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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Another COVID Vaccine Prediction from Billy Meier Corroborated

Protecting oneself from the cynical, poison-spreading pandemic profiteers as necessary as from the disease itself   



Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’

‘Terrifying’ new research finds vaccine spike protein unexpectedly in bloodstream. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility.

Already six months ago, Billy Meier published this information from the Plejaren:

“b) Most of the first vaccines remain without beneficial effects and thus do not show any functional positive effects on a further mutated virus. On the other hand, if a mutation affects regions of the genome, it may, for example, release the blueprint for the viral spike protein and allow the virus to enter the human cellular system, thereby altering the ability of the virus to infect.”

(NOTE: Please read the entirety of Contact Report 758 for additional details about the deadly vaccines.)

From a Boy of 10 Years of Age

While Billy Meier’s impeccably accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic, always published before “official sources”, continues to be ruthlessly suppressed by those whose minds are terminally diseased as a consequence of their addiction to impermanent materialism and profit-over-people, please take the time to read the predictions he authored…74 years ago:

The predictions of Eduard Albert Meier, 10 Years Old

To the rulers, authorities, and all other persons in charge of the armies, organizations, as well as to all chiefs, leaders, the pope, all preachers and pastors of all religions and sects, and all people of the world

I am still a boy of 10 years, but I have knowledge of the coming times, which will bring bad and malignant changes on the humanity of the earth, which I predict, write down and spread in the world. This according to clearly recognized events that will happen in the future, because men do not change for the better and degenerate more and more, become more and more indifferent and strangers, greedy for money and sectarian. It must be said in advance that I am not yet fully educated in language and writing, which is why I need the help of my five adult and highly educated friends in order to formulate and write all that I have to say and explain in a foresighted and predictive way according to my own sense. It is also thanks to their help that my predictions have been translated and reproduced in English, Italian and French, as they can now be sent to all countries thanks to their financial efforts. This to all fathers and leaders of all countries in the world, to all editorial offices of well-known important daily newspapers of all countries, to important economic, religious and private organizations, to army leaders, reporters, the pope, well-known journalists as well as to correspondents, reporters, authorities, radio and television stations.

Eduard Meier, Niederflachs 1253, Bülach, June 6, 1947

Everything that will happen on earth in the future, starting from the present time, corresponds to a crime, which is caused by an enormously increasing humanity on earth from now on and is promoted and tolerated completely irresponsibly by all governments, as well as being promoted by the peoples themselves in an erroneous, selfish, unreasoning, as well as stupid and irrational way. The cause of this will be an enormous mass of an overpopulation flooding the whole earth, through whose countless needs an unrestrained disaster will be conjured up and spread planet-wide. Today I am coining the term “overpopulation”, and it will be carried far into the future and will become a catchword that cannot be eliminated from the world by all those who are still rational and sensible.

From now on, the entire earthly humanity, which will overflow very quickly in the future, will promote, as never before, with the participation of all completely irresponsible governments of all countries of the earth, large-scale and extensive destruction on, at and in planet earth. Also in the future there will be destructions and exterminations in the whole millionfold world of all forms of life. Consequently, many genera and species in nature, its fauna and flora, respectively in the entire plant world, animal world and other living beings of the air, forests, meadows, floodplains, fields, gardens and swamps, as well as all mountains, springs, streams, lakes, rivers and seas, the Arctic and Antarctic, deserts and primeval forests etc. will be destroyed, annihilated or exterminated. And this will affect more than 1,400 species during the time from today until the beginning of the 3rd millennium alone, whereby various genera and their species will be completely exterminated. But also in the new millennium, this kind of destruction, extermination and extermination will continue and will find a sad continuation in a few decades with more than 200 further exterminations.

The complete extermination of the most diverse genera and species of birds, mammals, other animals, vital insects, as well as bees, butterflies, wasps, fish and many other forms of life will mean that necessary pollination or fertilization of food plants that are important for humans can no longer take place, so that they remain fruitless, die off over time and die out. Become well Efforts to artificial insemination as well as directly by human hands are being made, but in the long run this will not solve the fertilization problem of vital food plants.

The greatest problem in the procurement of food for the earthly humanity, which is growing in excess, is the procurement of food itself, and consequently more and more food plants have to be cultivated. Through the growth of mankind, more and more necessary and unnecessary needs arise, which increase with every new human being. And these needs, which existed already today and since ancient times, must be fulfilled by hook or crook, not only today, but even more so in the future, because mankind, which will come from now on and overpopulate the earth, will set no more limits for itself in all its wanting needs. And this will in the future degenerate also on the entire life circumstances and thus also on the food supply of the overpopulation becoming powerful, therefore inevitably more and more food will have to be cultivated, harvested again and processed. In addition to this, in a few decades all natural food will no longer be sufficient, but chemical food will have to be produced, which will fill the stomach and satisfy hunger, but will also bring disease and suffering.

The natural cultivation of food can only take place by robbing, plundering, and thereby slowly destroying and annihilating all land, meadows, fields, acres, floodplains, moors, swamps and all waters such as streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and seas, and even the mountains and the planet itself. This, in that in addition everything will be contaminated with all around health-endangering chemical poisons, which will poison not only the food plants, humans and the entire nature and their forms of life as well as the groundwater and all waters, but also the atmosphere. And that will have the consequence that innumerable humans will be affected by heavy sufferings and illnesses, which will spread not rarely epidemic-like in the body, like heavy incurable cancer ulcers, which will become in the future a people suffering.

Apart from the endless increase of the food need in the future just as endlessly more and more articles of need etc. of all kinds must be produced, in order to satisfy on the one hand the greed of the developing excess mass of mankind, and in order to develop on the other hand the industry and economy necessarily developing for it necessarily, by which alone in the future still everything can be ensured.

In the future it will be unavoidable that with the enormously growing excess of mankind the planet, all natural systems, the fauna and flora and also the climate will be destroyed to a large extent, possibly to the edge of a threatening collapse, which however will at least lead to a complete fruitlessness or destruction of large areas of land. Within a short time the earth will be so overpopulated that in the future large areas of the earth will be completely barren due to overexploitation for food and will lead to irresponsibly huge areas of forests and primeval forests being cleared and completely destroyed. These forests and primeval forests basically absorb poisonous heat emissions, thereby protecting the climate from warming and also regulating the moisture content of the atmosphere and thus also rainfall etc. The cleared forests and primeval forests, however, whose fertile soil is only 20-30 centimeters on the surface and is then planted by the farmers etc., leaches out after about two years and becomes useless uncultivable wasteland, unproductive land. It dries up and decays, causing everything to wither, die, wither, yellow, wither away and become completely desolate. And this leads to the fact that the forests and primeval forests are being cleared again and again – over and over again, whereby the climate is inexorably affected and warmed more and more.

Everything that will be cultivated, harvested, processed and sold in the future will soon no longer be able to be done by hard manual work, but only by machine and equipment due to the ever increasing and rapidly growing mass of humanity. And this will soon only be possible by further advanced electronic techniques, which are based on new inventions that are still unthinkable today and will automate all working and processing procedures. For the time being, however, which will be maintained well into the 3rd millennium, much of this still refers to all kinds of motorized working machines of all kinds, which will be used in a wide variety of fields of work for decades to come and into the new millennium. This starts with horticulture, street cleaning, the entire agriculture, road construction, building construction, mining, oil production, coal mining, etc. etc. All of these countless explosion engine machines, running worldwide and partly day and night, which are powered by fuels extracted from petroleum, produce enormous tonnages of exhaust fumes which cause thermal radiation. On the one hand, these are harmful to the health of humans and also to the natural life forms, they burden them and cause many to fall ill. However, the climate is particularly badly affected, which is very serious because of the strong unnatural global warming and the resulting global change, which causes enormous natural disasters. Primeval storms and devastating violent storms, floods, landslides, debris flows and huge forest fires or house fires caused by lightning strikes etc. will be unavoidable worldwide. Everything will bring not only immeasurable financial damage and destruction of human achievements, but also complete destruction of many kinds of values, as well as much misery, distress and grief, when many dead will have to be mourned, for which e.g. only up to the beginning of the 3rd millennium by the climatic change already becoming effective hundreds of thousands humans fall victim to the natural disasters. For this purpose, only a few of those which will surrender this century should be mentioned, such as one in Mexico, which will claim more than 1,900 lives in the coming decade, in 1959, as a result of a hurricane. Eleven years later, in 1970, 342,000 people in East Pakistan will lose their lives in a cyclone, and only two years later, in Persia, some 5,900 people will die in a tremendously unusual snowstorm. China, too, will have to bear much suffering and mourning when a typhoon claims around 167,000 lives in 1975. Then 5 years later, in 1980, in the United States of America, a heat wave with over 42°C will bring death to over 2,400 people. There have been natural catastrophes at all times, but what will happen in the future due to the irresponsible manipulation of the earth’s treasures by the people, which will destroy everything, surpasses everything that has happened so far. The destruction and annihilation of huge parts of the entire nature and its fauna and flora, as well as the rain forests, meadows, fields, meadows, etc. and the waters, such as the 70,000 square kilometers large saltwater aral sea in Central Asia, which determines the climate of Europe, will bring heavy consequences. In a few decades, up to the beginning of the 3rd millennium, the Aral Sea will be subject to prolonged dehydration due to the draining of water, which will also cause the extinction of all fish stocks, such as aland, carp, bream, zander, pike-perch, mairenke, bulatamai barbels and southern nine-spined stickleback etc., along with other life forms existing on, around and in the lake.

The whole of the from now on arising and evil working climate change, which will cause in the future world-wide enormous natural disasters, is based as conclusion of the origin only in the entire world-exuberant mass mankind, by which everything at and in the planet, like also at all natural systems, will be destroyed by the destroying, destructive and exterminating manipulations. Only by the constantly growing mankind the climatic warming takes place, and not only by the aforementioned heat-emissions, but primarily by the mankind’s madness to satisfy innumerable needs of all kinds. In order to satisfy their needs, everything is directed against the continued existence of the natural order, thereby demolishing and eradicating everything by criminal manipulations of the planet, the entire nature and all living things of the fauna and flora, that the once flourishing life on the entire earth planet comes to a standstill just as slowly, as also the climate warms up by mankind’s guilt in such a way that in the future daily somewhere on earth some natural disasters will rage and cause mischief.

In this respect, everything will be exceeded in the coming future times, which has ever been destroyed, annihilated and exterminated since the appearance of men by themselves on earth.

As far as the toxic heat emissions of all working machines are concerned, they will be further increased by various motorized public transportation, by the use of private or business motor vehicles, airplanes, ships, working machines, heating systems, as well as by the burning of fireworks, garbage, waste pits, forests, virgin forests, coal seams, peat fields, overgrown dry areas and other fires of all kinds, by lightning, arson or fire clearing. All of these factors have just as much an effect on the climate as the irresponsible deforestation and burning of the rainforests, which are the actual lungs of the earth and determine the climate of the entire planet, but from now on become more and more inoperative due to the destructive interventions in the forests. This is due to the demands of the exuberant humanity, which wants to have its needs met, but this will only be possible by harassing, destroying and devastatingly affecting the planet earth, all natural systems and nature itself with its fauna and flora as well as the climate. In the future, this will not only be done by the millionfold use of machines and vehicles etc., which are powered by explosion engines, because in order to feed the huge mass of the endlessly growing mass of the earth’s population, millions of tons of pathogenic chemical poisons will be thoughtlessly introduced into the food cultures. And these poisons will also do a great deal to cause damage to nature and its fauna and flora, which will lead to the destruction and extinction of many genera and species of fauna and flora. And this will increase steadily, in proportion to the inexorably increasing mass of humanity. This, as well as all the ever increasing overpopulation, whose desire for the needs of luxury, for travel, pleasure, vices, addictions and other countless things of the wanting to have, but especially the necessary food, will increase. This, however, will be the real reason for the fact that the global warming and from it the enormous natural disasters and all destruction resulting from it can result. This together with the main part of all destructions, annihilations and exterminations, which will be caused by the criminal destructive manipulations of the overflowing humanity, whereby the true reason for all arising evils and catastrophes as well as degenerations of the future is named.

The conclusion of the origin of the future rapidly increasing climate change and all the following very bad natural catastrophes, which will undoubtedly come inevitably and cause enormous destruction, devastation and disaster, as they will also claim many human lives, is not simply based on the heat emissions destroying nature and the climate, but fundamentally on the oversized mass of the earth humanity and their all-destroying manipulations of planet earth, all its natural systems and the fauna and flora. So it is the Excess of terrestrial humanity, which must be addressed by rapidly and radically reducing it, which can only be done through a perennial and worldwide and controlled birth stop and, thereafter, through hard controlled birth control. Planet Earth is ideally designed for a human population of around 529 million, but in excess it cannot cope with more than 2.5 billion people, and terrestrial humanity should prepare itself for this, so that it can live in harmony and peace not only for itself, but also in symbiosis with planet Earth, with all its natural systems, all the natural creatures of the fauna and flora. This, without carrying out any destructive, annihilating or eradicating influences.

It must be said that by cutting down trees in the forests and rainforests, as well as by exterminating other plants, they can no longer absorb heat emissions. Consequently, these poisonous and climate-damaging gases will accumulate in the atmosphere and spread worldwide, which will not only warm up the climate and have a damaging effect on it but will also inevitably lead to natural disasters. Monstrous and all-destroying and all-destroying violent storms, primeval rain, hail and snow storms, sandstorms, as well as the melting of the glaciers and of the South and North Pole and the permafrost will already begin at this time. But in the future, everything will increase and intensify very quickly and with increasing severity, through the witnessing and giving birth of countless new descendants, whereby the excess of humanity will drive up all evil that will from now on attack and dominate the earth and humanity. And this also results from the machinations of the overflowing humanity in consequence of its needs, which have to be fulfilled by exploiting the planet and nature, its fauna and flora and all its systems, whereby, however, the climate and through the entire activities endlessly everything will be destroyed. In particular, heat emissions will be an important factor, but they will be produced by mankind and will push the climate to the brink of collapse. And this will inevitably be done by mankind in the future, because it will be lost due to over-breeding of logical thinking and consequently will fall into stupidity and might get death.

Henceforth, men will more and more fall into indifference, and that against themselves as well as against fellow men, nature, its fauna and flora, all natural systems, and against everything and anything. Fighting and infantile behaviour will spread more and more in the future, in families as well as on the streets, in schools and everywhere else. Especially murder will increase in the families, as well as in a political way, but especially because of the religious hatred of refugees, who have immigrated or smuggled into Europe, who belong to or sympathize with an Arab, but around the world spread criminal and murderous and fanatical terrorist organization. The resulting terrorism, which is spreading and which carries out terrorist attacks on places of worship, believers and unsuspecting passers-by, as well as on security forces and civil servants, etc., will spread great misery and create much misery and suffering through increased assassination and murder. The Union countries of the newly emerging dictatorship in Europe will be particularly affected.

But once again back to planet earth, which will be hollowed out, just as all systems of natural habitats will be extensively robbed, irrevocably destroyed and annihilated, just as many forms of life of many different genera and species of fauna and flora will be completely exterminated and masses of people will be killed by suffering, diseases and epidemics. All habitats are destroyed by the endlessly rising needs and the all-destroying machinations of the rampantly growing terrestrial humanity, which result from it, and also a climatic disaster. The future will bring a worldwide atmospheric pollution and atmospheric poisoning by poisonous substances of all kinds, such as vehicle exhaust fumes, huge forest and landscape fires, by heat emissions of all kinds, etc., as well as a global warming and climate destruction, as well as a climate shift on all continents, combined with a melting of the poles and all glaciers and permafrost, whereby dangerous earth methane gases will be released everywhere, as well as in the seabed, because the temperatures of the oceans are rising as well as those of the climate.

Everything will be tolerated worldwide by all governments and by all peoples, as well as the fact that in Europe a Union dictatorship will come into being, to which many countries of Europe will fall under and will be gradually bailiffed by this dictatorship, as well as the fact that lying and treacherous governments and parties falling under the spell of stupidity or their members will try to betray neutral Switzerland – their own home country – to this dictatorship. Against this enormously treacherous request, which will incomprehensibly not be punished by law, only a people’s party, which was founded in 1971, will openly resist, while other parties will hide away completely or halfway cowardly. The fact will remain, however, that Switzerland, with its highly praised neutrality and freedom, will be forced and bartered into this emerging Union dictatorship by traitorous elements as a result of sheer stupidity and greed for money.

As a result of economic disruption and disregard for neutrality, Switzerland will unfortunately become guilty of war and murder in foreign countries. The weapons industry will sell war and murder material, weapons, guns and special small aircraft all over the world, leading to uprisings, civil wars, terror and wars, thereby murdering masses of people and causing enormous destruction! The whole thing corresponds to nothing else but an unparalleled unscrupulousness controlled by greed, which was already before the beginning and during the last two world wars, and will continue to be operated by various companies and corporations in Switzerland out of selfish greed. This, as well as war material manufacturers in the United States of America did and will continue to do with the knowledge of the government, whereby in the future especially Germany and Switzerland will also be criminalized. Switzerland already supplied war material to the NAZI regime and at the same time to the equally criminal Americans, who have always sought to subjugate many states in a world domination addiction and will therefore from now on do everything possible to promote strife, rebellion, war, terror and ruin all over the world, in order to then invade the foreign states and bind them to themselves – under the guise of providing assistance. Also, from the beginning of the third millennium, Switzerland’s neutrality will be disregarded and broken by a so-called popular decree, which will only be a short one, by carrying out military “peacekeeping operations” in foreign countries under the cloak of “peacekeeping missions ” with small arms and long guns as well as with machine guns, to which tanks and helicopters etc. will be added. These armed “peace-missionists”, or Swiss army members, are to defend themselves with their weapons if it proves necessary and thus do nothing else but kill people in foreign countries in the name of Swiss neutrality. After the criminal atomic bombs dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the United States of America is striving to become the largest nuclear power, but soon Russia, China and other states will also have deadly, destructive and all-destroying nuclear wafers and power plants that contaminate large areas. Until well into the 3rd millennium, a dangerous nuclear threat will dominate the world, spreading fear and several times during a “cold peacetime” conjuring up the danger of nuclear war, which can be happily avoided for the next 75 years by “incidences”.

America will try to become the ruler of the world, as it has done since time immemorial, through military interventions in foreign countries, and this will continue undiminished in the new millennium. In the new millennium, however, China will also strive to expand equally worldwide and to seize power. In the coming decades China will buy up huge areas of land worldwide in order to grow food for its people, who are expanding by billions, just as it will strive to reach for Hong Kong and Taiwan again in the new millennium. At the same time, the powerful Americans with their military will not rest, however, to continue to create a lot of disaster on earth, because they will continue to make themselves “indispensable” all over the world by military interventions in many countries with evil weapons.

In the second decade of the new millennium, the United States of America will enter an epoch of chaotic rule by a mad and unscrupulous President, who will bring himself to power through unfair vote buying, as well as through secret threats, lies, slander and false promises, and will use the years of his presidency to turn large sections of the governments and peoples of many countries around the world against himself and the United States of America as a result of his stupidity. In the end, he will also make himself unpopular in his own party, just as he will also wreak havoc within the country and divide the American people in their senses and costumes. From the second decade of the third millennium on, Russia and China will be dangerously and stupidly challenged and humiliated by this mad, notorious liar, slanderer and self-assertionist, megalomaniacal President of the United States of America. Through the actions, actions and behavior of this line-less, incompetent and often self-contradictory and ridiculous President, increasing hatred will arise against him worldwide, but the people of the United States of America will also be exposed to ridicule. This is because they will not defend themselves against the state-owned terror by this criminal president, who will be responsible in several constitution-breaking ways for the fact that an epidemic spreading all over the world will claim hundreds of thousands of lives in America. This is because he will trivialize and ridicule the life-threatening epidemic and consequently no protective measures will be taken and no measures will be ordered to contain the epidemic.

This criminal U.S. President will quickly and unrestrainedly distinguish himself by self-importance and ever-increasing breaches of the constitution and by a secret and subterranean extreme rule tolerated by his party, and will also be supported by a confused, stupid and glorifying part of the people, whereas the law-abiding people, his party and all those who follow him from among the people, however, remain silent and allow him to be granted unrestrainedly during all the years of his fatal work. Through this lunatic, discord will arise against America all over the world, just as he will act terroristically in his own country and likewise create discord, as well as create dangers of sedition and war in other states. Therefore nothing will be done against this madman, but to the contrary he will be unjustly promoted by his party comrades in order to justify his criminal violations of the Constitution and to be able to retain political power through all his actions.

Switzerland, too, will criminally help to promote unrest, strife and war in many countries, because it, too, like mainly in the front line and first and foremost America, will do arms deals with criminal states and thereby create unrest, murder, lack of freedom and terror in many countries. All in all, it will be profit-greedy homicide deals that will bring death and misery, destruction and annihilation tens of millions of times all over the world, and Switzerland with its arms exports will also bear a great deal of the blame. Above all, however, America will be in the forefront in this respect, as explained, well into the 3rd millennium.

In the future, in many countries around the world there will be more and more uprisings and demonstrations, etc., as well as many wars, in which America in particular will unjustifiably and violently intervene militarily and murder hundreds of thousands and even millions of people. Acting like a world power and world police force, the American military, especially in Asia, will spread death, misery, misery, murder and mass murder, out of cowardly fear, hatred, world domination, and one way or another fundamentally out of religious delusion. Wherever they invade foreign countries, they will carry out executions on natives, crimes against women, men, youth, children and infants, as they have done since time immemorial, and spread endless sorrow and horror. And so the American military – as a vision of the future showed that they, as in the last world war, acted in the same way as they did on the Japanese – will not only rape women and shoot them without further ado after the abuse, but also other people who fall into their hands and are regarded as enemies: This will happen again in three years, i.e. in the next decade, from 1950 to 1953, when a war will be waged in Korea between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea, in the course of which the allied People’s Republic of China on the one hand and troops of the United Nations on the other hand, naturally under the leadership of the Americans in the front line, will fight out the acts of war.

Shortly after the Korean War, namely from 1955 on, the American military will fight an unprecedented murderous and massacring war in Vietnam until the mid-1970s, not only raping countless women and murdering them according to “usage” as well as men, youths, children and infants, not only shooting them, but also cutting off the heads of many, especially children and infants, with machetes and the like or slaughtering them with their machetes etc. But all this and the knowledge about it will never be made public, but it will be kept such a strict secret and will be punished – not only with life imprisonment, but also with the death penalty – because making these massacres public will be punished according to American law as treason and endangering the national security.

Now, as for these American military degenerations coming to Vietnam, they will occur during a war that will continue to rage and rage for many years between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. This of course with the participation of the United States of America, as well as China and also supported by the Soviet Union. America will also in this war – as usual completely unscrupulous and criminal to humanity as in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 – commit enormous crimes against the civilian population in Vietnam. The personal initiative of senior military officers and leading government officials has led to the emergency landing of B-29 bombers – the type of which was used during the last World War to make an emergency landing behind the Höragenwald forest in Bülach/Höri – in many villages and towns and their inhabitants with practically unquenchable oil-based gelatinous fuels. This was already done in the last world war, when the Americans dropped napalm bombs over Japanese cities, burning countless people alive, which will happen in Vietnam as well, due to the completely dehumanized American military. And this will come about in the mid-1960s, when American B-29 bomb squadrons will drop about 32,816,000 hectoliters or hundreds of thousands of tons of napalm within a period of 5 months – according to foreign calculations by neutral observers not involved in the war – and turn villages and cities into a sea of flames and people into burning torches.

A further crime in this war in Vietnam is caused by religious fanatical sectarians in government circles, who, as a result of religious and racial hatred against people of different faiths and ethnicities in Vietnam, order the American military, which is degenerating into a human race, to spray chemical toxins from airplanes and helicopters with multiple effects. On the one hand, this is done in such a devious way to make the Vietnamese people suffer from various long-term illnesses, but on the other hand, it is also done to limit the birth rate of the Vietnamese. These chemical toxins will cause the foetus to atrophy in the womb, or severe brain or body deformations to develop, resulting in severe birth defects in tens of thousands of new births. Furthermore, these chemical toxins will also be extremely long-lasting and will retain their dangerous and destructive as well as disease-causing effects for a long time. Accordingly, many hundreds of thousands and even several million people will fall ill with fatal cancer and other ailments and die when they come into contact with the toxins, be it through touch, drinking water, eating or through the toxins deposited in the soil, which are absorbed by all growing plants and poison them when they are fed.

The fact and truth of what is openly stated – what was foreseen by neutral observation-will be treated as a top secret of the American government and will be kept secret from the military in America and Vietnam, but betrayal would be punished with the severest possible punishment. Consequently, all those involved in this crime will remain lifelong silent to the American government, as will the producers of these toxins, including the responsible persons of the American companies Dow Chemical and Mobay of the Monsanto chain.

As explained, in Vietnam the American military or their air force will completely defoliate and destroy the forests with chemical defoliants, in order to make it difficult for the hostile guerrilla movement Vietcong to camouflage itself through the dense jungle and to destroy their food supply, as well as poisoning the food fields and their crops. As a result, the farmers will not be able to bring in any more harvests and many of the population will suffer hunger and starvation. But this will not be enough for the American military, who will also destroy the houses, huts, housing estates, and other structures of the country. burn down whole villages and mercilessly shoot numerous inhabitants, if they want to complain or defend themselves.

What America has achieved and thus created disaster, other countries around the world will allow themselves to do in the future in the same and other matters, such as the Soviet Union will carry out the first atomic bomb test in Kazakhstan in about 27 months from today’s date, which is already being rebuilt according to stolen and sold to the Soviet Union American plans according to the first atomic bomb in 1947.

In 1961, the Soviet Union will be in the news again, because a Soviet military pilot will be the first man on earth to be officially shot into orbit by a rocket, orbiting the planet in a circular orbit and then returning safely to earth.

In 1965, an assassination attempt is made in Persia on the Persian Emperor Reza Pahlawi, although he survives the attack. From 1961 onwards, the Soviet orbit of the earth means that this event is taken up by America in an extremely unpleasant way, which is why more and more intensive work will be done on a space project that has been running for some time. In particular, former Nazi engineers who were responsible for rocket construction in the Nazi Empire during World War II will work on this project. These people have already been put in charge by America to build rockets to fly to the moon, which will actually succeed. By forcing this technique, after the Soviet rocket’s orbit of the earth, no second success should be granted to the Soviet Union. Therefore everything will be done to outdo the Soviet Union, no matter how nasty the means will be. And this leads then in 22 years, in July 1969, to the fact that the terrestrial humanity will be faked by America with the most comprehensive fraud ever, namely by a fake landing on the moon and an entering of the moon surface by <astronauts, which will be denied by America for all coming times with all means of art and modern technology. The reason for this deception will simply be to humiliate the Soviet Union in a threatening manner and to make America appear to be the world’s first, best and most technically developed state, from which the Soviet Union is to hold back in fear, because America is militarily better equipped both offensively and defensively.

In this far-reaching deception, not only the present time will be considered, but also the future, following which the space program will continue to operate strictly and hectically, only to fake a breakdown of an announced moon landing during another moon flight, of which there will be several in total. This breakdown is supposed to be such that due to technical failure the announced landing on the moon cannot be carried out, so that the rocket will only circle around the moon and return to earth without having achieved anything. This will, however, correspond to another fraud, because in reality, the technology that has been developed since the first fraud will enable and execute a landing on the moon, whereby landing tracks, footprints and lanes of a lunar vehicle will be set exactly. And this will be done to create “proofs” for the fact that the alleged “first” moon landing of America has taken place, if with better far-sight observation techniques from the earth, which are still coming in time, also the moon surface can be searched with centimeter accuracy. This, as well as that, if the moon flights, which were still carried out in the 1970s, are finished again and then resumed and continued in the 3rd millennium, whereby the traces laid can possibly be seen. And when in the new millennium the moon will be approached again, and this then also by China, the new Russia and other countries, then the moon will serve as a starting station for flights to the neighboring planets of the earth as well as into the further and deeper area of the solar system. However, this area has nothing to do with world space, even if the solar system area is wrongly called world space. Correctly, the world space starts where the space of the whole solar system ends, while only the solar space area exists in it.

What is to be predicted further, that results as follows: The great mass of the henceforth rapidly growing earthly humanity, which, with regard to its growth, will overflow everything of reason, inevitably leads to the fact that people will become continuously more unable to live and, with it, also in psychological regard, constantly more unstable and more and more frequently fall into depression. This fact will prove to be particularly evident in times of crisis, whereby these degenerate to a large extent in a malicious manner, especially when isolation situations occur, such as close living together of families or groups etc., whereby numerous domestic violence and even murder and manslaughter take place and sometimes even become the order of the day. In the future, it will also happen that many diseases and ailments that could be alleviated or cured up to now will no longer be alleviable or curable, because certain physical or ganic germs of suffering and disease will become resistant to individual or all medical remedies. On the one hand, this will result from an excessive use and application of medicines, which will lead to multiple resistance to many germs of suffering and disease and claim many victims. Many ailments and diseases, which in the future will arise very acutely, currently and incurably through many kinds of poisons, which will be applied thoughtlessly, unscrupulously and unscrupulously as well as a result of profit and profit addiction in the entire agricultural economy, in agriculture and in horticulture and which poison the ground water, drinking water as well as all vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and herbs etc., will in the future be responsible for death, wasting away, suffering as well as for any physical handicap, as well as for psychological damage etc.

Planet Earth will be hollowed out in the coming time and will soon be like a picture of a Swiss Emmental cheese, and the entire surface of the Earth will be destroyed, littered with houses, factories, high-rise buildings, and other buildings. cities, quarries, highways, sports facilities, awnings and windmills for power generation, with deforested, destroyed primeval forests, moors and rain forests as well as with airports and, and, and, and.

Many systems of the natural habitats are from now on, as following again explained, by the greedy needs of the finally loose and irresponsibly rising and into many billions going earth population to a large extent robbed, irrevocably destroyed and annihilated, as also many forms of life of various kinds and kinds of the fauna and flora are completely exterminated and masses of humans by suffering, diseases and epidemics are carried off. All habitats are destroyed by the endlessly rising needs and the all-destroying machinations of the rampantly growing terrestrial humanity resulting from it and also a climatic disaster is caused. The future brings a world-wide atmospheric pollution and atmospheric poisoning by poison materials of all kinds, like vehicle exhaust gases, enormous forest and landscape fires, by heat emissions of all kinds etc., as well as global warming and climate destruction, as well as a climatic shift on all continents, combined with a melting of the poles and all glaciers and permafrost, which will release dangerous earth methane gases everywhere, as well as in the seabed, because the temperatures of the oceans are rising as well as the climate.

But what will happen in the next decades up to the first years of the new 3rd millennium, before a big change of a global warming is triggered and progresses so drastically that worldwide climatic natural catastrophes will be unstoppable, there would be so much to report, that a big book could be filled with it, if the individual events had to be listed one after the other, e.g, that still in this year 1947 in November in America a novel technical development product will be finished, which will bring a revolutionary progress in the so-called semiconductor technology and will replace in the future the present electron tube system, which – as my friend Sfath explained to me – corresponds to the first active electronic components, which can amplify small electrical signals somewhat linearly and which founded the electronic age, whereby these components were used for radio sets for the time being. The revolutionary technical innovation to be completed in November will replace the obsolete electron tube system in the future by the aforementioned new invention or new development, which will be called “transistor”. This is – according to the explanation – a so-called electronic semiconductor component, through which low electrical currents and voltages can be controlled. This new “transistors” technology will be used to create a wide range of new and emerging electronic equipment, as well as devices, measuring instruments, tools, instrument, machine, aircraft, vehicle and rocket control systems. Further, the consequence will be that the entire electronic remote communication technology will be combined by these “transistors” with time by a further electro-technical invention and revolutionized by this to a further valuable innovation.

Another noteworthy event occurs about 15 months later, on Friday, February 4, 1949, when the Persian Emperor Reza Pahlawi is assassinated in Tehran and injured by several shots but survives the attempt on his life. In addition to many very unpleasant political, warlike and inhuman as well as natural catastrophes around the world until the year 1957, in March 1957 in Rome, the negotiators and representatives of Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium and France will negotiate and decide on a union of European states to form a so-called “European Economic Community” (Note: EEC). This will, however, already include an insidious idea of a secret first laying of the foundation stone, through which, on the way to a common economic policy, the integration of all European states into an already secretly planned dictatorial Europe Union will be the ultimate goal.

This will begin in 1959, when miniaturized electronic circuits and thus so-called microprocessors will be invented, which will be very small and measure less than 1 square centimeter. According to the information declaration, these products will be manufactured in large quantities using a semiconductor material from 1968 onwards, and the newly developed circuit will be integrated into completely new information and communication technology devices, etc. The whole thing then leads – also after detailed explanations and looking into the future – to the far-reaching wireless telecommunication technology for everyone, whereby, in the course of the next decades up to the 3rd millennium, everyone will carry a small pocket communication device of about 5x10x1cm with him, so to speak, with which he can communicate any place around the world.

In the future, evil and disastrous terror machinations will emerge in especially religious sectarian terrorism mania and neo-Nazi grouping mania, as well as new large and widespread religious sects. These will dominate countless people and the world of those who believe in them and in a God, just as they will murder people in their fanaticism, commit mass murders and criminal and violent acts that are contemptuous of every human life and other criminal acts. This, as it already happened in ancient and other ancient times and especially in the Middle Ages, when the epidemic of persecution and murder of witches allegedly associated with a devil was rampant and many innocent people were cruelly tortured, beheaded by sword or burned alive on the stake. And in this respect, equality should be remembered when in the mid-1960s countless just as innocent people were burned by America and its army in Vietnam as in the witch hunt – real witches had nothing to do with a devil or Belzebuèb or with fairies and spirits, but they were usually herbalists who helped people with their knowledge and herbs.

(The original term witch is described in the mythology at Wikipedia as follows:

Wikipedia 2020: This article deals with the witch. For other meanings of witch or witches see witches, for the car brand witch see witch (car brand).

In fairy tales, myths and popular belief, a witch is a woman equipped with magical powers who can cast damaging spells.

In European culture, since the late Middle Ages, she has been classically seen in a connection in the form of a pact or a boon with demons or the devil, although other criteria have also been added. The term is also used as a derogatory term or swearword for a malicious, quarrelsome, unpleasant or ugly female person.

In classical antiquity, ‘witches’ appeared as powerful human women, such as Kirke and Medea, who were said to be able to enchant people and animals with magic and poisons. Ovid told in the Fasti of Strigae, of anthropomorphic, witch-like female figures; and Horace invented the Canidia, a fictitious witch, but in this story she already uses the well-known term infanticide to brew a love potion. At the time of the persecution of witches, the term witch or sorcerer was occasionally used as a foreign term for women and men who were persecuted under the accusation of sorcery (‘witchcraft’). Later it became generally accepted, especially in the scientific investigation of the phenomenon ‘witch persecution’.

For the application of the term to men as ‘witches’ or ‘warlocks’ see also witchcraft.)

Also, many murders and mass murders will happen in the coming time all around the world by a new spreading of the sectarian mania, which will carry itself far into the 3rd millennium and will make especially young people prisoners of faith and slaves of faith, consequently they will – as it is the case since primeval times with all believers – give up their own thinking, thinking, deciding and acting and consequently become stupid. And this will have the longer, the more consequence that these men will henceforth become the longer, the more the servile subjects of others, who will prattle religious, sectarian, and also political phrases to them so long, until they give up their sense of reality and truth against their reason and reason and become believers of religious, sectarian, and political lies, slander, and seduction, and thus dependent and dependent on what will be persuaded them to believe. And this will come in a short time, for it will begin in a blatant way already in the decade of the 1980s, for then everything and anything will change in a radicalizing way in the entire earthly sphere, negatively and destructively to evil and bad, and this also with regard to the behavior of men towards stupidity, inadequacy, irresponsibility and multiple incapacity. This will also affect those people who, as rulers, would have to lead their peoples, but who will not be able to do so and will not know what to do effectively for the protection and health of the peoples when the great epidemic will spread in the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium and claim millions of lives. Like them, the rulers, innumerable people of all nations will become the serfs of others, through whom they will be abused, influenced and will-lessly directed and exploited according to the ideas, conceptions and wishes of others. And just as countless people in the future will also fall prey to the greed of others and themselves, will no longer be able to control their own greed and will no longer be able to learn anything important for life, so it will be with their ability to live, their stability, their dignity, their joy of life, their fulfillment of life and their courage to live. All the values that are important in this regard are no longer learned through education and self-education, because the parents are no longer aware of these educational necessities and therefore do not tell us about them. As a result of this, the descendants will become more and more unfit for life in the coming time, so on the one hand, if they get into special situations, old or are confronted with any problems, they will not know on or off, because they are not able to think logically and are not able to think logically. As a conclusion of all this, in the coming times countless people will avoid reality and life and will commit suicide, young and old and even children. Many will spend their lives in addiction and misery through alcohol, natural or chemical drugs, etc., and then die of it in a miserable way. Others will recklessly practice life-threatening sports in order to one day unexpectedly lose their lives due to carelessness, inattention, or special circumstances. But in the future there will be a lot of people of all ages, who will kill themselves or let themselves be killed because of their failure to cope with life, by taking their own life – driven by cowardice – and thus by murdering themselves or letting themselves be murdered in some way. Prior to all this, Switzerland will be a “gold place” or rather a suicide assistance Eldorado for people who want to commit suicide as willing suicide and attract suicidal people from all over the world like a stinking cheese attracts masses of flies.

Also, the suicide assistance organizations, which will emerge in the coming time and which will enrich themselves at the suicide-willing and satisfy their murder desire, can be compared in the future with the religious sectarian murder and mass murder behavior, which already began in early times and demanded many human victims. And in this regard, some of the evils that will take place in the coming decades can also be said, although we will start with some of them and use them as an introduction to what already occurred in early India regarding the goddess Kali. To explain this requires a little history, which I might still be able to bring together:

Kali, the “The Black” is in Hinduism an important goddess of death and destruction, but she also embodies time and nature, but also renewal. In Indian mythology, she is an embodiment of anger, and she is said to have sprung from the forehead of another god and then filled the universe with her terrible roar. In other Indian myths she is the dark side of the deity Parvati and one of the deity Mahavidya. In the popular belief of the Hindus, Kali is one of the few goddesses who are also supposed to fulfill wishes. A mythological story tells of a fight with the demon Raktabija, who threatened to throw the world out of balance. Whenever he was injured and lost a limb or a drop of blood that fell to the ground, a second Raktabija is said to have emerged from it, making him invincible. Thus the gods came in distress and turned to the mother goddess Devi, who manifested herself as Kali and attacked the demon, cut off its head and drank all its blood, thus destroying Raktabija. The mythology teaches that Kali is the goddess of complete destruction, but on the other hand she is also the mother earth, to which everything returns and that she always makes sure that nothing gets lost.

Well, there is the story that out of this mythology the so-called Kali sect was born, whose members wore a silk scarf and widely used it to kill people who were hostile to them or were assassinated on their orders by strangling them with the silk scarf. And as I was told in 1945 by two former followers of the Kali sect, this sect of murderers is said to still secretly exist to this day, and everything in the above-mentioned framework is said to still be practiced. As proof of this, I was shown a man strangled with a silk scarf and told that since the emergence of the Kali sect 2,000 years ago, more than 2 million people have been murdered in this way. Whether the whole thing was simply staged or not, I unfortunately could not find out.

Well, true or not true, are in a certain way demonstrably other murder facts in other early times, because everywhere religious-sectarian murders and massacres occurred in all religions and sects, especially in Christianity, like e.g. For example, by the crusaders, when they were called to conquer Palestine for the first Christian crusade in 1095 by Pope Urban II, although it was not until the following year that everything began in the name of Christ with armed laymen – declared as a pilgrimage. However, several armies of knights from Italy, France and Germany were involved, who committed enormous inhuman massacres, crimes, rapes and pillaging on their war journey from Europe to Palestine, as well as other shameful acts of violence – as could be observed by witnesses. The crusade ended in 1099, when Jerusalem was taken by the Crusader army, which mercilessly murdered in the name of Jesus.

In the Middle Ages, a sect also attained dubious fame in Arabia, namely the radical and insidious Shiite-Islamic Assassin Secret Society of the Nizarite religious community, alias the Ismailite murder gang, assassin sect and contract killer sect. Their religiously fanatical goal was to murder the leaders of their enemies, but they were not content with that, because often murder was committed only for the sake of lust or profit, as many Christian sects and individual Christian believers have done since the emergence of Christianity, as a result of their fanatical delusion of faith.

With regard to the confused Christ delusion, the devil delusion, the Christian delusion that people would either be in the service of Satan and engage in sexual practices with him, such as, for example, mainly women who were accused of being witches and were shamefully murdered, came up early on. Others, again especially women, were and are still accused of being possessed by the devil personally and are mistreated and even killed for this far into the 3rd millennium. Such an event will happen just when I, as an adult man, will live in Switzerland for a short time in 1966 with my parents in Ringwil. Then it will happen that a Christian sect will settle down in this place and carry out exorcisms and beat a 17-year-old girl to death.

(Note Wikipedia: Today is the 50th anniversary of the murder of Bernadette Hasler. The 17-year-old had been beaten to death by six members of a sect during an exorcism. 22 years later the main perpetrator killed again.

It is 1966, when the tranquil Ringwil was startled by a horrible news. In a small, somewhat remote chalet above the Hinwil hamlet, 17-year-old Bernadette Hasler was violently killed in the night of May 14-15. “The body showed severe injuries to various parts of the body, including the buttocks and genitals, which must have been caused by blunt instruments,” reported the ‘Zürcher Oberländer’ five days after the crime.

At a press conference in Zurich, the cantonal police, among others, had previously given details of the circumstances of death and the perpetrators who had already been arrested. And because of the nationality of the two main perpetrators, editors of German newspapers and magazines, such as the ‘Spiegel’ and ‘Die Zeit’, soon reported about the small Ringwil. Thus, the public learned that Bernadette Hasler had died after an exorcism of an apocalyptic sect that had been growing in the shadow of the Catholicism – beaten to death by five adult men and one woman. The sect called itself International Family Community for the Promotion of Peace and was founded in German singing by the excommunicated Father Josef Stocker (the ‘Holy Father’) and his assistant Magdalena Kohler (the ‘Holy Mother’). It was also Stocker and Kohler who sealed the death of Bernadette Hasler on that fatal night.

Clothes washed out by himself

Because they were wanted in Germany because of a fraud case, the 59-year-old Stocker and the 52-year-old Kohler had fled to Switzerland. In the chalet in Ringwil, which served a family Barmettler from Wangen near Olten and a vegetable dealer from Rüti superficially as a vacation home, the cult leaders set up their new meeting place. The 17-year-old Bernadette, whose parents lived in Hellikon, Aargau, and who had fallen in love with the sect, lived in Germany for about 4 years in a reformatory, which the sect still ran there. On July 22, 1966, ‘Die Zeit’ wrote that several times girls had been brought from Germany to Ringwil if they had not done their homework. And so it happened to Bernadette.

Because she allegedly caused ‘educational difficulties’ and had made ‘lewd speeches,’ the three brothers of the Barmettler family, the businessman from Rütn, and the two cult leaders beat Bernadette for an hour on that May night with walking sticks, a plastic pipe, and a riding whip. They beat the girl until her subcutaneous fat tissue was shattered, and even after that they did not stop torturing her: “After she had been pushed into the bathtub by the accused Magdalena Kohler (the ‘holy mother’) in her precarious condition and washed off because of the clothes smeared with excrement, Bernadette Hasler had to wash out her clothes on her instructions in the brook flowing in front of the chalet, for which the defendant Hans Barmettler shone a flashlight at her”, writes Walter Matthias Diggelmann in his book ‘Hexenprozess – Die Teufels- austreiber von Ringwil’. The writer from Mönchaltorf, who died in 1979, wrote the book in 1969 about the crime, the course of the trial, the life and the psychological development of the accused.

When the adults looked after the girl in the morning, she was dead, dead from a fat embolism of the lungs, which had occurred as a result of the shattering of her tissue.

The world spoke about Ringwil

Nobody in Ringwil noticed anything of the torments Bernadette Hasler suffered that night. The inhabitants only learned about it from the newspaper. “It was a shock for all of us,” says one Ringwiler who does not want to read his name in the newspaper. “We fell out of all the clouds. We didn’t even know that the members of a sect were coming and going in the chalet,” he says. Ringwiler Peter Schmidt also remembers the time well. “It was a big thing. We were all very affected at the beginning. We couldn’t believe that something like that could happen in our farming village,” says the long-standing member of the Reformed Church Care Hinwil.

Soon not only the domestic newspapers but also the foreign newspapers were filled with articles about the crime. “Suddenly the whole world was talking about Ringwil. I was 23 years old and a few weeks after the crime I went on vacation with my colleagues in the south of France. One of them was very ashamed on the trip to say that we came from Ringwil,” says Schmidt. And the other Ringwiler also remembers: “In the WK the other recruits approached me about the case,” he says. The fact that nobody from the village was involved in the crime helped the inhabitants of the hamlet to close the case in all these years. “Nobody had really known the people from the cottage settlement up there. The houses were secluded, and the inhabitants did not associate with us,” says Schmidt. “We had not known the girl, and five of the six perpetrators were strangers. Even the greengrocer who took part in the exorcism was not a local as Rütner. He was not one of us.” Schmidt remembers well, however, that people no longer shopped at his store.

 “His name was known to all.”

“The hatred for him was great,” says the other Ringwiler. So big that the businessman’s chalet was set on fire twice in a row after the crime. “While there was little damage to the chalet the first time, the second time it burned like crazy,” recalls the former constable of the Hinwil fire department, who was himself involved in the fire-fighting operations at the time. The hatred was apparently so great that his family members are no longer associated with the events and do not want to comment on them. God knows they have suffered enough in the past, they said.

While the businessman’s family struggled with the situation for a long time, the Ringwiler family itself eventually closed the case. To say that the deed changed the hamlet forever would therefore be wrong. “We were stunned, but at some point it was over,” said Schmidt.

Neither shame nor remorse

In January and February 1969 the trial of the perpetrators took place in the jury courtroom in Zurich. The newspapers wrote about the ‘last witch trial’, at which the ‘Devils of Ringwil’ (so ‘Die Zeit’) explained their deed to the jury. They had, so they all said, not wanted to meet the girl, but only Satan. “The sinful girl reacted neither with crying nor with screaming to the beating, because she did not feel the beating, because the beating hit the devil,” said according to writer Diggelmann Magdalena Kohler before the jury. While Kohler showed neither remorse nor shame and did not admit guilt, Josef Stocker promised for all the accused: “Today I consider my behavior to be a mistake that I will never make again. I will ensure that there will never be another beating around my neck.”

Kohler and Stocker were each sentenced to 10 years in jail, 15 years expulsion from the country and loss of civil rights to five years, the businessman from Rütn to a prison term of four years and the Barmettler brothers to three years each.

The drama is repeated

The ten years in prison did not change Magdalena Kohler: after her release she continued where she had left off. At the end of October 1988 she was on trial again, this time in Konstanz. After serving her sentence, she had been expelled from Switzerland and then returned to Singen, where she continued to be venerated as the ‘Holy Mother’ by the followers of the sect – including the senior Anna Wermuthäuser.

For almost five years Magdalena Kohler, who was now 73 years old, together with her sister Hilde-Gard Röller tormented the pensioner Wermuthäuser in the context of exorcisms, as the “Spiegel” wrote in October 1988. For years the sisters kicked Wormwood Houses with their knees and beat them with their flat hands and carpet beaters.

In this way the drama that had taken place in Ringwil was repeated in Singen: In the night from 6 to 7 February 1988, the 66-year-old woman of strict faith, who still weighed almost 40 kilos, died of internal bleeding.)

In the coming times, many things will continue to happen in the same way, as it will happen, for example, from today in 31 years, 1978, in Guyana, where in a settlement a sect leader will order a mass suicide for his faithful who are addicted to him and will also have a mass murder committed by assassins, whereby almost 1,000 faithful followers of the sect will die as a result of their delusional belief in a Christian God and Christian Savior. But even this will only be a small episode of the deadly degeneration of all religious sectarian beliefs, which will spread again worldwide in a few decades.

Also in 1994, a radically world-rejecting, internationally active sun-secret society in Switzerland will make a name for itself through collective suicide, with about 50 people falling victim to the sectarian religious delusion. This along with other identical or similar events that will occur from today until then all over the world and also after the aforementioned events of 1994 until well into the future of the 3rd millennium.

What is to be said further still, that refers to the fact that from now on by the enormous growth of the terrestrial humanity like never before earth-encompassing disasters will shake the world like raging misery, need, wars and famines unparalleled.

In the future there will be worldwide spreading epidemics, as this will be the case in the coming decades with regard to different types of epidemics from Africa and Asia, after which in the 2nd decade of the new millennium a man-made epidemic will claim not only hundreds of thousands of human lives, but over the million mark.

Already at the beginning of the new millennium, thousands of people will be killed, when the guilt of an irresponsible, autocratic and stupid German ruler will recklessly trigger the migration of refugees from Africa, the Orient and Asia, and tens of thousands of dead will emerge from these waves of refugees. Thousands of dead will drown in the Mediterranean Sea, many will drift off in the sea, sink and not be found again. And this will be at the time when in Turkey a religious fanatic has risen up as presidential dictator by fraud and will annul again the freedom and order created by the Turkish founder Kemal Atatürk and enforce new sect regulations.

Before the end of this century, a fanatical religious sectarian terrorism emanating from Islam will emerge in the Orient, which has already been mentioned, called the “Islamic State” and will bring death, horror, disaster and destruction worldwide well into the 3rd millennium and in malicious and completely degenerate ways.

In addition, it should be explained how this terrorist organization will spread rapidly around the world in the new millennium and will remain active for very long periods of time as a worldwide and completely fanatically extreme religious sectarian radicalism with countless attacks, threats and murders. Torture, misery, death, crimes, destruction, need, danger to life, murders and suicide bombings, threats, bombings, rapes and various misfortunes will remain the terror metier of the “Islamic state” for decades to come, even in the new millennium. Everything of significance will – as mentioned – spread all over the world, but especially in the whole European area and in the countries of the still to be founded Union dictatorship. This dictatorship will gradually rise and spread over all its members of the Union, and only gradually will the individual member countries of the dictatorship recognize the true evil and take a timid stand. Everything that comes from today will bring enormous disadvantages to all countries of the earth, including the world itself and the entire planet, nature and its fauna and flora, the entire natural systems, the atmosphere and especially the already slowly warming climate. In the future, especially from the beginning of the 3rd millennium, more and more natural catastrophes will occur and offer an evil future to mankind, which it can no longer control. The whole earthly world view, the characters of the earth people, their mentalities and so that their behavior, their sense of responsibility and their personalities and their viability and stability of life will change into evil, dissatisfied, neglectful, unpeaceful, indifferent, greedy and evil.

Switzerland will not be spared, because the naivete of the government, the security services, etc., and the know-it-alls will make it impossible to recognize the threat of terrorism in the country. This, as well as the religiously believing false humanists in the 3rd millennium, will contribute a lot to the emerging disaster in the whole of Europe, because they will open doors and gates for hundreds and thousands of degenerated terrorists of both sexes out of their false religious humanity, in order to give them a “safe refuge”, which will then be rewarded with disaster, murder, violence and crime.

Secretly, many religious delusional people of the growing terrorist organization will sneak into many countries, or pretend to be refugees or openly enter Europe as visitors or immigrants and spread disaster, death and destruction. Switzerland will not be spared from such immigrants, nor will it be spared, as it will be the case in all dictatorial countries of Europe, that even its own citizens will convert to Islam as a result of a change of denomination, as well as a thirst for adventure or a desire to kill.

However, along with other countries on earth, Europe in particular will be strongly affected by this, for which the stupid ruler of Germany and all those who support her will be responsible, but then, as usual, will not be called to account. In particular, however, many Europeans themselves will also be involved, mainly young people and adults who are not familiar with the reality of the situation, who will turn to the terrorist organization and its faith, which will emerge from Islam in a completely degenerate way.

The unreasonableness of the people leads in the coming decades to the fact that an enormous mass of earthly humanity will emerge and will reach 10 billion in the next millennium towards the middle of the first century. In the coming decades, a very large over-mass of human beings will be born at breakneck speed and the earth will be criminally over-populated, freely according to the biblical lie that a non-existent “dear God” is said to have said “go and multiply”. A lie through which people fall into a sick delusion and believe this nonsense, trust in it in stupidity and are blind to reality and truth. In the future, too, they will follow the preached lies and for this they will make terror, murder, kill, and torture. Blindly, the believers who are infected by a religious and sectarian delusion of lies follow their false and murderous religious teachings and bring their faith disaster over the whole world.

As always, the believers follow the religions and sects – because they do not think and are stupid – and they will continue to do so and follow all evil religious and sectarian lies. The believers listen, as they have done since time immemorial, also in the future to completely crazy and unscrupulous sectarian do-gooders, conspirators and religious terrorist fanatics who build up terrorist armies and destruction squads, whose members and followers become unscrupulous murder machines through their delusion of faith, which as organized murder squads, splinter groups or fanatical individual perpetrators will kill innocent people and cause destruction. And this will be the future of mankind on earth, because deliberately or indiscriminately, disaster, murder and destruction, drug addiction, crime, criminality, crimes and human degeneration of all kinds will be spread unrestrainedly on earth, because in 40 years the great chaos epoch, which began in the 3rd millennium BC, will begin on the whole earthly world. This is because the knowledge of honor and dignity will be lost among the people on earth, they will lose their level-headedness and their ability to judge as well as their sense for right decisions, because they will lose their ability to think as well due to the loss of their intellect and their reason, and because they will only direct their desires to different addictions, such as drugs of all kinds, festivities, pleasure, money, travel, soccer, sports and disharmonic riots, music, etc. With the tremendously growing excess of mankind, the planet, all natural systems, the fauna and flora and also the climate will be largely destroyed and driven to the edge of an imminent total annihilation. The earth will already be overpopulated in a short time and in the future it will quickly drive the destruction of nature, fauna, flora and climate forward, in that through the witnessing and giving birth of countless new descendants, the excess of mankind will drive up all evil that will henceforth rule the earth and mankind. And this results from the machinations of the overflowing humanity as a result of its needs, which have to be fulfilled by exploiting the planet and nature, its fauna and flora and all its systems, whereby the climate will also be affected and by all the activities endlessly everything will be destroyed to a large extent, especially by anthropogenic heat emissions, which will be produced and which will drive the climate almost into a collapse. And this will be done in the future by the earth-humanity, because it will be lost due to over-breeding of logical thinking, and thus will fall into stupidity and possibly get death.

According to detailed instructions, anthropogenic heat emissions are poisonous gases released by humans, along with other and also natural emissions, which spread in the atmosphere and are the most important cause for a warming impairment of the climate, resulting in climate change. For centuries, according to the teachings, anthropogenic or man-made emission effects have been taking place which have a negative influence on the atmosphere and the climate, such as large-scale fires of all kinds, cooking and heating with materials which produce very toxic exhaust gases, etc. The modern age – which according to the teachings began in 1844, and with it a tremendous and rapid development of technology – brings with it the fact that since then heat emissions have been increasing, and this at a faster and faster rate and more extensively in relation to the growing population of the earth.

The ever-increasing and also increasingly rapid increase in anthropogenic heat emissions, which consist mainly of carbon dioxide (Note Billy, 2020: CO2: carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide corresponds to a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen and forms an incombustible, acidic, colorless and toxic gas. ) and oxygen, will not only bring the climate into turmoil, but will also change it and bring about a change that will bring about destruction, annihilation and even natural extinction of various genera and species of flora and fauna on earth. First of all, however, the atmosphere of the Earth will be affected by billions of tons of exhaust gases from countless heating systems that are powered by wood, coal and later by oil and petroleum, etc. But also uncountable working machines and vehicles, airplanes, small to giant ships and all kinds of sports vehicles will from now on contribute to the pollution of the air and to the damage of the climate, which will bring deadly disaster and endless destruction, both for mankind itself and for the entire nature, its fauna, flora and all natural systems in general. With the climate change, as it will be trivialized – due to the fault of the terrestrial humanity as a result of its excess mass, which will be in the billions, and its damaging and all-destroying, destructive and completely degenerating manipulations of the planet and all its natural systems – a zonal cooling or warming is already taking place today, beginning in 1947, which will last for varying periods of time. Already this abnormal hot summer this year, since here in Niederflachs/Bülach the thermometer, along with two others at different locations, currently shows 46.8 Grand directly in the sun, is a harbinger of the coming rapid climate changes on earth, which will affect all four climate zones of the planet. So, the changes and conditions that will occur in the course of the coming times far into the future of the 3rd and 4th millennium, bordering on the primeval, will be the following in every climate:

Arctic climate zone (cold zone) Moderate climate zone (middle zone) Equatorial climate zone (belt zone) Antarctic climate zone (cold zone)

The coming anthropogenic climate destruction, or rather the violent climate destruction caused by terrestrial mankind through unscrupulous and irresponsible manipulations of the planet, of nature, its fauna and flora, and of all natural systems, has effects on all regions of the world. The ice of the polar caps, the Arctic and the Antarctic will melt just as rapidly and thereby cause the streams and rivers to rip apart together with rainstorm storms, which will make destructive and deadly currents, as well as the lakes and the sea levels will rise and drag much inhabited and fertile land into the wild and raging floods. In some regions, extreme weather events and increasing precipitation will occur more and more frequently, while in other regions, ever-increasing cold spells with very low temperatures will be just as destructive and deadly as in other regions, extreme droughts caused by tremendous heat waves. And all these events, which are caused by human guilt as a result of their overpopulation and will occur in the future, will be unstoppable, because nobody will listen to the warnings and predictions, therefore all the predicted misfortune will take its course and bring many deaths, destructions, annihilations and exterminations as well as many kinds of misery, suffering, great sorrow and misery of all kinds.

Eduard Meier, Niederflachs 1253, May 16, 1947

(Note Wikipedia 2020: Carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen with the molecular formula CO2, a non-flammable, acidic and colorless gas. It dissolves well in water: Here it is often colloquially called ‘carbonic acid’, especially in connection with beverages containing carbon dioxide. Together with basic metal oxides or hydroxides, it forms two types of salts called carbonates and hydrogen carbonates.

CO2 is an important part of the global carbon cycle and, as a natural component of the air, is an important greenhouse gas in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result of human activities, especially the combustion of fossil fuels, the proportion of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere rose from approximately 280 parts per million (ppm, parts per million) at the beginning of industrialization to 407.8 ppm in 2018. In May 2019, a monthly average of around 415 ppm was measured at the NOAA measuring station Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The trend is still rising. This increase causes an intensification of the greenhouse effect, which in turn is the cause of the current global warming. Every day, about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere by human activities (status 2020).

Under sufficient oxygen supply, CO2 is produced both during the combustion of carbon-containing substances and in the organism of living beings as a product of cellular respiration. Plants, algae and some bacteria and archaea convert CO2 into biomass by fixation (carbon dioxide assimilation). During photosynthesis, glucose is produced from organic CO2 and water.

CO2 can have a toxic effect; however, the concentrations and quantities in the air or through the ingestion of e.g. lemonade are far from sufficient for this. It has a broad technical application spectrum: In the chemical industry e.g. it is used for the extraction of urea. In solid form as dry ice it is used as a coolant, supercritical carbon dioxide serves as a solvent and extraction agent).

The human-induced (anthropogenic) greenhouse effect is due to the rapid increase in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and other synthetic gases, which are concentrated in the atmosphere.

These long-wave rays warm the earth and cause the average temperature to be around 18 degrees Celsius. This process can be compared to the heating of a glass house, which earned it the name greenhouse effect.

Gas molecules with more than two atoms such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, etc. absorb infrared radiation and thus store heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The resulting warming of the atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect and the trace gases causing it are called greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are gaseous components of the atmosphere that cause the so-called greenhouse effect. They absorb long-wave radiation (thermal radiation), which is emitted from the earth’s surface, the clouds and the atmosphere itself. 6.12.2019

Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that can absorb the heat radiation of the earth and radiate it back to the earth. … Greenhouse gases include Carbon dioxide (CO2): It is produced during every combustion, no matter whether wood, coal, gas, petrol, heating oil or diesel fuel is burned.)

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Blog Member
June 3, 2021 2:45 am

I’m calling BS. Don’t know where to begin.
CO2 levels were much higher in the distant past, according to several peer reviewed sources. (Professor Robert Stott, among many others) 10’s to 100 times higher. CO2 is NOT toxic. Plants cannot grow without it.
Agree on several points.
Electronics have made a whole generation unable to critically think.
Poisons in the earth, oceans, and atmosphere. Irrefutable.
Mentioned a small (globally) incident but did not mention death of nearly 3,000 that led to invasion of the middle East, and the millions of innocents murdered during such?
Invention of solid state electronics? (discovery, or stolen tech?)
So much other conflicting or just plain incorrect information, have to call BS on the whole article. I would call this dis-information. I first read this article some years ago, in Nexus magazine. A distraction from the real happenings of this, the third decade of the third millennium.
And last but not least, a warning. Be very careful of what you put into your body, or let others put into your body. Metaphorically and physically. Trust your intuition. (not uninformed, but researched from all sides of the spectrum)
Best wishes, whatever your path in life.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Mrv
June 3, 2021 6:38 am

It doesn’t matter how much CO2 existed in the past. It’s the sudden and rapid increase from the overpopulation catastrophe, which is irrefutable at this point. We are pumping out enormous amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, all while depleting the lifeforms that remove it. In just the last 150 years, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by humans has exceeded the amount of carbon dioxide stored in the entire biomass and all the oceans of the world. The sudden and rapid rise in CO2 levels corresponds with the population explosion over the last 150 years. You might have to rethink this one a little longer because we only have one sane and humane option to stop the catastrophe. If we don’t stop the monstrous overbreeding, we will face an atmospheric collapse.

There’s a lot to unpack in the rest of your comment, but please list your compelling scientific evidence showing that the information in the article is incorrect.

Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
Blog Member
Reply to  Melissa Osaki
June 5, 2021 10:08 pm

Not sure he hung about Melissa.

I just watched a great Netflix documentary- breaking boundaries. It might help in general education on what we face. I might also add David Attenborough (the narrator) for a long time gave credence to these other studies and scientists. I suspect the real evidence collected by his own eyes changed his mind. Only disappointment is no mention of overpopulation- not even on the fresh water 3 tonnes per person – another 100 million people?

Thanks Michael for the reminder. Living our lives in line with the teaching is more than reading and meditation.

On that front I am curtailed by my life situation. Something I am grappling with. I hope to do more in the future. Just takes time. Funnily enough its a similar issue to the comment. There are bits people in my life accept but other aspects they don’t believe – so it all goes out the window.

If only people would stop believing and just look it up. These days I go straight to the papers and studies or I go to trusted analysts who provide references. It surprises the life from me each time how accurate Billy’s paragraph is. I long for more detail but as a summary wow.


Shiva Balu
Shiva Balu
Blog Member
June 6, 2021 2:26 pm
Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
June 9, 2021 5:35 am

I just heard on c2c that there is another variant coming out of India called Delta which might affect mostyly young addoluts between the agages iof 18 onwards but taking the double jabs will help mostly older adults who might benefit the most from the jabs. Boris Johnson has shut dawon part iof England due to the new Delta variant which is 40% more sever and Faucy is very worried this new variant might reach the US soon