Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Pentagon Gives Gullible Public UFO Fraud It Deserves

There isn’t a lot that needs to be said or repeated. But maybe I will anyway.

You, the gullible public, have been played by the Pentagon’s phony “UFO disclosure scam” because none of this charade could’ve proceeded without Pentagon and CIA approval. They knew that decades of sightings – without any actual aggression – showed there was no “threat”. Had they thought otherwise, they never would reveal it to the public anyway. And they knew that hardly any of you would figure that out.

You’ve been played by mainstream publications like the New York Post, WSJ, NYT, WaPo and scientific journals that assigned salaried staff writers and shills to produce – government-approved – conjecture-filled, go-nowhere articles perpetuating the massive disinformation campaign. (The major networks and news sources have CIA controllers in place, as Caitlin Johnstone also noted.)

Sell Outs

You’ve been played by deceitful cry-baby Lue Elizondo, who showed his contempt for the truth – and you – repeatedly refusing to honor his public pledge to always “tell the truth” and “push for full disclosure”. He also dismissed possibilities the UFOs could come from the “Pleiades,” a veiled reference to…Billy Meier.

It isn’t enough that Elizondo, his attorney Daniel Sheehan and Chris Mellon all know that Meier‘s contacts with a benevolent extraterrestrial human race are singularly authentic and ongoing for 80 years. They wouldn’t tell poor Tucker Carlson. Gushing with sincerity, he tried to get one loser and liar after another to give him the answers that are also kept from him by those who control what you, the gullible public, are allowed to see. And Sheehan, formerly a true champion of the people, sold out like others bent only on profiting from concealing the truth.

UFOnies & Wannabes

You’ve been played by every “UFO organization”, so-called “UFO expert”, and dabbling online wannabe, not a one of whom knows anything of significance and, like Elizondo and company, neither can they bring themselves to utter Meier’s name, lest their cash cows get gored.

Nor have any of them showed the slightest interest in investigating the historically unprecedented, recently discovered,  UFO and then top-secret US Stealth fighter photos, taken by Wendelle Stevens, in  1981, at Groom Lake, Nevada.

A top-secret US fighter and ET UFO and nobody’s talking about a “threat” or wants to investigate these never-before-seen photos? 

It Ain’t Over Yet

It doesn’t mean this ruse is over. One way or another, the Pentagon and CIA will continue to push their underlying, militaristic agendas. And they’ll continue to perpetuate the real UFO cover-up, which has long been solely about keeping the liberating truth of the Billy Meier contacts from the gullible, religiously-deluded, politically-poisoned, entertainment-hungry public.

You’ve been played and betrayed and you probably don’t care.

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Dr. Ron Pleune
Dr. Ron Pleune
Blog Member
June 26, 2021 7:50 pm

Yes, call a spade a spade. Good job Michael !! I have signaled and called-in UFO for 5 years amounting from 35 to 50 ships per year…..and I haven’t been harmed one single time by a UFO, even when a couple of them came within 100 ft. of me !!!! So let’s stop the ET-mongering that stirs up fear in people. Listen to what Billy, the Plejaren and Michael have to say. Let truth guide you, not fear !!!

Stan Del Carlo
Stan Del Carlo
Blog Member
Reply to  Dr. Ron Pleune
June 26, 2021 11:14 pm

Let us know where everybody can see your photos and videos.

Tony DiGiovanni
Tony DiGiovanni
Blog Member
June 26, 2021 10:42 pm

We should all feel a little less stupid, thank you for the truth. Getting ready to purchase all your books MH.

Gregory Dougall
Gregory Dougall
Blog Member
June 27, 2021 4:25 am

All the people you named in this one blog post combined have not read enough Plejaren Contact Reports to count on one…. 7 fingered hand!

Barry Smith
Barry Smith
Blog Member
Reply to  Gregory Dougall
June 27, 2021 1:38 pm

Well said . There is so much information in the contact reports freely available. I cannot watch ancient aliens or the like without screaming at the screen – those questions were answered 30 years ago knuckle heads ! They must be paid off to ignore Billy . If I can see the Truth , they have no excuses. I am not that smart but their stupidity makes me feel like a genius . All the problems of Earth are waiting to be solved- Billy’s writings hold all the soloutions. Guess the UFO cottage industry is comfortable with chaos .

William Maxwell
William Maxwell
Blog Member
July 12, 2021 9:07 pm

The CIA and Pentagon have known since the early 1960’s of several ET races that have been and are still coming to the Earth on a regular basis. I am sure they are well aware of Billy Miers contacts and probably have an insider.

Yes the recent supposed disclosures are really nothing new. I would like to ask them directly about the Malstrom incidents in 1967 ? When many ICBMs were disabled by a UFO directly over the missile silo’s. Witnessed by many service members.