of study and comprehension/Context. AND, IMO, shows a certain level of sectarianism(relying upon those outside of oneself, to elicit a cure for one’s own ills).

“The reaction to Trumps presidency has been an overtly partisan Big tech crackdown on free speech of anyone questioning the election results and the labeling of Americans as white supremacists and other contrived morally outrageous ‘haters’. Haters being anyone who questions the programming. ” S. Dillon post of 1-29-2021

– This statement of your post, fails miserably in a mind’s capacity to understand the total set of facts alluded to in that statement.

Your words seem to grant to yourself and others the “right to lie”; to threaten any with whom you are displeased(assault) and hide behind a sorely under-educated perception of Constitutionally protected actions.

Had you studied that document – you would have automatically seen your errors – especially those connected to “election” fraud(s). Were you to visit a kindergarten class on a discussion of Constitutionally secured liberties – the commentary there would be very similar to yours quoted.

“Haters” – the unevolving way of thinking – denotes – BY THE VERY DEFINITION – one who does NOT have all the facts. Example: they hate the tree being there, as it drops leaves upon their possessions.

The Courts – SCOTUS – IN EVERY CASE, elucidated this in their rulings. That your comment lacks such understanding, shows much more about your wilful ignorance and sectarian ways of thinking-expression.

Were you(as any other with such a lack of knowledge -i.e Giuliani) to be constrained by Oath of Perjury, the results before any court/judge would be automatic. Ever wonder ‘why’ Rudy G. never spoke of such “evidence” in any court he appeared?

The better question to ask: Does anyone have a Constitutionally secured right to LIE? The answer may surprise you; NO! Dominion is suing those who made such statements about ‘fraud’ for defamation, $1.4B. . . . .

The Natural Laws, automatically applies to liars and perjurers, their sentence-decreasing their abilities to reason, evolve and suffer the results of their ignorance. While some, who like the position you represent, get no indication of consequence, yet Cause/Effect still tracks their step; with the pits of their ignorance they remain in.

B-T-W: “big tech” owns their own platforms and have rules they have enforced against such negative dribble. Any who post thereupon, are subject to such. Whew! Finally, a company who enforces their rules. A blessing to those who actually perform due diligence.

Robert Olson

The prophecy / predicament seems to be referring to Biden rather than Trump .