Billy Meier 765th Contact

Aerosols contaminated with viruses discharge themselves in the free air or “open”, “break open” or “burst open” and release the virus

765th Contact Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:57 p.m.

Conversation between Ptaah and Zafenatpaneach of the Plejaren Federation and Yanarara of Sonara/Timar from the DAL universe and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM.

(This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation and will definitely contain errors. It will be replaced with the official, auhtorized version once available.)

Ptaah Eduard, unfortunately it took a little longer, but now I am back. I am glad to see you well. Greetings, dear friend. Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach will also come by, because they have a lot to explain to you. Quetzal will also come here, but he is still out in the field.

Billy Aha, then there is some activity. Welcome and greetings, my friend. Ptaah, during your absence the time was neither too short nor too long for me, because in the last weeks everything went so criss-cross that there was no boredom. With my computer and with everything that happened in the office, it was effectively ashen, because everything went crazy. Several times there were also witnesses who could not grasp and comprehend what they witnessed and experienced.

Well, Ptaah, everyone is just given something to deal with. But for me it was strange that you didn’t come here for such a long time, because the last months your visits were more frequent than ever before, which is probably the reason why I felt so strange, because somehow you miss a person with whom you can maintain a good friendship after such a short time.

Ptaah Interesting, because also for my part moved me similar thoughts and feelings, which has never excited me in this way until then. I also felt strange about my morals, because it was as if I had lost something very significant.

Billy You describe it exactly right, because in this way everything had an effect, and also in other ways, in which Eva was also involved, but I don’t want to talk about it openly, because other people also … Well, I can explain it to you later under secrecy, if you want then.

Ptaah Although I am not curious, I see in your eyes an emotion and I hear it in your voice.

Billy Unfortunately, it does not pass without a trace, especially when the thoughts do not find peace. Here, see this report, it says that the WHO is now doing alleged research in China to find the source of the Corona plague. What they will do, however, will be on the one hand nothing more than a pro forma bungling, as Sfath and I have observed in the future, and on the other hand, because they will find out nothing, because they can find out nothing, they will simply claim mendaciously that the Corona disease originates from bats, only that it cannot be explained how the disease was transmitted from these to humans. be. And if I remember correctly, it was claimed that the virus was probably carried by an intermediate host or so and transmitted to human beings.

Ptaah Yes, that’s how my father recorded it in his annals as well. As I have read in it, you have gone over the whole epidemic time again and again and have also observed how ridiculous – father has written it in such a way – and fact-incompetent as well as research-incompetent the WHO has carried out its alleged clarifications, resp. this they will do now in the present time in the next days. That the actual Urh…

Billy No, please don’t, because Sfath said that it should not be talked about, but only informatively the most important things should be said, and that concerned only certain information of the necessary behavior and the safety measures, in particular in relation to respirators and the contact with the fellow men. As for the authorship, that should not be mentioned openly, you know that.

Ptaah Certain information would be however in Hin…

Billy No, unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because in such a way or in such a way nothing can be changed. What has happened already observed in the future, that applies equally now also in the present so and cannot be changed, as also everything cannot, what has happened in the past, because what has already happened cannot be changed. This just no matter whether it is about something which has happened in the past or whether it is about an observed happening which has been observed in the future and which now just actually results in the present in such a way as it was observed in the future about 70 years ago.

Ptaah What my father Sfath has recorded in his annals about what you 2 have observed at that time, about that certain information should be possible to give and moreover helpful for the prevention of further mischief.

Billy Of course, it could be possible, but this must not be considered, which is why Sfath commanded me to keep quiet about it, because … well, I can really only explain it to you in secrecy.

Ptaah …I should consider. Well, please don’t, I … I’m sorry… As old as I’ve become,… but what you say… Yes, it’s true. Still at my age, I need to be taught, …. Information would be in hin though….

Billy Don’t do that, please, Ptaah, there’s no need for that. You know, I too am often urged to say more, on the one hand …, ah, what shall we talk about. It is now once in such a way, and this is not to be changed, and what has resulted up to now, so the whole corresponds just as a result of the incompetence of all governments of the world, as also the about 1/3 of the peoples encompassing querulous, cross-thinkers, know-it-alls and conspiracy theorists of a worldwide epidemic catastrophe, as it was also in former times always in such a way. So the whole of it that the pandemic could originate at all, leads back as eh and ever on the guilt of humans themselves, evenly on the incompetent governing and the 1/3-part of the stupid-dreist Querulanten and Querulantinnen of the populations, which are basically to blame for the death of many humans and worry in this connection in their consciencelessness no thoughts about it.
What has happened so far with regard to the Corona epidemic in terms of absolute inadequacy and confusion is due, on the one hand, to the inept rulers, who have always been incapable and are still incapable of fighting such crises, such as epidemics, properly. Until today, as a result of stupidity and non-thinking, they have never learned to create the right security measures in accordance with the Basic Law and the Constitution, to take them and to use them by virtue of the State Constitution in relation to health and security for the good of the people by employing all the necessary means.

Ptaah Please, yes.

Billy Good, but really only under secrecy. –…

Ptaah… Yes, … But, Eduard… I’m not involved in your confidentiality, so I could…

Billy No, my friend. – You know, Ptaah, even if Sfath obviously omitted to mention that nothing should be announced about it by third parties, my word of silence, which I gave him, is valid for me. And if I have told you one thing and another, then it was because on the one hand, as the son of Sfath, you continue his work, then … well, and on the other hand, I only informed you in the confidence that you, too, as the duty continuator of Sfath, so to speak, are also bound by the same duties, promises and rules, etc., which also impose on you as a duty to remain silent, because you have somehow inherited all duties and continue them, so also the silence. That, I think, should be…security and law enforcement agencies to enforce. This is because they are just as incapable of asserting themselves against all the cross-dressers – who, in complete stupidity and thus as a result of their inability to think, demonstrating and destroying private as well as state property, invoke inadequate basic rights – as they are against the economic powers, the cults of divine faith as well as the big and small businessmen, etc. On the other hand, however, it is also not possible for them to assert themselves against the state. On the other hand, it is also that part of the population itself, that of the stupid ones and ricochets, which always amounts to between 20 and 30 percent, from which always terror is made and mischief is conjured up, which also by their fault always causes many deaths. But to talk about it further would be useless and pointless. Therefore, please see here, this handwritten letter is pleasant. It is a letter from a friend that he wrote to me last week and I want to read it to you:

“Dear Billy, happy birthday to you. I actually want to thank you for every single minute of your life. Through your work and help it is possible for us to create heaven on earth.
Best thanks” … …

I do not want to mention the name, but look here, you can read it. It would probably not be right for him if I would mention his name, and besides, I would have to ask him first if I want to mention his name. But look – here, these are all such letters, as well as such like this one, there it says …, but read it yourself …

Ptaah … It is shocking that such people can not find help from professionals, but get it only when they find their way to you.

Billy If the psychologists and psychiatrists send the people into the desert, instead of going into their problems and explaining to them, what and how they have to do the right thing themselves, in order to bring their psyche back into shape, then the suffering people cannot work themselves out of their thought-feeling-psyche-swamp. But I don’t really want to talk about that, I just want to show you these letters.

Ptaah It has turned out to be interesting, though. But it would also be interesting if the persons concerned, who have witnessed various strange occurrences in your workroom, would write them down. This on the one hand because I would like to know how they process the occurrences in themselves, on the other hand because it would be interesting for different persons if you would publish the occurrences, whereby it could be read and possibly help some people. In this regard, I have raised this concern before, but so far I have not heard anything from you that such a testimony has been put in writing.

Billy Yes, I know. I have forwarded your request, but unfortunately nothing has come of it anyway. But I will remind people again. But listen to this, a telephone conversation, which I recorded with this device here, but which I will delete immediately, if you have listened to it. …

Ptaah … This is also frightening, so it is very good that you have done some educational work and worked out the need for protective measures against the Corona plague, which have also been checked by your correction group and then also published by your website managers.

Billy Yes – While the two of us don’t want to talk any more about Corona, that’s what we decided, but look here what I wrote here and what will be sent out tomorrow to all FIGU members worldwide and also put on the FIGU website.

Ptaah I see there are seven pages, that’s a bit much to read at the moment, which is why I’m just reviewing it briefly and then scanning it off to read it thoroughly later. … Yes, Eduard, this is important information that needs to be posted and will be of interest to the people who open your website.

Billy On the 23rd of January I had presented it to Florena, and on the 26th of January also to Quetzal, both also saying that people would need this info. But see also this letter, because there someone writes that I should give still some information concerning the Corona vaccination and likewise still something explanatory concerning the respiratory masks, about which I know however only that, what I still have in memory from Sfath and also in the today’s time still in addition learned. Also here, there is asked, what is to be understood under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave of the Corona epidemic, as well as what would have to be done as the most fundamental thing, in order to bring the epidemic to the disappearance. It is also asked about the long-term effects and consequences, as well as about what are the pathogens and the difference between bacteria and viruses and what are micro and nano. Also various other things are asked for, because obviously there is a great need for education in the population, professionals seem to be incapable of disseminating the necessary explanationsfor which the incompetents of the governments and the public are responsible.

If you read here all that everything is asked, then there is really a great need in the people for it that still some things must be explained, whereby it will not be possible, however, to explain restless everything, because everything is too extensive.

Ptaah (reads) … Astonishing these questions and the ignorance which prevails. Effectively, something should be explained about this, which I will gladly do.

Billy You don’t have to, Ptaah, because the questions are addressed to me, dear friend, and therefore it is expected that I answer them. But if I can’t handle it, then I can take the liberty of asking you. And further it is to be said that unfortunately from the incompetent rulers, virologists, epidemiologists and all other illogical ‘…logens’ of all kinds nobody comes on the thought that the populations want to be enlightened concerning all connections of the epidemic in order to understand everything and to be able to act accordingly. And since this is not done, therefore there are also very many people more who run after the ricochets, know-it-alls and conspiracy theorists, demonstrating on the streets roar around and cause destruction.

Ptaah Of course. And answer the questions, that’s what you should do, because by doing that you are not starting something new regarding the Corona plague, which we don’t want to talk about anymore, but you are giving explanatory answers to questions that have been raised.

Billy Well, if you think so. – What I remember, for example, is that Sfath said in the early 1950s that all kinds of future and light respirators – at that time there was still talk of today with respect to the future – would indeed protect against know aerosols and all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms if worn over the nose and mouth. A start for a special and incredibly thin pre-material of such protective masks, a fusible fiber or so, if I remember correctly, which together with another material would be well suited for the production of a good respiratory protective mask, had already been invented in the USA at the beginning of the 1940s. However, this would not be brought together with another material until the late 1960s and early 1970s in the GDR, which would then be used to make good protective masks. If I remember correctly, Sfath said that a gossamer synthetic fiber would be invented by GDR experimenters, then it would be brought together to form a spunbonded fabric or something, and the so-called nonwoven fabric would be made. From this, he said, and I remember this well, good, valuable and useful nonwoven breathing masks were then manufactured.

Now, as far as respirators are concerned, which are not attacked by viruses, in this regard, really only good protective masks are to be mentioned, which are to be used, as in this regard, the commonly used FFP2 and FFP3 masks. Generally for the daily use actually the FFP2 masks without exhalation valve are usual and useful, which should prevent according to earthly test results approx. 94% corona viruses from penetrating into the mask and thus into the breathing area of humans, whereby you speak however of only approx. 92-93% security. These FFP2 masks are normally provided with ear holding rubber, while also suitable FFP3 masks – which are supposed to prevent 96% viruses from entering according to earthly data and about 94% according to your data – have holding bands for around the back of the head. The extent to which corona viruses can penetrate a protective mask and reach the breathing zone of the human being, while other pathogens and pollutants are prevented up to 96% from penetrating into this mask quality, depends on the mask type and the mask quality, whereby FFP2 and FFP3 are the most common half masks, after which only full face masks etc. are given.

The danger of aerosols, however, is not that they are contaminated by viruses and can penetrate from the outside through masks into the interior and thus into the breathing zone of humans, because FFP2 and FFP3 respirators can provide good protection against aerosols. The effective danger factor is of a different nature, namely that aerosols contaminated with viruses discharge themselves in the free air or “open”, “break open” or “burst open” and thus release the virus. Sfath explained the whole thing to me at the beginning of the 1950s and also let me see in his screen devices how aerosols containing viruses burst open and the viruses then floated around freely in the air, and for a very long time, and in addition were whirled around by the wind spreading in the air. This fact makes it possible to inhale viruses even through unsuitable masks, because viruses are x times smaller than aerosols, which are prevented from penetrating by good masks.*

In this day and age of corona grating, the wearing of good and tested respiratory masks is just as urgently necessary for the sake of health, as is keeping a distance when dealing with people outside of the immediate family circle. This is contrary to all lies and misleading assertions of know-it-alls, troublemakers, contrarians, conspiracy theorists and those who do not think and knock on basic rights and live under the delusion that going out bans would restrict freedom and would only correspond to official terrorist measures. This delusion, however, is complete nonsense, because curfews serve to prevent the spread of the epidemic and thus to protect the lives of many fellow human beings.

Respiratory masks are effective in today’s prevailing corona pandemic time of urgent necessity and no longer to be imagined without, but belong in the protection concept of each individual responsible person. And this is necessary both in the everyday life with the work, as well as in the spare time, and without exception in the contact with humans, who do not belong to the healthy and closest family circle, whereby to these also a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters must be the rule. And to everything I would like to say especially the following: to wear respirators as a defense against pathogens against the corona epidemic corresponds to a duty towards one’s own and any other life. Respirators usually correspond to half masks that cover the mouth and nose, and thus the lower part of the face, thereby protecting the person wearing the mask from harmful aerosols, toxins, particles and micro-organic pathogens that are filtered out by the masks. Such particle filtering half masks generally correspond to tested products that are commercially available with the designation FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, where FFP stands for “face filtering piece” and describes masks that are circumferentially made of filtering material and manufactured in such a way that they cover the face part from the nose over the mouth to the chin.

If, with regard to the corona epidemic, the personal-responsible or legally prescribed obligation of wearing a respiratory mask is given, then, as a rule, masks of the FFP2 or FFP3 type should be used. These can be used with or without a breathing valve, whereby masks with a valve offer the advantage of simplified breathing, but expel the used breathing air through the valve and thus possibly also any pathogens that may be present if the person wearing the mask is ill.

The wearing of respirators should not only be an adequate protection and a necessary precautionary measure, but also an effective protection for one’s own life, as well as for the environment and therefore for the fellow human beings. Therefore, only respirators without a valve should be worn. This is because effectively for the environment and other persons a mask wearer with a valve mask only represents no risk of infection if he or she is absolutely healthy and consequently does not exhale any pathogens through the mask valve.

The personal protection against pathogens should require that also the fellow men and the environment are sufficiently protected, consequently in case of epidemics or other contagious diseases respiratory masks with valves should only be used and worn by persons who are either absolutely healthy, consequently no pathogens are exhaled through the valve, or who are well healthy but have severe breathing difficulties when wearing protective masks.
Basically, in the case of epidemics or other infectious diseases of any kind, not only one’s own protection should be taken into consideration, but also an adequate protection for the environment or for the fellow human beings.

What I already know from Sfath is that simple respirators do not protect against the Corona virus, because viruses exist down to nanoscale, but I have forgotten the data and names of the main types of viruses and their sizes. If I try to remember, then I can still bring together that Sfath spoke first of a Pandora virus, also of a herpes virus and of a bacterium and Pano- or Rimovirus or so, as also of a millionth or micrometer, as also of billionth or nanoparticles. But I really don’t know the numerical values of the size or the tininess anymore.

Ptaah To your memory I can help you: Pandora virus has the designation and size 1 μm and 1 millionth, respectively, and can be seen with an electron microscope.
A bacterium has a size of 1-5 μm = micro- resp. my resp. millionth = micrometer, and is detectable with a light microscope.
A herpes virus has a size of 200-300 nm, nanoparticles = nanometers and can be detected with an electron microscope.
The corona virus is 120 nm tiny = nanoparticles or nanoparticles. These are associated with a few to a few thousand atoms or molecules, where the term “nano” refers to the tininess, which is 1 to 100 nanometers, where one nanometer = nm = 10-9 = 0.000 000 001 meters = 1 billionth of a meter.
A parvo virus, as well as a ribosome, have a tininess of 20 nm = nanometer.

Billy Thanks. To this I want to explain that “nano” comes from the. Greek “nanos” which means “dwarf” or “dwarf-like” or for the German language just in better expression can be called “winzig”. And what I could read about nanoparticles was that according to ISO/TS 27687:2008 – what this means I don’t know – nanoobjects are particles that have three external dimensions; whatever this is supposed to mean, but that is not important for understanding that nanoparticles are extremely tiny and simple protective masks do not stop corona viruses, but can therefore penetrate through the masks and be inhaled by humans. Unsuitable and useless in this respect and offering no protection whatsoever are all homemade masks.

  1. cloth masks of all kinds
  2. neckerchiefs
  3. handkerchiefs and other cloths
  4. face shields of all kinds
  5. FFP1 masks

A really highest possible protection against viruses from size 1-5 μm millionth = micrometer of bacteria up to “nm” resp. nanoparticles can only be provided by valuable FFP2 and FFP3 respirators. Nu…

Ptaah Excuse, but in addition I want to call our test results which are extremely exact and highly superior to all earthly even high-technical possibilities in this respect and which are not yet given for exactly exact results. According to our researches, findings and results, these results show only 92.6% safety for the protective masks of FFP2 quality mentioned by you, and only 94.3% safety for FFP3 with respect to the impermeability of COVID-19.

Billy Thank you, you have told me this before, which I should also mention, but I just wanted to mention the earthly data, which supposedly can guarantee 94% safety for FFP2 masks and 96% for FFP3, but especially not 99%, as is falsely propagated, misleading people and lulling them into a false sense of security. This, as it is done also with the vaccines, which are not yet really thoroughly tested and not examined on their effective effectiveness, consequently these actual and necessary tests are made only now by the mass vaccinations and the experiences to be won from it and the necessary realizations are won. This, however, is not disclosed to the vaccinators, just as it is not disclosed that the effectiveness of various vaccines is lied about and that they do not have equally positive effects for all corona mutations, contrary to claims of lies to the contrary. It is also concealed that certain vaccines do not have any effect for certain reasons, so that vaccinated people are infected with the corona virus despite vaccination and can therefore die from the epidemic.

As far as small and large viruses are concerned, I found this list, in which it is briefly described, which factors influence the size and tininess of viruses, or how large and small viruses differ. It also lists the factors that also influence the size of viruses, genome (DNA or RNA) proteins, pathogenicity factors on the viral envelope, as written here:

Large viruses
Large genome, viral proteins, viral enzymes Ex. herpes viruses: themselves encode many enzymes for nucleic acid metabolism and can therefore replicate in virtually all phases of the cell cycle
Largest DNA genomes: 2’500’000
Because DNA polymerases have a proofreading function, stable copying of the genome (except corona viruses: RNA polymerase with proofreading function rel. Stable replication of the 30-kb RNA genome), … …
Dependence on the host cell
Small viruses = host cell dependence.
Small genome, with only the most necessary. Stays under the radar of the cell
Largest RNA genomes: 30 000 bases No repair function possibly advantageous because more mutations
Better adaptation (but not possible above 10kb because of accumulation of too many mutations Genome stability)
Stronger dependence on cellular mechanisms, e.g. papilloma or parvo viruses; host cell must be in S-phase.

What I can answer further at questions, that refers to what we 2 have already explained several times since the emergence of the Corona plague, that the plague will claim millions of deaths as a result of the incapacity of the rulers as well as the querulousness of approx. 1/3 of the populations as well as the addiction of the people to pleasure, journeys, Festerei, sport and the urge to have to go outside from the dwellings. The people live in this respect, come what may, thoughtlessly, irresponsibly and senselessly simply into the day and do not consider in any way certain precaution and safety rules, which should be kept. But since the incompetent rulers are sick in the same hospital and can neither think nor therefore know what really has to be done, it results consequently that they are no role model for the populations but failures, which are done the same.

1 Inactivate host defense mechanisms.
Small dependence on host cell- mechanisms can better address host and environmental conditions or inactivate host defenses.
And the questions here, what really should be done, in my opinion, there is only strict compliance and the enforcement of inevitable security and precautionary measures, which would not only have to be observed, but would have to be enforced against all ignorance, all unreason and all low intellect of those incompetent rulers and parts of the population by the deployment of effectively loyal security forces. For this, a plan would have to be drawn up and followed, which your father Sfath and I had thought about, and if this had been realized at the beginning of the epidemic, then the Corona epidemic would have died within 2 to 3 months before it could have degenerated into a pandemic. But I don’t want to talk about this plan, because first of all those leading rulers, who are self-important, arrogant and obsessed with power, don’t listen to the concerns of the people anyway and consequently no plan and proposal is followed, and on the other hand usually always a round third of the population crosses stupid people, consequently the necessary and right things can’t be enforced, from which the remaining part of the population has to suffer and has to accept damage as well as death. As far as the questions are concerned, what should be done in the first place, there are some important points, which I would like to mention as follows, which would be urgently necessary to implement, but which are not implemented by the lame rulers and the foolish and impudent 1/3-part of the people:

  1. compulsory wearing of appropriate respiratory masks of the quality FFP2 or possibly FFP3 according to need in the unavoidable contact with fellow human beings outside the strictly personal living area.
  2. keep a distance from person to person in case of unavoidable contact with people outside the strictly personal living area.
  3. strict lockdown or total curfew, except for matters such as: Food shopping, emergencies and health care related to medicine/doctor, hospital, energy needs, but overall controlled within responsible limits by security agencies.
  4. curfew violations by the unteachable would be punishable by severe penalties and long-term quarantine.
  5. absolute and strict prohibition of all kinds of travel, public entertainment, sports events, entertainment and other non-essential activities, religious events such as visits to churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and religious circles, etc., as well as learning, teaching and school activities.
  6. general suspension of work in all enterprises that are not vital for the population, in accordance with certain wide-ranging regulations concerning the prevention of financial damage, the regulation of rent and lease obligations, etc.
  7. the elaboration of laws on fundamental rights, also designed for emergency situations and to be followed by the populations, such as crises, epidemics and pandemics, times of emergency, national or worldwide natural disasters, etc.

As far as the measures concerning curfews and a total lockdown are concerned, the responsible rulers and a part of the population are completely irresponsible, namely because as soon as the contagion situation improves a little, lockdowns are immediately relaxed again, whereby the whole contagion can strike again from the beginning. This corresponds to an absolutely idiotic and irresponsible action, which in each case leads again to thaws of infections and costs further thousands of human lives. But as long as incompetent rulers squat at the state oars, stupidly and imbecilely palavering around, hoping for help from an imaginary God and creeping around the asses of the economic powers and doing what they want, nothing changes for the right and reasonable. Similarly, nothing will change for the better and good, if the third of the lunatics and madmen, stupid and impudent as well as querulous, know-it-all and conspiracy believers of the populations are not stopped and not put out of course, who often spread the disease by their pathologically weak-minded behavior. That is one part of the story, but in addition to that one is attacked and scolded stupidly or even dragged to court, if one tells the truth about what is really going on and shows how stupidly stupid the troublemakers and troublemakers behave and act on the one hand, and on the other hand, how incompetent and short-thinking the rulers are and have no idea about what has to be done effectively in order to counteract the Corona epidemic properly.In fact, one must be glad that one is not dragged before the cadi and punished by inadequate laws if one speaks the truth in public, as is the case, in particular, when I point out the incompetence, braggadocio and stupidity of the Corona epidemic, I denounce the big-mouthedness and stupidity of the rulers, without attacking any particular government person with
with insulting unwords.

Yanarara That could only be if you were attacking a person personally and calling them foul names, which is not true if you are just decency-preserving generally showing their governmental ineptitude.

Billy I’m not so sure about that, because as has always been the case in my life, the authorities etc. are not well disposed towards me…. heck, no point in talking about it anyway. To all the said, still very extensive Ausführungen and explanations would be necessary, but these now to lead, would take too much time, consequently I can address the mentioned 7 points only briefly and not explain further. Also, I would like to briefly address the question that is asked regarding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave, because an explanation is obviously necessary, because there is no need for a…

Zafenatpaneach Ptaah must have told you that we are coming. Greetings, my friend.

Yanarara To this I join. Greetings, dear friend. But do not be disturbed in your conversation, because we are not in a hurry and we want to wait.

Billy Ptaah actually said that you are still coming here. Both of you are welcome and greetings. And if you are not in a hurry, I would like to finish explaining what I was about to start.

Yanarara Don’t let that stop you.

Billy Thank you. – So: when people talk about a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave of the Corona plague, it’s obviously completely misunderstood. As a whole, it is to be understood with the whole of the single waves that it is not about their several, but effectively only about one single resp. about a swell, as it is also the case in all fresh waters, streams, rivers, currents and lakes, as also in all seas. Such a swell results depending on the subsoil, the depth of the water, the strength of movement of seaquakes, as well as wind and storm whips on the water, which then results in a swell, which results in a wave sequence, which produces asymmetrical waves. This means that there is a difference in waves in such a way that different wave sizes are created, which never have exactly the same wave height, because depending on the origin, there is a constant up and down in this respect, and in between, a larger wave can arise again, depending on which forces of motion cause the swell. As a rule, this cannot be seen by the naked eye, because man in general does not train himself for such natural phenomena and also usually walks blind or half-blind through the world, has no eye open for nature and therefore sees nothing.

Now, as with the water wave, the whole thing also results with the Corona plague or with other things, because basically it is always the same wave, not however a new wave, if one rises again and becomes stronger or larger etc.. So it is not more and not less always only the same spreading swell, which however from time to time in a single wave becomes again higher and stronger by some circumstances, in order to then collapse again and to “normalize” so to speak. And exactly this brings the same effect with the Corona plague, whereby the becoming of a new wave usually results from the unreasonableness and the wrong behavior of the people, by disregarding the protective measures against the plague.

Yanarara Amazing how you always know how to explain something that it can be understood.

Billy – If you say so …, thank you. Now what I have here, Ptaah, that is something else, an article sent to me by Achim Wolf, concerning vaccination against the Corona plague, if you will please skim it briefly: Ptaah (reads) … Will really only “skim it” because it is a bit rambling, but I will skim it.

What is being concealed in the vaccination campaign Author Vera Lengsfeld, Published January 29, 2021 By Karla Lehmann, MD.
The hope for an early end to social and economic gagging is currently focused exclusively on the completely new mRNA vaccines, as if there were nothing else at all. ComirnatyR has won this race for the time being. With motivational slogans, like ‘giving perspective for a virus-free future’ (SZ 19.1.2021) ‘protect with one pick against a deadly infectious disease’ (Cichutek, PEI) or ‘we need a vaccination marathon now!’ (M. Blume, 27.1.2021), is advertised to the uninformed population for the needle prick they long for. Extremely perfidious is in particular, if it is tried to dupe the very old with ‘We will be vaccinated, but grandma first’ (SZ 23./24.1.2021). That sits, shows responsibility and altruism. It is the result of false and misinformation!
On licensure:
The mRNA vaccines were approved after an extremely shortened development time by means of CMA (Conditional Marketing Authorisa- tion) in the EU for a limited period of one year. This approval is not a regular approval, but was granted without submission of conclusive data on safety and efficacy against the background of the pandemic Covid 19 situation dramatized by the manufacturer and numerous other stakeholders. The CMA approval is linked to the obligation to submit numerous missing data, including findings on serious, rare and long-term side effects as well as potential risks. Details are contained in the Development and Risk Management Plan (RMP). This is therefore an experimental vaccine that is not yet fully developed and for which further experience must be gained by the end of 2023, provided that the vaccine remains on the market until then.
This is concealed in the so-called directions for use; the Swiss technical information (22.12.2020) appropriately refers to the ‘limited approval with incomplete data’.
On efficacy:
ComirnatyR has been shown to be 95% effective in reducing PCR-confirmed cold symptoms (sufficient in the clinical trials was the presence of a symptom, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills/shivering, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell, dry throat, diarrhea, vomiting), according to the manufacturer. However, verification of the observed covid-19 cases (8 in the vaccine group, 162 in the placebo group) and the 3410 suspected cases (1594 in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group) by validated PCR methods other than those unsuitable for confirming cases of disease was not performed.
Individual immunity status was not monitored before or after vaccination. These aspects cast doubt on the validity of the study results.
Incidentally, the observed vaccination success of 0.044% (44 infected/100 000 vaccinated) was only slightly below the threshold value of 0.05% applicable in Germany for triggering more stringent protective measures, but above the lowered threshold value of 35/100 000 already under discussion. Whether this vaccination protection is sufficient to protect the population is an open question.
The secondary study objective, reduction of severe cases of disease, was not achieved; effectiveness for severe Covid-19 cases was only 66.4%; evidence quality was judged to be very low. Reduction of hospitalizations and deaths was not envisaged in the study plan; consequently, no evidence exists on this. The intended realization of the vaccination prioritization goal – prevention of severe COVID-19 courses (hospitalization) and deaths – thus lacks any basis.
Preventing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and ensuring protection in settings with high proportions of vulnerable individuals and in those with high outbreak potential has also not yet been tested; results on this will most likely not be available until late 2023.
Declaring the very elderly as the first to be prioritized vaccinees is not medically justifiable because there is almost no experience of efficacy and safety in them (>85 years: 5 persons; between 75 and 85 years: 774 to 804 persons). Even trivial side effects, such as diarrhea or temperature rise, can lead to a fatal outcome in the case of a generally weakened constitution or bedriddenness, thus increasing the number of premature deaths. The quickly found explanation for this – that these are expected deaths in old age – is out of the question as long as the very old are promised salvation from too early death and the Covid 19 deaths in old age are not subject to the same interpretation.
As of Jan. 17, 2021, 21 deaths have been reported in Germany in temporal association with vaccination (RKI). In addition, reports are increasing from nursing homes in which vaccination was administered and persons died shortly thereafter (e.g., 13 of 40 vaccinated persons in Uhldingen-Mühlhofen). In addition, several unusual Covid 19 outbreaks occurred in nursing homes in connection with the vaccinations. Israeli health authorities reported approximately 240 Covid-19 disease cases related to the initial vaccination as early as January 1, 2021. Such cases are not inexplicable. In addition to common interpretations, such as: Full efficacy can only occur after the second dose or probably an infection already occurred before or shortly after vaccination – it should also be remembered that VAED/VAERD (vaccine-associated enhanced disease) can occur, about which neither vaccinators nor vaccinees are or will be informed, although this potential risk runs like a red thread through the approval documents!
However, the involvement of the vaccination-induced production of spike proteins, which, like the complete virus, could bind to the cell surface and trigger corresponding subsequent reactions via the receptor ACE2 (my hypothesis!), remains unclear.
It is known that only the PCR method is used for the evaluation of the epidemic situation in Germany (and worldwide) as well as for the confirmation of cases in clinical studies. And it is well known that this method is unsuitable because it only detects parts of the virus on cell surfaces, which is why it cannot be used to detect a virus capable of replication. It could be used for supportive diagnostics, provided that the WHO call (20.1.2021) to use the test only as a diagnostic tool according to the instructions (use only in connection with clinical symptoms and anamnesis; CT value indication, prevalence of the disease) is taken into account. This instruction did not arouse any interest or resonance in the media, although it would result in a dramatic reduction in the daily number of cases, which would have to lead to the lifting of the imposed ‘epidemic situation of national significance’. This would not only render all lockdown measures obsolete, but also the most essential prerequisite for the granting of the CMA approval!
Keeping a close eye on the genetic makeup of SARS-CoV-2 is of great importance. In January/February 2020, the DELTA382 variant was temporarily observed. Since early February 2020, the SARS-Cov-2 mutant D614G has been spreading in Europe. It has a higher infectivity. Other variants were added: the British variant B.1.1.7./VUI2020/12/01, known since late September 2020, also appears to be more infectious. The mink mutant (cluster 5. virus) from Denmark (Nov. 2020), the South African N501Y.V2/B.1.351, and the Brazilian variant P.1/P.2 from Manaus complete the spectrum of mutants. The latter resulted in new infections in those already recovered. The efficacy of the vaccine against the already known mutants was not investigated in the studies submitted for approval. The reference strain was the original Wuhan virus.
On tolerability:
For any vaccine, good tolerability is essential, because the goal is to vaccinate healthy individuals and protect them. Any disproportionate adverse effect on the health of the vaccinee cannot be justified, especially if it is not a defense against a highly significant risk of disease. Identified adverse reactions (local and systemic reactions named in the Instructions for Use) are common (up to about 80%), mostly mild and transient in character. Unusual was the occurrence of acute facial paralysis and the frequent occurrence of allergic reactions up to anaphylaxis.
Since approval, it has been reported by the CDC/USA (12/18/2020) that of 112 807 vaccinees who received Covid-19 vaccine, 3150 (2.8%) experienced significant symptoms that caused incapacity for work as well as medical treatment. Already at the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Germany (Jan. 17, 2021), the RKI elicited 645 suspected cases with 2629 adverse reactions, of which 145 were severe (some with hospitalization), and 21 of them died. Allergic reactions occurred in 32 cases, including 20 anaphylactic reactions.
Understandably, this does not take into account the lack of long-term experience, which as a rule can only reveal rare, unexpected events.
A significant potential risk is considered to be vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED), including vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD), which has not been observed in association with Covid 19 vaccination up to the time of approval. However, it is worth considering that individual Betacorona vaccine studies with SARS-Cov 1 and MERS-CoV elicited immune responses indicative of VAED. Children who received a vaccine with inactivated respiratory syncytial viruses experienced exacerbations after infection with this virus type. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume such reactions also for covid-19 vaccines and to specifically keep an eye on this possibility. They are therefore also the subject of various post-approval studies.
Lack of clinical data:
No or absolutely insufficient vaccination evidence is available in the very elderly (nevertheless, priority level 1; cf. further ahead), in persons with dementia, with Down syndrome (priority level 2), or after organ transplantation (level 3), in persons with psychiatric diseases, as well as in immunocompromised persons/immune deficiency, in arrhythmias/atrial fibrillation, HIV, heart failure, apoplexy, in autoimmune diseases, rheumatologic diseases, in asthma (all level 4) and allergic persons, but also in multimorbid persons. For these, by analogy with pregnant/breastfeeding women and children, no vaccination recommendation should be made until the potential risks of the vaccine have been eliminated. The same applies to individuals with rare, severe preexisting conditions.
A differentiated presentation of safety issues would be desirable for cancers and for persons with chronic renal disease, chronic liver disease, or cerebrovascular disease.
On basic science data:
Missing basic science data include those on long-term toxicology including reproductive and genotoxicity, incorporation of the vaccine into the cell, what happens when it remains in the extracellular space or is carried away by the lymph, what happens to the S-proteins produced, where do they go and how are they degraded, how many AK-are produced per S-protein, do the S-proteins act as ACE2 receptor agents and if not, why not?
To prioritize:
Linking individual disease risk and vaccination prioritization is problematic for several reasons. The immature mRNA vaccine is a risk in itself. Can conflating a vaccine risk to which each vaccinated person is exposed with the potentially conceivable infection risk of a prioritized group of people actually reduce their risk? This is the critical question that must be answered before individuals in Stages 1-4 are subjected to vaccination. Levels 1-4 naturally include, in addition to the very elderly, many multimorbid and highly sensitive persons in need of chronic monitoring, such as organ transplant patients or immunosuppressed persons, for whom no vaccination experience with ComirnatyR is available. The manufacturer has deliberately avoided including these patients in clinical trials.
Presumably, the vaccination risk is significantly higher for these prioritization groups compared to healthy younger or non-multimorbid individuals. However, an increase in risk must be avoided at all costs for this group of people, especially since there are alternatives. Conventional hygiene measures offer effective and risk-free protection, as surgical hygiene measures have always done. The use of the vaccine ComirnatyR, which has not been able to convincingly prevent severe cases of disease and hospitalizations, is just as inadvisable for the very old, co-morbid and multimorbid, for whom no experience is available, as it is for pregnant/breastfeeding women and children. This may change as soon as the missing evidence and results are made available.
Comprehensive and objective education of every vaccinated person, including up-to-date information on safety and efficacy, is mandatory. Advertising, promises of salvation or persuasion are out of place at this time.

What I read briefly, I will talk to you about later when I have read it in full. Now I will go however, because Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach have some things to report to you, after which then probably Quetzal will still appear.

Billy OK, but what do you think: This morning the police showed up here at the center, drove by, made a U-turn in the big sweeping lot in the back and drove away again. They didn’t stop and say anything or ask any questions. What do you think about that?

Ptaah As I know, there was a ban on gatherings etc. in Switzerland, which is probably why there was a check to see if you were abiding by it at the center, although I am also concerned about the extent to which the police controlled your center, which is remote from the village, at their own discretion.

Billy Aha, so you too. We, too, have thought about the fact that someone just intervened as a result of revenge and hatred for this, because we had taken steps to stop sneaking around the center at all hours of the day and night and spying through the windows.

Ptaah I am aware of that, so I also thought …. yes you captured my guess. And that Quetzal went out of his way to instruct you regarding a surveillance system that you now have in use, that was the right decision.

Billy It was, but it cost us quite a bit, because the whole thing was not cheap. However, it has brought us benefits, which we are all happy about, because we now have peace from spying, which, however, has obviously not been answered with joy by certain people, but now with controlling the police.

Ptaah I judge that also in such a way. But now, Eduard, I will leave. Goodbye, dear friend. And let me tell you what Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach have to tell you.

Billy Goodbye, my friend, goodbye. Ptaah.

Zafenatpaneach Before we get to what’s coming up regarding all of our investigations that we’ve been painstakingly doing over the last few years to clear up the strange occurrences in your workroom and regarding your work, etc., I have something to disclose to you that you don’t know because it’s been forgotten to disclose to you, but you should know. I want to do this now, because Pleija has recently made me aware of it on behalf of Semjase. Already in 1980 Semjase reported to me that you together with Guido and you contacted Wendelle Stevens on May 27th, 1979 in America respectively in an area far outside of the city of Tucson – with whom you communicated already at that time often over a telephone system, but about which you both kept silence until the end of his life, as well as about the fact that Guido was involved in this incident, that he also knew Wendelle Stevens and was allowed to fly in the aircraft of Semjase. Wendelle Stevens guided you that Sunday to another area called Death Valley, where you had already been with Sfath and can boast an experience that no other person is likely to have anytime soon.
If I start again from the beginning: The reason of the whole thing was that because you had told Guido a strange thing and he was interested in it, consequently he wanted to see the place and the traces of the phenomenon that happens in that desert area from time to time. When you informed Semjase about Guido’s interest, which urged him to at least see and enter the place in question himself and also to meet Wendelle Stevens, Semjase agreed to fly him together with you in their aircraft to America to Death Valley and also to include Wendelle Stevens, which then turned out to be the case.
Because I was also interested in this natural phenomenon, which I could never personally observe in its activity, I installed a small monitoring system high above the area concerned, on the basis of which long time recordings came about, according to which I could actually observe the recorded phenomenon after a long time. This phenomenon was unknown to us, and therefore very interesting for us. Our long time recordings prove to us a phenomenon as such is not known to us anywhere and also no records about it exist, except those which must have been listed by Sfath, as you explained to Ptaah, but which he has not found in the Sfath annals yet.

Billy Aha, he will surely find, however, because Sfath always took everything very precisely, consequently I think that he also noted this thing explicitly. It was interesting to me, too, and I like to remember well when Sfath – it was in the 1940s, 1948 or 1949 or so – took me to Death Valley after a rainstorm because he wanted to show me “wandering” boulders to let me witness a strange natural phenomenon. To that end, I remember that the rain was followed by freezing cold, causing the desert floor to freeze on the surface, but then the ground became muddy and violent gale force winds arose. As crazy as it seemed to me, the heavy boulders then started to move due to the violent winds and slid over the ground – driven only by the storm wind. When I sat down on one of the heavy boulders – some of which weighed several hundred kilos, as Sfath told me at the time – I had to cling to it convulsively, otherwise the storm wind would have swept me away. But since I clung to the boulder with all my might and apparently, as Sfath said, offered an additional wind-driving surface with my back, the wind drove the boulder and me over the icy-muddy ground.

Zafenatpaneach When I was told about the phenomenon in 1980, I had doubts about it, but I had no possibility to check it, so I did not let it rest after the story and I installed a monitoring system high above the area, which then monitored the whole thing for 4 years and made registrations, the recordings of which confirmed all statements and descriptions.

Billy You see, my friend, there is nothing like a verification, which is why everything must always be questioned and clarified to find out what is true or untrue, what is wrong or right. But with it the whole is probably clear.

Zafenatpaneach That so far yes, but are Yanarara and I concerned with some questions regarding the plague spreading globally when we can talk to you about it?

Billy Ptaah and I, for our part, have decided not to bring up this subject again, or only when it is urgently necessary.

Yanarara But this does not concern Zafenatpaneach and me.

Billy Of course not. Also, I only said what Ptaah and I decided together. But if you want to talk and ask about it, it doesn’t concern you two. If you misunderstood me, then …

Yanarara I actually did. I apologize, I thought too hastily.

Billy No problem, and so no apology is necessary. Sometimes the tongue is a little faster than the thoughts, and this can happen to anyone when they are preoccupied with something and cannot quickly enough switch off the current thought and direct it to a new thought that has to deal with something else. If this happens, then the tongue reacts just faster than the consciousness reacts and a new thought can be grasped, before the tongue reacts so to speak automatically.

Yanarara – – How you always know how to explain something quickly and accurately – – it is amazing and brings soothing at the same time.

Billy Thank you, it’s probably just force of habit.

Yanarara No.

Billy ? ? ?

Yanarara You don’t think about it, I see it. You appease because you don’t want to seem. You consciously control what you say.

Zafenatpaneach I think so too.

Billy – If you think so! – But may I ask now, regarding your questions:

Zafenatpaneach Yes, we think so, even if you transition …

Billy Please, such discussions are useless, we should talk about what you want to ask, because Quetzal is on his way on our territory, after which he wants to come here and will probably have a lot to tell you.

Yanarara Talking about you is really useless, I know, but … No, – what you say is right. Then I want to ask, to what extent is your knowledge regarding the plague ahead? Zafenatpaneach and I don’t have any knowledge about that because our areas of work are not related to it, but we are interested in it.

Billy Yes, your behavioral system in relation to your duties are strictly separated, I know that, which is why you do not concern yourselves with things that affect other people’s fields of work. But I have something to say about that, which I think is important, before I get to the question about the plague.

Zafenatpaneach You have been asked, and you answer. And if you think something else needs to be explained first, so be it.

Billy Good, thank you. – I find your Plejaren system of strictly separated work areas to be good and logical, because it prevents differences arising from improper or other interference. Unfortunately, this is not so with us on earth, because everywhere the earthlings always interfere in the affairs of their fellow men, although their actions and behaviors do not concern them. This creates again and again quarrel, leads up to hate, to violence and even to murder and manslaughter. This is the case in all population strata of all peoples on the whole globe, whereby this insane principle also or even especially prevails in the governments, and especially in the state powers of the western countries, like the USA, Germany and the whole EU dictatorship, which basically have to wipe away their dirt in front of their own door, to create order and to learn to do the right thing. On the contrary, however, they interfere in the affairs of other states and thus create quarrels and discord, drive everything up to enmity, as it is done for some time now especially by the German government, its politicians, as well as by the entire EU dictatorship pack in Brussels and their Union dictators of the annexed states as well as the lunatics of the USA, who harass and insult Russia, especially Putin. This, in order to free the effective criminal, Nawalny, a man, whom all stupid people of the world adore and do not recognize, which malicious, falsely playing and power-obsessed as well as underhanded nature this man is actually in itself kind, equally as in America Trampel Tramp Trump and certain former and also present despotic types. All these character-windy cre- atures believe themselves in their megalomania as better and infallible compared to those who attack and insult them when they dig around in their character-dirt. And in this respect, I am not talking about them as human beings – not even in the case of Nawalny – but about their dirty character creature and their dirty character behavior, which is just as peculiar to them as it has been to all like-minded people since time immemorial. Exactly that, what I am talking about just now, that doesn’t want to be understood or can’t be understood by certain people, because they either lack the will to it, in order to think about the whole in detail, or they lack possibly the necessary intelligentsia, in order to think over everything and to recognize the real reality from it and to accept this also. This then leads to the fact that complaints are made and my explanation is called “unclean” etc., with which I explain on our web page by way of introduction, that I do not object and attack the human being and not his personality, but only his wrong, low and deviant character attitude and the degenerations resulting from it. And this fax is the best proof that this is really the case, that something is not considered logically, not thought over and only talked about carelessly. Elisabeth faxed it to me today and it proves in black and white what I have just said, that only talking and writing, but not really thinking about something and thus also a speech content is not effectively fathomed. And in addition I think exactly to this fax – which I express neither attacking nor maliciously or arrogantly, but only as clear, effective statement and assumption – that the whole contents could be founded in a proper lack of logical thinking and consideration, or by one – from my view and judgement regarded – imprudence, a much easily wrongly itself attacked feeling in relation to the own person, or by a not-better-knowledge etc.. What, however, seen in the whole context, could also be explicitly attacking myself, because I allow myself to call the whole thing by its name. In this regard, however, I have educated myself to always openly say what is to be said or just must be, and quite regardless of whether one drives me because of “the cart” or not. For me, the principle of sneaky people with their fine-talking and with their wrong thinking and acting, like: “Honesty lasts longest, but he who does not steal, comes to nothing.” does not apply.

The fact that I also include myself in my explanation with regard to making mistakes, because I too am only a human being, not all-knowing, not all-capable and someone who, like everyone else, has to learn all his life and is therefore also prone to making mistakes, is neither considered nor understood, consequently insulting attacks are then made on my person. This is because it is not understood that, in all honesty and dignity for my fellow men, I am not their person, not them as people and therefore in no way their personality, but only their wrong thoughts, their wrong belief in an imaginary God and their wrong character unvalues, actions, deeds as well as their wrong
I complained about and attacked her behavior. This, because through all their actions and beliefs in this regard, they deceive themselves limitlessly, disadvantage themselves, inflict harm and misery on themselves and enslave themselves to a fantasy figure and thereby prevent themselves from shaping and leading their own lives, thinking and deciding for themselves, in order to be truly free in themselves, happy and content and truly human. This, what is never possible for a God-believing person, because his faith keeps him from it and threatens him fearfully death and devil at the neck, if he should turn away from his God delusion, should begin to think, to decide and to act himself and should dare to lead his life responsibly according to the real reality. And if someone tells them the truth, they do not dare to think about what is honestly said to them because of their fear of God, but they think that their personality and their will is attacked.

Well, also in this fax it is written in such a way, as it is just completely wrongly represented, judged and handled in the whole earthly psychology, that the character, the behavior, the acting, the understanding, the reason as well as the whole psychological “way and manner” of man forms and represents his person, his humanity and his whole personality. But listen to what I read to you from this fax. The letter was beamed to Elisabeth on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 11:52:

Dear Billy, Dear Co-Workers,
Concerning the recent “important introductory statement” in the last publications, I would like to say that, although the intention is clear, I also find the statement somewhat unclean: on the one hand, it is claimed that, while “not attacking any human being in his way…. On the one hand, it is claimed that “one does not attack a person in his way”, which must be understood by strictly religious people in exactly this way, since religious belief is part of their personality and “way”. I can understand, dear Billy, that you often feel forced to such statements; but the boundaries of insult, encroachment, etc. then very quickly blurred and by many people just yet wrongly understood. I also regularly rage against delusion etc., but then I always try to connect to a concrete point, in order to catch those who, from my point of view, have gone astray in the act, so to speak, instead of blindly hammering away at their delusion, which often leads to defiance etc. with these people. You have to hold up the mirror to the people as objectively as possible, that you are not the cause that unsettles them, but the reflection of their own errors, with which you then confront them. Your way seems to me sometimes to be quite stammtischmäßig and also blindly-roundabout, which of course just incites people to go into opposition. But well, everyone has his own ways and means how he goes through life, especially since I have already learned a lot from your publications and have already profited a lot from it, even if this knowledge does not necessarily make life or dealing with the dear fellow men easier, maybe you then also have a right to such roundabouts. Otherwise I wish you all the best in these difficult times. Also with the computer manipulations that is strange, in this world however no large surprise. Could the language mutilation have a similar cause as these materializations, thus no concrete person or person group behind it stand? If there is a concrete person-group behind it, one can only say, “shame on you, that you mess with such childish methods in the handiwork of a thing, which helps mankind to peace and progress and you cannot free yourselves from your errors and eseleien”. Evil is deeply rooted in man, probably also in some peoples in space, and it is a weakness not to be able to face the truth, but to work on it in order to make oneself important in the process, I would say. Obviously the block of the sectarian-religious-insane is so strong that such phenomena can occur, the horrible overpopulation works then still like an accelerator and amplifier of this kind of monstrosities. In spite of everything, I wish you much strength and all the best.
M.H., Germany

Now, as far as consciousness, personality and character are concerned, the following is to be explained about it:

The earthly psychology and philosophy have unfortunately still no realization, as they have also still no insight in relation to it won, what is to be understood under the values consciousness, personality and character. Consequently, they still do not know that the character of man is not a part of the personality and that it is not integrated into it. What has been invented and taught since ancient times by the different philosophies and psychologies is unfortunately wrong and corresponds to a false doctrine. And this results from a human product of invention in the form of a created hypothesis, resp. an unproven assumption, statement, opinion, hunch, assumption and speculation, which falsely claims to be right and correct, although it is fundamentally wrong.

Thereby, exactly the opposite, just the really real, is not even considered only factually in terms of ideas, consequently the sciences of psychology and philosophy, which are entangled in the hypothesis, vehemently deny every real explanation concerning that, what the consciousness, the personality and the character effectively are. Therefore, also in regard to how these are built up and in which way they are created in man, they only hold on to what has been spread as false doctrine since time immemorial. As a result of their ignorance and unawareness, psychology and the philosophies convulsively deny the real reality and seek to suppress real truth by enforcing their belief in the hypothesis. And this is done especially vehemently since psychology made its breakthrough in the 19th century, consequently since then all the more the hypothesis is wrongly defined and mislead with regard to what the consciousness, the personality and the character of man really are and how and by what means they came into being and where they are leading to.

As it has always been the case, psychology and philosophy try to present all the hypotheses of the sciences as effective knowledge, although in many cases not effective true knowledge is given, but only wrong forms of explanation due to assumptions or hypotheses, respectively, which are often “tended” for decades or even centuries, before they can be proved as right or wrong. During all this time, however, a correctness of a thing is stubbornly asserted, although it only corresponds to a hypothesis, which can correspond to a truth as well as to an improbability. Basically, however, this is denied by the hy- potheticians by specious and allegedly logical statements in order to ca- cate their ignorance and lack of understanding. A false statement, which in reality is only based on a completely false and invented assumption, but which leads to belief and is formulated accordingly, remains and corresponds, nevertheless, only an unproven assumption, conjecture and just a hypothesis, which is tried to be given a validity in order to verify it as correctness, by which it is supposed to appear as suitable and to be explained correctly.

The philosophy and psychology already originated before very long, ancient time in the most distant past, and indeed the whole already leads back to the first thinking people in the primeval times when then the first primitive human forms became capable of the first ways of thinking. This, while today’s psychology has only a short history, which officially began only in the 19th century, whereby this discipline, however, could grow out of the roots of the early psychology, which developed since the emergence of the primitive humans over millions of years up to the present time and which, as I mentioned, reaches far back into the past, however, today as a recognized science and as a job title is “crowned” with a bachelor title, if a master degree is passed.

The philosophically and psychologically caused wrong and misleading hypotheses circulating in today’s “modern” time concerning a definition of consciousness and personality already haunted the brains of people since ancient times, and especially concerning psychology and philosophy. Thereby far-reaching and more and more strange hypotheses and fanciful flowers have arisen from it, which cannot be more misleading and “explain” something, which in real reality is not or just effectively different from everything “explained”, represented and “understood”.

Well, the fact is that people have been dealing with psychological questions since primeval times, and this especially in a scientific way since the 19th century, whereas this science itself, however, is just young and began only when people set out on the scientific search for what constitutes people in their innermost being. Therefore the psychology shows a long history up to the most distant past up to the first people, but it has nevertheless only a very short history since its scientific foundation in the 19th century, when the scientific memory research began, and indeed millions of years later after the primeval times, when the first primitive people dealt with first psychological questions, but they had not yet the slightest idea of psychology.

Well, if an assumption resp. hypothesis is formulated into a form of a statement declared as logical, although it is only an assumption or even a pathologically conditioned misleading and consciousness-stunting phanta- them, as with the belief in a God-creator, then this can not only not be proved and not be verified, but it is clearly recognizable as delusion and can have no validity according to clear mind and clear reason, but can nevertheless be suitable to unconsciously evoke self-deceptive visions and appearances of all kinds, which are imagined and explained as true and genuine by the delusion belief just as by self-deception. This is because through the delusion of faith the effective real reality is not recognized anymore, let alone that the necessary understanding concerning the truth can be gained, and this also in the respect – because it is explicitly about the personality of man in all what has been said so far – that concerning the question where and on which factors the personality of man consists, consequently completely wrong presuppositions are assumed and used for a wrong judgement.
Since time immemorial, the old and new philosophers and also the newest ones of the present time have been consulted and parroted meaninglessly what they have fantasized together as the factor personality, without getting to the crux of the matter and understanding what effectively embodies the personality. Even the latest philosophers and psychologists only parrot the old-fashioned false doctrines without making any effort to find out for themselves the real reality, to finally find out what the personality of man effectively is and what it is not, what it is based on and how it is formed, but above all how it works and that it has nothing to do with character.

Personality is not the result of character, behavior and their evaluation, as erroneously assumed and claimed by the whole earthly psychology and philosophy, because personality includes very many other aspects, consisting of a large number of different individual and anthropological basic characteristics, which in every respect determine the overall comprehensive human being behavior.

The comprehensive individuality in its entire distinctive distinctiveness and divergence resp. opposability and confrontability of all being factors forms the effective basis of the personality of the human being, which expresses the human consciousness as absolute particularity and uniqueness. All the many factors of being as mind-reason-recognizable and therefore ascertainable, special, unique and only to a mind-reason-gifted being especially nature-given factors make it possible for man to create his very own personality through his own evolutionary efforts, which is unique, special, one-of-a-kind and never the same as that of another man.

The basic prerequisites of personality factors for the formation of a personality correspond to certain values of types of being, which every human being has to work out himself from the ground up, and by which he – if all values are worked out and developed correctly and evolutionarily – implements them and forms them to his own unique personality. However, this requires not only a simple development, but also a healthy psychology training, because from this then an effectively individual personality picture is formed, which is unique to the person concerned, and which emerges with personal emotions and otherwise all aspects from it, with very diverse meanings and effects etc. Everything results solely from the numerous manifold types of being, which the human being has to work up and form into his own personal values, which then correspond to the personality value according to the worked up number and the state of the result.

The entire high number of about 100 types of being necessary for the development of the personality require a continuous conscious-thought-intensive working up and elaboration, which in the basically lifelong learning process constantly develops the personality in a value-strengthening way. However, it is of importance to what extent this process of consciousness development and thus fundamentally also the personality development process is cultivated and carried out in a conscious way. Unfortunately, the fact is that since time immemorial only a small minority is consciously striving for their personality development and its care as well as the development of consciousness, while the majority of all peoples is criminally neglecting this vital evolutionary necessity of development, is living dully and is drifting away and being exploited by like-minded people leaders.

Unfortunately, effectively only a very small part of the people of the earth, out of personal and common interest, as well as for the well-being and peace as well as for the progress of the whole earth humanity, makes an effort to consciously promote the learning and development of an extremely important state of consciousness and therefore also a high-quality evolutionary development of personality. The omission or only half or partial development of the state of consciousness as well as of the personality inevitably leads not only to serious deficiencies concerning intellect and reason, but first of all to neglect concerning the intelligentum development. And exactly and explicitly the intellectum, conditioned to a high degree of consciousness, is the decisive energy factor, which determines the intellect, the reason and therefore also the grasping, deciding, evaluating and acting as well as the whole nature, state and value of the personality as well as its effect on the whole conduct of life, as consequently also with regard to the building and development of the character and all its qualities. And this is explicitly only the task and the work of the personality, which becomes what it is through a 77 value development of qualities, in order to then create through all its developmentally gained values – separated from them – the character block with all its qualities. And this takes place according to all the personality values or personality unvalues worked out by the personality itself out of the 77 factors in good or bad, best, half-values or void, which are deposited in the character and this again in the block of consciousness, in order to then be independently active positively or negatively, Depending on how, according to the personality values, positive or negative impulses are formed in the consciousness, which are taken up by the character and, according to its characteristics, independently act on the behavior of the human being and he sets the respective character traits in motion and outwardly lives them out in a positive or negative way.

It has to be explained further that the two mentioned high values, the development of consciousness as well as the development of personality, are in no way connected with the character or with any of its qualities, therefore the character neither forms the consciousness nor the personality nor embodies them. Consequently, the consciousness and the personality resp. the attitude of the personality and the attitude of the consciousness are not related to the character, because basically the character and its qualities, as well as the resulting ways of acting and behaving are only formed and shaped by the necessarily acquired state of consciousness and the personality that is developed as a whole out of it. And this happens according to the logical processing and the resulting development of all the different kinds of beings, which are given by nature for the development of the personality and all of them have to be processed, developed and formed in their many single content values.

But if all these high values are not consciously processed and consequently not consciously developed and cultivated, then only a naturally given arcane resp. inaccessible to the consciousness and so to say concealed and therefore also inferior and imprecise as well as orphic resp. nebulous personality development without conspicuous special values takes place. And this corresponds to a low development of the personality, as it can be seen in the
Secret Science resp. in its “Arcane Doctrine” is described, as well as the moment of personality recognition in man. This means that – as far as the person observing another person is powerful of a clear and exact observation as well as of the necessary psychological abilities and knowledge – he can recognize and grasp the personal state of his neighbor. This on the one hand, as well as on the other hand his efforts and endeavors, which he has spent in the past concerning the personality development state, but also to what extent he will use his efforts and endeavors for his personality development at present and in the future.

The personality development state of man embodies all the values and unvalues of his personality in relation to everything and anything. Consequently, a low or high personality state corresponds to something negative or positive, just as a low or high state of consciousness quite inevitably results, which also shapes the character and its qualities, which is, after all, a product of the personality and consciousness. This means, for example, that something negative or wrong, which is caused by overdriven impulses of thoughts, feelings and the psyche, has a harmful effect directly on the character, excluding and bypassing the personality and the consciousness, whereby no personality-own processes of thoughts, decisions and actions can take place. The result is only misleading indoctrination which stifles every self-initiative and which, due to any external, environmental or religious influences, prevents and stifles every independent thinking, decision and action of the human being. As a result of the influence of faith on him, he is not aware of it, so he blindly follows it and lives out his uncontrollable low character traits and deformities etc. This is done by letting his low instincts take over. He does this by thoughtlessly letting his low instincts, which he forms outside of any control of his consciousness and his unconsciousness, stir and bubble up in him, because he neglects his consciousness and personality formation and is not able to perceive that he acts through foreign-controlled forces of any kind and is consequently incapable of any personal switching and acting.

The 77different kinds of being, which are indispensable for the development of consciousness as well as for the formation of personality and which have to be used, shall be listed below in large part, so that they can be worked out from the bottom up with regard to the development of consciousness as well as for the development of personality, in order to then, according to what has been learned, use the consciously created valuable personality for a good and just conduct of life.

As far as the psychology aspects are concerned, which also play a big role in the personality development, presumably every person has his own ideas, at least that’s how I see it. But if I look at the guild of psychologists and their fuzzy picture of their psychology views, then it looks no better than generally with the whole in relation to psychology uneducated people in general. There can be no talk about better, because exactly considered, many psychology scholars still invent and <explain> brain-crazy nonsense, which are effectively brain-wasting and reveal how little knowledge of human nature, let alone knowledge of personality they have. Altogether – and I do not claim this, but know it – they all have not even an idea of what the personality of man is at all, what it consists of and by which and how many factors it must be created and built up by man. To this end, if at all, each person usually explains something different about what psychology is supposed to be, because if you ask about it, everyone gives their own <somehow Answer> because no clear definition can be given, precisely because everything is conceived only on hypotheticals and is not based on reality and truth.

What therefore psychology really is, must indeed first be fathomed by the science of psychology, but for this purpose many of the old <knowledge>, assertions and other junk must be thrown away, in order to then create new and effectively real and truthful knowledge.

The common definition of psychology, which is circulated and highly praised as “The Science of the Experience and Behavior of Man”, is unfortunately not the ultimate, as that is said to have been attached to the Pillars of Heracles to mark the end of the world at the strait of the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and Gibraltar.

The experience and behavior of the human being and all physical and psychological aspects connected with it correspond to an extremely elastic definition, because it includes everything what the human being is, what and how he thinks, as well as how he forms his thoughts and feelings and with it the psyche, how he cultivates his morals, how he forms his behaviors, how and what his mentality is, and how he uses his mind and his reason and his intellect, but also how he carries out his actions. All in all, for the valuable psychological evaluation of a man, all that is necessary and inevitable, which expresses his personality as a whole.

If the psychology is taken exactly as an evaluation factor of the human being, then the whole can be done in an effectively correct way only if also the consciousness, empathy, social, compassion, ethics and nature connection models etc. are taken into consideration and evaluated. However, on the one hand, this is completely unknown to the earthly science of psychology, and on the other hand, it lacks all the basic rules necessary for a psychological evaluation of a human being, namely the elaborated results of all 77 types of being, which are inevitably important and need attention and evaluation. These factors correspond to the effective as well as inevitable importance for the elaboration of a psychoanalysis, because only from all these multipliers the necessary knowledge and understanding as well as the necessary knowledge and all information for the determination of the personality and the state of the consciousness, the thought-feeling world and the psyche of all real-real values can be recognized, understood and put together to a truthful-correct evaluation and coherent psychological analysis. But this is also unknown to the earthly psychology science as well as the indispensability in relation to the knowledge of the totality of all consciousness-like qualities and personality characteristics of a human being or of another living being. All these characteristics contain, besides many kinds of impulses, especially – as explained – the thoughts and feelings, whereby the personality is influenced by the feelings and this is formed and shaped by them. Besides this, all individual consciousness abilities arise from it, thus among other things also the thinking ability, the feeling ability, the emotions and the learning ability, as further also the perception ability, the motivation and empathy as well as knowledge, intuition, fantasy, dreams, poetry, joy, sadness, wishes and skills etc.. However, in order to understand all this and also to be able to comprehend it, a lot more is needed than only what the earthly psychology science teaches and arrogantly means. It is a fact that the effective psychology reaches into much deeper reasons than only into usual hypothetical psychiatric models of thinking, by which cannot be understood effectively, how a person really ticks. Consequently, by the earthly psychology – as it is just falsely understood and practiced – also cannot be fathomed and not understood what is going on inside the human being resp. in his consciousness, what he releases to the outside and lets recognize, what he deceptively pretends, plays or involuntarily lives to the outside by psychic disorders and behaviors, or what he hides and does not always let see.

These, Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach, are the important things and factors, which on the one hand are inevitable to grasp and to work out as high values for the formation of personality, and all this has in no way anything to do with the character, but only with the working out, the building up and the imprinting of the peculiarity to be formed of all the characteristics of being human, which are to be created and to be formed in a valuable way. Thereby, the characteristics are developed, which fundamentally form the personality and thus also express its humanity – or inhumanity by nature -, through which only then the value factors can be developed, which as character determine the behavior and characteristics of the human being. All these values – whether negative or positive – and thus also the psychological details and peculiarities, characterize man in a special way, because unmistakable signs of recognition are formed in him, which can be recognized and determined by a trained eye and the necessary psychological faculty of recognition. And this is possible only by the posture and the gait, as well as by the physiognomy expression and also by the speech expression, the di- verse behavior, the human contact and the contact with all living beings, as well as by the eye expression and so on.

But if the human being has developed this ability of observation, then he should use it and his intelligence in this way: Observe, see, recognize, determine and – keep silent.

A working out of an open, honest as well as dignified human and person circumstance are to be understood in all this as self-understanding, and with it I have actually said for today everything what I thought that I still had to explain. Now, however, I want to speak about what you have asked me about, namely concerning the Corona plague. What do you want to know effectively?

Yanarara As we have heard from Florena, the leaders of the states should not prescribe and carry out all that would be necessary for the containment of the epidemic, but also and by a large part at least of the European peoples against the in and of itself already insufficient emergency measures against the epidemic is violated, whereby many deaths are to be mourned.

Billy Right. Stupidity knows unfortunately no borders, and a proverb, which says <by harm one becomes wise>, that is also true only if the borders to the stupidity were set so narrowly that the stupidity would be already prevented, before it could arise at all only. However, it is useless to philosophize about this, because just as stupidity and incompetence are widespread among the majority of the governing, this is equally the case with a third of the population, which crosses over and also creates unrest among the still acceptable or halfway reasonable of the population and also drives them to rebellion. Every smaller or bigger measure of understanding and reason in regard to any matter requires a certain intelligence, but if this is not present, as in regard to the necessary implementation and observance of safety precautions for the preservation of health against the danger of infection by the Corona virus, then all is lost, as we literally say to something, if all reasonable advising, talking and exhorting does not bring success.

Yanarara Such behavior is inconsequential.

Billy You say it, but logic can be only there, where also the necessary intelligentsia is given and consequently also values in relation to a functioning mind and a clear reason. But if the intelligentsia of the majority of the earthly rulers and the earthlings is considered and taken under the intelligentum magnifying glass, then the frightening fact is to be ascertained that the intelligentum, understanding and reason values are so deficient in many relations that only ricochet, illogical behaviors, wrong decisions, disadvantages, mischief as well as immense damages and even countless death victims can arise from it. And exactly this is now the case with the Corona plague, which could have been contained and prevented at all beginning, if world-wide the governing and the peoples would have been capable of a necessary intelligentsia for it. Since however already at the beginning of the epidemic all around the earth in the majority of the entire governing and peoples a lack of intelligence existed, exactly concerning the epidemic and the necessary measures to be taken, so the epidemic disaster could spread as a pandemic and demand millions of death victims.

Zafenatpaneach And in this framework, apparently, the whole thing continues. What will it continue to develop into and for how long …

Quetzal I see you are in the middle of a conversation, but greetings. My tour has taken longer than I had foreseen, which is why time has advanced and I cannot linger any longer. Therefore, I will only report briefly and say goodbye again immediately, but I will visit you again tomorrow, Eduard. Goodbye.

Billy Aha, greet you, my friend, and also immediately goodbye. But you, Zafenatpaneach, you were interrupted by a question.

Zafenatpaneach Yes, I wanted to ask what will happen to the plague and how long it will last.

Yanarara Knowing this could change the attitude of the people’s leaders, so that they could take the necessary and appropriate measures against the plague, as well as the people could understand and adapt their behavior to it.

Billy Something in this way would be possible perhaps with other humanities, not however here with the God-believing earthlings, because these are neither accessible for rational statements nor for warnings and advice etc., consequently they are not willing to listen further than themselves to thinking people and to follow their advice or to take warnings seriously. The main reason for this is their belief in God, which works in them and makes them believe that their non-existent God will surely help them and save them. The aggravating factor is that they neither perceive the God delusion created by themselves and dominating them, nor are they in any way aware of the delusion of faith controlling them, consequently they let themselves be driven by it slavishly and dog-like, completely without resistance and will. Unfortunately, all believers in the delusion of God are lacking not only the lacking, but also the effectively missing intelligence, and therefore also the urgently needed understanding and the extremely important reason, which would be necessary to perceive, to recognize and to understand the real reality and its truth. Consequently, in proportion to the real reality and by the God delusion of the believing person, an inevitably wrong and damaging delusion, which, however, is not perceived and not recognized in this way in a faith-enforced manner.

Yanarara It is always amazing for me how you know how to explain whatever, so detailed and unmistakable …

Billy … That – – thank you. But you said that you wanted to say something regarding your clarifications, which just comes up or something.

Zafenatpaneach It’s right what Yanarara says, but you always immediately evade when we bring up something that concerns yourself and we are interested in it, like now with a thank you and saying that we want to explain something to you.

Billy – – Talking about me is not important – excuse me -, just not when … well, I mean it’s probably right and good to point something out to me when I screw up or something. But on the other hand …

Yanarara … it’s not a puff piece as you once called it, but really just an observation worth mentioning, if you want to accept that, please.

Billy – – all right, thank you. Then we don’t have to talk about it any further. Then you can get on to what you have to explain to me now.

Zafenatpaneach Not yet, because we have deviated from that as far as the plague is concerned, because we would like to know a little bit more about that in terms of what is going to happen in the future in relation to the plague, because we know that you have been observing the future together with Sfath, the father of Ptaah, as he informed us.

Billy Yes, that was so, but I should not talk about it openly.

Yanarara After all, we have nothing to do with the earth population, and therefore we can’t spread any information-. if you tell us …

Billy It’s okay. Sorry to interrupt you again. Your objection is right, of course, which is why I’m going to …, well, it’s going to take some time, though.

Zafenatpaneach We’re not in a hurry.

Billy Good, then you can take everything that has been said and explained so far into Ptaah’s inspection, because he has the entire conversations in his records, and he has had them since the beginning of the plague emergence in November 2019. But also what we have talked so far today and what I will also say everything now, is automatically recalled and recorded word by word, as it has been the case since the very beginning of all contact conversations, already from the first conversation between Sfath and me, when I was still a little boy and he was for me not only a second father, best friend and teacher, but also a walking giant knowledge library.
So, following that everything is recorded, you can also retrieve it later if you ask Ptaah about it, because the responsibility for it falls in his area of responsibility. But now the following: … … …
The time has become a bit long – as usual; there is a short night again. But now I have talked enough, because now it’s your turn to explain to me what important things you have to report.

Yanarara Yes, that’s right. – After all the years of our efforts, we were able to find out the cause of all the unpleasant disturbances that have occurred and continue to occur since the beginning of your settling down or taking up residence in the Center. Through our investigations back to the early days, we became aware of incidents that you had to survive and cope with in a way that we could never have imagined. Especially the incidents at the beginning of your activity in your new working space, which you call office. Through written records already made at that time, we have become aware of incidents that we considered to be bad humor, when Semjase told us her experience that happened to her in your workroom and …

Billy Sorry to interrupt you again. You are probably talking about the incidents that have equally affected various other people and have completely thrown some of them off track?

Yanarara Yes, and it must have been bad for everyone, because the resulting …

Billy It’s all right, don’t talk about it, because no one understands and accepts these incidents as truth and as having happened.
and as having happened, if they have not been experienced themselves.

Yanarara Semjase also explained that, but also that the whole thing had penetrated her consciousness in such a way and …

Billy Yes, you don’t have to go on, because I know what she also explained to me in this regard.

Yanarara But you don’t know that this event in her from time to time still raises mental as well as emotional-psychological problems, because she had first brought this event in connection with you, before the whole thing could be clarified and could be resolved by the help of the A… Please tell something concerning these incidents, which you all, who were involved in these, have concealed on advice of Ptaah also opposite all other members, in order not to frighten them.

Billy That was indeed the case, because except for one thing that happened in the basement and the attic, all the people involved did not tell anything about all the things that unpleasantly kept happening in my office. It was unfortunate then that in the 1980s Professor Bender was also personally affected and thrown off course to such an extent that he withdrew completely from the Center and said that he would never enter my office again. I also had to promise him that I would not reveal anything about him in his lifetime.

Zafenatpaneach You did keep that promise, as we know from Semjase. And as she told us, the reason for Professor Bender’s visit was because he was interested in knowing whether your contacts with Semjase and the others were true or not.

Billy That’s right, and for that afternoon Semjase and I had agreed that we, that is Semjase, I and Professor Bender, would meet in my office and then go for a sightseeing flight together. But Professor Bender was already here more than 4 hours early, and then the mishap occurred in my office. This caused him, apparently through his fright, by which he became lime-white in the face, to go berserk and shout that I was in league with the devil and he was leaving this evil place, never to come back and never to enter my office again. As far as Semjase is concerned, I can well imagine that the incident at that time still bothers her, because I can still remember very well her reaction at that time and how intensely the whole thing affected her, but this was more or less also the case with all the others, men and women, who, however, did not want to talk about it openly, but rather kept everything hushed up. Semjase was then ashamed on top of everything because she considered what happened …, stupid we should not talk about it. But because I have experienced her reaction, as similarly with others and even with Professor Bender, therefore I can also imagine that …, but to clarify that, will not be possible, because … The whole thing ended in the mid-1990s, when the A… came here and put an end to this unpleasantness, after which the other terror began, which continues to this day.

All these incidents could not be cleared up, in which Engelbert in particular still became involved, as a result of which he often felt compelled to show up with his loaded rifle when he came to my office, because he thought he could do something about it when he … well, you know from Semjase. Anyway, for years in my office, whenever he came in to see me, he would get his ass kicked. Similarly, something else happened day and night in the attic, although it was not a matter of noticeable physical attacks as in my office, but of nerve-racking rumbling, which lasted so long that Engelbert ran up from his apartment into the attic – even with a loaded rifle – which was useless against the rumbling forces. Also there came then one day the small <wizards>, the A…, who found the place of origin and could end the evil. During this action Bernadette was also present, who of course could not see the A…knülche herself, not even when she photographed them on the scene of the event, but it then turned out that she could at least capture a head with a helmet of an A… on the film, which we saw, however, only after the development of the film and the making of the photos.

Hans Benz was also affected, as was Marcel Hirt, who, standing on a chair, mounted something on the office ceiling and was terrified when he … that he then fell off the chair and broke his arm. Also Maria Wächter was …, but who was able to digest the matter. But then there were also Doctor Fraude, Grandma Rose, Amata Stetter, as well as …, but about what I don’t …, never mind.

But that wasn’t all, because two others, whose names I can’t remember, as well as a man, Homann, Hormann, Hoffmann or something like that was his name, he is supposed to have held a higher position at the University of Vienna, came here and was affected in my office, whereupon he also disappeared in a flash, never came here again and never let anything be heard of him again. Elsi Moser was also hit, several times, which she finally could not cope with, besides everything else, which was then finally the real reason that she left our group and emigrated to France, because she no longer dared to live in the Center and come to my office, where she was attacked by <devil forces>, because I was in league with the devil, etc., as she called it. From Olgi I then learned last year that Elsi came back to Switzerland in the middle of 2018, was ill in a home somewhere in Lucerne and demanded through Olgi for me, because, as I was told, she wanted to <clear the air> with me, because I had not contributed anything to what had just occurred in my office with her, etc..
But there was also the last one to whom the same thing happened, namely Professor Hans Bender, a parapsychologist, who was with me once in Hinwil and twice in the Center, unfortunately also in my office, because the same thing happened to him as to various others. He, too, was so shocked that he left my office in a hurry and, while running away, almost shouted that he would never come to the center again, that he would never enter my office again, that he didn’t want to know anything about me and my contacts and that I should keep my mouth shut for all time that he was with me. That’s really all I can tell you.

Zafenatpaneach What you said, that coincides with what Semjase told. Billy It must, because it’s nothing but the truth.

Yanarara We don’t doubt that either. But now we would be interested a little further in what you are allowed to say regarding the Corona plague namely, without coming into conflict with your silence must.

Billy Well, that will become known in the near future anyway, namely that the mutations become steadily more and more and more aggressive and thus more attacking and deadly, as well as they spread fast everywhere, namely on all continents. The blame for this is borne by the earth humanity itself, and in the first place by the inept rulers, because they do not stop and forbid the entire travel traffic of every kind worldwide, while on the other hand also that stupidly stupid part of the peoples bears great guilt for everything as a result of cross-ulation. Furthermore, there are also big problems caused by vaccinations with vaccines that are not fully developed resp. not tested in a sufficient way, consequently there will be death victims as well as late effects that will lead to death, suffering, diseases or infirmity by and after vaccinations. However, this is not mentioned, as well as the fact that despite vaccinations of infected persons, they can infect other people, as infections with the corona disease cannot be avoided, if unsuitable respiratory masks are used or worn carelessly.
In addition to all the existing misery of the epidemic, there is also the stupidity of the <experts>, who talk about the Corona epidemic in a stupid and ridiculous way and make themselves important when they are questioned journalistically for the information of the population. In addition, there are the stupidities and childishly ridiculous, misleading and incoherent so-called case number spreads, moronic limit values and R-values, which are not correct at all and give a completely false picture of the infection.
If the epidemic course is observed, then it results since end of July last year that the number of the new infections with the Corona epidemic virus rose so far in the whole world inexorably and already – only what is publicly known – far over 110 million infected and 2.5 million fatalities demanded. But hardly a person from the peoples of all about 200 states on earth knows what all the nonsense of the numbers, limits and the ridiculous technical talk of virologists, epidemiologists and other …lologists means for the unstudied people, which is broadcast daily on TV and radio stations. Basically, the peoples do not understand everything that is said about numbers and ratios, etc., about the infection incidence and the deaths, etc., in relation to the Corona epidemic. Therefore, when I think about the whole thing, I come across the following important points:

1.. The health offices report daily how many people are newly infected with the Corona virus. These case numbers then go out into the world daily as current infection and fatality figures, although this information is subject to rigid fluctuations and cannot be considered effectively full and reliable, because in addition to this information there is a high number of unreported cases that cannot be mentioned in any way.
2.. Furthermore, if the daily and weekly new infections are added together, then there will naturally be fluctuations in the numbers of infections and deaths from day to day and week to week, which will somehow simply be balanced out, making it impossible to detect a real trend effectively.
3.. The incidence – I wonder if the average citizen understands what is meant by this term – is the number of new infections or diseases in a group of people, which includes a certain number of people during a certain period of time, calculated on the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. 4.
4 The so-called R-value is the reproduction number, which indicates – theoretically – how many other people an infected person continues to infect. If the number of infections falls below 1, this means that the infectious disease, epidemic or pandemic is dissipating. If, on average, one infected person infects fewer than one other person, the R-value indicates that the number of infections is declining. However, the R-value is uncertain because it usually indicates the infection incidence of days or weeks that have already passed, or of a time that already belongs to the past.
5.. If the number of active cases or the number of acutely ill people is taken for an epidemic, then it can be easily calculated how many of these proven infections lead to deaths. If the number of these deaths is then subtracted from the number of those who have survived the epidemic and are considered to have recovered, the result obtained in this way in relation to all these active cases is an important indicator or tool for assessing the quality of the health care system. However, it should be noted that this value is only an approximate result, because not all infected persons can be recorded and there is an indeterminable number of unreported cases that cannot be recorded for various reasons, such as the fact that there is no obligation to report recovered persons, and therefore their number is usually only estimated, which means that there is no exact number of active cases.

Due to the unreasonableness, incompetence and stupidity of those in power, who still neither order nor enforce a worldwide travel ban of all kinds, the various new mutations, of which even more will arise, can spread worldwide, as has resulted from the outbreak form since November and December 2019 up to a pandemic. So, in this regard, the new mutation virus that emerged in Great Britain will spread very quickly and by the end of this month of February, compared to the corona species COVID-19 that has been raging since 2019, it will already reach a 30% spread that will grow beyond it.
Contrary to reason and rationality, the stupid rulers will listen to the clamor of the economic bosses, companies, corporations, traders as well as hotel and inn operators and the countless small businesses of all kinds, etc., who want to continue in the old framework and seek only money, earnings and profit. Basically, all these do not care if thousands and thousands of people are infected and die from the disease, because for them it is only important that their money bags ring.

But this is equally the case with the delusionists, who have raised themselves up as representatives of God, and who also want to hear their silverware bags ringing, consequently they irresponsibly lure their delusional believers into the temples of God at the expense of life and death and claim that their imagined, non-existent God will protectively hold his imaginary hand over them and save them from infection, disease and death. On the one hand, because on the other hand, not only this kind of mischief arises, but also in the families themselves, which, as a result of a necessary lockdown, have to forfeit some of their external freedom, as a result of which the family members, who are addicted to pleasure, travel, sports and recreation, have to stay at home for safety’s sake as a result of a legal order. But since this is extremely unfamiliar and the urge to go out and do all kinds of addictive things cannot be fulfilled, quarrels arise among the family members, up to murder and manslaughter, as other degenerations are unleashed, such as rape, physical and psychological violence as well as criminality and crime, etc. But again back to what I already said: One can hear again and again, how the senseless and senseless demand the dismantling of the lockdown measures, consequently then the irresponsible of the governments arrange again relaxations of the whole, after which the epidemic can start again and claim again many victims. Also for everything possible sensible and nonsensical, for good and bad, for bad and stupid as well as for stupid and clever there exist some groups, circles, associations and organizations, and these know nothing better to do than to incite their members against all necessary safety precautions concerning Corona epidemic and to spread thereby innumerable infections, which cause many death victims. This is further justified, as it already happened through all the epidemic time, stupidly with the fact that already again a decrease of the infections and deaths takes place, which justifies a relaxation of the measures in this and that case. However, as I said before, stupidity and stupidity do not know any limits, especially in the above-mentioned relation of the rulers, who are not only dumb as bean straw, but also …, but it is not allowed to say it openly. Thereby play parties are also involved, each of them representing different interests and being hostile to the other parties, so that there are constant skirmishes, contradictions and other moronic behaviors and quarrels, as well as great discord and hatred in the affairs of government between the parties, creating an unhealthy and un-peaceful climate. It should be the same on our earth planet as it was with the Pleiars, that no governing parties are allowed at all, but that all governing people – no matter how many there are – have to do the business of government without any partisan grouping. In this way alone, each member of the government would have to give his personal opinion, according to his own ability and discretion, for decisions to be taken, and this clearly without any party influence. And this happens in this way, because there is no party, consequently no influence and no requirement dictates and demands all motions, requests and demands, but are absolutely determined by a self-decision.

However, what is still to be said or explained now concerning the Corona epidemic, everything has already been said since the epidemic emerged in November 2019, and also that the epidemic was already spread from a laboratory in southeast China after the middle of the year 1979, which you obviously do not know. So I want to explain still briefly that the origin from bare, bad hate on an American, …. , who joined forces with Chinese leader Mao Zedong – who was also quite viciously ambitious against the U.S. – whereby a plan was made to create a deadly virus that would then be released in the U.S. to get revenge for something. As I said about this, the first precursor of the virus was unintentionally released already after the mid-1970s, has mutated about 5,000 times up to the present time, and then in the first rampant form as of January 2019, has already claimed victims all over the world, who fell ill and with many having already died from it, and without the disease being recognized, consequently the deaths of many people were attributed to other diseases. However, in November 2019, when the Corona virus was spread as a new and more dangerous mutation from a secret laboratory in Wuhan, China, by infected laboratory technicians, it was able to start spreading very quickly all over the world and become a pandemic. This, while the previous form subsided very quickly and simply dissipated, but I can’t say anything about that because I don’t know what happened and how that was possible. The Corona virus variation, however, which was already spread in November 2019 and took millions of victims, was thus, as I said, only detected in December 2019, but was in the same way as before already mutated higher again. And this virus, which has already claimed many lives so far, is expanding the death toll even more, and it’s doing so by mutating further and becoming more aggressive and more deadly. But to say also about it further something is senseless and brings nothing, why I want to repeat only some things in relation to it what was already explained everything several times, what I will not write down then, however, when calling this passage of conversation again. I want to begin with it …
That now, what I have explained, corresponds to all what was already discussed, said and explained about all the Corona time, consequently I want to poke now again at you, what you want to tell me at special, as you have indicated.

Yanarara Thank you for all your explanations and information that gives us a clear understanding of the whole of this Covid 19 plague.

Zafenatpaneach Yes, thank you, Edward. For our part, Yanarara can now explain to you what we have been able to fathom.

Yanarara What we have to explain in information, so these are really extremely unpleasant, namely because at least at the present time there is no possibility for us that we could change something for the better or do to stop the harmful influences. The whole cause of all disturbances corresponds to forces that were completely unknown to us until now, which was the reason why we spent all the last 22 years, during which we tried again and again to find the causes and the mode of action for all the attacks, disturbances and the damages that affected you and your work. By an unexpected coincidence it has now come about that our Sonaeric scientists found the origin of all the mentioned causes, which is based on forces that were completely unknown to us until now and which everywhere, where they develop and spread, cause powerfully serious degenerating disturbances, influences and dangerous abnormalities, confusions and effects. Basically, these dangerous forces correspond in their malignant degenerations, their very evil and completely uncontrollable malignant effects to a power which is so decadently degenerated and degenerated in its kind that it …

Zafenatpaneach … in our opinion – if I may express it in place of Yanarara – corresponds not only to an extremely bad impoverishment and confusion of the ability to think as well as to a pathological atrophy of consciousness of not only an uncontrollable imagination, but to an unholy delusion of faith, an uncontrollable and all-real rejecting imagination, over which the man who is addicted to it has no control at all. The whole of this religious delusion was completely unknown to us in its effect, because any belief is foreign to us, consequently we only deal with the absolutely creation-given reality resp. the reality and its irrefutable truth, but never with assumptions, suppositions or a belief and …

Billy Excuse me, but an assumption or conjecture, which are hypotheses, are basically nothing more than a belief, no matter whether religious, sectarian or so-called general belief.

Zafenatpaneach That is undeniably correct. – – … consequently we do not let ourselves be misled by confused appearances. So, all the last years we have been trying to clarify all the strange and damaging incidents in your workroom, which involved people other than you, who had unpleasant experiences to complain about, but also we have always been concerned about your person, your work and your tools, only according to reality. This, while at the same time during the two decades on inventions to new equipment was worked, to which we were caused by certain determinations and on which altogether nearly 300 persons cooperated. From this now new inventions resulted, which let us recognize, which forces caused and still cause everything, without that we have found up to now a possibility to end the evil, which is annoying for you, because we have never dealt with this matter, did not know it and therefore also do not know how, where and after what we had to research. Consequently, we also didn’t have any knowledge in this respect, but could only now fathom by completely new sonaeric equipments of physical yoctoelectronic apparatural research means, what results around you and around your working apparatuses until today. Now, however, we could gain completely new knowledge, namely with regard to what I have already mentioned, namely that the delusion of faith of the whole believing mass of the earthly mankind is the cause of all evil occurrences in your working room and at your working apparatuses. Our findings show that undoubtedly the religious faith of the mass of mankind effectively corresponds to the authorship of all the evils. This religious delusion of faith of mankind creates enormous energetic forces, by the vibrations of which the faith-stricken people around the place are continuously influenced and bound to their faith. And this happens uninterruptedly day and night without interruption, whereby the forces affect the whole mankind and they are attacked uninterruptedly by the powerful belief-conditioned delusional force vibrations, without the people being able to defend themselves against it and moreover not having any idea about the whole thing. In this energy of belief all forms of belief and their energies of all religions and sects are united altogether, because their forms of energy of belief are all of the same kind and consequently unite with each other indiscriminately. In this way, these powerful energies span the earth, continuously transmitting the power of their energy vibrations to mankind and continuously infesting it. As a whole, the faith-energy forces form such a concentrated power as we cannot find any other on the earth as a whole, and nothing can be done to counteract it, so its power spreads and has an unrestrained effect over the whole earth. This means that the malignant of this belief energy is concentrated against everything defective and has a destructive effect against everything that is opposed to it. These religious and sectarian forces of faith have developed to independence and attack you maliciously, seek to destroy you and try to push you out of life. This on the one hand, while on the other hand they have also become capable in a degenerating way to have an obstructive and disturbing effect on your work, namely also with regard to solid matter, like technology, whereby I mention in this connection your computer apparatuses, on which these malignant faith energy forces act and make your work continuously largely impossible. The meaning of this malicious working of these degenerated religious belief energy forces is – so we see and judge it – that you shall be forced by these religious belief energy forces caused malignancies to finish and give up your work and mission.

Billy … So that’s where the wind is blowing from. – But that won’t work, because as mean as everything is and as evil as it may seem against me and my work, I also have a hard head in this regard and I won’t give up. So I do equally as in the relationship that I simply ignore all stupid antagonists who call me names, call me liars and cheats, impute mendacious things to me out of hatred, slander me and threaten me. In no way will I bow to these sectarian energies of faith, because I have an obligation to fulfill, and I will not be dissuaded from it under any circumstances. Therefore, despite the attacks, lies and slander as well as the hatred against me by all the malicious adversaries, I will not distance myself from my work, just as I will not distance myself from my work despite the malicious attacks and disturbances of these belief energies and their forces hindering my work. And what concerns all the antagonists who want to harm me, they harm themselves by their stupidity and make themselves impossible and hated all around the earth, as I get to read and hear again and again from all countries, where various antagonists, especially from Switzerland, make themselves hated by lying films, lying e-mails, hate and lying inter- views as well as stupid writings and so on. Many times I have to read and hear on the phone that these stupid elements will have their necks broken or otherwise very bad things will be done to them, if they would fall into the hands of certain people.

Zafenatpaneach I have read such letters with you and also overheard conversations, but that you do not react to them, that is probably what is right. But I have not yet said all that I have yet to say: That which I as explained above, refers both to the thoughts, feelings and psyche of human beings, whereby, however, especially those persons are affected by these energy forces in a very strong measure, who correspond to the distinctly religiously disinclined or unbelievers and are consequently perceived and attacked by the world-encompassing belief energy block, as it applies to you. Therefore, you will be attacked in a sinister, destructive and malicious way by these religious belief energy forces, as well as prevented from doing your work fluently by interferences in your work and working apparatuses.
I know from studies that the fact of energetic oscillation effects of fine-material kind cannot be determined with earthly measuring and recognition techniques and consequently their existence is denied by the sciences against truth and reality.

All fine-material and just for the earthly sciences not predominantly measurable energies correspond to energy forms which the human being does not know in the nature and in relation to their physical processes, consequently they simply do not exist for him.

All very manifold subtle energies, for which there is no scientifically recognized method of recording in the earthly sciences, are therefore simply denied and disputed. However, these subtle energies show certain vibrations and powers which can be perceived consciously by so-called clairvoyant, clairsentient and highly sensitive people, but about which they usually keep silent because they are ridiculed, as you know very well, but which we do not have to talk about. Unconsciously these powerful energies are active in every human being and influence his well-being and his everyday life. That thereby by these fine-material energies and their vibrations and forces various problems and effects can develop, that you know from own experience, as I know, and also by what we investigate for a long time in relation to you and your work etc.. Yanarara and I know that very well. And for the understanding of all, since you publish our conversations, I want to explain following for all interested ones some connections more near and clarify that the human body corresponds to an energetic field, which is embedded on different levels in energetic fields.

Basically the human body produces e.g. by food different energies – also physically provable for the earthly sciences – which it needs and consumes for the use and the function of its whole organism. Without interruption the nerve tracts transmit electrical impulses, called EEG or ECG, to the cells of the whole organism, which is physically measurable. This, however, while other energetic energies and fields exist, which, however, cannot be measured with earthly techniques yet, because they exist on another level and are of subtle nature.
The knowledge of these subtle energies has been known by us Pleiars for thousands of years and is listed and explained in all our teachings as very important life factors, namely <knowledge for life support>. These teachings describe the meridian system of the entire organism, as well as the subtle energy centers, and the necessity of these energies and their powers to maintain health and heal the entire body and consciousness. And these teachings also show that basically these subtle energies and their forces keep the whole energetic field of the human being in balance as well as himself. And these subtle energies are also decisive for the physical and consciousness health. Therefore, the well-being of the body is controlled by these subtle energies, whereby all the different subtle fields, which overlap and are in constant exchange with each other, also have a great influence on the emotional behavior and the mental state of the human being.

The fine energies together with the physical body form the human existence and therefore his life, his acting and BEING, and the constitution. The subtle vibration and the subtle state of the human being strongly depend on the moral and mental as well as state of mind he is in, because every nerve, every organ, every cell and every muscle is of importance for the fact that through their energy vibration and power the whole organic as well as consciousness condition vibrates in the right way. This should still be said.

What still has to be explained now is the following concerning the delusion and the energy of belief: In other words, the religious belief in a deity etc. is a pathological delusion which dominates the consciousness and completely makes impossible the intellect as well as the reason with regard to a realization of a possibility of recognition of a conceit and a delusion. Only subconsciously, but then in the course of time, phantasies are formed by this delusion of faith, which lead to vivid imaginations, which are pathologically stored in the consciousness and become a mania. From this results that between real reality and imagination resp. delusion, fantasy and illusion can no longer be distinguished and therefore delusionally the all predominant and in the foreground delusion of belief is considered as real reality and truth and is morbidly – if I may use one of your terms – brainlessly defended. This is something that corresponds to the fact of the entire delusion-ridden majority of earthly mankind, because the whole of this malignant power arises from its delusion of religious-sectarian faith. And this takes place in such an uncontrollably degenerated way that the whole earth-encompassing religion-sectarian-believing mass of mankind is not given any self-free possibility to use their consciousness as well as their intellect and their reason by their own power in such a way that over The Plejaren are not able to get up even a single impulse regarding a thought which could critically deal with their belief in God and their religious-sectarian delusion. This means that the pathological God-believers are prisoners and slaves of their delusion, which they cannot escape from by their own strength, but are helplessly delivered to it and, besides, are incapable to perceive or even to recognize their faith enslavement as well as the effective truth of the real reality.

Yanarara In summary, the ominous fact arises that through the religious and sectarian faith of the earth mankind in a creator God and all further holy figures imagined in faith in connection with it, a dangerous and powerful energy of faith has arisen, to which the entire earth-wide mankind, which has fallen prey to a faith in God, has become a slave and is helplessly at the mercy of this energy. This dangerous energy of faith, which has only become detectable and recognizable by us after about 3 decades and which impairs the intellect, the reason and the intelligentsia, prevents any possibility of a real capacity of gratitude in the earth man with regard to the ability to grasp an impulse for a logical and thoughtful course of thought with regard to a recognition, grasp and understanding of the fundamental reality and truth of all existential values given by creation. This means that every human being on earth, who is addicted to a religious or sectarian belief, is dominated by a conceit and a delusion, from which he can no longer free himself as a result of a blockade caused by the delusion. Consequently, as a will-less slave of his belief in God, he is forced by this belief to deal neither with the effective reality, the reality, nor with the only reality truth given in this reality.

Billy Every kind of belief corresponds to a thoughtlessly adopted assumption of a speech act with regard to a statement, assertion and affirmation etc., which demands a compelling assurance with the claim to an agreement, which claims a contradictionless, unhesitating and compellingly demanding validity with regard to the content of the expressed statement, assertion and affirmation etc., and which furthermore neither allows a questioning and examination, nor a diverse exchange of opinions or doubts.
But this means nothing else than that the human being is forced to conform to an imagination and therefore to a delusion or a belief delusion, whereby he has to bow to a forced belief and has to deal with it. This faith then stirs him up in the consciousness in such a way that from it an urge develops in him, which drives him compulsorily and permanently steadily to deeper faith and demands to operate his faith delusion ever further, against which he cannot defend himself any longer, because his faith has already become a hopeless delusion, from which he can also no longer free himself, but sinks deeper and deeper into it until he is without salvation, and a detachment from the delusion of faith is no longer possible and he even goes to his death for it, because he is driven to it by the delusion of faith, which makes him believe that his faith is the truth.

Zafenatpaneach Unfortunately, we are called and have to go back. We have to say goodbye.

Billy Too bad, now we were just so nicely in the shot with this important topic.

Yanarara We can continue that later on. If we are called, then …

Zafenatpaneach It seems to be urgent. Goodbye, Edward.

Billy Good. – Goodbye, with you too, Yanarara. Goodbye together.

Yanarara Goodbye.

*Glasses wearers 2-to-3 times less likely to get COVID-19, study says

Question: Could glasses also be offering a small amount of additional protection from airborne transmission?

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Copyright 2021 by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland

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Gregory Dougall

For those you wondering what yoctoelectronic equipment is, yocto was mentioned in Contact Report 722:
“This claim, however, is neither true nor correct and can even be called a lie and fraud, because the toxins are effectively transported to the innermost marrow of all plants and are stored in their innermost parts. This false assertion, however, is based on the fact that the ETH and the University of Zurich have been using only inferior and, for many decades or even centuries to come, absolutely inadequate technical measuring instruments, etc. which are apparently only just sufficient to carry out measurements down to the nanoparticle range, while even smaller particles of the sizes Piko, Femto, Atto, Zepto and Yocto cannot be detected, let alone even tinier ones, because the fact is, as Sfath taught, that the tiniest forms existing in the universe are so tiny that they no longer have any size, but only correspond to “givens” and are consequently so tremendously inconspicuous that they cannot even be reproduced by a particle collision, because they are not even suitable for a collision, no matter how powerful and tiny they are.”
And according to Wikipedia,
“Yocto (symbol y) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10−24 or 0.000000000000000000000001.

It was adopted in 1991[1] by the General Conference on Weights and Measures. It comes from the Greek οκτώ, meaning “eight”, because it is equal to 1000−8. Yocto- is the smallest official metric prefix.”


“Aerosols contaminated with viruses” What Aerosols?

Melissa Osaki

Respiratory droplets that come out of people’s mouth or nose.

Terry Carch

Due to the COVID 19 mutating now you have towear 2 mask instead of 1 in all public places. I once tried 3 mask but I had trouble breathing so I find 2 mask is enough for me but I like the disposable mask so you can just dispose of he aerosols and germs and just toss in the garbage. You don`t want to wash rinse the aerosols onto your hands etc which might just land the germs and aerosols from the corona virus onto you!

Robert Stewart

Thanks Michael. Thanks to the Plejaren and thanks to Billy. What an insightful contact report.

Michael I had mentioned before that I suspected the belief forces were at work. This contact report confirms this.

“What still has to be explained now is the following concerning the delusion and the energy of belief: In other words, the religious belief in a deity etc. is a pathological delusion which dominates the consciousness and completely makes impossible the intellect as well as the reason with regard to a realization of a possibility of recognition of a conceit and a delusion. ”

I have experienced this rejection several times. One common theme is the discussion ends with a statement of faith or belief with no logical ground.

From your earlier contact report “burned bridges” was the conclusion. This is congruent with my findings. It is evidenced as each logical conclusion attacks the belief framework. The rational part of the personality is held back and suppressed by stating the irrational belief. The statement can be less obvious “i cant change that”, “it is not important”, “i am told to ignore you” but often it uses a belief image and it is said with finality.

I am not sure there is a conclusion but I myself will be more aware of the effect. I suspect there is a way to break the response but it would manifest internally. To date any further pursuit tends to lead to irrational and aggressive responses.

Sincere thanks Michael.



A very comprehensive Contact Report indeed spanning:

1. the epidemic that is likely to morph into a pandemic soon.,

2. a discussion of the strange going-on at the centre and in BEAM’s office and the cause being item 4 below.

3. a deep dive into psychology, philosophy, and personality development,

4. the GOD delusion faith that imprisons most of Earth humanity and is the cause of much mischief, confusion, unlogic, suffering, …

Good to know glasses/goggles have multiples in the protective effect offered.

One thing that has not been discussed at all in the Contact Reports is smokers who show no consideration for others in public spaces and smoke openly endangering themselves and others especially as the smoke particles enhance the transmission by up to 30 meters of the virus in much the same way as particulate mater in the atmosphere hold/absorb heat as described by the scientific term “heat content”.

Melissa Osaki


We have been in a pandemic since early last year. Each country where the virus rages is an epidemic, but globally we are also in a pandemic because it has killed more than 100 people and spread to more than 3 countries.

Extract from the 729th official interview report of 2 January 2020

Billy: …But if you allow me, I would like to come back to the China epidemic, in terms of the pandemic and the secret laboratories where the virus escaped. You told me that because of the stupidity of the WHO and other responsible people around the world, a pandemic will be accepted for a long time as a potential possibility only, etc. Also regarding the secret laboratories where the virus originated, what we call , it should at least be made clear that the Chinese government has nothing to do with it, nor with …

Ptaah: We shouldn’t talk too much about that.

Billy: I don’t want to talk about it, either, I just want to make it clear that the Chinese government is not involved, and that you Plejaren see a pandemic differently from the Earthlings who irresponsibly bumble around in such matters etc.

Ptaah: In this regard we can explain something else [meaning:“.. explain a little more” ], yes.

The secret laboratories in three different places, in which not only research but also experiments are carried out, are not maintained on behalf of the government. In fact, it is experimental research carried out by a secret group that … … … as I explained to you in detail, where … . … …

However, regarding the persistent waiting of the WHO and other responsible officials around the world, particularly medical professionals, who are incapable of recognising that an epidemic is already underway and that the first signs of a pandemic are emerging, this is not only a complete misjudgement of the given facts, but more importantly represents an irresponsible incompetence in relation to the task and duty that they are supposed to perform. To the extent that the epidemic is already spreading in the world, even on a small scale, this is already the beginning of a pandemic, but it is not recognised and, moreover, it is being concealed from the population through misrepresentation. The beginning of a pandemic is understood to be when there are 100 deaths and a disease is carried more than three times to a foreign country. If, however, this is not understood, not acknowledged and immediate measures are not taken accordingly, and if strict isolation and travel bans are not imposed, then this corresponds to irresponsibility. Such measures have nothing to do with hysteria, but conform with the most basic security measures that are unavoidably necessary from a responsible perspective.

Terry Carch

I was told last spring 2020 by a friend that the labs in China were just dirty and filthy to say the least, that is probably how the corona virus got out of those dirty filthy labs in the first place. Somebody forgot to close the cages where the bats were for testing of an HIV vaccine for the aids virus. last year in 2020.

Melissa Osaki

These were secret labs and not known about by the Chinese government. I doubt that they were in the same condition as other labs in China, but who knows. The story about the bats getting loose is a fabrication because the Corona plague is a biological weapon. It was a dangerously modified coronavirus that didn’t occur in nature as a natural mutation.

Terry Carch

I thought there was something very very suspicious about this corona virus all along from the very very beginning in the first place. I heard that the CIA went to China and my susption was and still is that Trump went along to make sure that this was his plan to turn this bioweapon into a plague to get even with the opposition and people Trump didn`t like. Rumor has it the same gang on January 6th 2021 will threaten to bomb Washington D.C. and kill Biden and goafter the Democrats etc! Keep your eyes peeled for breaking news! “These are very very BAD homegrown terrorist white supremist organizations etc. I recently saw Arnold Swarznager on Richard French holding a sword that looked like Exalaber(from the Arthurian novels) stating that the Proud Boys are the American version of the Nazis and that this sword that Swartznager was holding he said will only get stronger if will can put an end to all these homegrown U.S. terrorist and the CIA, Dark Ops, Deep State, etc, etc, and so on! Next thing you know will be WW4(WW3) a nuclear exchange etc! Somehow I just knew that there was something very very suspicious going on behind our backs without our knowledge and our knowing etc,etc! “We NEED the Plejarens to get in on this before we all get killed and die” or else there will be no more life here on savage earth!

Melissa Osaki

The Plejaren have already explained that it was Mao Zedong and a hateful U.S. president from the 70’s that started the bioweapons lab. I thought you wrote this stuff down in your notebook? Billy and Sfath got to the bottom of it when he was a young boy.

Terry Carch

Could this U.S. president from the 70s be Richard M. Nixon who went to China to meet with Mao Zedong too cook up a deal between China and the U.S back in the mid 70s?

Melissa Osaki

Ding, ding, ding! You got it, Terry. Write that down in your notebook. There will be a quiz next week. 🙂

Chuck Torbyn

Considering the P’s said they’ve never seen a malignant religious connected energy such as has been effecting Billy and the center, I bet this is a direct consequence of the influence of the Bafath in having created a religious mindset in the minds of the people of earth. I doubt such a thing was ever done anywhere in the universe before. Could that be true and make us unique in that regard?