Prof. Avi Loeb WHY Must I Point This Out…Again?

He probably realized he couldn’t make a buck off of “discovering” the Billy Meier UFO contacts

As you can read in this article of mine, from two years ago, I was encouraged by, and encouraging of, Prof. Avi Loeb and his willingness to explore the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.

Fast forward and today we’re bombarded with Loeb’s ridiculous, unscientific and unsubstantiated claims about a piece of (until proven otherwise) space rock and the dimwitted media enthusiasm about it. For whatever reasons -perhaps including a burning desire to cash in on the now trendy topics of extraterrestrials and UFOs, etc. – Loeb apparently ignored (or was he inspired by?) the, freely offered, abundant, independently authenticated, still irreproducible information and evidence in the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts.

And just like in the story of the sycophants who fawn all over the emperor who has no clothes, a good number of journalists and publications have dutifully swallowed – and regurgitated – whatever talking points Loeb (and/or his publicist) have come up with to justify making a big, unwarranted deal about this sole image of ‘Oumuamua:

…which can, in no way, be confused with, or compared to, something like this pre-digital era photo – one in a series of nine – that Billy Meier took in 1976:

Nonetheless, Loeb is content to milk his 15-minutes, from the phonetically accommodating ‘Oumuamua (oh MOO ah MOO ah), so long as the dumbed down media, various journalists and the public are willing to lap it up. Never mind that the authenticity of Meier’s evidence makes it the most important true story in all of science and human history.

In an upcoming blog I’ll have more to say about the role of journalists, and others, who’ve willingly promoted all the unsubstantiated claims, with zero evidence, simply because…Prof. Avi Loeb came up with them, after probably realizing he couldn’t make a buck off of “discovering” the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

If there’s a dumber, greedier, more gullible population than that of planet earth…

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I don’t feel sorry, enthusiasm, or compassionate about these individuals whom try discover or discredit the truthly truth. They don’t realize the position they are putting themselves into; cause & effect. Intellect is rare among those fellows, just pi-ti-ful.

Brock Bradford

My thoughts this space rock is traveling less than the speed of light and did not circle Earth to gather information, what logic is it to think this could be a foreign space ship from a civilization many light years away?

Gregory Dougall

You can’t spell Oumuama without “ooohs” and “ahhhs”.
Any clickbait is fair bait for phantasmagoria media consumers.
Same with the heavily redacted so-called super duper top secret declassified UFO files from the CIA.

Screen-Shot-2021-02-15-at-6.10.28 b-PM.jpg

You beat me to it Greg, re. artists depiction. According to Wikipedia, the original source image of the object, the inspiration for this computer generated image, makes up only one pixel on the screen. Interesting then that the artist made it look like a giant turd floating in space and Professor Loeb found that interesting and plays around with it. Might explain all the ooohs and ahhhs. Please excuse my toilet humour.

Robert Stewart

To be fair the object is not the point the media has spun this a certain way. The professor looked at the data and it did not fit with known data. He suggested it was something created outside of the solar system.

To be clear it is still space debris. His suggestion that it could be something created, fit the data better. The howl of don’t be stupid rang out from other experts. Avi Loeb pointed out this is not scientific and we should not fit data to theories but should explore what the data tells us.

I see it as a first step to challenge a belief.

The media tends to combat a story in this way as a second defence. First defence is ignoring a fact. Second defence amplifies the fact beyond reason. The third line of defense is then to debunk and dishonor the story. Anyone looking for facts finds incredible claims beyond reality attached to solid debunking.

It frustrates me that the media works this way and our instant clickbait media style doesn’t help.

I would say Prof. Avi Loeb is scientific in his approach and is exactly the sort of person that could show large amounts of truth in the contacts. However the media strategy would put him somewhat on guard. His plea with this rock is to consider the possibility and follow the data.

Thanks for all the good work you do Michael – it is a great shame that there is not more bravery in stating facts.

Robert Stewart

Well said Michael.

It takes time to go through all the data. So I am hopeful.

I am however sorely disappointed with the standards humanity holds itself to. They are awfully low. It says a great deal that 1000 years ago talk of planets and space meant death. Now we are barely able to discuss anything without a more civalised version of death. Opinion is wielded like a bludgeon.

Here at a time we should be more connected than ever. The opposite is occurring. Where the truth cant be hidden its now obscured. So everything is fake and real and not important and vital.

I wish I was braver at times. In truth though people need to be ready. I am fascinated with the contacts. I am stunned at how subtle and precise and human, it all is. The texts are very special. The best thing – it fits nature – once you start seeing it simply is. It didn’t happen overnight for me and if it had it would seem less for it.

I am willing the whole world to catch up. I am also grateful that Michael Horn is lightning and narrating the way. It is brave and I send best wishes and hope.


Randy Arena

That asteroid photo, if it is accurate; looks like the Adonis asteroid type that hit Atlanta (Atlantis) and broke Pangea into: Lesser Atlantis helping to separate North and South America from Africa and Europe 11,500 years ago. They were long flat plane-type asteroids.

Being excited about learning new things wakes up the imagination and sometimes it gets the better of us. Some of it is false and some of it is true but we often learn by making mistakes. This culture was raised on fantasy no doubt spurned by discovery of hallucinogenic and hypnotic sedative drugs used too frequently.

Professors are people too, many I consider good friends and yes they make mistakes as well. They do not tolerate mistakes in this current society we find ourselves. Our laws reflect this.

If someone pays you for making mistakes, the materialistic society scenario gathers momentum and it automatically becomes correct according to those who the all mighty buck is their worship goal. Which is why it is important to not think that a person with a huge check book or long title is any more intelligent than a homeless person paying $400 a month for living in a vineyard near the Russian River.

Like a bully of the truth my advice is to be cordial, “Hello, Good Morning” then walk away and show them your back. Do this, they realize you’re a reasonable individual and that you are leaving them. Much of it is fear you will be thought of as stupid (non-thinking) which is really embarrassing for the person with the long title and fat bank account.

We have these super heros that we worship, Jesus, Moses, etc etc etc when really we should be paying attention to the teaching of life, the teaching of truth and the teaching of spirit.

Salome: be greeted in peace and wisdom

PS> We all make mistakes: that’s how we learn.


Sorry can i ask you a question(since i know you are formal representative of Billy Meier)

Does Billy Meier still think there are some evil aliens around our earth?

Did He think there is a war between good aliens and evil aliens at the moment?

Did he think our world are controled by some evil aliens
thank you

Melissa Osaki


Michael will answer your questions when he’s available, but from my perspective as someone who reads the contact reports, I wouldn’t say that Billy thinks evil aliens are controlling our world.

There was a time when the Bafath were causing a lot of trouble, but they are no longer a threat to us. Their impulses will linger for a few hundred years causing some residual effects, but they are no longer in a position to influence us.

Brigitte de Roch

Are you saying you sent Billy’s info the Loeb at Harvard two years ago and he still produces junk?

Loeb needs to hire again the person who wrote his admission essay and ask him/her to write another convincing one but this time on the topic of UFO because whatever HE publishes is clearly not convincible.

If not, he will get fired because this falls under ‘immoral conduct’ for not transmitting the knowledge he received from Michael to the students whose success in life depend on it.

It’s simply criminal in my book.

Brigitte de Roch

The students will fire him once they see that he was hiding, censoring, etc your information now documented here.

In addition, the astronomical students who read the blog should pay attention to what kind of education they are receiving because soon it won’t matter which university one attends. It is a WELL-KNOWN fact that universities do not teach the students how to think. If they want a good job, they will have to show that they can think for themselves.

Also, this is not an honorable way to bring the attention to the university. It’s doom to fail in the long run.

I would correct the situation immediately if I were him. He does not have to do this. He has more to lose than to gain.