How The Black Vault Locks Out the UFO Truth

What happens when anger and immaturity triumph over one’s own commitment to finding the truth 

I recently posted an introductory comment on the The Black Vault, a website created by John Greenewald, primarily about “UFO disclosure”. Since John had received and posted some supposedly important information about UFOs, from the CIA, my purpose was to try to open a discussion with the forum members, and John, about the Billy Meier contacts and its incomparable, independently authenticated evidence.

I first met John about 15 years ago, at a UFO expo in Hollywood. He was in his early 20s and very interested in UFOs. However, I also remember that back then he was, for no apparent reasons, very antagonistic towards the Billy Meier contacts. It was a bit surprising to me but I thought that, over time, he’d do some credible research, outgrow his prejudices and learn the truth.

As I’ve said in the past, based on my decades of dealing with many people involved in UFOlogy, it’s a very unscientific field and, consequently, often a home for those who simply aren’t qualified to do real research, investigation and serious study.

It also attracts those who want to feel self-important, about which I’ve previously written. These people are all too gleeful to be provided with what they think is “top secret” information but which  consistently contains…nothing of unique significance, etc. It’s not entirely surprising, since it comes from those who’ve been directing most of the attacks against the Meier contacts, which are themselves the main reason for the so-called UFO cover-up.

But these UFO enthusiasts and self-styled “researchers” also often lack the intelligence, experience, maturity and/or discernment to see that they’re being played and used for purposes other than revealing the real truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials. Otherwise they’d have long ago been loudly proclaiming the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts.

In fact, once they think they’re on the “inside” with powerful people in the intelligence agencies, they don’t breathe a word about Meier, even if they were formerly outspoken against him. They know that to do so would invite interest and investigation into Meier’s abundant evidence, something which they also know doesn’t exist for any other claimed UFO contacts.

As for John, he’s now in his early forties and, from what I understand, is married and has a couple of children. Oftentimes, being married and having children bestows, or contributes to, a certain maturity and concern for the future well-being of one’s family, something that’s of even greater concern these days, in light of all the challenges facing humankind.

So, I left John a couple of phone messages, expressing my intentions, suggesting we move beyond the past, and offering to answer any of his questions, challenges, etc., about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier contacts. I also informed him of the, historically unprecedented, 1981 Groom Lake UFO photos I discovered, in October 2020, which show an interaction between an, at the time top secret, US Stealth fighter and a UFO.

Of course, John doesn’t have any evidence remotely comparable to what’s in the Meier contacts, and I was optimistic that he’d be very interested in sharing these unique UFO photos with his readers.

My optimism proved to be unwarranted.

Here’s the brief email exchange between John and me.

From: Michael Horn <>

Date: February 18, 2021 at 1:57:49 PM MST

Hi John,

I left you another phone message today, this is to confirm that you received it.




From: <>

Date: February 18, 2021 at 4:10:05 PM MST

Dear Michael,

I found it humorous you were talking about “professionalism” in your voicemail. Do you not recall your past blogs and insults about me? You burned this bridge of being able to reach out for a “discussion” a long time ago. I am always happy to have respectful discussion with people I don’t agree with. Sadly, “respect,” is not in your wheelhouse.

Whatever you want, or are selling, I am not interested.

I wish you the best of luck.


John Greenewald, Jr.


From: Michael Horn <>

Date: February 18, 2021 at 4:37:40 PM MST

Dear John,

I reached out to you despite your own rather immature, unprofessional and unsubstantiated comments of record here.

It’s also immature and unprofessional to carry grudges about the past, in which your own uneducated assessments badly colored your thinking and contributed to the kind of comments you’re on record as making.

I think if you read the assessment of Joe Tysk, as well as Gordon Cooper and others, and actually read Meier’s 75 year record of impeccable prophetic accuracy, you might be able to move on…perhaps somewhat in awe of the truth.

You may also have to confront your own personal investment in feeling like you’ve been given some actual, important “evidence” from the “authorities”, etc.

Again, I invite you to put aside your ego, your prejudices, ill-formed, unsubstantiated and inaccurate opinions and…find what you claim to be have been looking for all these years.

To not do so doesn’t take anything away from the singular authenticity of the Meier case, nor my own indelible legacy of succeeding to bring it to people worldwide. I’m set. The real benefit now is to you, your family and all the people you would benefit from your being a…big enough person to move forward.

So, there’s nothing to buy because I’m not selling. I’m just offering what you’re looking for and I’m doing so not because you’re mature but because many good people have helped me in my search for the truth. Even though some of them may have also found me insufferable, they too knew the duty that truth seeking persons have to assist each other to find the truth.

That’s it, freely offered, plain and simple.


Michael Horn (Bio)


From: <>

Date: February 18, 2021 at 5:24:12 PM MST

No thanks.

Good luck.


John Greenewald, Jr.


From: Michael Horn <>

Date: February 18, 2021 at 5:26:03 PM MST

Thanks for going on the record.





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Gregory Dougall

John is too busy fawning over the super duper top secret CIA files, straight out of the black vault, which is also an apt description of his brain.

I mean, WOW, John. Just look at all the info you can glean out of this amazing declassified super duper top secret CIA photo! I mean, I’m sure you could even write several books about it.

Ned Duke

This is also done within the civilian market for regular military tech. For example, trying to sell Horten Ho 229 (the flying wing aircraft from ww2) off as some secret stealth aircraft or war winning weapon when wood doesn’t make a stealth aircraft. Also, the aircraft was a hodge podge of wrecks pieced together by essentially the brothers themselves with no real support in order to build the plane of their own design. But, there is a market affixing the ‘secret’ label to things enticing eyes to read on looking for that mystery that the regular military civilian publications are drenched in. Of course, this is part and parcel for suspended reality, oh sorry suspenseful imagination, with no real technical information to be had and only good for entertainment value much like Ice Road Truckers is for the “History” Channel.

Terry Carch

and the Weather Channel too.

Gregory Dougall

OK I have a Sirius question now. If Billy Meier is a hoax, than what is CIA FOIA case number F-2015-00940 all about? I would prefer if Glenn Greenwald would answer me. But if he is too busy, perhaps John Greenewald can answer me instead. I searched the FOIA site and it didn’t show up. A duckduckgo search led to another FOIA PDF that says case F-2015-00940 was opened on 1/06/2015 by Nery Garcia Rodas. The subject line is redacted.

On the Black Vault’s site the FOIA case F-2015-00940 was opened on 1/28/2015 and the subject line is “1BILLY EDUARD ALBERT MEIER/PLEJAREN INVESTIGATION OR OPERATION 1970’S & 1980’S” . Very interesting it uses the word Plejaren.
Would love to see that file if anyone can find it.

cia foia 2015 meier 1.png

i come from Hong Kong and just want to ask you three questions

(1)Are there any new witness of Billy Meier cases for these10 years (or from 2010-2021)

(2) Are you (MH) one of the witness of this case?

(3) Any witness of billy Meier sometime appears in this forum
(because i want first hand -information) and sometimes respond posts here

since Billy Meier still met aliens for these ten years, is it possible that some people still can confirm this fact for these ten years ?
i read lot of stuff in Aliens but i am not satisfied most of the information presented are in second hand but not in first hand
thank you for your help


it said up to 2012 (how about 2013-2021)?

ohhh thank you
what did you actually see in the case in Billy Meier?


i actually mean eye witness (i think you understand what i said)?


Since 2012, there have been, and still are, many eyewitnesses to UFO activity and other strange happenings around Billy Meier’s home, myself included, but what difference does that make to you establishing of this case is real? It would just be someone’s testimony and people can lie, so what?

No. It’s not that easy to prove this case to yourself, although there are no other pre-digital UFO photos from the 60’s-80’s that come anywhere close to the clarity and significance of Meier’s hundreds of photos. Finding the truth to this case is a journey of knowledge that gives a thousand times more back than it takes in effort to go through and read. Even if you were sipping Tea with Billy and saw UFOs flying all around, this would not substantiate the case, although it would be pretty impressive. You have to approach this case like serious researcher or investigator, have fun with the information and also get lost in it at times, like someone who truly cares for the truth and has the courage to find and accept it despite all the nonsense that’s promoted in the world today.

Gregory Dougall

Hi Liu, I am a FIGU passive member and get quarterly FIGU newsletters delivered to my home. I have spoken to 5-10 of the eye witnesses myself. I am also friends with someone who photographed two different kinds of ships just a few years ago. There are usually one or two recent eye witness statements in each mail package. Usually it is in German only. I will give you two examples. March 2021 edition Wassermanzeit (WZ) Nr. 198:
Foreign flying object over the Center, page 15, by Karin Wallen.
Sighting Report, page 29, by Jacobus Bertschinger.
You would have to go to
and look at (Newest periodicals), (Neueste Periodika), download what ever is free, copy and paste it into a language translator, like , and read. I can tell you there are several sightings a year that are recorded and written down, usually of different UFOs and ships sighted in the sky. The people who live at the center don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but they write about some of the sightings because others who don’t live there like to read about it. There is any eye witness story here from March 14th, 2002.
This eye witness report was from multiple people who live near Billy Meier but they were skeptical of him and never believed him, until they saw a ship up close. So to answer your question, there are probably 50 to 100 witnesses from 2010-2021, but if you want to read them, you have to dig through the FIGU newsletters, or go to Switzerland and talk to them in person, after the Coronavirus problem is over. You could probably make a book out of all the sightings reports. But again, no one really cares that much because the case was proven real more than 40 years ago.
Most of the eye witnesses only see the UFO ships. But perhaps up to 9-10 people have seen or come in close contact with the ETs. For example, Phobol Cheng, Elsa Schroeder, Jitschi Ustinov, Kalliope Meier, Robyn Foley (FIGU special bulletin 64), Horst Fenner, a guy that saw Andron, the guy who spotted Quetzal in the car headlights, the guy who walked or drove his car into the force field, the woman who walked close to Ptaah at night, George Adamski, (CR 349), Ernst Stuhlinger, the guy on the submarine, and now Wendelle Stevens. So right there from my memory there are 12+ examples of witnesses being up close to the ETs. What other UFO case in the world can say the same thing? Then you have one of the women in the center recently hearing one of the male ETs talking to Billy in the room. I think another woman hearing one of the male ETs talking to Billy on the phone. There are too many stories to keep track of. Too many witnesses, including several more of those in the link above that see something but never say something. I hope this helps answer your question and I hope you find what you are looking for on the FIGU website newsletters, reports, and bulletins. Since you are from Hong Kong you may also want to check out which is based in Hong Kong.


very clear
thank you
could you estimate how many eye-witness for the case of Billy Meier for all the times (from ~ to 2021)

Terry Carch

That is why the plejarens will never ever reveal and show themselves in person due to all theses stupid god believing religious structures that are so ingrained in the psyches of these “narrow-minded-savage-earthworms!”