Reinfections of the “Cured” and Mutations, Seizures in the Newborn

The inevitable, dreadful consequences of having allowed the least competent and capable of people to function as our leaders

Here is a new article about people who were supposedly cured but who’ve been found to be reinfected with new virus strains.

It appears to corroborate Billy Meier’s information, from January 26, about new mutations reinfecting those who’ve been cured of another mutation:

“Well, there are various other things, as also that e.g. the new corona mutations have the property to infect a human being not only with one mutation alone, but that one of their 2 or under certain circumstances even their 3 mutations can be infected, as also that a human being infected and ‘cured’ by one mutation can be infected again by another corona mutation and fall ill.”

There’s also this sad and alarming information about a newborn child in the US infected with the new mutation variant and exhibiting seizures. As the Plejaren stated on February 3, 2020 and that I published here:

3)  The coronavirus is unpredictable and can infect any human being of any age, namely already the fruit in the womb as well as from infancy to old age, and indeed both woman and man.

In addition to taking every possible personal precaution, we who’ve followed Billy Meier’s COVID-19 information since February 25, can only watch the inevitable, dreadful consequences of having allowed the least competent and capable of people to function as our leaders.

Whether in prominent roles in government and media, medical or other fields, mediocrity, incompetence, self-profit and cowardice is the order of the day. For allowing and enabling this degeneration, humankind can expect to harvest ever more rotting, deadly fruit for many seasons to come.

New Interview

I’m glad to say I’ve recently been contacted for new interviews and I’ll be posting them here of course.   Here’s the first one I recently did a with Cameron Logan.

See also:

The Unknown Dangers of the COVID Vaccines

762nd Contact: A Reality Check:

“This is done in such a way that whole parts of the population are abused as guinea pigs, without their knowledge that they have to serve as test figures, whereby they are not informed about the fact that they can suffer severe late effects with regard to health damages already after the vaccinations and after a recovery already after 2 or 3 months and possibly have to struggle with it for the rest of their lives. This on the one hand, while on the other hand by these forthcoming actions also influences on the virus arise and this can lead to a new transformation, as you clearly said.”

Thanks to Tim Thomas for the updated information.

NOW here!

Introduction to Meditation 

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289. Even during the outflow of the harsh winter season of 1980/1981, it will happen with complete certainty that in Italy, the Etna volcano will begin its unusual activity again, which was no longer the case for several decades, while at the same and following time, an unusually high amount of aircraft hijackings will be carried out in many different countries.

This isn’t a Coincidence, that Etna erupted today.

Maybe you can point out to Christian Napoleon’s Siege of the Acre.

You don’t have to approve this, I understand.


I’ll say this…the Tsunami happened and it truly wasn’t movie quality. Most are looking for the tree instead of the forest.

Please relay my message to Christian. It should help. I understand this is the only way for this mission to be successful.

It’s the only way and very difficult for me.

If you need to follow up with me, you have my email and I am here to help.

Contact Report 136 explains everything. This is how we avoid the U.S. Civil War, if it’s not too late.

Terry Carch

MH Calvine dosen`t give out his f ull name so just who is this mysterious Calvine?

Terry Carch

MH Who is Celven?

Melissa Osaki


Why don’t you ask Celven?

Terry Carch

Well MH I my guess is that Celven must be spyidism aka Billy the author? I might be wrong some writers use a fictional spyism alternative name instead of their real name particularly when writing a fictional novel, who knows at least that is what I`v heard long before there were computers and the internet, but again then I might be wrong?

Melissa Osaki

That’s a great idea, Doc. I’m very intrigued by this investigation.

I look forward to your detailed report, Terry. We can’t have all these unsolved mysteries.

Professor Hana Looloo

Terry Carch

Thar`s so very funny Dr. Watson! Hah ha ha ha

Terry Carch

Funny I used to read and watch alot of Sherlock Holmes when i was younger and I still do vocationally too. I`m wondering if this Celven is an extraterrestrial human from within the Plejaren Federation etc,etc,etc? Still guessing?

Melissa Osaki

Guess again, but it’s probably better to start with the most logical answer. Celven is a regular earthling like the rest of us. He is interested in the Meier material and hopefully will continue to study the most important aspects of the material, which is the spiritual teaching.

Terry Carch

Hi Celven could you please tell me just who you are? Thanks

Robert Olson

I noticed the version of Contact 136 that Calvin shares & what is on future of mankind are not identical. Calvin, I will entertain conversing with you, but I highly suggest that you take Michael Horns advice; time & time again BEAM is found to be correct.

Ned Duke

Speak of the Deep Geothermal Wells: