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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Now America Burns…as Foretold

In addition to the flooding in this and various other countries, also amply warned about by Billy Meier for decades, the great fires are also now upon us

At least 70 large wildfires burning in US west as fears mount over conditions

Contact Report 215, 1987

276. As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousandfold deaths, destruction and annihilation.

Contact Report 329, 2002

74. The raging rolling fire in the USA in regard to the burning forests you have mentioned, corresponds, as a matter of fact, to the statements of the prophecies, yet they establish only a part of that there, because, in the more distant time, a still much worse fire will rage, that will move there across the United States and leads back to an origin of an act of war.

Contact Report 395, 2005

16. Then it will turn out that the forest fires in western states of the USA will cause a certain number of human lives to be lost.

Contact Report 451, 2007

33. Large forest fires will also be caused by the heat, also in the USA and in southern Europe, but also on other continents, where the heat will also be great.

Since flooding, as well as fires, is also plaguing many places, see Billy Meier’s environmental warnings, going back to 1947:

Primeval storms and devastating violent storms, floods, landslides, debris flows and huge forest fires or house fires caused by lightning strikes etc. will be unavoidable worldwide.”

Many more of Meier’s environmental predictions, which he began publishing in 1951.

Also, around 3,500 years ago, utilizing time travel, the Plejaren prophet Hilak made predictions that include warnings about events that would be occurring during these times, when Billy Meier would be fulfilling his mission as the prophet of the New Age:

“There will also come the times of great floods over the world, and where the earth is, there will be water, and where there is water, there will be earth. Hurricanes, gigantic fires and earthquakes will rule and sweep away everything, as through horror, wars, murders, revolutions, tyranny, dictatorship, totalitarianism, tyranny, arbitrary rule, unlimited violence and crime unbelievable much human blood will flow. Terrible explosions will be heard in many places around the world as a result of blasts and terrorist attacks, causing fear, horror, awe and dread in many places and countries. And in many cases the wrong and crazy belief in God will be to blame for this, and it will always be a delusion of men, but never an answer or a demand of a God invented by men. On the contrary, nature will demand retaliation for the crimes that mankind, in its multitude, will commit and perpetrate against it and the earth.”

The Creation Guidelines

Hilak also said:

“Humans should and must strive to be in harmony with the currents of nature and the universe and thus with Creation and all its existence, and not refuse to go with the creative current, so as not to miss the advantages of the good conditions offered to them by the Creation guidelines, which can be developed higher and higher by the intelligence and power of man himself. They must, however, develop the evolution of their consciousness in order not to be left behind in their intellect and reason, in order not to have to wait millions of years until a foreign power helps them to an ascending wave of intellect and reason.”

These same, eternally valid Creation guidelines are presented and expounded upon in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, and which are the key to our future survival. You can:


These books belong in your consciousness library:



This new and already highly controversial book sells on Amazon for $100! While the Hollywood stars and New Age love bunnies might freak out over what author Ben Blijleven (and Billy Meier) reveal, it’s certain to bring about some seriously long overdue housecleaning on a previously rarely criticized, cultic, mind-controlling religion.

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Ned Duke
Ned Duke
Blog Member
July 21, 2021 9:39 pm

We also no longer build things that makes sense when some relatively inexpensive few hundred dollars worth of components get damaged but cannot be repaired without replacing 15K worth of rare earth materials. Another Elam Musk mystery to be solved there. Also, NYC is recovering faster than other areas according to the cost of rent. I guess this ‘recovery’ goes along with successful businesses that will never return and measured by how empty everything looks.

Blog Member
July 22, 2021 7:52 pm

I feel like i have had covid for year now. Like its always there but its not doing anything because I sneeze almost everyday 1-2 times and have headache. But magnesium, vitamin c and zinc helps with vitamin d. Is it ever gonna go out of my body? my lymph nodes been swolle for a while too. It did have a small effect in the beginning but then nothing.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  salini
July 22, 2021 8:20 pm

Hi Salini,

Are you able to see a doctor for your symptoms?

Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
August 13, 2021 10:52 am

Expecting to see more forest fires raging in Turkey, these people have just had major flooding, as have other countries, as warned by Billy back in 1947.

The weather extremes are now becoming major weather extremes and will get worse.
Sicily temperatures near 49’C. I wonder how long it will be before we see temperatures rise
to 59’C ? As Africa is already seeing temperatures of 60’C
Lucifer heat dome continues to grip Southern Europe.
And in the rest of the world to name a few:-

We cannot reverse the climate destruction, but we should prepare for more of these extreme weather conditions.