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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

WHO Says COVID 3.5 Million Deaths – Actual Deaths 9.65 Million

On February 25, 2020, 1st Billy Meier COVID warnings published, when 57 cases in US, now millions dying from WHO lies, greed, incompetence

On the Safety of Corona Vaccinations

Excerpt from 770th Contact, Wednesday, May 5, 2021

This is an unofficial translation and will contain errors. It will be replaced with the official translation is available as soon as it’s available. 

Billy … But look here, please, this article was beamed to me yesterday by Achim Wolf. You should read it please, and then tell me what you think of it.

Bermunda … reads …

Florena Can I listen in when Bermunda reads aloud?

Billy Of course, – if you’d like to read aloud, please, Bermunda?

Bermunda Yes – … reads out …

AstraZeneca: Dangerous side effect much more common than thought

4 May 2021 06:45, by Susan Bonath.

COVID-19 vaccination: AstraZeneca classified acute deficiency of platelets already in mid-April as a ‘common side effect’. According to this, one to ten out of 100 vaccinated persons are at risk of internal bleeding. However, the Paul Ehrlich Institute is not making a big fuss about it.

Source: © Alfonso Di Vincenzo/Keystone Press Agency

The COVID-19 vaccines can promote blood clots. This is now considered proven. The AstraZeneca Group in particular made headlines after younger vaccinated people died of cerebral venous thrombosis or cerebral hemorrhage. Both in combination had been found only ‘very rarely’. And COVID-19 was much more dangerous, the German vaccine monitoring authority called Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) and the leading media alike appeased. But the PEI has been hiding one explosive detail for three weeks: so-called thrombocytopenia apparently occurs much more frequently than previously known. Such a lack of blood platelets is not always noticed. But in an emergency, it can lead to severe internal bleeding, including cerebral hemorrhage, and is therefore always considered an emergency.

PEI and leading media remain silent

This is the result of a second so-called ‘red-hand letter’ from the Swedish-British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. This letter dates back to April 13, 2021, and was not reported in any sensational way in the leading media. Only on the Webblog a more detailed report is to be found.

In addition, the specialist portal reported on the red-hand letter from the British-Swedish vaccine manufacturer. However, the fact that thrombocytopenia is now considered frequent was not mentioned. The Paul Ehrlich Institute duly published the letter on its website. However, the layman has to search very meticulously to find it there.

One to ten percent of vaccinated persons could be affected.

The letter states that the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee for Risk Assessment (PRAC) continues to classify thrombosis in combination with thrombocytopenia as a ‘very rare adverse reaction’ to an AstraZeneca vaccination. However, the group literally admits:

“One of the updates concerns section 4.8 of the SmPC. Thrombocytopenia was introduced as an adverse reaction with a frequency of ‘common’ based on data from clinical trials.”

Adverse drug reactions are classified on package inserts according to frequency of occurrence. ‘Very rare’ thus means that less than one in 10,000 patients is affected. An adverse effect is declared to be ‘frequent’ if it occurs in one to ten out of 100 patients. The serum Vaxzevria from AstraZeneca had been administered almost three million times by April 2 (the PEI responsible has not yet published more recent safety reports). If the studies are to be taken seriously, a platelet deficiency could have occurred 30,000 to 300,000 times in those vaccinated – probably mostly unnoticed or without a doctor being consulted.

AstraZeneca: Thrombocytopenia probably an autoimmune reaction

According to the letter, the authors from AstraZeneca, Susanne Tubis and Klaus Hinterding, suspect that the dangerous clotting disorder is probably caused by antibodies formed by the vaccination. These so-called PF4 antibodies often bind to blood platelets and change their structure. In vaccinated patients who developed thrombocytopenia with or without thrombosis, a particularly large number of these special antibodies were found. This strengthens the thesis, according to the authors.

Officially, the PEI reported a total of 75 cases of cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination by April 21, representing a small fraction of all thromboses that occurred. Twelve of these cases occurred after administration of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty vaccine, while 63 cases involved vaccinees with the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. A total of 56 women and 19 men were affected – most of them younger than 60 years.

Only after the administration of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), brain vein thrombosis and thrombocytopenia occurred simultaneously in 34 cases, according to the PEI. Twelve people died as a result, it said. Three others did not survive blood clots in the brain that occurred after administration of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

However, a relevant number of unreported cases can be assumed. First, only a small proportion of side effects are reported at all. Secondly, a particularly large number of elderly and sick people have been vaccinated to date. It is much easier to blame deaths or severe clinical symptoms on previous illnesses and age. In nursing homes, for example, there have been numerous deaths known to the author after vaccination, to which a natural cause was attributed and which were therefore not further investigated by forensic medicine.

Information intended only for physicians

The suspected secrecy surrounding serious side effects of these mRNA and vector vaccines seems to be confirmed once again by the recent example of AstraZeneca. Why don’t PEI and the press inform the general public about the frequent occurrence of a vaccine reaction that can even have fatal consequences, especially in the case of non-treatment?

PEI spokeswoman Susanne Stöcker explained that such a ‘red-hand letter’ is ‘explicitly addressed to physicians’. In the past, they were therefore sent exclusively to them. “For some years now, the PEI and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices have additionally published these documents on their websites, where they are accessible to all interested parties,” she added.

In other words: Anyone who wants to know whether the vaccination may pose more risks to them than a coronavirus infection will have to search the websites of the specialist authorities themselves. But it is also a fact that the vaccinators would have to know about it and warn the vaccinees accordingly.

Where is the safety report?

It is also incomprehensible why the PEI has not published a safety report for weeks. The most recent report, available on May 3, covers the period up to April 2. So there has been no new information from the responsible authority for over a month. Stöcker appeased: the next publication is planned for the beginning of May and will probably come out this week. She added verbatim:

“Against the background of the increasing number of vaccinations, we naturally also receive correspondingly more suspicious case reports, which must be recorded and evaluated and for which, if necessary, follow-up research must be carried out (sic!). In addition, I would ask you to consider that a great many activities have been required in recent weeks with regard to the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Already in the PEI’s last safety report, originally listed serious suspected cases, including facial paralysis, heart muscle inflammation, stroke and seizures, were no longer explicitly named. A few weeks ago, the spokeswoman explained that it was not possible to name each individual effect separately.


Billy And – what do you think and say about it?

Bermunda The whole of these remarks is already known to us, since the first appearance of these vaccines, whereby I do not only think of this here mentioned, but without distinction of all, which are overall not sufficiently tested and are used negligently untested in a fast-track procedure.

Billy And you, Florena, you are also well versed in medicine and virology, so I think you could also say something about what your research shows. Or should you not talk about that?

Florena What is fundamental to mention, this was already objected to from the beginning by Ptaah as irresponsibility of the authorities. And as he predicted, these untested vaccines have also caused many deaths, but this has been generally concealed from the public and all the deaths have been falsely declared as direct deaths from the disease. What will result and will continue to result for many people from these vaccinations in long-term health damages, nothing was explained publicly. This, as well as it is not made known, what will result in this respect for people who already suffer from long-term consequences of Corona since the beginning of the vaccinations, but how in this respect from now on even more will follow.

Our investigations have recently shown that not only in Europe several thousands of people have suffered malignant severe side effects and long-term health damage as a result of Corona vaccinations, but also in all countries where Corona vaccinations have been administered and where vaccinations continue to be administered. In particular, there are vaccine sequelae, which on the one hand have repeatedly occurred in many cases since the first vaccinations, but as will occur in the future, such as:

  1. brain hemorrhages,
  2. heart attacks,
  3. anxiety,
  4. loss of taste,
  5. hyperactivity,
  6. hypersensitivity,
  7. visual disturbances,
  8. flu-like illnesses,
  9. fever,
  10. chills,
  11. dizziness,
  12. malaise,
  13. Guillain-Barré syndrome, damage to the nerves, especially in the spinal cord, resulting in sometimes severe motor dysfunctions such as paralysis.
  1. voice changes,
  2. bell face paralysis,
  3. unsteadiness of movement,
  4. pain at the injection site,
  5. cerebral venous thrombosis, possibly with simultaneous deficiency of blood platelets or thrombocytopenia, which is triggered by an autoimmune reaction, in which case antibodies against internal inflammations and vascular and vascular injuries, antibodies are formed against the patient’s own platelets.
  1. arteriosclerotic changes,
  2. heart muscle inflammations,
  3. bleeding in the female sex outside the menstrual period.

Further, our findings and research revealed that the following complaints may also occur:

  1. chest pain,
  2. leg swelling,
  3. bruising,
  4. shortness of breath,
  5. abdominal pain,
  6. headache, tremendously severe,
  7. vision blurred,
  8. risk narcolepsy, possibly,
  9. indigestion,
  10. fatigue,
  11. body pain of various local kinds.

Also other health damages, sufferings and illnesses have resulted from vaccinations, like numerous short term consequences and long term consequences, like also late consequences, permanent sufferings or various permanent illnesses can result from the used and inadequate vaccines of various kinds, whereby the effective origin of the same then cannot be elicited and thus not recognized, whether this goes back to the Corona plague itself or to the inadequate vaccines. When specific symptoms occur in autoimmune diseases, they do not always appear immediately, but only with time, whereby the whole thing can then become all the worse.

Also traditional vaccination damages, which result from other vaccinations with regard to other diseases, can result from corona vaccinations as long-term and late effects and are denied by scientists, physicians and virologists etc., as they have been doing since 1796 from the first beginnings of vaccinations. It …

Billy Sorry to interrupt you, but how did that come about in that early period, just, that first vaccinations were made? Unfortunately, I never looked into how and when the first vaccination came about.

Florena It came about because a boy was to be immunized against cowpox, precisely through a manufactured vaccine, with which the first vaccination was tested on a human being, a boy, whereby the vaccination process was then also called vaccination.

Billy Aha, interesting, and this designation has survived until today. So cowpox was the reason for that, then according to that the Latin term <vacca> so <cow> became the epitome for vaccination, just vaccination, which then probably continued with <vaccinus>, which can mean about <coming from the cow> or so.

Florena That is correct, and what I am explaining now should be emphasized in a particularly characteristic way in the written reproduction of our conversation:

What is to be said now does not correspond to fear-mongering or scaremongering, nor does it correspond to a call to refrain from vaccinations or to let them be carried out with regard to a protective precaution against the Corona epidemic. Every reflection, consideration, decision as well as the action regarding whether a person decides for or against a Corona vaccination, requires in any case detailed, thorough and logical deliberations and considerations. The whole thing requires a personal, logical and therefore an own, well-considered, rational decision, which only every person can determine for himself, who is powerful of his senses and able to decide about his personal well-being, woe, doing and not doing.

Fact is that the whole of the vaccinations also has aspects of the fact that explosive dangers with unknown long-term consequences are concealed. In this respect it is also claimed by well-known institutes that long-term data concerning negative consequences of corona vaccinations are based on misunderstandings and moreover very often on the incorrect use or misuse of medicines. However, this is not true, as we have noted.

Usually, and this must be explicitly stated, vaccination reactions normally occur within a few hours or days, which prove that as a result of a corona vaccination various illnesses, ailments, infirmities as well as long-lasting health-damaging reactions, including all kinds of infirmity, can occur only after a few weeks, months, years or even decades, in which case – according to our forecasts – the causes cannot be explained and no healing methods can be applied.

Our researches also show that especially women are adversely affected by the side effects of vaccination, but we have also found out and recognized that ribonucleic acid of the corona virus builds into the human genome, etc. Consequently, hereditary damages of various, but not predictable kind, as well as healthwise serious and very precarious disabilities of inner-organic and outer-bodily kind can be caused. Also, we constantly and daily notice that in all countries where vaccinations are carried out, deaths occur again and again, which, according to our findings, are very often the after-effects of vaccinations. Despite the obvious massive side effects and deaths, the vaccination propaganda continues unhindered in all countries, whereby neither the authorities, state leaders nor health institutes and doctors etc. inform the public about this, but deny, conceal or deliberately deny everything in this regard. And this will be especially the case in the near future, because infections and deaths will be declining in various countries for the time being, which will cause many people to be careless and overconfident and may possibly have bad consequences, as it may also be possible that new mutations will bring further epidemic disaster, about which I for my part do not have any knowledge yet, because I do not inform myself directly, but only incidentally and also only sporadically.

Billy I know that, but thanks for what you were able to explain, Florena. Also I know from Ptaah among other things that many things were, are and will continue to be more than just dishonest and also connected with fraud. Ptaah also explained that besides the occurrence of many vaccination deaths also many people will suffer health-impairing long-term damages and vaccination late damages by the vaccinations, how however vaccinated persons can be attacked nevertheless by the epidemic, what then however in special cases also by tests no more can be determined, because the epidemic holds itself only impulsively in the organism, what however with earthly-medical possibilities is not ascertainable. Therefore, he explained, such corona impulse sufferers could continue to infect other persons without knowing themselves that they were corona impulse carriers and thus infecting. And furthermore, he explained, those infected with corona impulses could then infect other persons, etc., whereby the consequences would not necessarily be corona symptoms again, but a wide variety of other ailments and diseases, up to and including infirmity.

Bermunda Ptaah also explained – and as a specialist he has been very busy with everything and has done his own research – that the epidemic will grow up and down, new mutations will combine with others and thus new forms will be formed. He also explained that the Corona virus has a sneakiness that can manifest itself in such a way that the virus appears to be retreating, only to suddenly break out again in greater numbers and spread vehemently once more, which is why a drop in infections and deaths could possibly only be a warning sign of a new outbreak. Also, our scientists explained that the corona virus remains perennial and can become active again even after millennia as new mutations.

Billy This is what Sfath has already told me, and everything that you have said corresponds to what has happened so far and is still given in this way. Besides, we, Sfath and I, have observed by our future views that on the one hand the Corona virus, which has already developed more than 3 months ago in India, was recognized as a new mutation only too late, after it has already claimed many victims, consequently no measures exactly aimed at it could be taken and carried out. And the measures, which were and are taken too late against the new variety of the Corona virus spreading in India, are absolutely negligent-useless against this variety infecting more easily than other mutations, whereby now daily hundreds of thousands of infected humans and likewise thousands of death victims will have to deplore. This Indian mutation, which has already been introduced into Europe due to the incompetence and stupidity of the rulers, will also change the situation negatively again. The incapacity of the authorities to assess and recognize the situation, as well as to take all necessary protective measures, has been so careless, insufficient, foolish and detrimental to the health safety of the peoples since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, that there was no chance whatsoever, to stop the evil before it could have become a plague.

The Indian mutation will again create new infectious conditions, which will lead to further problems, as will the now emerging too early openings and loosenings of the otherwise already irresponsible-insufficient security-protection-measures. The irresponsibility and stupidity of those in charge of all authorities are already beginning to relax their otherwise already very inadequate arrangements and measures much too quickly, which, however, in a certain time can take revenge in one way or another in the future, although I have no knowledge of this and am not yet informed what will actually result from these premature relaxations.

Florena What has resulted concerning the Indian mutation, so in this respect a permanent control of the corona outgrowths would have been necessary, which was however just as not the case, as it is also not today and it will however also not result tomorrow and the day after tomorrow etc. and will therefore still claim many victims. Such a control and also the ordering of the necessary precautions etc. would have been the task of the WHO, which is responsible for this on earth, but which has failed in every respect in this case as well as in total directly related to the Corona plague in a worldwide way. Thus, this epidemic could spread as a pandemic and – according to our very precise counts – claim 9.65 million human lives, of which official earthly statistics show only 3.4 million. This, while estimates of earthly scientists thus assume nearly 6 million less dead than the 9.65 million, which we counted very exactly.

The reason for these wrong estimations is that the statisticians lack all possibilities for the exact clarification and counting of all corona deaths and corona events. By the lack of these possibilities for the investigation of the effective facts, however, inconsistent numbers as well as hypotheses are brought up and presented to the earth humanity as facts, what corresponds, however, to a fraud and lie work. In this regard, a fraud and a work of lies by the WHO will arise again – as already, as I know, also mentioned by Ptaah as well as elsewhere several times -, because as a further consequence, a bogus research for the alleged origin of the Corona plague has started again, whereby new allegedly scientific investigations, etc., are supposed to prove the origin of the Corona plague in China. And as we have learned through our observations, clarifications and overheard secret conversations, bats have already been determined as the alleged cause of the Corona plague by a few certain participants of this investigation commission, although the alleged researches will not bring any corresponding proofs for it, because the persons infected with the virus from the secret laboratory have already died of the plague a few weeks after the spreading of the virus. And that by this spreading of the virus also mammals, as also bats, came with it into contact, that I have already explained, as also that this has resulted sporadically also into other countries.

Through the work of lies and deception, which is already coming as a decided thing, the whole of that is to be prevented, which has arisen as effective origin emergence of the Corona virus in the 1970s between Mao Tse-tung and the American, who had grown up in hatred against America … whereby the virus was bred in secret laboratories and then released by carelessness. So, in a short time, a new lie and deception work will be put into the world by the WHO and fraudulently presented to the peoples, if again pro forma the origin of the Corona plague is to be found out, whereby, however, already, as said, for quite some time it is considered to determine bats as originators of the plague, which as mammals were partly also attacked by the Corona virus. This, when in a secret laboratory by a carelessness the virus infected laboratory workers and these carried it outward. Not only humans were infected by the Corona virus, but also various bats. And since bats are the only mammals on Earth capable of active flight, the search was also spread to other mammals and living organisms, but this has not yet had any widespread consequences that would have made the whole thing known. But this has not been limited to China, because the whole thing of the spread of the disease has spread out into the world, through infected people, who traveled around in spite of the Corona disease and carried the virus to various other countries, consequently also in other countries individual bats and other mammal genera were infected by the Corona virus. Although this has occurred in very few cases in the wild, it has already occurred several times in private animal husbandry and in show animal facilities.

As we already know since ever by our observations and clarifications etc., the earthly peoples are misled by authorities, statisticians, authorities as well as by secret services and politicians etc. with fraud data and lies – which are presented as alleged scientific facts. This, while effective factual data and important enlightening information are concealed and hidden from the peoples, as this is also the case with regard to many political secret negotiations, autocratic decisions and secret resolutions, which are often hostile to the people and the state and degenerate to the damage of national populations and state constitutions, but as in this way such machinations also lead to acts of war and terror against other countries and peoples – what with us Plejaren absolutely would be impossible. And these facts have nothing to do with the widespread pathologically insane delusions of the so-called conspiracy theories spread on earth since time immemorial.

Billy Conspiracy theories, there you speak something which cannot be more idiotic, however since time immemorial large groupings earthlings by delusions makes crazy. These conspiracy idiocies have come up big by religious-sectarian delusions, as e.g. with epidemics, where the God delusion believers in their faith delusion considered the whole as punishment of God for their disobedience against him and therefore chastised themselves, not rarely up to the suicide. The whole thing was still driven forward by priests and Pfaffen as well as by crazy sect fanatics, as I could observe with Sfath.

But as far as those fellows of the WHO are concerned, whom you have addressed concerning new alleged researches, they are only loudmouthed and lead a useless and very expensive organization, whose operators earn horrendous salaries, as it is also the case with the majority of all rulers. But let’s leave that, because talking is useless, and besides, one is viciously denigrated by the stupid people of the population, who stick to the rulers and believe all their lies, but also by the authorities and ‘people watchers’ as a troublemaker and is registered as antisocial in fiches, as I know from my own experience, but also from police reports and state archives records, etc., which I have requested and received. But now something else, and that is this: In the case of infections by the Corona virus, is it possible that the vaccines, which have not yet been tested to a large extent, and the vaccinations carried out with them, depend on the prevailing state of the immune system with regard to their effect?

Florena Yes, that is true, I know all that. But what I wanted to mention concerning the conspiracy theories, it will be so that on the one hand the whole of the truth cannot be fathomed, because for this the whole technical instruments are missing due to all necessary development possibilities and therefore do not exist yet, on the other hand everything will be concealed, or, what could become very probable, will be brought up as a conspiracy theory. The reason for this could then be that America is to be protected from all blame and also to remain as a large financing force for the WHO. But how do you arrive at your question?

Billy That will probably be as you say. On the one hand it is so that morbidly stupid people invent conspiracy theories, or such kind of crazy theories arise unintentionally by some circumstances, while however also effective truths are quite consciously built up and spread as conspiracy theories, not only by private persons, but also by authorities, governments and organizations etc.. This as e.g. concerning the faked alleged first moon landing of the USA, which was fabricated during the ‘Cold War’, in order to get one over on the Soviet Union and to make fear. And if it comes u.U. to it with the origin of the Corona plague, then it will be to absolve the USA of any guilt, although it is an act of revenge of the American … … … in the collaboration of Mao Tse-tung, because the hatred of … … … was directed against the American people and he wanted to punish them, although this … …, but it doesn’t matter.

But my question: Sometimes thoughts and questions just come up in me, like just now, when I remember that already Sfath and recently also Ptaah said that we should continue to exercise extreme caution and wear respirators and keep the necessary distance to the fellow human beings, when the epidemic recedes, because an easing of an epidemic wave is no guarantee neither for its end, nor for a greater safety. Besides, I know from the time with Sfath that what is happening at present with the somewhat subsiding Corona epidemic is not simply due to better protective measures and their observance by the sensible among the people, but largely due to the climatic condition of the emerging spring, as Sfath explained at that time. This however lets u.U. with a further climatic influence the epidemic rise again. This however possibly also differently than by the epidemic itself, as by other sufferings and illnesses, which arise from the epidemic by impulse triggers or by transformation consequences, as Sfath explained. Possibly, however, sufferings and illnesses could also arise that insidiously develop from unrecognizable viral infections. And further, the corona plague leads in many people – I recall what Sfath explained at the time – not only to death, but also to severe long-term health damage that cannot be cured. This is also the case with regard to the respiratory problems caused by the epidemic, which very often lead to death and cost many human lives, as it is also the case with regard to various long-term brain diseases, which cause serious problems during life or often lead to death. I also know from Sfath that virologists, physicians and epidemiologists as well as health institutions conceal a lot of important information for the population, e.g. that the corona virus proteins strongly attack the signals of the immune system and manipulate it in such a way that it fails.

Consequently, it is necessary – as I have already learned from the teachings of Sfath – to do everything necessary for the immune system to maintain its extremely vital total body-organic function, which in particular is reasonably to be done by man consciously in such a way that the immune system is supplied with additional strengthening vital substances as needed.

Vital substances correspond to different nutrients, which the body organism inevitably needs for its function, but which it cannot produce itself, consequently these nutrients have to be supplied to it through food. If, however, the vital substances contained in the food are not sufficient to maintain the health of the body organism, then such nutrients must be supplied to it separately. This can easily be done by purchasing sufficient food supplements available in the open market and supplying them to the body organism as – as the term explains – food supplements, and this in complete defiance of all stupid and impudent naysayers and know-it-alls etc., including certain doctors etc., who claim to deny the truth that such vital substances are vital for many people and their immune system function and health.

That often doctors etc. deny the fact of an additional necessary application of vital substances, for this not rarely the stupidly impudent reason can be found that this is not necessary, because the food contains enough of these substances. However, the fact that the private purchase and use of vital substances and dietary supplements by patients disadvantages doctors etc. in such a way that they have to restrict the sale of their chemical drugs and expensive vital substances to their patients is not mentioned. This on the one hand, while on the other hand ‘good patients’ become healthier or simply stay healthy, consequently they do not need a doctor and they can claim much less fees. However, this fact is vehemently denied – which should be logical.

To strengthen the immune system, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in particular are of indispensable necessity, which can be purchased in the open market. However, special attention should be paid to a good, clean and valuable quality, which is usually only given by state-tested products and therefore only available in specialized stores, such as drugstores, pharmacies as well as in state-approved legally binding specialized stores.

In particular, the following vitamins, minerals and trace elements are important for the development, proper functioning and maintenance of a functioning immune system:

  1. vitamin A
  2. B vitamins
  3. vitamin C
  4. vitamin D
  5. zinc
  6. copper
  7. selenium and iron

The immune system is innate to the human being as an organic protective factor against harmful bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms, pollutants and viruses. When the body organism is attacked by such intruders, it immediately reacts to them and acts defensively against them. This means that no illnesses or diseases can be caused by the invaders, so that the immune system defends itself against them, making the invading pathogens harmless. The permanently vigilant defense capability of the immune system is fundamentally and comprehensively oriented to the maintenance of the health of the entire human body organism, whereby it is constantly ensured that all pathogens and disease-causing agents constantly acting on the human organism from the environment are not only combated when they penetrate the organism, but also protect the organism from being penetrated by the pathogens to which the body is constantly exposed.

How the immune system and everything else works, so I still remember in some things what Sfath explained about it, to which I – because someone had recently asked me for relevant information and explanations – have therefore a few days ago also read up on it on the Internet and reworked, as well as to be up to date again with my knowledge in this regard, which is why I can now also explain some things about it. Therefore I can now say and explain the following:

The immune system protects the body and the various organs, cell types and proteins from pathogens and from pathogenic cell changes, and thus of course from all attackers and harmful substances etc., whereby it does not make itself noticeable, but simply functions silently and smoothly and keeps the body’s own defenses under control. The immune system fails, however, when it is weakened or can no longer do anything against particularly aggressive pathogens, consequently the body then becomes ill. This can explicitly be the case when a pathogen is still unknown to the immune system. Without this system, the body in its inner organism would be exposed to harmful influences from the environment just as defenselessly as the entire body exterior, whose main task is to protect it by the body’s own defensive measures against pathogens and injuries, and additionally by clothing, etc. The body’s own immune system must be able to protect the body from the effects of pathogens and injuries. Basically, however, the human being himself has to be concerned to strive intellectually and rationally to keep his immune system healthy by internal and external measures etc. and thus to protect himself from suffering, diseases, injuries and body, organ and also psychic damages etc. and to make harmless everything that can affect his health system in any negative way. In the first place, man himself, through his in tellectum, his intellect and his reason, must be anxious to recognize everything harmful and to keep it away from his body and from the whole internal and external organism, or, if he is afflicted by harmful agents, he must remove them from the body or neutralize them, which may be necessary, as a rule, by means of a professionally correct medicinal treatment. This is the case when microbes, bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses and toxic pollutants as pathogens cause ailments or diseases that require specialist treatment throughout. This is the case when the following pathogens occur, for example:

  1. microbes or microorganisms: fungi, e.g. molds, filamentous fungi, sprout fungi
  2. viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis and noroviruses
  3. bacteria, such as staphylococci, enterobacteria, pseudomonads, salmonellae
  4. parasites, such as helminths or worms, amoebae, lambliae
  5. pollutants of any kind from the environment, like poisons of any kind
  6. bodily injuries, caused by accidents and other factors.

Microbes are tiny living beings, too small to be seen with the naked eye, but which surround the entire human body, but are also found in the air, in water, in the earth and practically on and in everything and everyone that exists. The human body alone is inhabited by millions and millions of these tiny microorganisms or microbes. Some of them are pathogens, while others are absolutely vital for the health and existence of man. If we look at the most common of these microbes, the first ones to be mentioned are the fungi and viruses, while there is also another group, which are microorganisms that cause diseases, such as malaria and toxoplasmosis. What remains to be said in relation to individual pathogens is the following:

Bacteria/bacilli. Bacteria are unicellular organisms, some of which need oxygen to survive, while others can do without it, some tolerate heat, while others prefer to live in a cold environment. These are unicellular spore-forming rod-shaped organisms. Bacteria can produce their own offspring and have a metabolism. They are unicellular organisms without a cell nucleus. Everything that bacteria need to live and reproduce is located in their cells.

Bacteria are also needed, among other things, to produce certain foods, such as yogurt, sauerkraut or cheese.

Bacteria have their special name because of their rod shape. Bacilli are generally equated with bacteria and with pathogens. From a technical point of view, bacilli are also equated with bacteria, although bacilli correspond to a subform of several genera, including cocci or nucleus or sphere bacteria. All in all, they are found in many parts of the human body, whereby many, as already mentioned, are benign and useful and even vital for the human organism, others, however, are harmful. The latter must be contained, especially in the oral cavity, through regular and proper oral and dental hygiene, because in the oral and dental cavity – especially in the case of dental decay – new dangerous pathogens are constantly forming and multiplying, which can lead to fatal consequences. If the whole is considered, then it is recognized that in principle the fight against bacilli etc. must be led lifelong.

Microbes/microorganisms are tiny living beings, much too small to be seen with the naked eye, as already explained.

Viruses are not living beings in the true sense of the word, but only simple organic structures that have no metabolism of their own, but which invade healthy cells of the human organism (as they do in animals, vertebrates and other forms of life) and thereby cause suffering and disease.

Therefore, they are not living organisms, but rather consist of one or more molecules enclosed in a protein shell containing genetic information needed by the viruses to reproduce.

Many viruses are responsible for many ailments and diseases, while others are harmless to humans or cause only a troublesome cold and other insignificant health-related harmless phenomena, while others, however, can unrestrainedly cause serious or even life-threatening diseases, such as. These include Corona disease, AIDS, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, Japanese encephalitis, human papillomavirus, hepatitis, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, rabies, severe diarrhea caused by rotavirus, rubella, varicella, and yellow fever.

Viruses invade healthy cells and replicate from there. Without such a host cell, a virus cannot replicate. Not all viruses are such that they cause symptoms, and in many cases it is even the case that the body can fight the invaders so successfully that no outbreaks of disease occur, as is the case, for example, with lip herpes, which is very widespread among many people. Thus, cold sores are triggered by viruses that are located in certain nerve cells and lead to cold sores in some people when the immune system is overstrained.

It is relatively difficult to fight viruses with drugs because they are not life forms, but only lifeless organic structures that have no metabolism and therefore no nutritional process and therefore cannot absorb and digest any drug substances. However, vaccinations can ‘train’ the body’s defenses and thus make the body less sensitive to the pathogens.

Fungi are very widespread and also adapted to many different habitats, including the household and living areas of people, where in this regard are probably the best known molds of all kinds. However, fungi also occur naturally in some species on the skin or in the body of humans, whereby they can also cause ailments and diseases or mycoses, which often appear as foot and nail fungi.

Fungi can also cause severe infections and even pneumonia in humans, as well as inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Fungi in humans are not harmless and can also be carried and transmitted to other people, especially when sexual organs are infected by fungus and sexual acts are nevertheless performed.

Fungi that affect body organs can be easily cured, but if complications occur, they can become life-threatening.

Fungi can also be useful, because plant fungi of certain varieties are edible and therefore serve as food for humans, as various fungi for him but also have helpful properties, such as a mold from which the antibiotic penicillin can be obtained.

But again back to the immune system, because in addition it is to be said still that particularly in the cold season temperature fluctuations and by heatings produced dry air fast for the fact provide that the body-gene immune defenses become unsteady, whereby humans become more susceptible for colds as well as flu infections, consequently an effectively healthy immune system is of special importance, because alone this protects humans against diseases. The task of the immune system is then always it:

1. distinguishes its own components from foreign invaders and then fights these strangers in order to eliminate them as harmful invaders, pollutants and toxic substances, etc.

2. The immune system is – simply explained – the defense system of the body itself and of the entire internal body organism. It ensures that pathogenic microorganisms of all harmful kinds, such as bacteria and viruses, fungi, germs and parasites, etc., which enter the body organism, are fought and prevented from causing an infection. However, the immune system is not an independent organ, but is made up of numerous components, including organs such as the skin, the spleen and the entire intestine, with the large intestine fulfills a very important task. Together with other endogenous systems, these organs protect the entire organism from suffering, disease and infirmity.

The immune system is man’s innate protection against harmful viruses, bacteria and pollutants of all kinds that can make him ill, and therefore it is of particular importance and significance for him to always keep his immune system fully functional so that he can rely on it every day and all the time and thus ensure his health.

Vital substances correspond to substances foreign to the body and substances by which all organs involved in maintaining health and building up the immune system are activated when the substances are supplied to them. The proteins on the surface of fungi and viruses also belong to these substances. When these dock onto special defense cells, a whole series of cellular processes are triggered and set in motion. After an initial contact with a pathogen, the corresponding information emanating from the pathogen is usually stored. If a new contact of the same kind occurs, the stored information is immediately retrieved, and the attacked immune system is activated more quickly to defend itself and fight the pathogen.

3. The immune system is man’s innate protection against harmful viruses, bacte- ria and pollutants of all kinds that can make him ill, and therefore it is of particular importance and significance for him to keep his immune system always fully in function, so that he can rely on it every day and all the time and thus ensure his health.

What else has to be considered in order to maintain the immune system, to keep it healthy and strong, for this it is important to make sure that the whole body is always given enough exercise and enough sleep, just as the whole respiratory system, deep into the lungs, needs fresh, healthy and oxygenated breathing air.

What is particularly harmful and greatly impairs the effectiveness and strength of the immune system and makes people prone to suffering and disease are the following factors:

Smoking should be refrained from, because it is – as is generally known – very harmful to health, especially with regard to the lungs, although it is little or not at all known that the immune system also suffers greatly, is impaired and weakened.

Alcohol also has an adverse effect on the immune system, therefore – if alcohol has to be consumed – it should only be consumed in moderation.

Drugs of chemical nature (possibly also natural) can be harmful to health, even if they are prescribed by a doctor and are capable of recovery and therefore curative or are considered almost harmless – especially the painkillers that are usually ready to hand for every little ache without hesitation.

Pain tablets/powder, etc., contain harmful toxins etc., which dock as pain messengers to the pain receptors of the nerve endings in the tissue and not only inhibit the sensation of pain, but also have a negative weakening effect on the entire immune system. This is because the pain-relieving substances effectively correspond to dangerous poisons, such as Paracetamol, Naproxen and Diclofenac.

Paracetamol/Naproxen = stomach ulcers; Diclofenac = heart attacks, contain toxins and are hazardous to health. Paracetamol is contained in most painkillers, and an overdose can be fatal, but normal use alone can lead to severe liver failure. In addition, any analgesic containing paracetamol greatly increases the risk of heart attack, stomach ulcer and stroke. Kidney damage and internal bleeding in the digestive tract can also result, just as the skin can be attacked by paracetamol. In the worst cases, fatal consequences result.

Paracetamol also causes liver damage by breaking the connections between liver cells. If these are destroyed, then the structure of the liver tissue is also damaged, whereby the cells can no longer function properly and these also eventually perish. An overdose of paracetamol can be fatal. Taking painkillers – with Paracetamol, or possibly without – can lead to liver failure.

Furthermore, the risk of heart attack, stomach ulcer and stroke etc. is greatly increased by painkillers of all kinds, as already explained by Sfath. This, while also by earthly-scientific researches it was determined that by altogether all pain killers, which contain Paracetamol, malicious side effects develop, like the following, which I copied here as list from the Internet, whereby other pain medicine additions and their active substances in my opinion similar side effects time:

  1. increase of liver enzymes (serum transaminases),
  2. reduction of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia),
  3. decrease in white blood cells (agranulocytosis),
  4. allergic reactions (skin rash/hives),
  5. shock reaction,
  6. narrowing of the airways (analgesic asthma).

In addition it is to be probably still said – which is not mentioned however – that completely particularly humans are health-endangered by pain means side effects, possibly life-threatening, which have to fight with predominance and/or Fettleibigkeit, alcoholics are or from a bad nutrition suffer. If painkillers are taken too often or in excess, it can lead to severe liver poisoning as well as other liver damage, etc., especially with problems such as overweight or obesity, frequent alcohol consumption, poor diet as well as drug use.

That’s the basic thing I had to say regarding this subject matter, and also from the point of view that maybe later on some people will be able to use some of it when they read our report of the conversation, which I will indeed retrieve and write down, and which will then also be posted on our FIGU website.

Note: The following 3 articles were sent to Billy only after the contact talk with Florena and Bermunda, but Florena has taken note of them and agrees that they are also published here. Permission to publish them has been granted.



Mother asks: my daughter’s death – collateral damage?

By Susanne Ausic, April 6, 2021; Updated: April 6, 2021 9:00 a.m.

“Life is limited, but memory is infinite” reads a funeral notice for Dana Ottmann, who died at 32. The drama behind that ad is hard to put into words.

COVID-19 vaccination as a way out of the pandemic. Many people are eagerly waiting for it, others are skeptical.

When Petra Ottmann hears SPD politician Karl Lauterbach talk on the talk show ‘Hart, aber fair’ on March 15 about the fact that a few people might die from the vaccination and that this has to be accepted for the success of the vaccination, she sits in front of the television ‘completely stunned’. Just a week earlier, her daughter died after the first AstraZeneca vaccination. Whether she is indeed one of the collate- ral damage is currently being investigated. The investigation is ongoing. “Behind held hand the physician says, one can probably assume that the death of her daughter was a vaccination damage,” it says in this regard in a ‘world’ report.

On February 25, 32-year-old Dana Ottmann received her first COVID-19 vaccination with AstraZeneca’s vaccine because she was working as a psychologist in a rehabilitation clinic. The very next day, a severe headache set in. This was not unusual, recalls her mother Petra Ottmann, because her daughter had suffered from migraines since childhood. She was treated by a neurologist and also took medication regularly. At the vaccination center, she had declared this as a pre-existing condition, but was admitted for vaccination.

After the vaccination, the young woman’s medication does not work. She vomits, lies in bed and can hardly turn her head. Dana Ottmann spends her vacation week after the vaccination in bed and is cared for by her mother. The two do not think that the complaints could be due to the vaccination.

“The suspicion that vaccinated people could develop side effects, which in the worst case could be fatal, is hardly an issue in Germany at this time,” the ‘Welt’ article states.When, at the end of her vacation, it is clear that the 32-year-old will not be able to return to work as originally planned, an appointment is made with her family doctor for the next day on March 8. Petra Ottmann leaves her daughter that day with a ‘queasy feeling’.

On March 9, the young woman does not respond to her mother’s inquiry about how she is doing – silence on Whatsapp and she does not answer the phone either. Worried, Petra Ottmann sets off to visit her daughter. She uses her spare key to gain access to the apartment, where she finds her daughter on the floor in the bathroom – her eyes closed, her face darkened, her body stiff. The paramedics can only conclude that she is dead.

An autopsy reveals that the cause of death was a massive brain hemorrhage. Tissue samples sent to the Greifswald University Hospital are to provide more detailed information on how this happened. The mother wants clarity. Her daughter had neither smoked nor taken birth control pills, which are thought to pose a risk of thrombosis.

In a conversation with her daughter’s neurologist, he ruled out the possibility that the migraine medications (triptan, Emgality and metoprolol) could have triggered the brain hemorrhage. Other migraine experts and the manufacturer of one of the medications also agreed that the drugs do not pose an increased risk of bleeding.

AstraZeneca suspension, new recommendation and new name

One week after the death of the 32-year-old, vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine were temporarily suspended in Germany. In the meantime, the Standing Commission on Vaccination has changed its recommendation to the effect that only people over the age of 60 can be vaccinated with the vaccine. Those who have already received a first vaccine dose from AstraZeneca should be vaccinated with the vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna after twelve weeks.

BioNTech, however, states, “There are no data on the interchangeability of the vaccine with other COVID-19 vaccines to complete the vaccination series. Individuals who have received a first dose should receive a second dose of the (same) vaccine to complete the vaccination series.

The AstraZeneca vaccine will be circulated under the name ‘Vaxzevria’ in the future. “The change to a permanent brand name is common and has been planned for many months,’ the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said.

Source: a3486015

57 Scientists and doctors are calling for

An immediate halt to all vaccinations against COVID-19.

May 16, 2021 1:52 pm; Source: © Morris Mac Matzen

A group of 57 health research experts has called for an immediate halt to all vaccinations worldwide until pressing questions about the side effects of vaccines against the coronavirus are resolved.

Dr. Tanja Kolodzy vaccinates Ingrid Luckner (88) with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine at the senior citizens’ home ‘Hospital zum Heiligen Geist’ in the northern German city of Hamburg on Dec. 27, 2020

A group of 57 leading scientists, physicians and policy experts have published a report questioning the safety and efficacy of current ‘vaccines’ against COVID-19 and calling for an immediate end to all vaccination programs. They include French geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

The experts criticize that the therapeutics used as ‘vaccines’ do not fit the definition of the word vaccine and their use should be more appropriately called ‘gene therapies’ or ‘vaccine vector therapies’.

There are two certainties regarding the global spread of these COVID-19 therapies, according to the study:

The first, he said, is that governments and the vast majority of mainstream media are working hard to ensure that these experimental drugs reach as many people as possible.

The second, he said, is that those who are willing to face that contempt that comes with asking serious questions about vaccines are essential players in the ongoing effort to spread the truth.

An excerpt from the study reads:

“Given the high rate of occurrence of adverse reactions and the broad range of types of adverse reactions reported to date, as well as the potential for vaccine-induced disease amplification, Th2 immunopathology, autoimmunity, and immune evasion, there is a need for a better understanding of the benefits and risks of mass vaccination, particularly among groups excluded from clinical trials. Despite calls for caution, the risks of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 have been downplayed or ignored by health care organizations and government agencies. We argue for the need for pluralistic dialogue in health policy.”

On the possible links between vaccinations and deaths, the scientists say:

“It is worth considering that vaccine-induced spike synthesis could cause clinical signs of severe CO- VID-19 infection and be incorrectly counted as new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. If this is the case, the true negative impact of the current global vaccination strategy may never be recognized unless studies specifically investigate the- issue. There is already non-causal evidence of a temporary or sustained increase in deaths from COVID-19 after vaccination in some countries. Given the pathogenicity of the spike protein, these deaths need to be studied in detail to determine if they are related to vaccination. No studies have been conducted to examine the duration of spike production in humans after vaccination.”

The document was prepared by nearly sixty physicians, scientists and public policy experts from around the world. They are calling for the study to be sent to policy leaders and anyone involved in the production and distribution of the various COVID-19 vaccines in circulation.

The study can be read in French on the online platform FranceSoir.


“Where have all the rebels gone?”
Eric Clapton on his ‘disastrous experience’ with the Corona vaccine
May 18, 2021 9:32 pm; Source: AFP © Kevin Winter

He too is among the ranks of notable ‘Corona skeptics’: Eric Clapton. A few days ago, the famous guitarist once again caused a stir: In a now published interview Clapton reports among other things about the serious side effects of his Corona vaccination.

 British guitarist, singer and songwriter Eric Clapton

As reported, for example, by the US music magazine Rolling Stone recently, the well-known British guitarist Eric Clapton had recently spoken about his ‘catastrophic’ health experience after receiving a Corona vaccination in a letter to architect and anti-lockdown activist Robin Monotti Graziadei. According to Clapton, ‘the propaganda’ does not adequately inform people about the health risks of the vaccine in question.

Already in December, Clapton is reported to have taken a position on the Corona measures and various lockdowns through a joint song (‘Stand and Deliver’) with Northern Irish musician, singer and composer Van Morrison. According to his letter to Moretti, the famous guitarist then received the first of two doses of Corona vaccine from British-Swedish manufacturer AstraZeneca. With Clapton’s permission, Graziadei published the contents of the letter on Telegram.

“In February of this year, before I learned about the nature of vaccines (and at 76 with ephecyma), I was in the vanguard. I took the first dose of AZ and directly felt serious (health) reactions that lasted ten days.”

Eventually, he said, he recovered and was told it would be twelve weeks before the second dose. Just six weeks later, Clapton continues, he received the second dose of the vaccine. By that time, however, he had become somewhat better informed about the corresponding health risks.

“Needless to say, the (health) consequences were catastrophic. My hands and feet were either (like) frozen, numb or burning and were pretty much useless for two weeks.” He feared, the now 76-year-old continues, ‘never being able to play again.’ He suffers from periphe- ric neuropathy (the terms ‘peripheral neuropathy’ and ‘polyneuropathy’ encompass a large spectrum of diseases affecting the peripheral nerves) and ‘should never have been allowed near the needle.’

“But the propaganda told us the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

In his letter, Clapton also discusses personalities with whom he has crossed paths recently. Among them, he said, was British politician Desmond Swayne. He also uses the YouTube video channel to keep himself informed, he said. He will ‘continue to take the path of passive rebellion’ and try to take care of his family first and foremost, he said.

“However, it is difficult to bite my tongue with the knowledge I have now.”

In this context, the British singer and guitarist also talks about the encounter with Morrison. This, he says, was the moment when he ‘found his voice again’. In his writing, Clapton continues:

“I recorded ‘Stand and Deliver’ in 2020 and was immediately met with scorn and derision.”

In his letter, Clapton also talks about a new collaboration with Morrison for the song ‘Where are all the rebels gone’. The blues guitarist quotes from the song, “Hiding behind their computer screens, where’s the spirit, where is the soul, where have all the rebels gone?”

He has been a rebel all his life ‘against tyranny and arrogant authority like we have now,’ Clapton said.

“But I also crave community, compassion and love, and I find that here …. I think with those qualities, we can hold our own in the end.”

Most recently, a group of 57 leading scientists, physicians and policy experts released a report questioning the safety and effectiveness of current COVID-19 vaccines and calling for an immediate end to all vaccination programs. They include French geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude.

The experts criticize that the therapeutics used as ‘vaccines’ do not meet the definition of the word vaccine and their use should more appropriately be called ‘gene therapies’ or ‘vaccine vector therapies’.



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Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

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Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
May 31, 2021 11:18 pm

From the above, fungus was mentioned and its not a pretty sight,

6 Indian states declare Covid-linked ‘black fungus’ an epidemic as death toll rises

And later Covid patient with 3 types of fungus — black, white & rare yellow — dies in India

As the minority know, this is from the doctors mouth.

I’m a doctor, but Covid’s broken my faith in medical research. I can’t believe anything I read or accept any mainstream facts

I pity any vaccine injected into certain politicians, as I am not certain it would survive.

Well…… Boris has got nerd immunity.

Be aware and take care


Shiva Balu
Shiva Balu
Blog Member
Reply to  Al Jedd
June 5, 2021 9:10 am

Recently ,a close friend of mine got the virus after attending a wedding. Within 4 days he had temp of 102 and Oxygen level was at 92%. The hospital he got admitted to started with 500mg of steroid! After 3 days the oxygen level came to 97%..Steroid level was gradually brought down .Since steroids increase blood sugar levels erratically ,the hospital nanaged this with insulin with constant monitoring.
Steroids are now being given indiscriminately as life saving drug and in diabetics sugar levels can reach a dangerous high.The black mould and yellow mould which are reported are not a problem by themselves but because of high sugar levels induced by steroids for treatment of corona virus.
Also my friend is a college professor with whom I had discussed Billy’s material several times. He always ridiculed or just brushed it away. Now he is bent on getting vaccinated within next 3 months. Well.. what can one think
except fate is powerful.

Brigitte de Roch
Brigitte de Roch
Blog Member
June 1, 2021 10:40 pm

In Peru “the death toll from March 1, 2020 to May 22, 2021 had been revised up to 180,764. The previous figure as of Sunday was 69,342, which is 2.6 times lower than the revised total.

Even if these numbers are adjusted, I bet they are still incorrect.