Helpless to Help?

While all of this plays out as it now must, we renew our focus on going inward, as well as banding together in righteousness to help each other

As more news emerges about so-called variants of the coronavirus, those of us who’ve followed the recommendations from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, at least since February 25, may feel a certain increased sense of helplessness, specifically being helpless to help.

We’ve watched as various “officials” have floundered, bungled and proved themselves to be utterly unqualified in their handling of the disease. We’ve despaired that every outreach to local and national officials – and especially the media – has been ignored, suppressed, stonewalled and censored by the most grossly negligent, incompetent individuals imaginable.

So, while the various self-described “experts” and talking heads have flooded the airwaves with inadequate, and often very inaccurate information, it’s as Billy Meier said about the people having to put their hands in their pockets, while the powerful ones effectively destroy everything, either intentionally or otherwise.

Nonetheless, we still try to find and reach even one competent professional who’s not driven by the need for public acclaim and personal profit but who’s willing to do the necessary due diligence and examine the large amount of freely offered, already proven impeccably accurate information from Meier and the Plejaren.

Learn for Everyone’s Sake

Here are a few paragraphs of information from CR 762 that touch upon some of the vast amount of information that’s obviously unknown to our virologists, etc. Hopefully, they will learn, for everyone’s sake:

“Well, besides the completely insufficient action against the pandemic, the disease could continue to enjoy its own development and constantly new changes or mutations, as it is happening again now with the new and even more dangerous than before virus variant that started to develop at a rapid pace in July, which will be recognized only in the following month, if I remember correctly. Consequently, another new mutation will take place soon, and accordingly, the 5,000th transformation will soon take place since the beginning and first release of the epidemic in the 1970s.

The vaccination-transformation-procedure of the virus, however, which also now again brings forth a new and more dangerous mutation, which already since July again develops, as also you have determined and what you also mentioned 2 weeks ago, evenly also that this virus will be more aggressive than the previous one, will be – and this already Sfath explained in the 1940s – just as little known to the scientists of the today’s time, as they also know the presently developing mutation walking virus could not really understand. Consequently, he said, as I remember exactly, the virologists etc. would on the one hand deny the whole of the real, as they would on the other hand claim that a once effective remédium, remedy or vaccination, respectively, which is effective against a disease, is not real. A vaccination, which was successful against a pathogen and brought or has brought healing for people, would also prove itself against a new pathogen of a changing or mutating and newly arising pathogen of a similar kind and should guarantee life, but would be maltreated in such a way that everything would collapse without rescue. And that, what finally effectively results from it, that … but no, I’m not supposed to talk about that.


“16) What we already know with regard to the new virus versions that will emerge next month – it will not remain with only one, because there will be gradually several – the currently still mutating virus degenerates this time into a much more aggressive form than all the many mutations that have emerged so far from the basic strain, but you have known this for over 70 years. Our latest research now indicates that the next, the newly emerging mutation variation will be much more aggressive than the previous one. Also this new virus does not develop resp. mutate only at one place, as will be assumed erroneously, but worldwide everywhere, however basically in different species, depending on the respective given climatic conditions of the mutation places. So the new emerging Corona viruses will be recognizably different, like e.g. the one emerging in Great Britain and another one in the South African area. This, however, should actually be known to terrestrial virologists. Therefore it will be incomprehensible that, as it will come, a wrong assumption will arise that it must be carried away from the place of the first detection in order to spread. Indeed, this has already resulted after our determinations, but nevertheless the fact of the worldwide mutating remains, that is and remains fact, as that will be generally always sooner or later so. This, because for this most different circumstances in the diverse countries are significantly authoritative.

17) As usually all kinds of viruses change mutatingly, so the Corona virus changed already from the ground up, when it was released for the first time in the 1970s and crept into influenza viruses and could preserve and develop itself in them for more than 20 years. This without the earthly scientists dealing with it becoming aware of it, but only when the virus mutated into its own new species and excreted again and emerged as the SARS epidemic. However, I can consider this as understandable, because such a process, that a virus can bind itself into a foreign virus and develop over long time in this to a new structure, is completely unknown to the earthly specialists of the virology etc., and besides such occurrences occur so extremely rarely that this occurrence has arisen according to our research knowledge during the last 12 million years on the earth only 2 times, but together with the present event it arises now for the 3rd time.”

As Billy Meier said, “America will destroy itself.” It needn’t have been that way. The people were warned and warned and warned…beginning long ago:

So, while all of this plays out as it now must, we renew our focus on going inward* as well as banding together in righteousness to help each other.

The Song


*Introduction to Meditation – NOW here!


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Terry Carch

Seems to me all this has been going on ever since this planet has been in existence and to this very day we havent stop killing each other under the guise of a fake god and its morainic religious self sacrifices and al these stupid demonic beliefs. All these ideas of religions and sacrifices etc including politics, wars, dieases are so prehistory in he name of just killing each other be it wars, dieases and so on is only going to make and get worse! I personally dont see how the people of earth are ever going to evolve not even into the next level if we cant learn to stop finding some stupid excuse to kill each other through politics,relgion, corporatisms, etc. Sooner or later some skeaming nefarious entity will find a way to kill us all as muslimm population believe when we alkl die we wll go to Macca and live and find Allah and go live in heaven, so finding away to kill a human being in the name if religious sacrifice to me is so barbaric, why would these relgious nuts want to do harm to any human being by way of who can live and who must die one way or another these demonic bad people will just find some way to kill innocent people be it through, old age, viruses, and so on, these malevolent ones wikl find some way to kill all of us one way or another be is wars, diseases, the aging gene and find away to make sure that earth is no more and that we will never ever learn that we are not alone in the great big cosmic universe bad or good ETS. There are worlds that have died out due to hate and animosity toward one another etc. Where on this planet any moral ethical value in living and doing the things that will find some way to get us all in the name of religion, politics, though diseases, old age and so on to find a way for us al to die and never to live life again even if somebody will replace us in our next spritiual life. Why arent we learning to grow as the Plejaers have done millions of years ago. MY perisonal guess is not enough peole know or would even care if we there were good benevolent ETs like the Ps who try to help us earthworms get out of this horrible despicable trap we are now in and this will inly get worse as time goes by if we dont learn to finally as for help which some of us are trying to do now with all these nightmarish COVID SARS viruses now muting into something far worse that wilkl find a way to just kill us al including all of earth itself! so much for being mean, nasty, rude and selfish by certain people who just don`t care!

Terry Carch

“It all boils down to why and what am I doing here on such a savage primitive barbaric prrditory world?”

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Terry –

You are right: One can justify anything under the name of religion. I saw a documentary about a carpenter in Mexico who cannot earn a small living because all the good wood is given to building yet another church. He has to work with crumbs and therefore can barely feed himself. That really pisses me off and I have a hard time being neutral positive when I see these kind of things.

Jas kailey

Hi I don’t know if Billy is being fed the right information but the scaremongering on this site is insane and worse than the media. I honestly don’t know the agenda but it seems like you people hate humans and humanity the way you speak about them and the overpopulation aspect. It is human to want social contact, it is human to embrace and be in loving relationships with others. If you were truly spiritual you would accept others and their flaws rather than calling them insulting names. It’s also about time you start concentrating on the dangers of the experimental vaccines that people are lining up to take. That is what will kill many more people than the virus itself

Jas kailey

Everyone has a different belief system and there is no universal truth. To call people stupid for that reason is ignorant and insulting. Most of the things that Billy Meier has predicted are vague such as increasing earthquakes and volcanoes. Also if he is so psychic how is he able to predict the civil wars in the US which may or may not happen but could not predict the riots that happened in Holland. How can he predict that 500 million will die from coronavirus but not how many millions will die from the vaccine. Surely if this information was revealed vaccines would be stopped immediately yet they are continuing everywhere at breakneck speed. As far as I can tell the stance still seems pretty neutral on vaccines when the alarm should be sounded as this is something the public can easily protect themselves from being injected with.

Melissa Osaki

How can you look at science and mathematics and not understand that there is a universal truth? The laws of physics or nature are the same for everyone, and you can’t change that no matter how much you wish it weren’t true. People are stupid if they believe that a sky fairy commands the ship.

I think you need to actually read and study the Meier material because his predictions are far from vague. He clearly warned that conditions of civil unrest would unfold all over Europe. The mass immigration of foreigners from a different religion would be a driving factor for much of the grief. You must be sleeping under a rock to not see what’s going on and how much of it Billy warned us about. Not only that, his warnings started years ago and before there were any signs of distress.

It seems like you just want Billy and the Plejaren to give you all the answers without doing any thinking or researching for yourself. Stop being so entitled.

Ned Duke

Maybe you don’t understand this but *your* universal approach or universality in general *is* the religion. All Meier is saying is that the individual life matters and they should take self responsibility. The religion of universality says the opposite, you must self-cancel yourself and put yourself lower forms of negativity (i.e. suffer) so that the positive benefits trickle up to whoever sprouts universality in a such a way like a Pied Piper (duh). The implications of the correction Billy provides on the lives of Jmmanuel and Mohamed exemplifies that religions hide behind universality. SO folks routinely come along on Meier forums not understanding when Billy mentions a religion of time immemorial, he’s meaning the universality principle of religion, i.e. literal catholic as in the Greek word. He doesn’t literally mean the religions that offshoot their universality into the lives of prior prophets since that wouldn’t make sense and sounds contradictory if Billy releases the Talmud Jmmanuel for example. Of course, Billy isn’t being contradictory to any sort of way quite obviously. Hence why in one of the CR reports Billy asks how many Pope’s literally followed the supposed religion. It’s a double question. He’s asking whether they were generally trying to follow the life of Jmmanuel, which is what the religion goes with, or whether they’re following that other religion of universality.

Jas Kailey

Funny that you deleted my previous reply almost like you can’t handle anyone challenging your views. Blind faith in anything and not even looking in to other points of view is dangerous. I want the Plejaren and Billy Meier to report back on how many millions could likely die or be injured from the vaccine or even how many are likely to get the vaccine in the future. This is the pressing issue right now not the virus itself which I know you have posted about constantly.

Melissa Osaki

I see that you’re impatient too. The pressing issue is stupidity and lack of self-responsibility.

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Melissa –

This guy is not taking into account that maybe because of translation he is misreading what is being said. Stupid’ refers to ‘low intelligence’. Why can’t he suggest another word for it if he is too sensitive to it? It sure not have a hateful definition. Using it as an adjective the term stupid means having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

The realization that overpopulation is a problem speaks to our profound love for our fellow human beings and our desire to continue.

It appears to me that he does not believe that the virus is dangerous, thus using the term ‘scaremongering’ regarding Billy’s warnings about the virus as seen here:

Melissa Osaki

That’s a good point, Brigitte. I think it’s also important for people to understand that it’s not being used in a hateful manner by Billy, Michael, or any of us. It’s just a neutral fact. Billy has always said that the truth is harsh, and it appears that many people can’t handle the truth.

Robert Stewart

I think you have engaged a very low point. People on the blog are generally accepting the truth. Part of the truth is an extention of cause and effect. Understanding that people are individually and collectively responsible for life and all that entails.

The overpopulation, climate change, the virus, politics, lies, belief are all symptoms of lack of responsibility.

Helpless to help is exactly where we are at. Humanity in general is not accepting responsibility- often through inept leadership. However white lies and spin are accepted and any form of collective action is watered-down to the point of being useless. A control on population would help – it would force our government to cherish life. There is the helplessness.

Those guiding us need forced to correct action. Bizarrely at an individual level cherishing life is not debatable. For some reason our insane beliefs mean that life is traded for other things. This is the helplessness- you cant debate with something so inhumane. Years of nonsense belief press down on serious events.

The guidance from Billy was to stop the virus. Many other humans echoed this; many experts; everyone individually didn’t want the virus. For some reason this correct and undeniable truth became something else.

Now I am not saying overpopulation needs sorted over night. However would we have a debate if we were talking about a smaller population?

No is the answer, so this symptom of denial of responsibility actually drives other poor decisions. The decisions lead to consequences. The consequences are larger with a larger population- right now with vaccines – we need billions and as such the decision is made with a view that some people will die. This is bonkers.

Helpless to help is right.

Shiva Balu

It is not because of hatred for people we critisize overpopulation .The disadvantages are too many people fighting for food , water shelter, natural resources ruining mother Earth and ultimately everybody’s lives and livelihood, making life hell on this planet. We need to also learn to admire
and preserve trees, animals. ponds lakes that contribute more to our well being and mental peace besides just people


Hi Jas,

The bad new is that it’s scary, not scaremongering, what will happen to us unless we tackle our overpopulation, which Billy spells out and we can lessen, but that is evidently eradicating all life and the ability to live on this planet and no matter the amount of calls to ‘love everyone and everything’ indiscriminately and religiously without the slightest clue as to really how to do that, i.e., to look after ourselves and each other and the place that supports life. That is our responsibility as humans and not any kind of god, devil, fate, punishment, self-hatred, false love for others, or other unhelpful thoughts.

Vaccines will not kill many more people than the virus itself. If you were truly “spiritual”, you wouldn’t start name call everyone here as inhuman, but check the information thoroughly first, like the fact that Billy has said that the vaccines are either effective, somewhat effective, not effective and even deadly in some circumstances depending upon many factors that virologists don’t take into account, like culturally different forms immunity, blood grouping, general physical and mental health, etc.

If you were truly honest and upright as you claim to be by calling us inhuman, you wouldn’t need these documented and obvious things pointed out to you as you would check first. Actually, what most people call “spiritual” is really just an aspect of consciousness. What Billy writes about is how to start using consciousness effectively and where so many other schools of thought have completely failed. Your post is indicative of someone who likes to spread gossip without checking their facts, a type of consciousness that is well honed by the media and all other popular schools of thought where suspicion and distrust are always lying in wait after all the fake hugs and love have done their rounds.

Brigitte de Roch

When Billy speaks of ‘a vaccination that would be maltreated’ is he referring to the research done for SARS? I am posting the article here because an account is needed to read it. The important section is in all caps.

Why Don’t We Have a Vaccine for SARS or MERS?

Natalie E. Dean, PhD
It is easy to point to the fact that we don’t have licensed vaccines for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), or HIV/AIDS as reasons to be discouraged about COVID-19. These diseases have been around longer than COVID-19. In the case of HIV/AIDS, much longer. Is there reason to be worried?

Let me attempt to provide some perspective and even a small dose of optimism. We are not in the same situation here.

First, HIV is a uniquely challenging virus, and it is possible that we may never have an HIV vaccine. HIV attacks the host immune system, making it difficult to design an effective vaccine. It also mutates rapidly, diversifying within a person over the course of their infection. Viral diversity within a single person has been shown to be comparable to viral diversity of influenza across the globe. In comparison, SARS-CoV-2 mutates even more slowly than seasonal influenza, making it a more stable target for vaccines.

Next, SARS caused an explosive outbreak in 2003 (Figure 1). Fortunately, that outbreak was contained, in part because SARS-CoV caused severe illness that was less likely to be missed during tracing, and there was no presymptomatic or asymptomatic transmission. After being contained in 2003, there have been no SARS outbreaks since.

While several SARS vaccine candidates were developed, FUNDING DRIED UP to test them further. In addition, there has been no clear pathway for testing the efficacy of SARS vaccine and getting it approved for use. How can we determine whether a vaccine prevents SARS if there is no SARS to prevent? Thus, these candidates have been stalled at earlier stages of development.

Finally, MERS was first reported in 2012. Since then, there have been regular “spillover” events whereby the virus jumps from the camel reservoir into humans and may transmit directly between humans. Some early MERS outbreaks were explosive, including an exported outbreak in South Korea in 2015. But Saudi Arabia, where the majority of transmission occurs, has made great improvements to its infection control procedures to prevent hospital spread. As a result, recent outbreaks have been much smaller (Figure 2).

Organizations like the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) have been funding research for MERS vaccine candidates, but one persistent challenge is identifying strategies to evaluate the efficacy of these vaccines. Along with other researchers involved in the WHO R&D Blueprint, we have discussed potential strategies for a MERS vaccine efficacy trial. But given the relatively low incidence even in high-risk groups (camel workers, their families, healthcare workers), trials could need 100,000-plus participants, which isn’t feasible. As a result, there still isn’t a clear path forward for testing a vaccine and getting it approved by regulators.

Of course we all would be better off with effective SARS, MERS, and HIV/AIDS vaccines. In particular, IF WE HAD LICENSED SARS AND MERS VACCINES, THEY COULD BE MODIFIED FOR COVID-19. Indeed, many of these candidates were brought back off the shelf for exactly this purpose. But the fact that approved vaccines for these diseases do not exist reflects other challenges in their development as much as anything else. For COVID-19, with widespread transmission and active funding, we should expect large trials to soon begin testing the many vaccine candidates being pursued in parallel. So if one or more of them works, we should be able to figure this out quickly.

Natalie Dean, PhD, is an assistant professor of biostatistics at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She specializes in emerging infectious diseases and vaccine study design. Follow her on Twitter

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If I am understanding this correctly then anyone can see yet another prediction made by Billy!

I thank my colleague for sending this article to me.

Tim Thomas

To me this article falls into the “Helpless to help” category:

The author’s conclusion, along with the great majority of those commenting on the article, is to just give up, quit trying to control it and just let ‘er spread.

Jas kailey

I understand everyone’s point of view but if this disease really was so dangerous why are so many doctors speaking out now and calling it a scam. These doctors are not mainstream and have nothing to gain from this. Infact many have ended up losing their licence. Why does the CDC keep revising its mortality rate downwards? Why did excess deaths return to normal after June following the initial large spike in April and May. Wouldn’t excess deaths have continued to occur due to the after effects of covid? Why are flu numbers being lumped in with covid? There have been hardly any flu cases this year anywhere. Surely governments should be trying to downplay the disease in order not to induce panic. It doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying it’s not real but it’s not half as deadly as everyone is making it out to be otherwise there wouldn’t be so much resistance and way more deaths considering all the protests that have been happening worldwide

Tim Thomas

Excess deaths didn’t stop in June:

And a quick death isn’t the only worry in regards to the virus:

You write “Surely governments should be trying to downplay the disease in order not to induce panic.”

IMO, the governments ARE downplaying the Corona plague.

Jas Kailey

I knew you would pick out USA. USA has suffered through out the year as different places got hit at different times. Is there any study from Europe that proved they were still having excess deaths over the summer? That will go a long way in to showing the long term effects of this disease. Also it is vague to state some vaccines are good some are ok and some are deadly. What is the stance regarding this particular vaccine or do they simply not have enough information. I find it abit strange that you can predict civil wars in America, you can predict 500 million virus related deaths but you can’t predict the effects of these current vaccines that are upon us now

Melissa Osaki

Just because they haven’t predicted something, doesn’t mean they can’t. And why should they?