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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

776th Contact: Banning Masks Will Lead to Resurgence of Epidemic

As usual, “Mankind is being deceived and lulled into a false sense of security for the sake of profit.”


As usual, “Mankind is being deceived and lulled into a false sense of security for the sake of profit.”

776th Contact August 28, 2021

NOTE: This is the entire contact report. This is an official, unauthorized, rudimentary DeepL translation courtesy of Joseph Darmanin. It and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU).

Here I am again, greetings Eduard, my dear friend. After the conversation I really must return, for my duty calls me again.
Greetings to you too, Ptaah. It is just joyful to see you again, my friend, before you have to go away again. But you will come back when it is possible and you do not have to do your duty. There have also been long conversations between us the last few days, and I am glad that I have only had to recall and write down 2 of them all.
Yes, I understand that, because it is tedious for you when you have to correct every word because it is interspersed with wrong letters and numbers, etc. Besides, you have trouble speaking.
That is so, yes. Sometimes I find it difficult to find the correct words when I speak, for which I want to apologise, but on the whole I get what I want to say together. Sometimes it takes a while, but it works. There are no difficulties in recalling the conversations, and I have also gained some routine in all this time, so it is easier for me to correct the spelling differences that occur. I have also become a little faster with it, so I can make better progress and work a little more quickly. Therefore, it is also easier for me to quickly recall and write down the last short interview reports. So I have learnt a few things again and am making better progress.
It is still very tedious for you, also talking, because your brain stroke has greatly affected your ability to speak.
It is, it is true, but it is still progressing better. It’s just that I don’t let it get to me – even though sometimes it shuts me down and I want to throw the computer out the window. But the mind and reason are still stronger than the malignant influences of the forces that harass me. Unfortunately, it also seems to have an effect on my health, so I assume that what has happened is also due to that.
Let’s clarify that; it probably is, because what Florena and Bermunda reported to me points to your assumption.
In and of itself, I don’t really want to know. All that matters to me is that I can find my language again and that everything went smoothly. There was really a lot of luck involved.
You can say that. But what you manage to do with your self-control over your body and all that, that is already more than norma…
Good, good, I know what you’re going to say, but it is not necessary. It is simply up to each person what they do with something. That’s how I learned it from my father and mother at home and from your father Sfath. So I have learnt that in all circumstances you must always see yourself to do the right thing and get through life decently, even if everything is – Excuse me for the expression, which doesn’t really belong in my vernacular – ‘shitty’ all round.
This is probably correct and good, but it transcends the normal. It needed to be said, and it even surpasses what is slanderously said against …
That doesn’t belong here, I mean we don’t have to discuss it openly. Besides, even if one is slandered by one’s own family members because one’s own imagination, indoctrinated lies and hatred against me do not come to blows, what is otherwise falsely brought against me by other persons as a result of revenge and retaliation, then that is regrettable but cannot be changed.
This is also discussed – it had to be done. But what we did not talk about on Thursday night and last night when you came here is what is happening in Afghanistan. There, an act of terrorism by the IS has occurred more quickly than we thought. According to the latest news, about 100 human beings were killed, also Germans and Americans. And …
In reality, more than 200 human beings died as a result of the attack, as we have established. The information given by journalism and the US military and NATO allies is again – as usual – inaccurate.
That is certainly the case, because what I said regarding the dead was only what I heard on the news today. And the fact that the Americans promptly counter-attacked – with a drone, supposedly not harming any civilians – is probably only true to the extent that an act of revenge was carried out with a drone, but that civilians were actually killed in the process. Consequently, the civilian population has also certainly been harmed, and there will be casualties, because even a drone bomb makes no distinction between the guilty and the innocent. Likewise, it is surely no more than a joke or a lie on the part of the US that 2 high-ranking IS people were killed in the process, because the whole of this claim is probably nothing more than a justification.
The terrorist attack was avenged in kind, as has been the custom in this world among human beings since time immemorial, regardless of whether civilians had to bite the dust in the process or not, because the perpetrators simply claim the opposite. This is how it has always been and will remain for the next hundreds of years, and there is no change in sight in the foreseeable future. As long as the people continue to elect incompetents as rulers – or tolerate those in power who elevate themselves as rulers – and let them muddle along at their whim, nothing will change for the better. And I am always talking explicitly about the incompetent and thus about those who are absolutely and in any case incapable of running the state, about the zeros and the female and male good-for-nothings in the governments who are incapable of leading a people. Excluded from this, of course, are all those who carry out their affairs of state as righteous people and use their strength for the good of the people. Unfortunately, they hardly have the opportunity to make their people-leading skills work, because as a rule they are suppressed by the incompetents and zeros of the upper echelons of power. But they do exist, and they are entitled to their rights, so I am only denouncing those who are really incompetents and zeros in terms of governance. The righteous in government are – as far as I am concerned – excluded throughout and in every case when I rage against the incompetents and zeros in government, let that be clearly stated.
Even non-thinking, but only believers – how could believers in God also be otherwise? – of the world’s population believe all those rulers who must be judged as incompetent. This is because they themselves do not think, but are used to being believers, as they are used to with regard to their ‘dear God’, who supposedly thinks for them and judges everything in such a way that ‘justice’ prevails all around and the wicked are punished – precisely, if necessary, with death.
A legal decree that has to be made – that absolutely appeals to the voluntariness of the population, and in such a way that through this, in times when there is no epidemic, no epidemic and no pandemic – through a vote in the form of a general election of reason that determines any necessary safety measures in the case of an outbreak of an epidemic.
It would have to be 1. decided that a general travel ban be determined for such an epidemic period under all circumstances, so that an emerging epidemic cannot be spread by travel.
It must be decided 2. that every person undertakes towards himself personally and towards his neighbours and fellow human beings to wear a suitable respiratory mask during the time when an epidemic is rampant, and also to keep an appropriate distance from the nearest human being.
These are unavoidable safety measures that governments should automatically take into consideration and constantly keep in mind as a duty and remind the population of from time to time. This is in order to keep the people constantly alert and to know that they are prepared at all times to act correctly in a critical epidemic situation. But since the emergence of a bad epidemic sometimes takes decades or centuries, as a rule those in power do not think of the possibility of an emerging epidemic or pandemic, nor of any other disease or occurrence that could bring harm to the peoples. This is how it has been since time immemorial, and this is how it continues, because in this respect, people only think about the present at the moment, but not about the future. Especially not in the way that everything will become much worse in the future as a result of overpopulation, which will inexorably increase and overflow to such an extent that the human beings of the Earth will curse, hate and massacre each other. Already today, individuals are becoming more and more degenerate, murdering more and more of their neighbours and other fellow human beings out of hatred, greed and madness. And more and more, life becomes unbearable and ends in suicide, because no one notices any more how the next human being suffers psychologically and how he dies within himself. This, while selfishness and indifference as well as hatred and revenge rage all around, of which the human beings of the Earth are dominated the longer, the more, in fact, the greater the number of overpopulation and the smaller the living space or space of movement of the individual becomes.
Every evil is repaid in kind, i.e. avenged, which in religious terms is called justice – murder is avenged with a new murder, with the death penalty, and this in a private as well as in a judicial and military sense. God has ordained it this way since time immemorial, and therefore his blessing can also be begged for through prayers when going to war or carrying out an act of revenge. Then all revenge and retaliation are ‘sanctified’ and carried out according to ‘God’s will’, whereby it also does not matter that human beings are deprived of their lives and murdered – even women, children and men who basically have nothing to do with the matter for which revenge and retaliation are carried out. The earthling then calls this ‘God’s will’ and ‘justice’, and all that is important to him is revenge and retribution. Evil must be shown the master, and no matter how – the only thing that is important is that revenge and retribution can be exercised. And how it is, how brutal and inhuman, depends on the desires and senses of the earthling, and the more cruel it is, the more it satisfies the earthling’s thirst for revenge and retribution. And this is so, spinning through the senses of the so-called ordinary human being, right down to the soldier who ‘defends’ and ‘protects’ the fatherland, wages war against foreign powers and ‘repels’ invaders.
So, as usual, violence is avenged with counter-violence, which is then called just retribution and punishment – in the name of God and with his blessing – as has been done by earthlings since time immemorial, as has also happened, for example, in Guantànamo through torture, where prisoners were tortured with torture because – guilty or innocent – they were captured, had a different religious and political orientation and were tortured, as I have seen for myself. The whole thing leads to hatred and one day inevitably to war, be it within the people themselves as civil war, between the different peoples as effective war of nations and countries, within the families themselves or between them, or from one human being to another human being in a private way. Evil is repaid or avenged with evil, because it is not justly punished but avenged.
Basically, nothing has been learned from all the wars since time immemorial, from the 3 world wars that have taken place so far, from 1756 to 1763, from 1914 to 1918 and from 1939 to 1945. No peace has been created on Earth between the peoples, quite the contrary; through NATO, even more discord has been spread in the world, because with this bogus peace organisation it has become possible that US America, with the help of the NATO members or the countries associated with it through NATO, has been able to take over the world. With the help of the NATO members or the countries connected with them through NATO, US-America can realise its ambitions created by Harry Truman’s deceitful plans of world domination all over the world. This means that, according to the Truman Doctrine, US-America, with the help of the blue-eyed NAT0 states – who have no idea why and for what purpose NATO was created in the first place – can interfere in foreign countries’ affairs all over the world and invade them by war. This in order to occupy countries under the guise of aid, as was done shortly after the end of World War 3 – from 1949 onwards as a result of the ‘Truman Doctrine’ – and spread suffering millions of times over. Just think of Vietnam and Korea etc., and now Afghanistan, where the disaster that was already predicted in 1947 is now underway or in the offing, which US-America with its occupying force and the NATO members has unleashed, arrived some 20 years ago, when US-America with the NATO allies invaded the country in order to transform it – to put it mildly – but in reality to occupy it militarily and to bring it under the thumb of US-America with war against the Taliban.
But now that the country and its people have been ruled under the patronage of the USA for practically 20 years, during which time everything has been turned upside down and many deaths and, moreover, the uselessness of the occupation, it has been decided to put an end to it all. Just as the war with the Taliban – and also with the IS, the Islamist State, against which the USA did not do much during the occupation – brought no peace, no fruits and no victory for US-America, but only deaths and immense material loss, the 46th US president, Joe Biden, lets the US occupation tents in Afghanistan fall down, leaving behind – as usual – an indescribable chaos, the country and the population lying in filth and despair. Knowing full well that many of the population are being murdered by the Taliban and the IS, who have helped the US and the stupid NATO allies in their works. Not to mention the misery that will spread among the women who will have to exchange their ‘won’ freedom for the chador again and cower or even lose their lives.
For the last 20 years, everything has happened the way the Americans wanted it to happen, because it was the Americans who directed it, while the members of the NATO forces were only there in passing, unconsciously helping US America to exercise its might in Afghanistan. But now that it has failed – as it did in other countries because it could not ‘transform’ them, such as Vietnam – and has had to withdraw, the big slogans will be sounded, such as that failure was pre-programmed, that wrong thinking and wrong action were taken, and that everything was quite different and the like from what the reality turned out to be.
But as far as the US secret services are concerned, which are also involved, according to Florena’s statement, they have for some time been frantically trying to find out the origin of the Corona epidemic and to hold the Chinese responsible for it. This, just as the WHO is also working in this way, which, however, the Chinese will not let sit on their hands and will defend themselves against. And they will rightly do so, because they really can’t help it, and they also don’t know anything about the deal and the origin of the whole thing between Mao and the hateful American, both of whom ensured that the epidemic could come about – even if the effect only manifested itself many years later and long after their deaths, and in a different way than was intended, precisely not only that America would be affected, but the whole world. Presumably, the US secret services read in the reports of the talks that an American together with Mao was responsible for the emergence of the epidemic back in the mid-1970s. Probably with all possible lies the truth is now to be covered up and the whole thing is to be maliciously blamed on a natural origin or the Chinese, although they – neither the rulers nor the people – know anything about the deal between the Yank and Mao. As far as I know, all 3 laboratories have been destroyed and the laboratory workers are all dead, ultimately also those who contracted the disease and carried it out as the final form, allowing it to spread.
So all this is to be concealed and not known, because the knowledge would bring US-America as much harm as the truth that the Truman Doctrine of the time was the real reason for wanting to make US-America the world leader through NATO. Harry Truman’s deceitful lie that a military alliance was for protection against the USSR was the world’s fear formula at the time when World War 3 ended in 1945 because the Soviet Union had invaded Europe, which did not please the victorious powers, the USA, Britain and France, in any way. This was because the countries that came under the regime of the Soviet Union also had to adopt the political and economic system of the USSR. This was different from the political and economic views of the West, mainly the USA, and it was the reason why Harry Truman decided to use his fear lie, the Truman Doctrine, to bring the West together in a military alliance. He succeeded in this with his fear-mongering against the USSR, consequently in 1949 twelve countries of the West decided to oppose the alleged growing power ambition of the Soviet Union and declared themselves NATO allies (NATO means: ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’ and as ‘North Atlantic Defence Alliance’ is nothing else than a ‘military alliance’, which was brought into being in 1949 by the fear-mongering of the Truman Doctrine), which expanded over time, consequently NATO today comprises about 30 countries up to the borders of Russia, which on the one hand rail against today’s Russia and Putin, on the other hand blue-eyed and ignorant help the USA to realise their world domination ambitions. The hammer in the whole thing is that today’s US-Americans know nothing about the fact that the unscrupulous Harry Truman misused his Truman-Doctrine lie at that time to make the US-American world domination airs come true, which has been haunting the minds of those US-Americans who see US-America as the saviour of the world since the conquest of the country.
This is what Sfath found out from that treacherous US statesman Harry Truman during a personal conversation with him, who also ordered the use of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, which Sfath tried to talk him out of, but which Truman refused to do, warning that one day in the distant future US-America would suffer the consequences….
Stop, you shouldn’t talk about it because you’re talking yourself into things that you can’t be responsible for naming. You are right though, because it was so, and it …
Stop, now you are talking too much, my friend, because you were obviously about to say too much.
Hmm, it is indeed as you say. It happens so quickly that you suddenly say too much without …. Well good, because I have looked up everything in father’s notes, also the history of America, which has been quite different from what is generally handed down and glorifies everything.
It is not only in US America that the effective truth is concealed and falsified, but also in Canada, in Europe and South America. In America, the indigenous people, the Indians, were massacred and murdered by the immigrants from Europe, mainly Germans, French and Italians. In South America, it was the Spaniards or the conquistadors who stole the gold of the indigenous people – the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans – and murdered them. Then it was the English in Canada who, until 1996, maltreated the indigenous people like animals, persecuting them to death and robbing them of their descendants by taking the children of indigenous people away from their families by the state, placing them in institutions, sexually abusing or murdering them, as was also done in Switzerland, as the children were hidden in institutions and sexually abused, which the state now wants to come to terms with by ‘making up’ for everything with a cheap sum to those still living who were tortured.
Even today, many of the English descendants of the former immigrants are racist and violent towards the indigenous people, who are still raped and murdered today. This is not infrequently done by police officers who then – like other rapists and murderers of indigenous people – walk around as free citizens and go scot-free because the racist police have no interest in solving their own crimes. This has to be said openly for once, because no one in the world dares to tell the truth. Of course, not all police officers and citizens of Canada are of this disposition, for the vast majority of Canadians are so righteous, as are also the righteous Americans and Spaniards, who do not agree with but are helpless against the unrighteousness of the ricochets, whose ancestors must have been ricochets and passed on their unrighteousness, so that nothing clean and righteous could come after them, for how else could their descendants continue in the same style and harass those who are righteous? I can consider myself lucky that I only know US-American, Canadian and Spanish people who maintain good and honest friendship and are righteous people, whom I may also appreciate and value as such.
With regard to the courts, and this must also be said if I may digress further and speak of things that are actually foreign to the topic that was just addressed: It is a question of the fact that nowadays, in many cases, the courts do not pronounce a just verdict, but one that is pronounced according to the status and title of the person and according to the amount of the offence or, depending on the case, in favour of the delinquent, and consequently a verdict is passed that is wrong. This means that the more respected and higher in profession and standing a human being is, or the more he has scammed in profit, the less he is punished. This, while a ‘normal’ human being is sentenced to harsh penalties and many years in prison, this often innocently, because maliciously worked against him, today often with false accusations of alleged sexual abuse, because this false accusation is big in fashion and causes sensation.
I can only agree with you on that. Everything is done to …
To lift the big ones to heaven and send the small ones to hell. The whole thing is handled according to the principle: “Let the big ones go, hang the little ones.” This is also the case in so-called science, because those who know better than the learned scientists are disregarded and ridiculed. For example, it is still claimed today that the Earth was colonised from Africa because some types migrated early in Africa and went to the Far East, from where the world was then colonised and the dark-skinned Africans changed their skin colour and anatomical appearance. The fact that everything was completely different 45 million years ago, that the first life-forms changed or evolved and were able to spread to all continents, from which human beings finally emerged, is not accepted because the ‘knowers’, the ‘scientists’, are of a different opinion and defend their hypotheses. And that human beings did not originate as apes or from beings of ape-like origin – despite Darwin’s fraudulent claims and machinations – is also not accepted, just as it is not accepted that in Europe, in the Messel Pit in Germany, for example, the life-form can be found as an ancient relic from which human beings originated. The Messel Pit is a disused oil shale pit to the south-east of the district of the same name, which is located in Hesse, in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. The pit is well known due to the excellent quality of the fossils recovered there, which have been stored there since the Eocene, including the fossils that gave rise to human beings, which were still about 50-60 centimetres tall at the time of the Eocene, carried a tail and already had 5 fingers and 5 toes. This ‘animal’ of that time was spread all over the Earth and in the course of time, through its transformation/evolution, gave rise to human beings in different forms, depending on its particular anatomical-appearance, different species and colour. The islands and land plains and even the continents of that time were connected with ‘land bridges’, so it was also possible for the life-forms to ‘migrate’ and leave their ancestral places and settle elsewhere. The fact that in the process human beings also emerged that were more than 3 metres tall, even small ones that only measured 80 or 90 centimetres in height, is something of which those ‘in the know’, the ‘scientists’, have no idea, preferring to rely on finds and fantasise their hypotheses about them, which only relate to the time that allows them to fathom the period of time when the dear critters lived, in terms of age, by means of the radiocarbon method of age determination.
It is so strange that the so-called ‘knowers’, the very scientists, on Earth are unteachable. It is just as strange as what all calls itself song and music, which in reality is nothing but disharmony.
You are jumping from one extreme to the other, because now what has singing and music got to do with what we have been talking about?
With this I simply want to point out the absurdity. Science is supposed to be knowledge, not hypotheses. This is as absurd as, for example, what is supposed to be singing and music, but which in reality is neither singing nor music, but disharmony.
You mean that which earthlings nowadays present as song and music, but which in reality is only organised noise, ruckus and howling in all pitches and the like? A disaster of disharmony, so to speak? Interesting, by the way, because the word is suddenly on everyone’s lips on television since my predictions of 1947 are on the Internet and the word disaster is mentioned because of Afghanistan. It is like when Semjase mentioned the word SAFE, which then went around the world like wildfire. But seriously, what is heard as singing and music around the world today has nothing to do with singing and music, but only with disharmony. Anyone and everyone who howls, yells, roars and ‘riots’ into a microphone today is hailed as a new singing and music great, although there is nothing to be heard of singing and music and thus nothing to be heard of harmony. Since the mid-1980s, the majority of human beings have lost the sense of harmony in singing and music, so that only disharmony dominates their senses as supposed harmony. Everyone wants to be known and to appear on television as a greatness and to be cheered, while they falsely assess their howling and instrumental ruckus as singing and music. Equally banal and stupid, for example, is the morning show on German television – called MOMA or something like that – which seems so ridiculous that the stupidity of the participants is downright painful. The whole thing I have described also affects the whole conduct of life and politics, which are being conducted in a form of creeping destruction, and in such a way that slowly but surely everything is going down the inexorable path of decline. Instead of life going upwards and being progressive, everything is going crooked and downwards the longer, destroying and annihilating everything that could still sustain life. More and more offspring are being born, causing humanity to grow endlessly and leaving less and less room in the world for life to be lived at all. Already countless human beings are wasting away because they have no more room to live, and the rampant overpopulation takes no notice of the whole thing. On the contrary, mad advocates and deniers of this truth are still trying to promote everything in such a way that even more human beings will be born and they will finally force the final catastrophe, that it must come to an inevitable collapse. But all talking is of no use, because every voice of warning fades away as if in the empty desert, because no one wants to hear it, because it is easier and simpler to go along with the masses and join in than to think and act responsibly oneself. It is easier to hear and obey ‘God’s word’ and the word of all those irresponsible people than to think for oneself and get one’s own butt in gear to take a thought and do something sensible through one’s own initiative.
How right you are, yet no one wants to hear it. For my part, by listening to and watching such television programmes, I myself have noticed the same phenomenon as you perceive. It clearly points to the fact that Earth human beings are increasingly slackening and atrophying in their capacity for correct perception of the intellect as well as of reason. They seek the purpose of life in the addiction of being known, of presenting themselves and of wanting to be more than other people, as well as in wealth, but they do not notice that this impoverishes them consciously. And because it is so, and the Earth human beings do not think and decide rationally and rationally, they constantly elect leaderships for the peoples who bring them disaster instead of blessing and progress.
I have been asking myself for as long as I can remember how it comes about that human beings steadily come to the power of government, who are actually in their whole human being, in their thinking, deciding and working, blank zeros and only work for their own good, but not for the good of the people? And how is it that the people believe them, trust them, follow them and allow themselves to be drawn into wars by them? As a rule, since time immemorial, it has been kings and emperors and other rulers who have risen from the muck and placed themselves as leaders before the human beings, who have been stupidly accepted by the peoples and abused, massacred and murdered for it. And this has continued from time immemorial until today. This is usually proven by those incompetent rulers who are at the helm today and run their big mouths, are glorified by the people, but in reality are no good as leaders of the people. The righteous ones – who are there and who have to swallow their wisdom and their healthy good thinking for the people – have no chance at all, because they are shouted down by the stronger ones, by the powerful ones in power, or simply eliminated, ousted from the scene and deprived of their office. And this has always been the case, be it Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Bush father and son, Donald Trump, Erdogan and others who have been in power or are still in power today. American President Biden is also no different, as he proves with his vindictiveness in ordering the counter-attack with a drone against IS, whereby civilian innocent human beings have been killed without conscience. He is as all before him were, as they still are today, and as they will be tomorrow – the incompetent and the unrighteous, all of whom oust the righteous and do not let them have their say. They are all the same, those who are only at the helm for the sake of their might, and their profit, self-important and unscrupulous, and for themselves and their might alone, but not for the good of the people, who – God knows why – trust them and do not themselves think and act, do not themselves lift their own buttocks and set them in motion. Verily, it sets it in motion only according to its mad delusion of God and consequently according to the imaginary ‘word of God’ and what is dictatorially dictated to it from above, but not according to its very own rational thinking and its own decision-making and action.
Your words in Reasonable Ears.
You’ll probably be waiting in vain for a long time, because the majority of all peoples are not capable of thinking for themselves, deciding for themselves and acting for themselves, but are dependent on faith in the imaginary ‘dear God’ who will ‘fix everything’, so everything comes about as the ‘Lord God’ decides and thinks – ‘as a believer, you only have to pray hard enough for it’.
As usual, you find the correct words, even if it is difficult for you to speak. Still, it is more than admirable.
It is not my way to just give up – also not in terms of the forces that harass me when I write. It’s just a matter of keeping going, even when sometimes it wants to turn you off.
While I am used to a lot, I would fail if I were you.
You say that now, but if you were really in my place, you would think twice.
Maybe – I don’t know!
But it may be. Then I still have some things to talk to you about, which is not official, but involves some things that basically …
Of course, because …
Then I have the question – as it has become so common lately because of the Corona plague – whether, when I call up the conversation and write it down, I should then attach the emails that Achim beams to me each time? They are always interesting articles that he picks out of newspapers and therefore asks for permission so that we can also publish them in the contact reports. Of course, we keep a low profile and usually publish them without comment, because we are neutral and do not say whether we are in favour of or against vaccination. We think that this is and should remain an absolutely private matter, so every human being has to decide for himself what he can/does or wants to put his body through.
That is also correct, because the whole thing concerns one’s own personality, and it is the human being in question alone who determines this.
That is so, therefore it is also not right that someone is asked whether he or she has been vaccinated against the Corona virus. If companies or corporations, bakeries, restaurants, hairdressers, grocery shops and others demand information or even an ID card about whether a person has been vaccinated or not, then this is not legal. If it were legal, then a popular resolution would first have to be passed for this, by which in such a case the immunity and thus the unassailability of the right of personality would have to be lifted and declared null and void. On the one hand, this would be the solution, but on the other hand, the solution could be that, from case to case, the human being decides voluntarily whether he wants to give information or not, whether he has been vaccinated with a questionable vaccine against the Corona epidemic or not. It is not at all acceptable that compulsorily a vaccination or a non-vaccination has to be mentioned, because this violates the rights of the personality either way and reveals something that the human beings want to keep for themselves as a personal matter.
If I may still add my personal opinion?
Of course, it is even welcome, because your opinion is certainly wanted and counts more than the word I raise as an earthling. You know, it is just as the old saying goes, “The prophet in his own country counts for nothing.”
That is a silly thing to say. – But what I am saying is that it is not correct that all around the obligation to wear respirators should be abolished as well as the obligation to keep one’s distance from the nearest fellow human being with whom one is not in constant contact. It is negligent, imprudent and therefore stupid, indeed completely irresponsible, to abolish this necessary rule and thus continue to promote the Corona epidemic. Furthermore, we cannot and must not make any recommendations from our side as to whether vaccination should be carried out or not, because our directives forbid this at all, and furthermore this is the personal decision of each person. However, what we do know very well, according to our observations and research, is that the vaccines currently being administered against the Corona disease are not sufficiently proven and not effective enough to seriously stop the disease and prevent the many deaths. Humanity is being deceived and lulled into a false sense of security for the sake of profit. One’s own intellect, reason and decision are therefore called for, and for the time being these go no further than the sensible observance of caution and the use of respirators and keeping one’s distance from fellow human beings. Anything else is irresponsible and window dressing because it gives a false sense of security.
That is actually what I wanted to hear from you. For once, this is a clear answer. It makes clear exactly what taking off the respirators and not keeping the distance is, namely a lack of conscience towards oneself and towards one’s fellow human beings. And whoever orders this, that the wearing of masks and the keeping of distance is no longer necessary, because the epidemic has calmed down a bit and it has receded a bit, is irresponsible and thus does everything so that the epidemic can start anew.
That is indeed the case. And with that I must leave. Goodbye, Eduard, dear friend.
Well, goodbye. – Take care, Ptaah, my friend. – Then I’ll attach the newspaper articles to the conversation when I’ve retrieved the whole thing and written it down.
That is already acceptable and correct. Yes …
Pharmaceutical Companies in a Gold Rush
Already Moderna & Co. are propagating A third vaccination, but reject any liability
The manufacturers of the Corona vaccine are making huge profits. Shareholders have become billionaires in a very short time – although it is still unclear how well the vaccines protect and what side effects are to be expected.
The vaccines against the corona virus were developed by Moderna and Biontech/Pfizer in record time. Many media are hastily celebrating this as a scientific revolution.
The vaccines are based on mRNA technology, which was used for the first time. Unlike previous vaccines, the pathogen itself is not administered in a very small dose. What is injected is a genetically engineered construction manual for a part of the pathogen – simply put: information on how the body can fight the new coronavirus.
Orders for 800 million
The sale of the two mRNA vaccines administered in Switzerland is a business with huge profits for the US corporations Moderna and Pfizer and the small German company Biontech.
Biontech is based at An der Goldgrube 12 in Mainz (D). Switzerland ordered 6 million vaccine doses from Biontech/Pfizer and 13.5 million from Moderna. Other suppliers are the manufacturers Astra Zeneca, Curevac and Novavax. A total of 34 million doses have been ordered. According to the Federal Office of Public Health, 800 million Swiss francs are available for this purpose.
Fairytale Profits
The contracts with the state buyers are extremely lucrative for the pharmaceutical companies: Biontech wrote a net profit of 1.1 billion euros in the first quarter of 2021, in the second quarter it was 2.8 billion. For comparison: In the whole of last year, the company’s net profit was 15.2 million euros.
The price for Biontech shares was still around 50 euros on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in autumn 2020 – today it is around 400 euros. This is due to the unique return: in the first quarter of 2021, 80 percent of the revenue was net profit.
Moderna published a profit of 1.2 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2021 – in the second it rose to 2.8 billion. Last year, the company had still closed with a minus of 747 million dollars. The value of a share has increased tenfold since the beginning of 2021 on the New York Stock Exchange from just over 50 to almost 500 dollars. The shareholders’ fairytale profits will probably not be a flash in the pan. According to German physician, epidemiologist and former SPD member of parliament Wolfgang Wodarg, the flu vaccine serves as a model for vaccine manufacturers. “Most human beings don’t know that the flu vaccine doesn’t protect against all viruses, but – if you’re lucky – only against some influenza subtypes.” And against those that have been found and analysed by the manufacturers, he said. Because of the mutation of the flu viruses, the pharmaceutical companies can produce and sell new vaccines year after year.
This will probably also be the case with the new coronaviruses. When Moderna launched its vaccine, the company spoke of 94.5 per cent protection against Covid-19, Biontech/Pfizer of 95 per cent. No one knows yet whether these figures are accurate. Doubts arise from the fact that in largely vaccinated countries like Israel, a third vaccination is being propagated. According to the latest figures from Moderna, the protective effect of their vaccination is still 93 percent after six months.
Dan Staner, European head of Moderna, is already raving about a third vaccination for everyone in the ‘Blick’ of 19 August. These ‘booster’ vaccinations would ‘probably provide better protection against new virus variants, also against Delta’. Moderna expects approval in the fourth quarter of this year. However, an application for approval has not yet been submitted. Nevertheless, the federal government has already secured 7 million vaccine doses.
Nine new Billionaires
So the gold rush continues for the manufacturers. So far, it has made at least nine human beings billionaires, as calculated by the international development aid organisation Oxfam. The CEO of Biontech, Ugur Sahin, now has a fortune of 4 billion dollars, the boss of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, 4.3 billion dollars. The three co-founders of the Chinese vaccine company CanSino Biologics are also billionaires today. They have a combined net worth of $19.3 billion.
Another eight persons with extensive shareholdings in Covid-19 vaccine companies have amassed a total fortune of $32.2 billion. Among them are the German twins Andreas and Thomas Strüngmann. They invested the sum of 150 million euros when they founded Biontech in 2008. Today, they are the largest single shareholders with a 50 per cent stake.
Moderna wants to boost its vaccination business even more with a new business model: countries that contribute to the construction costs for a factory in their own country are allowed to purchase vaccine doses first. In August, Moderna reached an agreement with the government of Canada that the state – i.e. the taxpayers – would help pay for the construction of a Moderna vaccine factory. Federal Councillor Berset confirmed at a media conference that conversations between Moderna and Switzerland are also underway in this regard.
Federal office as advertising ambassador
The vaccine manufacturers’ strongest ambassadors are the health authorities of many countries – in Switzerland, the Federal Office of Public Health. It always emphasises that the benefits are greater than the possible side effects. But possible long-term damage is not even known yet. According to the Swiss expert platform Infovac, it normally takes 10 to 20 years for a new vaccine to be tested and brought to market – in the case of the Corona vaccine, it took only a few months. In Switzerland, approval was granted in a fast-track procedure.
In addition, vaccine manufacturers such as Biontech and Moderna only make the data from their studies available to the authorities in the recipient countries, but not to independent researchers. This would be all the more important because the manufacturers conduct almost all studies on side effects and benefits themselves.
By the 10th of August, the licensing and control authority Swissmedic had received 5,304 reports of side effects, 1,838 of which were classified as serious. 133 patients died, although it is unclear whether the vaccination was the cause. If necessary, Swissmedic advises a post-mortem examination of deceased patients. However, it cannot order this. This is a matter for doctors, cantons and surviving relatives.
But such autopsies would be central, says Peter Schirmacher, chief pathologist at the University of Heidelberg. In addition to coronary deaths, the corpses of human beings who die shortly after vaccination would also have to be examined more frequently. He warns of a high number of unreported vaccination deaths and complains: “Pathologists don’t even know about most patients who die after and possibly from vaccination.
For the manufacturers, the consequences of vaccinations are not a problem. In the contracts they reject any liability. This is shown by a draft contract between Pfizer/Biontech and Albania, which Transparency International posted on the internet. The buyers of the vaccines would even have to pay the legal costs if patients were to file lawsuits against the companies.
Max Fischer
Source: K-Tipp 13/2021, 24.08.2021
Romania stops Vaccine Imports, closes Vaccination Centres
and relocates Vaccine Stocks to other Countries, 1st September, 2021
Romania stops vaccine imports, closes vaccination centres, shifts vaccine stocks to Denmark, Vietnam, Ireland, South Korea, etc. The human beings do not want to be vaccinated. Instead of trying to force them, the government respects their will. An overview of the situation based on headlines:
Romania closes 117 Covid vaccination centres – 7th July, Associated Press:
Falling demand for coronavirus vaccines in Romania has prompted authorities to close 117 vaccination centres and reduce the number of vaccinations to 371, health authorities announced Tuesday.
“Last week we re-evaluated the efficiency of the fixed vaccination centres. In about 80% of the fixed vaccination centres, less than 25% of the vaccination capacity allocated to each stream is vaccinated,” the head of the national vaccination committee, Valeriu Gheorghita, told a press conference on Tuesday.
Romania halts most Covid-19 vaccine imports
as human beings shun inoculations – ‘The Irish Times’, 1st July 2021
Romania has halted imports of most Covid-19 vaccines after a slowdown in its vaccination campaign prompted the government to sell more than a million doses to Denmark and request an extension of the validity period of tens of thousands of expired injections.
Romania starts destroying expired COVID-19 Vaccines,
as number of vaccinations declines – Romania Insider, 25th June:
Romania may start destroying some of the COVID-19 vaccines it received earlier this year, as their expiry dates expire while public interest in vaccinations has dropped significantly. (Or, more likely, those who wanted it got it).
As a result, Romania now has a surplus of vaccines and will start destroying some of the unused doses received earlier this year, as they will soon expire. About a week ago, the authorities asked suppliers to deliver less COVID-19 vaccine than planned for the same reason.
Denmark buys 1.1 million doses from Pfizer from Romania – ‘The Local’, 30th June
Denmark bought 1.1 million doses of vaccine from the Romanian government, bringing vaccinations forward by two to three weeks.
In a press release on Tuesday evening, Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said the slow pace of vaccination in Romania meant the country had doses it could not use.
Romanian Prime Minister does not want different Rules
for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated –, 28th August
Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Saturday he was not in favour of different rules for persons in public places depending on whether they had been vaccinated with the Covid vaccine or not. “I am not a fan of separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated and who gets to go to the mall depending on that,” he said.
“Last year the malls were open when we didn’t have the vaccine. It would be strange and absurd to close them now when we have this solution in the form of a vaccine,” he said during a visit to a vaccination centre in the northern town of Botosani.
Vaccination Madness Poem
Vaccinated, vaccinated, must be vaccinated!
This is the only way to achieve immunity for human herds.
This is how it is propagated on all channels,
in order to shirk responsibility.
The brains are being washed by the government and the media.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical bosses quickly line their pockets.
Clean, quickly developed and totally free of side effects,
They lie about vaccines, the people don’t care.
The vaccinated are already separated from those who still think for themselves,
This way the stupid folks can be divided and much better controlled.
Vaccination already brings illness and death to many,
But this is kept quiet, which stinks to high heaven.
And whoever dares to speak the truth about it,
the vaccine believers don’t want to keep him around.
He is called a conspiracy monger and a danger,
And even shamelessly denigrated as an enemy of society.
Where will all this lead us?
In which direction will the doors open?
In the end, civil war and dictatorship loom,
Freedom and democracy will remain empty words.
Achim Wolf, 30th August 2021
2G and Human Dignity
31st Aug. 2021 17:01 hrs
There is increasing pressure from politicians to enforce a rule under private law that only vaccinated and recovered people can live a halfway nor mal life. All the progress made in recent decades in the fight against discrimination will be kicked down the road.
Source: © Axel Heimken
Since Corona, life is a hurdle race, and the hurdles are regularly set differently so that the whole thing does not become too easy. The latest invention in this context is called ‘2G’ and is the further development of the already deeply illogical ‘3G’ from spring. Illogical because the assumption that convalescents have weaker protection than vaccinated people contradicted all experience with other diseases and is now also refuted by studies on Corona.
But studies that do not come from the RKI or contradict the assumptions of German politics have problems being noticed. This has also been the case for a long time, whether it is about the usefulness of masks, the transmissibility of respiratory pathogens in the open air or the illnesses of vaccinated people.
So now 2G is supposed to be the new solution. Then, so the promise goes, restaurants and even clubs will be allowed to open without having to comply with the restrictions called ‘hygiene rules’. According to politicians, this is possible and legal. This means the exclusion of non-vaccinated people, even if the test result is negative. The core of this new model is that the state and politicians wash their hands of it; they only suggest that one could make use of the domiciliary right …
A café owner in Hamburg told the press: “In winter, when there is no terrace, I have to decide in favour of the 2G regulation – whether I like it or not, otherwise I cannot survive. This is probably how many people who run such businesses feel. So it is only an apparent will; in reality it is constraints set by politics that lead to the implementation of this rule.
This is, of course, pleasant for those politically responsible. After all, the background to these attempts to enforce 2G through the back door is by no means protection against infection, but rather the attempt to force the previously unvaccinated to vaccinate by means of not-so-named punitive measures, by locking them out of life as much as possible.
At the same time, it is pretended that none of this is a problem and that it is completely compatible with human rights. This becomes problematic at the latest at the moment when shops that cover daily, vital needs also adopt this rule. This is not stated in such a way, but the material incentive is strong, especially for the discounters, i.e. those shops where the poorer sections of the population get their supplies – with 2G, the restrictions on the number of customers present would fall and thus turnover would increase. It will only be a matter of time before the first Aldi or Lidl bars unvaccinated people from shopping.
This is, after all, a question of domiciliary rights, they say, and there is freedom of design. This ignores the fact that there was a long and arduous political debate about whether house rights and freedom of contract actually take precedence over human dignity. This dispute ended in the creation of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), which largely placed human dignity above private law.
Whereby the whole handling of Corona has already unleashed a flood of de facto discrimination, which has not been dealt with anywhere so far. For example, the hygiene rules for doctors’ surgeries not only led to the fact that (also and especially in winter) patients no longer gathered in the waiting room but in the queue outside, which incidentally deprived those human beings who could not stand in the queue for long of access to medical care. Which was only exacerbated by the fact that many doctors then discovered that vaccinating is more profitable than running a normal business.
Shaping the conditions in such a way that basically only the healthy can go to the doctor actually contradicts not only the requirements of the AGG, but also those of simple common sense. But also here we are far from the end of the line – there are already doctors who refuse to treat non-vaccinated people. We can very quickly talk about failure to help.
But back to the creeping introduction of 2G. The Tagesschau commented on the issue as follows: “Legally permissible, moreover, would be the restrictions on the fundamental rights of entrepreneurs only if they were necessary to protect the life and health of others.” There it is on the table, the buck stops here.
Clearly, ‘protection of life and health’ has become highly irrationally defined. This becomes clear as soon as one converts the incidence figures to concrete conditions. A current incidence of 75 means no more than that out of 1000 human beings tested, not even one tested positive, which does not mean that he or she is sick or infectious. And this is as true for the unvaccinated as for the vaccinated (although recent studies suggest that the vaccinated may be far more contagious than the unvaccinated).
Because one in 1000 might be contagious, 999 are massively restricted in their circumstances? And prevented from contact with others who are supposedly protected by their vaccination? This simply means attributing a non-existent characteristic to 999 on the basis of a false generalisation. But that is exactly discrimination.
Let’s take another situation for comparison, in which the ‘protection of life and health’ is also affected. According to a study conducted by the German Youth Institute in 2019, the incidence of violent crime among male juveniles between the ages of 14 and 18 is between 900 and 1,000, i.e. approximately one in 100 juveniles became conspicuous through a violent act. If one were to apply the same yardstick here as with Corona, discos would only have a female audience. Why doesn’t this happen? Because it is discrimination; in this case of the other 99 out of 100 who are not prone to violent behaviour.
Required is the word that needs to be looked at more closely here. For that again belongs to the standards of proportionality and says that there is no milder means to achieve the desired goal. The reason for the trick of shifting the decision for 2G into the realm of private law lies precisely in this point. It is not the mildest means. The executors, those who make decisions under private law, are deliberately deceived by the authorities by being persuaded that it is all right. It is not. Because the AGG prohibits arbitrary discrimination, but the necessity of 2G cannot be proven.
Of course, at the moment the courts of this republic wave everything through, no matter how much it violates the given law. This was shown by the rulings on the demonstration bans. However, even if the courts ignore it, this does not change the political effect. By propagating 2G, barriers against discrimination are torn down, which were painstakingly erected in long disputes.
The ‘protection of life and health’ must not be a limitless argument. Human dignity must be weighed against this, also in the area of private law. If a discotheque decided not to admit, for example, all Syrians and Afghans under 30, there would rightly be a wave of indignation, even if the incidence of violent crime in this case is at least ten times higher than the Corona incidence among the unvaccinated.
It is precisely the rights of others that must not be curtailed. Even if one wants to pretend with all the Gewalt that the danger of infection emanates exclusively from the unvaccinated (which is demonstrably false), even here, with a tenfold increase in the current incidence, there would still be at least 99 out of 100 who pose no threat to life and health.
But if the rights of a comparatively large group of the population are allowed to be curtailed so massively on such a weak basis, and if official bodies are even increasingly calling for this, what argument can be used to prevent discrimination against other groups of people on the basis of a similar argument?
What is happening here is a rollback towards complete arbitrariness. It is simply not possible to break through legal principles on such a broad scale without causing permanent damage. This would also apply if the argumentation were conclusive. The fact that it might not be only makes it worse.
For many years, efforts have been made to privatise risks, especially in the health sector. For example, demanding higher health insurance premiums from smokers or overweight people, while completely ignoring the fact that stress, the compulsion to eat cheaply triggered by poverty, and many other factors that are far beyond the individual control of those affected play a major role in this (for example, the stress level of the mother during pregnancy). The planned treatment of the unvaccinated is also a door opener in this respect. If society accepts this without contradiction, other justifications for other forms of discrimination will follow.
Half-discriminated is just as unacceptable as half-pregnant. And if you light up some stadiums in rainbow colours a hundred times.
Army Doctor:
“More soldiers have died from the syringe than from Covid.”, 29th August, 2021
A Corona vaccination will become mandatory for the 1.3 million US soldiers and the vaccination requirement will come into effect in mid-September. Army doctor Lee Merritt told a meeting of ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ in late July that only 20 soldiers had died from covid in 2020.
“We’re vaccinating everyone now,” Merritt said. “We are already seeing tumours and we’ve seen 80 cases of myocarditis.” The military doctor stressed that 66 per cent of human beings diagnosed with this heart disease die within five years.
“The vaccination programme has killed more young soldiers than Corona,” Merritt said.
We Find Ourselves in a War
In the past 31 years, 317 cases of myocarditis have been reported to VAERS. “This year: 1113,” she said.
“The question to ask is why we don’t stop vaccinating,” Merritt said. “We stopped the respiratory syncytial virus vaccine after 22 deaths in children. We stopped H1N1 after 53 serious adverse reactions. Why is that not being done in this case?” The military doctor’s response, “We are in a war and we need to find out who the enemy is.”
Frightening if true…
— Osler (@osler78) 26th August 26, 2021
The incredible Stupidity of the medical Establishment,
the Governments and Corporate Executives, 27th August, 2021
I find it unbelievable that doctors, governments and corporate executives cannot grasp the concept of infection enhancing antibodies (ADEs) and that ADEs are a consequence of mRNA vaccines. It is the vaccine that is causing the wave of new infections in heavily vaccinated countries. The vaccine is the problem, not the solution.
Yet the incompetent authorities in Israel, the US, Iceland and elsewhere believe that the solution is more vaccination and booster shots.
How is it possible that Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Airlines, is so stupid that he cannot comprehend ADE? 75% of Delta employees are vaccinated but Bastian thinks the spread of infection requires ‘more effort’. That’s why he charges unvaccinated employees a special monthly contribution of $200 to the company health scheme.
It is proven that the newly infected are mainly made up of vaccinated persons and that it is vaccinated persons who ‘shed’ the virus and spread it among the unvaccinated. It is the vaccinated human beings who pose a threat to others, not the unvaccinated. Vaccination with experimental mRNA technology spreads the virus and makes it uncontrollable.
As Dr Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate in medicine, says: “You see it in every country, it is the same everywhere. The curve of vaccinations is followed by the curve of deaths.”
Dr Vanden Bossche, a vaccine developer and senior Ebola programme manager, says: “Given the enormous amount of immune escape triggered by mass vaccination campaigns and flanking containment measures, it is hard to imagine that human intervention would not result in the COVID-19 pandemic turning into an incredible disaster for global and individual health.” My conclusion is that the human race is too stupid to survive. Those who vaccinate are driven by profit and greed and perhaps darker motives, and those who vaccinate are driven by blind fear. This does not bode well for a promising outcome.
More Deaths after Covid Vaccinations in 8 Months
than from the Virus itself in 18 Months, 26th August, 2021
There can no longer be any doubt that the Covid-19 vaccination is more deadly than the alleged Covid-19 virus itself, as a range of official public health and government data is available confirming that more human beings have died from the Covid-19 vaccination in 8 months than from Covid-19 in 18 months.
NHS data for England shows that since March 2020 to the 12th of August 2021, a total of 3,743 human beings have died from Covid-19 who had no other pre-existing conditions such as dementia, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, chronic neurological disease and heart disease.
Official data from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) shows that between March 2020 and 31 July 2021, only 704 human beings died from Covid-19 in the whole of Scotland who had no other pre-existing conditions.
However, data published by Public Health Scotland shows that between 8 December 2020 and 11 June 2021, a total of 5522 human beings died within 28 days of a Covid-19 injection, with 1827 deaths attributable to Pfizer’s vaccination, 3643 deaths attributable to AstraZeneca’s vaccination and 2 deaths attributable to Moderna’s vaccination.
This means that in just six months, almost eight times as many human beings died within 28 days of a Covid-19 vaccination as human beings who died from Covid-19 in 18 months in Scotland (704 deaths). 1.5 times as many human beings died in Scotland within 28 days of a Covid-19 vaccination as died from Covid-19 in England in 18 months (3743 deaths).
Even when the number of human beings who died from Covid-19 in England and Scotland are added together (4447 deaths in 18 months), there were still 1075 more deaths within 28 days of a Covid-19 vaccination in Scotland.
Public Health England has so far refused to publish the number of deaths within 28 days of a Covid-19 vaccination in England, on the grounds that they do not hold this data, although their colleagues in Scotland can provide it.
However, based on the number of deaths in Scotland and adjusting for the population size in England, we estimate that the number of deaths in England could have been as high as 57,470 by 11 June 2021. Of course, some will argue that the number of deaths within 28 days of a Covid 19 vaccination does not mean that the person died because of the Covid 19 vaccination. They are right, of course, but these are the same people who believe that a death that occurred within 28 days of a positive Covid 19 test is definitely a Covid 19 death.
So we would like to point these people to the MHRA Yellow Card data which shows that more human beings have died as a result of Covid 19 vaccination in 8 months than in the whole of Scotland in 18 months.
As of 11 August, 293’779 adverse reactions and 501 deaths related to Pfizer’s mRNA injection have been reported to the MHRA.
As well as 813,622 adverse events and 1053 deaths reported to the MHRA related to AstraZeneca’s viral vector injection.
Moderna mRNA injection has caused at least 41,274 adverse events and 14 deaths up to 11 August 2021. This vaccine has been administered primarily to younger adults, who are least likely to develop severe disease if infected with Covid-19. About 1.4 million human beings have received the Moderna vaccine, which means that at least one in 33 persons has suffered an adverse reaction and at least one in 100,000 persons has unfortunately died.
The total number of deaths caused by all three vaccinations is now 1596 when the 28 reported deaths where the brand of vaccine was not given are included.
This means that 892 more human beings have died from the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK in 8 months than have died from Covid-19 in Scotland in 18 months.
However, it is also important to remember that according to the MHRA, only 10% of serious adverse reactions are reported under the MHRA yellow card system.
Therefore, the official figure could be 15,960, which means that thousands more have died from the Covid-19 vaccine than have died from Covid-19 in the whole of the UK.
It does not matter how you look at it, the official data is now clear.
The Covid-19 vaccines are more deadly than the alleged Covid-19 virus itself, and this is precisely why Public Health England refuses to publish the number of deaths that occurred within 28 days of a Covid-19 vaccination.
Compulsory Vaccination: The greater Evil for Society
Posted on the 24th August, 2021 by Barucker, August 26, 2021
The epidemiological reality of COVID-19 lends itself to a focused vaccination approach: a safe and effective COVID-19 poses a high risk of severe disease with possible death to a few, while the risk to the majority of the population is negligible. The median age of death from COVID-19 is within the range of natural mortality in most countries. 95% of deaths occur in persons with one or more pre-existing conditions. 99.95% of persons under 70 years of age survive. In healthy persons, the survival rate is even higher. In children and juveniles, the risk of dying from COVID is almost zero.
Vaccine is offered to high-risk human beings (usually people over 50 with other health problems) when the benefit of the intervention clearly outweighs the risk. This strategy achieves the best outcome for all.
Compulsory vaccination has no place in a free society. Public health policy should never involve coercion, but should be fundamentally based on participation. Decisions must be made by those who have something to say, not by bureaucrats or a questionable elite who will never face any consequences of their actions. The role of public health authorities is to provide the public with accurate information and to respect that individuals and communities make their own decisions.
Seven ethical principles of public health should be at the heart of every public health measure: Harm reduction, beneficence, respect for autonomy, maximising health, efficiency, equity and proportionality. Human rights, scientific facts and common sense should also apply.
Ten reasons why COVID-19 vaccination should never be compulsory:
1. Do no harm! – The Hippocratic duty to ‘first do no harm’. There is growing evidence of serious side effects following COVID-19 vaccination, particularly heart muscle inflammation in young human beings. Vaccine adverse event reporting systems act as early warning systems so that immediate action can be taken to prevent greater harm. The available reports have long been sufficient to justify an investigation. Vaccines are also contraindicated for persons with certain health situations. Vaccination of pregnant/breastfeeding women must be done with extreme caution – pregnant women have been excluded from vaccine trials; the COVID risk is low in healthy women of childbearing age, while the risks of the vaccine to the foetus/child cannot yet be assessed.
2. Benefit- the imperative to achieve a benefit for the individual. Health interventions should be based on individual needs. Vaccination is only indicated if the benefit of the intervention is clearly greater than the risk to the individual. This criterion is not met in children and juveniles, persons under 60 years of age without pre-existing medical conditions, and persons with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection (including asymptomatic infections).
3. Respect for self-determination – individuals can manage their own wellbeing as they see fit. “Every human being has a high value and must not be reduced to being a means to the end of the well-being of others.” It follows that the informed consent of the individual must be obtained before any medical intervention, i.e. he or she must be fully informed of the risks and benefits of the intervention and give voluntary consent ‘without any element of force, fraud, deceit, pressure, overreaching or other form of coercion or duress’. Currently, individuals cannot be fully informed about the side effects of vaccines because long-term data are not yet available. The results of vaccine trials should be reviewed by independent scientists before the vaccine is introduced for the high-risk group. All data on efficacy and safety must be made available to the public.
4. Maximising health – maximising the health of all members of the general public requires a holistic and multi-faceted approach: educating the public about healthy lifestyles to improve their chronic diseases, the importance of vitamin D in fighting respiratory infections, the importance of early outpatient treatment, the availability of life-saving treatment options, safe and effective medicines (such as ivermectin), and vaccines for the high-risk group. Vaccinating persons for whom the risk from the vaccine is greater than the benefit increases the overall harm.
5. Efficiency – the obligation to benefit as many human beings as possible with limited resources. Vaccinating persons who do not benefit from the intervention diverts valuable resources away from the most vulnerable and from far more devastating global health problems such as tuberculosis, HIV, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
6. Equity – all human beings are equally valuable and no one should be discriminated against based on their health choices. Unfair practices such as denial of benefits, employment requirements, travel restrictions, or higher insurance premiums for the unvaccinated create a two-tier society. They damage solidarity and cohesion in society.
7. Proportionality – the reasonable weighing of the benefits and costs of a measure in terms of individual well-being and collective benefit. Vaccines are intended to provide protection to those who are vaccinated. It is unethical for a person to take a risk for the benefit of others or lose personal freedoms by being vaccinated.
8. Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 can occur from both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. The virus can also be transmitted among animals. Even if all human beings were vaccinated, transmission will continue and variants will evolve. A zero-COVID strategy is unrealistic and unachievable.
9. Herd immunity can be achieved through a combination of natural infection and vaccination. Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is comprehensive, robust and persistent – stronger than vaccine-generated immunity, especially when fighting variants. Recovery from infection prevents severe disease in the event of re-infection. It is not necessary to vaccinate the entire planet for the ‘good’ of society.
10. Inalienable rights, as set out in Article 58 of the Siracusa Principles on Limitations and Exceptions to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1958), apply in all circumstances, including threats to ‘national security’:
“No State Party shall, also in times of emergency threatening the life of the nation, derogate from the guarantees of the Covenant enshrining the right to life, freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and from medical or scientific experimentation without free consent, … and freedom of thought, conscience and religion. No derogation from these rights shall be made under any circumstances, even for the ostensible purpose of protecting the life of the nation.”
There are two possibilities: Either the vaccines work and provide protection to those vaccinated, so the claim that everyone needs to be vaccinated is no longer true. Or the vaccines don’t work, and therefore no one should get vaccinated. In both cases, compulsory vaccination and vaccination cards are pointless instruments of health policy that undermine trust in the medical profession and vaccination programmes. They seem to serve economic, financial, political and ideological purposes. Above all, they are unethical. They lock the door wide open to totalitarian rule through a digital system of social rewards.
Vaccination cards epitomise the greater evil for society. At this point, we must not give an inch.
About the Author:
Abir Ballan holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a background in Psychology and Education. She is a member of the Executive Committee of PANDA (Pandemic Data & Analytics). She is passionate about the inclusion of students with learning difficulties in schools. She has also published 27 children’s books in Arabic.
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Source: @abirballan, @pandata19
Why has Canada, with a population of 37 million,
ordered more than 293 million vaccine doses against Covid?, 30th August, 2021
Switzerland has also secured more than 33 million vaccine doses until 2023 and plans to buy more. Switzerland currently has about 8 million inhabitants. Everyone can work out for themselves where it will end up.
The Canadian government has just ordered 293 million additional doses of the coronavirus vaccine, even though the entire country has only 37 million inhabitants. What is Justin Trudeau up to, you may ask? Good question. We’d also like to know, because apparently he is preparing to give every Canadian citizen and resident at least eight additional booster shots. According to reports, Moderna, one of the two manufacturers of messenger RNA (mRNA) injections, has signed a contract with Canada to supply 20 million doses of its experimental vaccine annually for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024. This corresponds to 60 million doses over the next few years, with the option to supply an additional 15 million doses if needed. “Not a bad deal for a product coming to market for the first time – and a drug still in clinical trials at that,” writes Celeste McGovern, reporter for ‘LifeSite News’, referring to the clinical trials website for more details.
“Especially since Moderna has some issues with the safety of its novel mRNA vaccine.” Just three months after its launch, the Moderna injection has already received more than 300,000 reports of side effects, many of them serious. This number is far higher than what has been officially reported to the government in accordance with the law. In total, more than 105 million doses of the Moderna covid injection will have been administered in Canada by 2024, suggesting that covid boosters are becoming a seasonal affair, much like annual flu shots.
As you may recall, a few months ago the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opposed Pfizer’s proposal that ‘fully vaccinated’ persons should receive booster shots. Just a few weeks later, the FDA changed its mind and rushed to issue an emergency use authorization (EUA) allowing Pfizer to administer booster shots starting in September.
FDA pretends not to support Covid booster vaccines, only to pass it on the fly. As it turned out, the FDA’s initial refusal was just a pretext. Back in April, Canada had pledged about 35 million Pfizer booster shots for 2022 and 2023, with the option to give another 60 million doses in 2024. “That’s 188 million Pfizer vaccinations,” McGovern writes. “Combined with Moderna’s offer, that’s 293 million vaccine doses – enough injections to vaccinate every Canadian nearly eight times in just three years. Do you think they might have a few booster shots a year in mind? Or maybe the extras are for Canadian cats?”
Canada’s top health authority Theresa Tam pulled a similar trick to the FDA, pretending to be against booster vaccinations for Covid, only to change her mind just two weeks later, right on schedule. Now booster shots are becoming part of the pandemic lexicon and are likely to become a routine part of ‘full vaccination protection’ against Fauci flu. Is anyone really surprised about this? “No one seems to be asking why the miracle vaccine needs a booster dose, or why, since Canada has complied with every vaccination requirement ever established and then raised again, and 99% of residents of long-term care facilities are vaccinated, why are heavily vaccinated Canadians – and Israelis and Brits and others – stuck in a ‘fourth wave’ of COVID cases?” asks McGovern. “Why is the miracle vaccine failing?” The answer, of course, is that it was never a miracle vaccine – it was always a scam to fuel the spread of disease with new variants caused by the vaccine. In other words, the so-called ‘vaccines’ are the real pandemic.
Now it is really so far: The division of society; the classification of the people into 1st and 2nd class by the following article
More division is impossible, August 30, 2021
A newspaper might mobilise against the unvaccinated. And this in a new ‘quality’. The division of society is lamented – and at the same time promoted by all means. Why is the ‘SonntagsBlick’ doing this?
‘The opponents of vaccination are making common cause with the virus’.
That is the title of the editorial in the current issue of ‘SonntagsBlick’. It was written by editor-in-chief Gieri Cavelty. It is both an outrageous accusation and a kind of indirect call for lynch law. Vaccinated people are told that there are currently two enemies: the virus and the human beings who do not get vaccinated. According to this, the latter threaten the health of the whole society and prevent the return to normality. The virus alone would only be half as bad by now thanks to vaccination, it is suggested; what is now plunging us all into misery are people who do not get vaccinated.
Whoever writes this either does not know what he is doing, which would be bad. Or he knows exactly what he is doing, which would be much worse.
The title is the prelude to a cascade of assertions and misleading terms. For example, ‘vaccination opponents’ are spoken of completely without restraint. As if everyone who decides against the vaccine because of their personal starting point is an opponent of any form of vaccination. Accordingly, people who don’t like coffee are coffee opponents, and those who don’t like exercise are fitness opponents.
In this way, one turns a personal decision of the individual into a kind of mission. One slams human beings to an active group of recalcitrant misanthropes. And at the same time, the ‘SonntagsBlick’ claims that this mission is directed against all ‘good’ people, i.e. the vaccinated.
Vaccinated people lose patience’ is the title of another article in the immediate vicinity of the editor-in-chief’s editorial. The text that follows is basically nothing more than a long hint that the vaccinated are quite right to lose their patience. The two articles in combination form a perfect template for all those who – due to ignorance or false information – really believe that unvaccinated human beings are a danger to society and have forfeited the right to their own bodies.
What ‘SonntagsBlick’ might do is pure agitation. It does not mediate between groups, it does not help to overcome the division, it journalistically arms one of the groups to develop anger that will eventually be discharged.
It is one thing to market the vaccination with an expensive advertising campaign via a nationwide poster campaign, it is another to publicly declare as a newspaper that the unvaccinated are in cahoots with the virus. The only thing missing is the claim that ‘opponents of vaccination’ have brought the virus into the world.
The Ringier papers have been consistently putting themselves at the service of the federal government for a year and a half, that is nothing new. But more and more, they are playing the role of agitators, saying what a Federal Councillor cannot say, of course, but which plays right into the Federal Councillor’s hands. At the moment, it is all about bringing down the second referendum against the Covid law in November. By putting the vaccinated majority of the population into latent aggression towards the rest, this can of course succeed.
“However, too much consideration for the feelings of the opponents of vaccination could lead to our hospitals reaching their capacity limits again sooner or later,” writes the editor-in-chief in his foreword. Consideration for feelings? What feelings? The integrity of one’s own body is a human right. Anyone who comes to the conclusion that he or she is not in any significant danger from the virus has the right not to be administered a vaccine. It is not a ‘feeling’, it is a right. And it is unethical and wrong in the extreme to try to undermine it by inventing yet another threat of overuse on the basis of statistics on intensive care beds that have long been fudged.
It is equally wrong to maintain the long-disproved claim that vaccinated people are in some sense ‘harmless’. We know that this is not the case, and vaccinated people have no reason to ‘lose patience’. They have done what they wanted to do, they have exercised their right to their own bodies, and what others do is literally none of their business. Neither the neighbour nor the work colleague nor the father-in-law has to account to them.
No, ‘anti-vaccinationists’ are not making common cause with the virus. They just don’t confuse a desire to travel and go to concerts with ‘solidarity’ and refuse to bow to the pressure generated by renewed panic scenarios. That is their right. And anyone who accuses them of being on the side of the virus is guilty of any escalation of the situation that may yet come.
Draw the correct conclusions!, August 30, 2021
The question of the benefits of Covid vaccines has always been a hot potato. Now a plain language article has caused quite a stir. Multipolar magazine picked up on a reference that official data from the British Public Health Agency showed that the vaccination could even lead to more severe courses of the disease and more deaths. Literally, it had said in plain language:
In fact, for vaccinated persons, the Delta variant is
even more dangerous for vaccinated people, according to British government data!
After several letters from readers in response to his article, Multipolar conceded that this conclusion could not be drawn after all:
“Contrary to what is presented in the article, the statement that vaccinated people die more often than unvaccinated people cannot be proven from the data used.”
Reason: “A summarised consideration of the mortality rate of the two stated age groups leads to a misleading impression, since the groups are of different sizes: If one looks at the data correctly, there are 32,828 cases and 652 deaths among the dually vaccinated over 50 years of age, i.e. a rate of 1.99%, and 4891 cases and 318 deaths among the unvaccinated over 50 years of age, i.e. a rate of 6.5%. Thus, not more vaccinated than unvaccinated people die in this age group, but considerably fewer. If one also takes into account that the unvaccinated are more likely to be tested, i.e. the number of unreported cases is lower, the difference becomes even clearer. In the under-50 age group, the rate is slightly higher for the vaccinated, but at a fairly low level (0.07% vs. 0.04%), and here again the same effect is expected to occur when broken down neatly by age: The deaths are predominantly in the upper age range of this group, which has high vaccination coverage. But without more data, you can’t say for sure.” Ultimately, the reader points out, it may well be that if in each age group mortality is lower among the dually vaccinated, it still appears higher in the summary: “This is called the Simpson paradox. In fact, I was not aware of this effect.”
After careful examination of the reasoning and the data, however, the multipolar retraction seems premature – and arguably also wrong. And for the following reasons:
It is still fundamentally true for the general estimation of the benefits of covid vaccination that, according to Public Health England data, vaccinated people have a higher risk of dying if they are infected with the delta variant. In this regard, the data are clear: Delta infection was detected in 183,133 unvaccinated persons and 163,329 vaccinated persons between 1 February and 15 August, by sequencing or genotyping (not by an unsuitable PCR test). Within 28 days after the detection of a delta infection, 390 unvaccinated and 783 vaccinated persons died. The probability of dying WITH a delta ‘infection’ is thus 0.21% for unvaccinated persons and about twice as high for vaccinated persons, at 0.47%. This risk is even less favourable for the 73,372 persons whose delta infection was detected more than 14 days after the second vaccination: of these, 679 persons died, or 0.93%. Whether ‘the unvaccinated are more likely to be tested’ may remain an open question. However, unvaccinated people are certainly not more likely to be tested for possible variants by means of genetic sequencing. At best, they submit to a meaningless dictate to submit to rapid tests or PCR tests in order to participate in social life. This does not allow any conclusions to be drawn from the PHE data.
What does this mean? The testing capacity in the UK is just over half a million tests per day. Since February 2021, between three and four million human beings have been tested per week. These are the famously inglorious RT-PCR tests with their limited validity. These tests are NOT able to distinguish between variants of the virus. For this, the full sequencing of the genetic material from test swabs is necessary. The corresponding procedure is called Whole Genome Sequencing and is much more complex than an inaccurate PCR test, which can only detect individual partial sequences by means of amplification. As of 16 August 2021, Public Health England reports a total of 223,564 confirmed and a further 163,288 suspected (phenotyped) cases since the observation of the Variants of Concern. This is therefore a significantly lower number than the number of Covid cases. Not every test is sequenced, but predominantly symptomatic cases are sequenced, as these significantly increase the probability of a complete isolation of virus particles. In this respect, the argument that the unvaccinated were tested more frequently is irrelevant for the interpretation of the available data from PHE. Here, about the same number of confirmed cases of delta variants have been studied with a negative tendency for fatal outcomes in vaccinated persons.
In fact, it is NOT meaningful to look at separate age groups from the PHE data. The data only allow for a very rough division into under and over 50s. It is true that, according to the PHE data, more unvaccinated people over 50 die than vaccinated people. However, no conclusion can be drawn from this fact to which the Simpson effect could be applied to justify a positive effect of the vaccine per se. The data density is not clear enough for this. After all, the data are evaluations among hospitalised patients. However, these did not necessarily come to the hospital and the emergency room because of Covid-19. A proportion of these persons – both over and under 50 years of age – have only been routinely tested for Covid, suggesting that some have also died WITH, but not FROM, the delta variant. In any case, the PHE statistics break down the data accordingly to minimise bias. In fact, even within the age group of unvaccinated over-50s, a significant proportion of 740 persons (about 15 per cent) were admitted via the emergency department on the same day as their test smear was taken. This suggests, at least in part, a cause other than Covid, since accidents, strokes or heart attacks are also admitted via the emergency room, which frequently lead to death in this age group, which could not have been averted by vaccination.
Finally, there is growing evidence that the Covid vaccine promotes antibody-enhanced infection (ADE) with the delta variant. The vaccines lead to a reduction in neutralising antibodies with increasing duration and age. Neutralising antibodies are the weapon to fight the virus that the novel vaccines allow the body to produce. A decrease in this immune defence makes the vaccinated more susceptible to infection with variants that can then more easily infect human cells by means of binding antibodies and thus damage the organism. Dr. David Bauer of the Francis Crick Institute recently confirmed this.
What Dr. Bauer says is a confirmation of the above calculation of the risk for vaccinated people whose infection with Delta occurred more than 14 days after the second vaccination. This group of people has a continuously decreasing amount of neutralising antibodies (NAB) and thus a higher risk of a severe course due to so-called ADE, the infection of cells by the Delta variant of the virus, which is amplified by binding antibodies that are present more frequently afterwards and to which the vaccine not only no longer responds, but whose dangerousness the vaccination actually increases!
In plain language, the data from PHE England actually indicate with some probability what scientists had long feared, and what was shown by animal studies in attempts to develop a vaccine for the first SARS coronavirus: Antibody-enhanced exacerbation is a danger to vaccinated people. What remains particularly explosive and scandalous is that these findings are also not new to the regulatory authorities. On the contrary: the umbrella authority NIH, to which Tony Fauci’s NIAID Institute also belongs, even funded, but apparently let disappear into oblivion, a study that had drawn the correct conclusions: COVID vaccines carry considerable risks of aggravation – and should therefore not be administered to those willing to be vaccinated on a voluntary factual basis without corresponding detailed information. Compulsory vaccination or vaccination campaigns for children are obscene and immoral in view of this!
Covid vaccine injuries jump to 27,000 reports in a week and FDA lures with Pfizer vaccine approval, August 29, 2021 VAERS data released Friday by the CDC show a total of 623,343 adverse event reports from all age groups following COVID vaccinations, including 13,627 deaths and 84,466 serious injuries that occurred between December 14, 2020 and August 20, 2021.
Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that a total of 623,343 adverse events were reported to VAERS between 14 December 2020 and 20 August 2021, including 13,627 deaths – an increase of 559 from data released last week.
During the same period, 84,466 serious injuries, including deaths, were reported – an increase of 3416 from the previous week.
Excluding ‘foreign reports’ submitted in VAERS, 488,318 adverse events, including 6128 deaths and 38,765 serious injuries, were reported in the US between 14 December 2020 and 20 August 2021.
Of the 6128 deaths reported in the US by 20 August, 13% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 18% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 32% occurred in persons who experienced symptoms within 48 hours of vaccination.
In the US, 360.3 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of 20 August. This includes: 203 million doses from Pfizer, 143 million doses from Moderna and 14 million doses from Johnson & Johnson (J&J).
The data comes directly from reports filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the main federally funded vaccine adverse event reporting system in the US.
Every Friday, VAERS publishes all reports of vaccine adverse events received by a certain date, usually about a week before the publication date. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal link can be confirmed.
This week’s US data for 12- to 17-year-olds show:
17,518 total adverse events, including 1047 classified as serious and 18 reported deaths. Two of the 18 deaths were suicides.
The most recent reported deaths include a 15-year-old boy (VAERS identification number 1498080) who had previously received COVID, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in May 2021, and died four days after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s vaccine on 18. June when he collapsed on the football field and suffered ventricular tachycardia, and a 13-year-old girl (VAERS identification number 1505250) who died of heart disease after receiving her first dose of Pfizer.
Other deaths include two 13-year-old boys (VAERS I.D. 1406840 and 1431289) who died two days after receiving a Pfizer vaccine, a 13-year-old boy who died after receiving Moderna (VAERS I. D. 1463061), three 15-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1187918, 1382906 and 1242573), five 16-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1420630, 1466009, 1225942, 1475434 and 1386841) and three 17-year-olds (VAERS I.D. 1199455, 1388042 and 1420762).
2609 reports of anaphylaxis in 12- to 17-year-olds with 99% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
444 reports of heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis) and pericarditis, with 438 cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
89 reports of blood clotting disorders, with all cases attributed to Pfizer.
VAERS data released this week for the period 14 December 2020 to 20 August 2021 for all age groups combined show:
21% of deaths were due to heart disease.
54% of the deceased were male, 43% were female, and the remaining death notifications did not specify the gender of the deceased.
The average age of the deceased was 73.1 years.
By 20 August, 3190 pregnant women reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 982 reports of miscarriage or premature birth.
Of the 2640 reported cases of Bell’s palsy, 50% were attributed to Pfizer vaccines, 43% to Moderna and 7% to J&J.
530 reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome, with 39% of cases attributed to Pfizer, 34% to Moderna and 26% to J&J.
132,694 reports of anaphylaxis, with 43% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine, 49% to Moderna and 8% to J&J.
8528 reports of blood clotting disorders. Of these, 3633 reports were attributed to Pfizer, 3101 reports to Moderna and 1746 reports to J&J.
2162 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, of which 1364 cases were attributed to Pfizer, 714 cases to Moderna and 78 cases to J&J’s COVID vaccine.
Coroner confirms: BBC radio presenter died from COVID vaccine complications An award-winning BBC radio presenter died from complications from her first dose of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine, coroner Karen Dilks said.
Lisa Shaw, 44, received her first dose from AstraZeneca on 29 April. She was taken by ambulance to the University Hospital of North Durham on 13 May after experiencing headaches for several days. She was transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, where she received a series of treatments, including having part of her skull cut away to relieve pressure on her brain. She died on 21 May.
According to the BBC, pathologist Tuomo Polvikoski told the coroner that Shaw had been fit and well before the vaccination. Asked about the cause of the fatal clotting in her brain, Polvikoski said the clinical evidence ‘strongly suggests that it was indeed triggered by the vaccine’.
FDA gives full approval to Pfizer vaccine,
Critics accuse agency of lack of data and scientific debate
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 23 August granted full approval to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine ‘Comirnaty’ for persons 16 years and older – without allowing public debate or holding a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss data.
This is the first COVID vaccine approved by the FDA, and is expected to pave the way for more vaccination requirements from employers and universities.
According to the Washington Post, Pfizer’s approval of the vaccine was the fastest in the agency’s history, coming less than four months after Pfizer/BioNTech applied for licensing on 7 May.
According to an article published in the BMJ on 20 August, transparency advocates criticised the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval – an important mechanism for reviewing data.
Last year, the FDA said it was “committed to establishing an advisory committee composed of independent experts to ensure that deliberations on approval or licensing are transparent to the public”.
However, in a statement to the BMJ, the FDA said it did not believe a meeting was necessary before the expected full FDA approval.
Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who sits as a consumer representative on the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, said it was concerning that the full approval was based on only six months of data – even though the clinical trials were designed to last two years – and that there was no control group after Pfizer offered the product to participants as a placebo before the trials were completed.
FDA approval letter causes confusion and raises questions
Hidden in the fine print of Monday’s approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine are two critical facts that impact whether the vaccine can be mandated and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries, according to Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Meryl Nass.
Kennedy and Nass, who accused the FDA of using a ‘bait and switch’ to lure the public, said the FDA acknowledged that while Pfizer had ‘insufficient stock’ of the newly approved Comirnaty vaccine, ‘a substantial amount’ of Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID vaccine – manufactured under an emergency use authorisation (EUA) – was still available.
The FDA ordered that Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine should not be licensed under the EUA – but that it can be used ‘interchangeably’ with the newly licensed Comirnaty product.
Second, the FDA said that the licensed Pfizer-Comirnaty vaccine and the existing EEA-Pfizer vaccine are ‘legally distinct’ but that their differences have ‘no impact on safety or efficacy’.
Kennedy and Nass said that EUA products are experimental under US law. Both the Nuremberg Code and federal regulations provide that no one can force a human being to participate in such an experiment.
Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), ‘Approval for Medical Products for Emergency Use’, it is unlawful to deny someone a job or training because they refuse to be an experimental subject, they wrote.
For now, at least, Pfizer Comirnaty’s vaccine has no liability protection. The vials of the branded product, which say ‘Comirnaty’ on the label, are subject to the same product liability laws as other US products, Kennedy and Nass said, adding that ‘Pfizer is therefore unlikely to allow any American to take a Comirnaty vaccine until it can somehow obtain immunity for that product’.
On Thursday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wrote to the FDA expressing similar concerns and questions about the agency’s approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine.
In his letter, Johnson asked FDA Acting Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodruff why the FDA has not given full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine, which is already in use and available in the U.S., and how the agency will ensure that those who are vaccinated under a mandate receive the FDA-approved version.
As COVID rises among the fully vaccinated, CDC fails to track breakthrough cases correctly
As ‘The Defender’ reported on 24 August, the CDC’s latest data shows 9716 breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalisation or death as of 16 August. However, the agency states that these numbers are underreported.
On 1 May, the CDC decided to stop recording all breakthrough cases, but only those among the fully vaccinated that resulted in hospitalisation or death. This leaves health officials without the complete data that can answer questions as the new Delta variant spreads.
In an interview with PBS News Hour, Jessica Malaty Rivera, an infectious disease epidemiologist and research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and former director of science communications at the COVID Tracking Project, said that not tracking breakthrough data with the granularity hoped for “basically creates blind spots in our understanding of the true impact of the virus, particularly the variants that are so prevalent in the United States.”
The New York Times recently published data from seven states – California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Virginia – that keep particularly detailed records of breakthrough cases.
The analysis found that in six of these states, breakthrough infections accounted for 18% to 28% of all new COVID cases diagnosed in recent weeks and 12% to 24% of all COVID-related hospitalisations, with reported deaths exceeding the CDC’s original estimate of 0.5%.
Pfizer’s plan to produce ‘variant-specific’ vaccines will lead to more variants, experts warn
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told Fox News on Tuesday that the company has a system in place to produce a variant-specific vaccine within 95 days if a vaccine-resistant COVID strain emerges, but experts warn that this strategy will backfire.
Bourla said Pfizer had not yet identified any variants that could escape the vaccine. However, this statement is at odds with the results of numerous studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which show waning immunity to the delta variant.
Dr Peter McCullough, a specialist in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and clinical lipidology, said in a recent podcast: “There are clearly sources of information that suggest that once we start vaccinating and have more than 25% of the population vaccinated, we’re going to have one of the variants emerge in the background because it’s resistant to the vaccine.”
“That [theory] might make sense,” McCullough said. “Just like with an antibiotic, once we reach a certain percentage of coverage with an antibiotic, we will allow a resistant bacteria to evolve.”
According to Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccines, world expert in RNA technologies and Harvard-trained physician, continued mass vaccination campaigns will allow for new, more infectious viral variants.
Even if we had full vaccine uptake and complete masking, Malone said, CDC data make it clear that we can at best slow the spread of Delta, but not stop it.
New CDC studies show waning vaccine immunity to Delta variant
Two studies released by the CDC on 24 August show that immunity to COVID among fully vaccinated Americans is waning, as delta variant now accounts for 98.8% of COVID cases in the US.
One study found that the vaccine’s effectiveness among healthcare workers has dropped by nearly 30 percentage points since the delta variant became the predominant strain in the US.
The analysis also concluded that the COVID vaccines were only 80% effective in preventing infection among healthcare workers.
The second study looked at 43,000 Los Angeles residents aged 16 and older. Between 1 May and 25 July, 25.3% of COVID infections occurred in fully vaccinated persons and 3.3% in partially vaccinated persons.
The CDC warned in its report that the vaccine’s effectiveness could also decline with increasing time since vaccination and because of the low accuracy of the estimates due to the limited number of weeks of observation.
The release of the new studies came a week after the CDC released its first three reports on the vaccine’s effectiveness – which also showed declining vaccine protection against the delta variant.
172 days and counting, CDC ignores Defender requests
The CDC website says: “CDC follows up on every report of a death to request additional information and learn more about what happened and to determine whether or not the death was a result of the vaccine.”
On March 8, ‘The Defender’ reached out to the CDC with a written list of questions about reported deaths and injuries related to COVID vaccines. We repeatedly attempted to get a response to our questions by phone and email.
Despite multiple phone and email contacts with many CDC staff, and despite being told that our request was in the system and someone would respond, we have yet to receive answers to our questions. It has been 172 days since we sent our first email requesting information to the CDC.
mRNA vaccines: The silent weapon – Dr. Igor Shepherd, August 29, 2021
My seven years of medical studies in the Soviet Army in the Strategic Missile Forces involved large military exercises focused on weapons of mass destruction. I learned tactics of global warfare, including weapons of mass destruction and their effects on the population and enemy forces. The Soviet Army had a powerful biological defence system, and to be a successful military doctor, I had to know more than traditional medicine – I had to know how to fight ‘silent weapons’, because this kind of covert biological warfare was crucial to the eradication of the enemy (peoples of the Western free nations) and the globalisation of communism.
Under Soviet rule, biowarfare was designed to be carried out using either tactical or strategic methods. In tactical action, the military aggressor would use bio-warfare agents against enemy troops on the battlefield. In strategic warfare, the civilian population would be the main target of destruction. Biological warfare agents would be dropped as bomblets on large populated areas using cruise missiles or aerosol dispersal from aircraft. This type of silent warfare allowed the enemy to quickly take over a country’s infrastructure and economy and incapacitate the population without a protracted military invasion.
Americans should be concerned about silent warfare because most nations, including the US, are no longer in compliance with the Biological Weapons Treaty, which was supposed to protect the world and entire populations from insane bio-genocide.
Worldwide violations of the Biological Weapons Treaty
After World War II, the Americans intensified their bio-research to counter the Soviet threat, developing both incapacitating and lethal biological agents. In 1969, President Nixon brought the biological research programme to a halt, allowing the Soviet Union to become the world’s leading driver of weapons of mass destruction. This caused the US to back down and divert billions to fund biological defence and biological weapons-related projects. As bioproduction escalated worldwide, the threat to humanity again caused a stir.
This global threat was the catalyst for the 1975 Biological Weapons Treaty under the UN Convention. It was concluded to prohibit the development, production and stockpiling of biological and toxin weapons. 183 nations signed the treaty, including Russia and China.
Even before the treaty was finalised, danger arose when Russia refused to sign the treaty unless the verification provisions were removed. The verification process was crucial because it would force states to identify the number of civilian facilities and allow regular inspections. Russia had no intention of allowing inspections at its research laboratories or disclosing its huge bio-storage facility. The US and the UK gave in to Russia’s ridiculous ultimatum and allowed the verification process to be removed from the treaty.
This move opened the door to opacity and constant violations of the treaty and exposed entire nations to a constant threat. Therefore, it is important to understand that under this treaty, gene splicing and DNA manipulation used in recent CRISPR technology and Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are illegal. All manufacturers of mRNA vaccines violate the Biological Weapons Treaty and get away with it, allowing bioweapons development and production to proceed at the speed of a bullet train.
mRNA technology is not new
Messenger RNA technology in Covid vaccines is not new, even though our politicians have been spreading this falsehood since day one. The Soviets began developing mRNA sequencing almost four decades ago. They were the first to develop ‘designer’ bio-agents under a classified programme called ‘Project Factor’, one of many secret programmes that used recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, also known as DNA genetic engineering. Gene sequencing also included messenger RNA (mRNA) and microRNA (miRNA) and was capable of causing terrible epidemics against hostile populations, even severe and debilitating multiple sclerosis.
DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms such as plants, animals and bacteria and is the genetic material of human beings and almost all other organisms. DNA is found in every cell of the organism and tells the cells which proteins to make. Messenger RNA is naturally found in all our cells and is responsible for transmitting messages from the DNA, which is located in the cell nucleus. In the nucleus, proteins are made from the mRNA sequence in a process called translation. Both DNA and mRNA are molecules within a cell called nucleic acids. MicroRNA regulates many mRNAs, and similarly, one mRNA is regulated by several miRNAs in the production of bioweapons.
The molecules in cells form specific genetic codes for the life of each human being and are the ‘instruction manual’ for the proper functioning of the human body. Our human genome is what makes the human species human, and gives each of us our own unique and specific genetic code, which is truly an amazing miracle, because everything from eye colour to why we have thin or fat lips is contained in this code. If our code were modified in any way and genetically altered from its original version, the likelihood of us losing our humanity would be very high. For this reason, bioweapons in the wrong hands can dramatically alter human life as we know it.
Using lab-created modified pathogens that use rDNA and mRNA, Soviet scientists decided to give God a run for his money. By inserting genes and combining DNA segments from one type of organism with the gene from another, they created more deadly, contagious, environmentally stable and pathogenic new strains of the various microorganisms. These included multi-resistant anthrax, genetically modified super plague, chimeric variations of smallpox and rubella. They also found a way to effectively subvert the body’s natural immune processes by overstimulating the immune system by ‘reprogramming’ the human immune system’s responses to these man-made external pathogens. The over-stimulation of the body’s immune system was intended to cause severe immunological reactions and relieve the body of the responsibility to release antibodies when it chose to do so. When the immune system was constantly running at full speed and exhausting itself (a similar example of self-exhaustion would be a cancer patient whose immune system is depleted by chemotherapy), the body became weakened and vulnerable to mild infections, such as a cold, and could no longer fight off infections. For the Soviets, this breakthrough became an important ‘silent warfare’ for mass destruction.
Does this ‘reprogramming’ of the immune system sound familiar? It should. The Covid-19 vaccines use the same mRNA technology to reprogram the body’s immune system that Russia used to create bioweapons for silent warfare against civilians. Unlike conventional vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not contain real pathogens but trick the body into thinking it is being attacked by a real virus. The body becomes a computer and is instructed to develop the disease-causing proteins itself, ‘reprogramming’ the human body to produce its own antibodies. The proteins become independent and do not coalesce into a virus as they do with conventional vaccines. The immune system then recognises these viral proteins and begins to produce a defence response against them. The end result, however, has altered the body’s natural responses and dangerous pathological immune reactions are triggered, including systemic inflammation and the stimulation of autoreactive antibodies that lead to a cytokine storm or death. Worse, these harmful consequences may not show up for months or years. For this reason, the initial side effects in many of the persons vaccinated against Covid were severe, appearing days and weeks after the injection. The over-stimulated immune system caused by the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines undoubtedly copies Russia’s silent weapons of warfare.
Silent warfare
The Covid vaccine manufacturers insist that the mRNA does not alter DNA, but I don’t believe that. They have their reasons for bypassing the traditional vaccine method and using bioweapon technology, and I don’t think it has anything to do with ensuring the health of the population, otherwise they would have taken the time to follow proper testing protocols for their ‘new’ vaccines from the start and not rashly ignored the numerous reports of harm and deaths that have occurred so far among those vaccinated. So should we blindly trust them after knowing that mRNA technology was originally developed and used by the Soviets to harm and destroy entire populations? Should we trust them knowing that there is no correct measure of short or long term side effects and also what deaths might occur in the future? Are we to ignore the fact that the ingredients in the Covid vaccine contain cells from aborted foetuses that can potentially cause cancer and autoimmune system changes in those vaccinated? Do we turn a blind eye to the toxic and non-biodegradable synthetic substances such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) used to make the vaccines, even though we know that PEGs disrupt cellular function and cause severe neuropsychiatric symptoms in the offspring?
Are we to believe our leaders when they insist that these ‘secretly patented’ mRNA vaccines are safe, even after receiving reports that Covid-19 vaccines have led to damage and deaths from blood clotting, pathological thrombus formation, Bell’s palsy, heart disorders, heart inflammation, neurological chaos, paralysis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and to numerous miscarriages? The inventors of the Covid-19 vaccines expect numerous injuries and deaths. You can’t mess around with this kind of biotechnology and be ‘clueless’ about the end results. That is why the pharmaceutical giants have made sure that they are spared legal consequences for harmful effects and deaths.
The evidence of global warfare is ubiquitous – from the dictatorial global alliances formed between nations, to the violation of civil liberties, the imprisonment of citizens in their own homes, the destruction of private businesses, the extreme rules on wearing masks, to the cruel new laws denying unvaccinated Americans the right to work, eat in restaurants or go to the theatre – these are not normal responses to a pandemic, especially one with a mortality rate of 0.1 to 0.5%. These are the reactions of a communist despotism. By mandating these bio-vaccines, they are forcing us to play Russian Roulette, but instead of one bullet in the six chambers of the gun, there are five.
The communist-style pandemic responses forced on free Americans are unimaginable, and I find it worrying that our own American government and the US Department of Defence are knee-deep in partnerships with China in the research and development of Covid-19 vaccines. The Department of Defence’s bioweapons research and expert departments, BARDA, DARPA and DTRA, are all heavily enmeshed with the vaccine companies as well as China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army. Trusting the health of our country’s citizens to a country that is an active enemy of American ideals and cannot adequately secure its own bioweapons labs is treasonous.
Messenger RNA technology can now be used in any covid or flu vaccine for rapid global depopulation through sterility measures or immunological complications, racial eradication, alteration of human sex composition and creation of non-sexes, behaviour modification or chromosomal integration or insertional mutagenesis, resulting in random insertions of genetic codes into the host cell genome (creating tumours). The idea of using vaccines as a method of dissemination to destroy or weaken millions of unsuspecting human beings with their consent is a brilliant strategy of warfare. The very tool that should help eliminate a pandemic and save human lives is instead used as a ‘killing tool’.
Since the mass of the population has accepted vaccination as preventive medicine for decades, most would reject the possibility that a vaccine could be used as a bioweapon against them. Nonetheless, evidence of a global ‘coup’ is mounting as more and more citizens are alarmed that this pandemic is less about health and safety and more about restructuring and destroying our laws, economy, civil liberties and freedoms – all of which happen in a hostile takeover, not a pandemic. And in the absence of an enforced treaty to protect civilians from biological weapons of mass destruction, silent warfare against all humanity is becoming today’s reality. SOURCE: MRNA VACCINES: THE SILENT WEAPON
Israel: Now that the ‘booster vaccination’ is available to all, the ‘green passport’ of those who have been vaccinated ‘only twice’ is to be withdrawn, August 29, 2021
Initially, access was only granted to the fully vaccinated with a green passport. Now the first voices are being raised demanding that the passport be withdrawn from those who do not want a booster vaccination. What will follow after the third vaccination?
The Israeli website writes:
Israel is offering booster vaccinations for all ages and shortening the duration of the green passport.
The Ministry of Health announces that booster vaccinations will be available for all age groups eligible for the first two vaccinations. The duration of the Green Passport will be shortened.
The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Sunday afternoon that all vaccinated Israelis will be able to receive a third booster shot of the COVID vaccine.
At a press conference on Sunday, Health Ministry Director General Nachman Ash announced that the age limit for COVID booster vaccinations will be lifted with immediate effect, allowing all persons over the age of 12 who received the first two doses of the vaccine to receive a third vaccination.
The announcement comes just days after the Health Ministry extended the booster vaccination programme to all vaccinated Israelis over the age of 30.
Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) said at Sunday’s press conference that it was too early to tell whether the ongoing booster vaccination campaign had effectively halted the latest wave of the COVID pandemic, the fourth in Israel since the beginning of 2020.
Along with the expansion of the booster vaccination programme, Health Ministry officials also announced on Sunday that the validity of green ID cards issued after full vaccination will now be limited to six months after the second dose.
Last week, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jamina) called on the government to cancel green passports for Israelis who have not yet received the booster vaccination.
“I believe that the moment the third dose is available to everyone, the green passport should be revoked from all those who have only been vaccinated twice.”
Other changes to the vaccination policy announced on Sunday include shortening the isolation period for travellers returning from abroad from seven days to 24 hours if they have received three doses of the vaccine.
New data from Israel and the UK:
Is vaccination a scary failure?
60% of over-50s who die of COVID are double-vaccinated, August 31, 2021
By 15 August 2021, 68% of COVID patients hospitalised in the UK who were over 50 had received one or two COVID injections. By mid-August, 59% of severe cases in Israel were also among those who had received two COVID injections, mirroring the UK data.
Only in the category of those aged 50 and younger was the majority, 74%, of UK COVID patients unvaccinated. Those who claim we are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated fail to differentiate between age groups.
The same is true of COVID deaths in the UK. Unvaccinated people only account for the majority of deaths in the under 50 age group. In the over 50 age group, the clear majority, 70%, is either partially or fully ‘vaccinated’.
We cannot rely on the US data to give us a clear idea of the impact of COVID vaccination, as the CDC has chosen to only capture breakthrough cases that result in hospitalisation and/or death.
A re-analysis of COVID study data from Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, using the correct endpoint, shows that vaccinations are harming public health, and if mass vaccination continues, we face ‘a vaccine-related public health disaster’.
A new study shows that vaccinated persons are up to 13 times more likely to contract the new Delta variant than unvaccinated persons who have undergone natural COVID infection It is repeatedly claimed that we are in a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’, meaning that those who have not received COVID vaccination account for the majority of hospital admissions and deaths from the Delta variant. On 20 August 2021, for example, England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty tweeted:
“Four weeks working on a COVID ward makes it clear that the majority of our hospitalised COVID patients are not vaccinated and regret delaying vaccination. Some are very ill, including young adults. Please do not delay your vaccination.”
If you take the time to look closely at the data, you will see that this blanket statement is quite misleading. Here is a graph published in the Evening Standard and taken from Public Health England:
As you can see, on 15 August 2021, 58% of COVID patients admitted to hospital who were over 50 years old had actually received two doses of COVID injections and 10% had received one dose. The partially or fully ‘vaccinated’ persons thus accounted for 68% of hospital admissions.
It was only in the 50 and younger category that the majority, 74%, of hospitalisations were among the unvaccinated. However, Whitty completely failed to differentiate between age groups. The same is true for deaths. The unvaccinated account for the majority of COVID deaths only in the under-50 age group. In the over-50 age group, the clear majority, 70%, is either partially or fully ‘vaccinated’.
It is also unclear whether hospitals in the UK (and elsewhere) still refer to anyone admitted who tests positive with a PCR test as a ‘COVID patient’. If this is the case, human beings with broken bones or a range of other health problems who have no symptoms of COVID-19 could be wrongly included in the group of ‘unvaccinated COVID patients’.
Israeli data show COVID vaccination fails in over-50s
In Israel, where vaccination coverage is very high due to restrictions on freedom for those who do not get vaccinated, data show that persons who have received the COVID vaccine are 6.72 times more likely to become infected than persons with natural immunity.
The fully ‘vaccinated’ also accounted for the majority of severe cases and COVID-related deaths in July 2021, as shown in the graphs below. Red is unvaccinated, yellow refers to partially ‘vaccinated’ and green to fully ‘vaccinated’ with two doses. As of mid-August, 59% of severe cases were among those who had received two COVID injections, which corresponds to data from the UK.
This is exactly what Ran Balicer, chief innovation officer at Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health maintenance organisation (HMO), told Science: “If it can happen here, it can probably happen anywhere.”
Israeli data considered the best in the world
The data coming out of Israel is considered by many to be the best we have, and can give us an idea of what to expect elsewhere. As the journal Science explains:
“Israel is now being closely watched because it was one of the first countries to start vaccinations in December 2020 and quickly achieved a level of population coverage that was the envy of other countries – for a while.
The country of 9.3 million people also has a solid public health infrastructure and a population that is fully enrolled in health insurance plans that monitor them closely so that high-quality, real-world data on vaccine effectiveness can be obtained.”
“I watch [the Israeli data] very closely because it is some of the absolute best data in the world,” says David O’Connor, a viral sequencing expert at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
“Israel is the model,” agrees Eric Topol, a physician-scientist at Scripps Research. It is pure mRNA vaccines. It is early to market. It has very high acceptance in the population. It is a working experimental laboratory from which we can learn.
“The Israeli health insurance companies … collect demographic data, comorbidities and a wealth of coronavirus metrics on infections, diseases and deaths. We have rich individual-level data that allows us to provide real-world evidence in near real time,” Balicer says …
A preliminary paper published last month found that protection against COVID-19 infection decreases in June and July in proportion to the duration of vaccination. Human beings vaccinated in January had a 2.26 times higher risk of breakthrough infection than those vaccinated in April.
Where will it end?
According to Science magazine, cases of breakthrough infections are currently multiplying at breakneck speed. “There are so many breakthrough infections that they dominate and most of the patients hospitalised are actually vaccinated,” Uri Shalit, a bioinformatician at the Israel Institute of Technology, told Science.
Nearly 1 million Israelis over the age of 50 have now received a third booster shot with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. Time will tell if this will worsen or curb the rate of breakthrough cases.
Dvir Aran, a biomedical data scientist at the Israel Institute of Technology, does not seem hopeful. He told Science that the increase is already so severe that “even if two-thirds of the over-60s [are boosted], it will only be another week, maybe two weeks, before our hospitals are flooded again”.
The obvious question is, then what!!! Will the answer be a fourth injection before the year is out? Will we be faced with quarterly injections? Monthly injections? Fortnightly? Weekly? Where and when will it end? It is easy to predict that this can only end very badly.
In the US, only a fraction of breakthrough infections are recorded
Unfortunately, we cannot rely on US data to give us a clear idea of how COVID vaccination is working, as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have chosen not to capture all breakthrough cases. As reported by ProPublica, on 1 May 2021, the CDC stopped recording and reporting all breakthrough cases, opting to record only those that result in hospitalisation and/or death.
As the article notes, this irrational decision has resulted in ‘the nation not correctly understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the vaccinated’. It also prevents us from understanding how the variants spread and whether those vaccinated can still develop what is known as ‘long distance syndrome’. In addition, individual states set their own criteria for collecting data on breakthrough cases, which makes things even more confusing. Despite these limitations, the little data we have is beginning to resemble that from Israel and the UK.
On 18 August 2021, the CDC released three reports showing that protection from COVID vaccination is rapidly declining.
“Among nursing home residents, one of the studies showed that vaccine effectiveness declined from 74.7% in the spring to just 53.1% by mid-summer,” ProPublica writes. “Another report found that overall effectiveness among vaccinated New York adults declined from 91.7% to just under 80% between May and July.
Based on these new findings, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday that persons who have received a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine will be offered a booster shot eight months after their second dose. The programme is scheduled to begin the week of September 20, but has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and a CDC advisory committee.
This latest development is seen by some as another example of the shifting public health messages and backtracking that has accompanied each phase of the pandemic for 19 months through two administrations. Just over a month ago, the CDC and FDA issued a joint statement saying that those who are fully vaccinated ‘do not need a booster shot at this time’ …
The CDC tracked all breakthrough cases until the end of April, then abruptly stopped without making a formal announcement. A notice of the policy switch appeared about halfway down the agency’s home page in May.
“I was shocked,” said Dr Leana Wen, a physician and visiting professor of health policy and management at George Washington University. “I have yet to hear a coherent explanation for why they stopped tracking this information” …
Senator Edward Markey (Massachusetts) was alarmed after the outbreak in Provincetown and wrote to CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky on 22 July to question the decision to limit the investigation of breakthrough cases. He asked what kind of data would be compiled and how it would be made publicly available… Markey asked the agency for a response by 12 August. So far, the senator has not received a response …
Vaccinated people up to 13 times more likely to get delta variant disease
While the US is very reluctant to record groundbreaking infections, researchers in Israel have some groundbreaking news: Their studies show that vaccinated persons are up to 13 times more likely to contract the delta variant of COVID-19 than those who have not been vaccinated but have recovered from a COVID infection.
As ScienceMag explains, “In two analyses, the study found that persons who were vaccinated in January and February were six to 13 times more likely to become infected in June, July and the first half of August than unvaccinated persons who had previously been infected with the coronavirus. In an analysis comparing more than 32,000 persons in the health system, the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher and the risk of hospitalisation eight times higher among those who were vaccinated.”
The study also says that while vaccinated persons who also had a natural infection appear to have extra protection against the delta variant, they still had a higher risk of COVID-19-related hospitalisation than persons who were not vaccinated but were already infected. Vaccinated individuals who had not undergone natural infection also had a 5.96-fold increased risk of breakthrough infection and a 7.13-fold increased risk of symptomatic illness.
The wording here is important: the study does not say that vaccination increases protection if you have had a natural infection, but rather that natural protection enhances the vaccine. Either way, even if you have a natural infection in combination with the vaccine, vaccinated people are still at increased risk for breakthrough infection.
“This study has shown that natural immunity provides longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic illness and hospitalisation caused by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 than immunity induced by the two-dose BNT162b2 vaccine,” the study authors said.
Fully vaccinated speak out
In an article dated 24 August 2021, The Defender cites data from seven states (California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Virginia) that keep more detailed records than most. In six of these states, breakthrough infections accounted for 18% to 28% of all new COVID diagnoses and 12% to 24% of all COVID-related hospitalisations in recent weeks.
In Los Angeles, breakthrough cases have increased from 5% in April and 13% in July to 30% currently. Fully vaccinated prominent and elected officials have now begun to speak out after getting COVID. As reported by ‘The Defender’:
Melissa Joan Hart, the former ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ star, is ‘really mad’ because she has a groundbreaking case. Hart shared on Instagram Aug. 19 … “I have COVID. I’ve been vaccinated. And I have COVID. It’s really bad. It’s pressing on my chest, it’s hard to breathe” …
Celebrity Hilary Duff, revealed on Instagram on August 20 that she had COVID. Duff said she was suffering from severe headaches, brain fog, sinus pressure and a loss of taste and smell, despite being vaccinated …
Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, was devastated after he tested positive for COVID and was forced to cancel his upcoming performance at a pop culture convention in Michigan this weekend, ‘Rolling Stone’ reported. “I wish I had better news,” Taylor said in a recorded video message on Facebook last week. “I woke up today and tested positive and I am very, very sick” …
Reverend Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline remained under medical observation at a Chicago hospital on Monday [23 August 2021] after contracting COVID … Jackson, a Chicago civil rights leader, was fully vaccinated and received his first dose in January during a public event where he urged others to get vaccinated as soon as possible …
Three U.S. senators – John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.), Angus King (I-Maine) and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) – announced on 19 August that they had tested positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated, CBS News reported The news came days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who was also fully vaccinated, tested positive for COVID. Illinois State Senator Dan McConchie announced on 21 August that he had been found to have a ‘breakthrough’ case of COVID.
CDC has also concealed breakthrough cases in other ways
The CDC has also fudged the books on COVID breakthrough cases in other ways. Originally, the CDC recommended that laboratories use a CT of 4026 when testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection. This was despite the fact that using a CT above 35 was known to result in a false positive rate of 97%. By using an exaggerated CT, healthy human beings were considered to have COVID-19.
In May 2021, the CDC lowered the CT value from 40 to 28 or less – but only for PCR testing in persons who received the COVID vaccine. Unvaccinated people continued to be tested with a CT value of 40. The result is clear: ‘vaccinated’ persons became much less likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection, while unvaccinated persons continued to test false positive at a high rate. As noted by Off-Guardian:
“This is a policy designed to continually increase one number and systematically minimise the other. What is this if not an obvious and deliberate act of deception?”
The CDC also played fast and loose with the data when it invented the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ narrative with which we are now being indoctrinated. In a White House press conference on 16 July 202131, CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky claimed that “over 97% of the human beings coming into the hospital now are unvaccinated”.
“Based on this data, it is virtually certain that mass vaccination with COVID-19 is detrimental to the health of the general population. Scientific principles dictate that mass COVID-19 vaccination must be stopped immediately because we are facing an imminent vaccine-related public health disaster.” Dr Bart Classen, Trends in Internal Medicine As it turns out, these statistics are based on hospital data from January to June 2021, when the majority of Americans had not yet received the COVID vaccine. As of 1 January 2021, only 0.5% of the US population had received COVID vaccination. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more vaccinations,32 and as of 30 June, only 46.9% were ‘fully vaccinated’.33
COVID vaccinations have been shown to do more harm than good.
While the official narrative is that COVID vaccinations, while ‘not perfect’, are still better than the alternative (i.e. infection if you are not vaccinated), Dr Bart Classen published a study in the August 2021 issue of Trends in Internal Medicine disputing this claim.
The study, ‘U.S. COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, ‘All Cause Severe Morbidity, describes a core problem with the Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) studies.
All three use a primary surrogate endpoint for health, namely ‘severe infections with COVID-19’. This, Classen says, has proved dangerously misleading, and many areas of medicine have stopped using disease-specific endpoints in clinical trials, instead adopting all-cause mortality and morbidity.
The reason for this is that the end result is negative if a person dies or is seriously injured as a result of treatment, even if the treatment has helped to halt the progression of the disease for which they are being treated.
To give an extreme example of what you can do with a disease-specific endpoint, you could argue that a headshot is a cure for cancer because no one who received the treatment – who got a headshot – died of cancer.
In a re-analysis of the clinical trial data of these COVID shots using ‘severe overall morbidity’ as the primary endpoint, the data show that they actually do far more harm than good.
The correct endpoint was calculated by adding up all the serious events reported in the trials, not just COVID-19 but also all the other serious adverse events. In this way, a severe COVID-19 infection is given the same weight as other adverse events of the same severity. According to Classen:
“The results demonstrate that none of the vaccines provide a health benefit, and all pivotal trials show a statistically significant increase in ‘serious all-cause morbidity’ in the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group.
There were 3042 more serious events in the Moderna-vaccinated group than in the control group. Pfizer’s data were extremely incomplete, but the data presented showed that serious events occurred more in the vaccinated group than in the control group when only ‘unprompted’ adverse events were considered.
There were 264 more serious events in the Janssen vaccine group than in the control group. These results contrast with the manufacturers’ inappropriate surrogate endpoints:
Janssen claims its vaccine prevents 6 cases of severe COVID-19 requiring medical treatment in 19,630 vaccinees; Pfizer claims its vaccine prevents 8 cases of severe COVID-19 in 21,720 vaccinees; Moderna claims its vaccine prevents 30 cases of severe COVID-19 in 15,210 vaccinees. Based on these data, it is virtually certain that mass vaccination against COVID-19 is detrimental to the health of the general population. According to scientific principles, mass vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines must be stopped immediately, as we are facing an imminent vaccine-related public health disaster.”
To make the above figures even clearer, here are the prevention statistics in percentages: Pfizer 0.00036%.
Moderna 0.00125%.
Janssen 0.00030%.
Where do we go from here?
If you have already received one or two vaccinations, there is nothing you can do. However, if you analyse the data objectively, it seems pretty obvious that it is best to forgo all future booster vaccinations, as each additional vaccination increases the damage and raises your risk of severe side effects.
If you develop symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection, there are several treatment protocols that have been shown to be effective. Options include the Zelenko protocol, MATH+ protocols and nebulised hydrogen peroxide, as described in the case study by Dr David Brownstein and the free e-book ‘Rapid Virus Recovery’ by Dr Thomas Levy.
Whichever treatment protocol you use, make sure you start treatment as soon as possible, ideally at the first onset of symptoms. Also remember that your risk of severe infection after one or more COVID vaccinations may be greater, not less, than if you had not received any injections. This is especially true if you are over 50 years old. So don’t delay treatment if you develop symptoms.
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The last bastion of freedom
An open letter from scientists encourages the unvaccinated and affirms the human right to bodily self-determination.
By Rubicon’s World Editor Researcher Dr Denis Rancourt and several other Canadian scientists have written an open letter in support of those who have decided against COVID-19 vaccination. The group stresses the voluntary nature of this medical treatment and the need for informed consent and an individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted on the unvaccinated by health authorities, the media and social media, and fellow citizens. Maintaining control over our bodily integrity means defending the last frontier that still protects our civil liberties.
by Angela Durante
Open Letter to the Unvaccinated
You are not alone! As of July 28, 2021, 29 per cent of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccination, and another 14 per cent have received only one dose to date. In the US and European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the ‘world’s laboratory’ according to Pfizer, a third of human beings are completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the problems that have arisen after eighteen months of fear-mongering and lock-downs. It is time to set some things right.
It is perfectly reasonable and legitimate to speak out against inadequately tested vaccines for which there is no reliable scientific basis. You have the right to decide about your body and to refuse medical treatments if you think it is correct. You have the right to say “no” when your dignity, integrity and bodily autonomy are violated. It is your body and you have the right to decide freely. You have the right to fight against the mass vaccination of your children at school.
You are right to question whether free and informed consent is even possible under the circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Possible heritable effects are unknown. Deregulation of natural immunity caused by vaccination is unknown. Possible harms are unknown because reports of adverse effects are delayed, incomplete and inconsistent from country to country.
You are targeted by the mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unfair regulations and policies, colluding employers and social media mobs. You are being told that you are the problem now and that the world cannot be made right unless you get vaccinated.
You are being made a scapegoat by the propaganda and pressured by those around you. Remember: there is nothing wrong with you.
You are being falsely accused of being a factory for new SARS-CoV-2 variants, when in fact, according to leading scientists, your natural immune system generates immunity to several components of the virus. This boosts your protection against a wide range of viral variants and prevents further spread to other persons.
You are right to demand independent, peer-reviewed studies that are not funded by multinational pharmaceutical companies. All of the peer-reviewed studies of short-term safety and efficacy were funded, organised, coordinated and supported by these for-profit companies; and none of the study data has been published or made available to researchers who do not work for these companies. You are right to question the preliminary results of the vaccine trials. The claimed high levels of relative efficacy are based on a small number of ‘infections’ that were only very vaguely determined. The trials were also not blinded, meaning that the persons administering the injections knew or could infer whether they were injecting the experimental vaccine or the placebo. This is not an acceptable scientific methodology for vaccine trials.
You are right to call for a diversity of scientific opinion. As in nature, we need a polyculture of information and its interpretations. And we don’t have that at the moment. The decision not to take the vaccine creates space for reason, transparency and accountability. You are right to ask, “What comes next when we give up sovereignty over our own bodies?”
Don’t be intimidated. You are demonstrating resilience, integrity and determination. You are coming together with like-minded people, making plans to help each other, and standing up for the scientific accountability and freedom of expression that are essential for society to thrive. We are among the many who stand with you.
Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Claus Rinner, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Donald Welsh, PhD
John Zwaagstra, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD
Editorial note: This text first appeared under the title ‘Letter to the unvaccinated’. It was translated by Max Stadler from the Rubicon volunteer translation team and proofread by the Rubicon volunteer proofreading team.
And he was right! Nobel laureate warns vaccines are fuelling development of deadlier COVID Variants, September 1, 2021
Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), recently highlighted the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines. Montagnier discussed the issue in an interview with Pierre Barnérias of ‘Hold-Up Media’ earlier this month, translated from French into English exclusively for ‘RAIR Foundation USA’.
The vaccines do not stop the virus, argues the prominent virologist, but do the opposite – they ‘feed the virus’ and facilitate its evolution into stronger and more transmissible variants. These new viral variants are more resistant to vaccination and can have greater health effects than their ‘original’ versions.
In the interview, Professor Montagnier called the coronavirus vaccination programme an ‘unacceptable mistake’. Mass vaccination is a ‘scientific and medical error’, he said. “The history books will show that, because it is vaccination that creates the variants.” Montagnier explained that ‘there are antibodies created by the vaccine’ that force the virus to ‘find another solution’ or die. This is how the variants are created. It is the variants that are ‘a production and a result of the vaccination’.
Montagnier explains that the mutation and strengthening of the virus occurs through the phenomenon known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) [NB.]. ADE is a mechanism that increases the ability of a virus to enter cells and cause an exacerbation of disease. ADE occurs when antibodies produced during an immune response recognise and bind to a pathogen, but are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act like a ‘Trojan horse’, allowing the pathogen to invade cells and exacerbate the immune response.
In America, the routinely recommended vaccines do not cause ADEs. If they did, they would be withdrawn from circulation. Phase III clinical trials of new vaccines are designed to detect common or severe side effects before the vaccine is approved for use. It usually takes 2 to 4 years to determine if a vaccine is safe, but in the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, manufacturers needed about six months or less for testing.
According to the University of Cambridge, ADE occurs in infections with the SARS-CoV-1, MERS, HIV, Zika and dengue viruses, as well as in vaccinations.
Data from around the world confirm that ADE occurs with SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, Montagnier says. “You see it in every country, it is the same: The curve of vaccinations is followed by the curve of deaths. I watch it very closely and I do experiments at the Institute with patients who have corona after vaccination.”
In the medical documentary ‘Hold Up: Return of the Chaos’, released in France on 11 November 2020, Montagnier rejected the then-pending COVID vaccine and said he would not be vaccinated. “My conscience tells me not to do it,” he said. Montagnier also addressed his French colleagues, urging them to ‘defend their [medical] titles as doctors and not as sheep’.
The film discusses the origins of the virus, criticises harmful and irrational masking requirements as well as lockdowns, quarantines and the abuse of government overreach, and examines effective COVID treatments such as hydroxychloroquine. The video has been banned on YouTube, possibly because its makers accuse the World Economic Forum of using the pandemic to achieve world domination as part of a global plan known as the ‘Great Reset’.
Montagnier has been a vocal critic of the mass vaccination campaign. In a letter to the president and justices of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, which has launched the world’s fastest and most massive vaccination campaign, Montagnier called for its suspension:
“I would like to summarise the potential dangers of these vaccines in the context of a mass vaccination policy.”
1. Short-term side effects: These are not the normal local reactions that occur with any vaccination, but serious reactions that affect the life of the recipient, such as anaphylactic shock associated with a component of the vaccine mixture, or severe allergies or autoimmune reaction, up to and including cellular aplasia.
2. Lack of vaccine protection:
2.1 Induction of facilitating antibodies – the induced antibodies do not neutralise a viral infection, but on the contrary facilitate it, depending on the recipient. The latter may have already been exposed to the virus asymptomatically. A small amount of naturally produced antibodies may compete with vaccine-induced an-tibodies.
2.2 The production of vaccine-induced antibodies in a highly exposed population results in the selection of variants that are resistant to these antibodies. These variants may be more virulent or transmissible. This is what we are experiencing now. An endless race between virus and vaccine that will always end in favour of the virus.
3. Long-term effects: Contrary to the claims of messenger RNA vaccine manufacturers, there is a risk that the viral RNA will be integrated into the human genome. Indeed, each of our cells has endogenous retroviruses that are capable of converting RNA into DNA (reverse transcriptase). Even though this is a rare event, its passage through the DNA of germ cells and its transmission to future generations cannot be ruled out.
“Faced with an unpredictable future, it is better to abstain.”
Early last year, Montagnier convincingly argued that SARS-CoV2 could only be a genetically modified coronavirus and that the vaccination strategy should therefore be based on this fact.
As reported by the French newspaper ‘French Soir’, in his television interview on 17 April 2020, Montagnier pointed to the presence of at least half a dozen mini-sequences of the HIV virus grouped together in a short section of the SARS-CoV2 genome. This observation was published by mathematician Jean-Claude Perez in February 2020 under the title ‘Synthetic origin of Covid-19 and Evolution’. These mini-sequences, the researchers believe, may be exogenous information elements (EIA), meaning they may have genetic significance. They claim that this distinctive presence of concentrated EIAs associated with HIV, but also with the Yoeli Plasmodium parasite, the causative agent of malaria, would not be natural and would therefore require an appropriate strategy to develop a safe and effective vaccine. Montagnier and Perez explain the scientific challenges and complexities of developing vaccines against HIV and malaria, for which there are no vaccines yet to fight the infection.
Montagnier argues that the coronavirus escaped through an ‘industrial accident’ while Chinese scientists were trying to develop a vaccine against HIV in the laboratory of the city of Wuhan.
Back in April 2020, Montagnier urged human beings to reject vaccines against COVID-19 as soon as they became available because ‘instead of preventing infection, they would accelerate infection’. Today, emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 affecting vaccinated human beings prove his point. In this case, mass vaccination could trigger a new, even deadlier pandemic wave.
The same thesis is put forward by the Belgian virologist Vanden Bossche, who also calls for a stop to mass vaccination. He is of the opinion that if the vaccinations are not stopped, they could lead to the development of ever stronger variants of the virus until a ‘super virus’ gains the upper hand and wipes out large numbers of human beings.
Doctor in Israel: Medical staff and nurses do not know how to treat patients! Despite vaccination, numbers rise, September 2, 2021
They are already vaccinating the third dose and still the numbers are rising every day. Now human beings are dying from the treatment. It is assumed that these will then be called covid deaths.
Medical staff collapses and patients pay with their lives
Senior doctors warn: “Large number of coronavirus patients in hospitals forces quality of care to drop.”
Several senior doctors have warned that the level of care in coronavirus wards is falling and some of the hospitals are already inadequate, Israel Hayom reported.
According to the report, the inadequate care in public hospitals is due to a lack of medical and nursing staff trained in treating coronavirus patients.
According to the Ministry of Health, there are 700 seriously ill coronavirus patients in hospitals nationwide, of whom 211 are in critical condition and 145 are intubated. Earlier this week, a State Comptroller’s report warned that there is a shortage of medical and nursing staff trained in ICU treatment and intubation, and that Israel lacks a large number of ICU beds.
A head of department in one of Israel’s large state hospitals told Israel Hayom: “There are nurses and doctors who are not trained and do not know how to treat seriously ill patients, and some of them have no idea what to do with patients at night. The patients pay for this with their lives, and the doctors are also extremely exhausted. Some of the staff is not able to deal with serious situations and does not know how to deal with intubated patients. This is also a danger to patients’ lives, and doctors end their shifts broken and completely shaken.”
“This week, a doctor told me that he freezes on duty at night when he sees medical staff and nurses not knowing how to treat patients.”
He pointed out, “There are doctors who have post-trauma from seeing so many patients die in one night. Almost ten patients died in one night, and that has left them with trauma, like after a bloody war.”
“The overload of coronavirus wards is enormous, and when the hospital management uses doctors and nurses who do not know how to treat seriously ill patients, the consequences are disastrous. All this is happening without the public knowing, and the hospital management is pretending that everything is as usual and everything is fine.”
AP breaks with mainstream media narrative: time to end the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’, September 2, 2021 The Associated Press said today that it may be time to retire the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ because it ‘does not represent the full story’.
In an article outlining the flaws and potential consequences of perpetuating the narrative, AP quotes Dr Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research in La Jolla, California, who said, “It’s true that the unvaccinated are the biggest driver, but let’s not forget that the vaccinated are also involved, in part because of the delta variant. The pandemic clearly affects all human beings, not just the unvaccinated.”
Calling the pandemic the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ could have the unintended consequence of stigmatising the unvaccinated, Topol said. “We should not compartmentalise them as the sole problem.”
Dr Leana Wen, former Baltimore health commissioner and commentator on public health issues, told AP:
“We don’t live in communities where the vaccinated can separate themselves from the unvaccinated because we’re dealing with a highly contagious virus and there’s a spillover effect. That’s lost if we just say this is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’.”
Republican pollster Bill McInturff told AP, “Calling it a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ is certainly not going to increase the willingness to vaccinate the unvaccinated.”
According to the AP, a July poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 45% of adults who have not yet been vaccinated said they definitely would not get vaccinated, and 35% were unlikely to do so.
Nearly 2 in 3 (64%) unvaccinated adults said they had little to no confidence in the effectiveness of vaccination against mutations such as the delta variant. Only 3% of unvaccinated adults said they would definitely get vaccinated.
Facts do not support claim of ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’
To back up her claim that the unvaccinated are responsible for the new Delta cases, Walensky of the CDC claimed in a White House press conference on 16 July that “over 97% of the human beings coming into the hospital now are not vaccinated.”
But as Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported on ‘The Ingraham Angle’, this statistic is ‘grossly misleading’. Ingraham was referring to a video statement from 5 August in which Walensky inadvertently revealed how this 95-99% statistic was arrived at.
As it turned out, to produce this statistic, the CDC included hospital and death data from January to June 2021, when the vast majority of the US population was unvaccinated.
More recent data or data on the delta variant, currently the most prevalent strain of the virus, were not included in the statistics.
Studies show that COVID vaccines do not fully protect against infection with Delta, and that fully vaccinated persons who get the virus pass it on to others, both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.
One study found that persons who were fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine were 6 to 13 times more likely to become infected with Delta than persons with natural immunity.
Some scientists argue that a mass vaccination campaign with vaccines that do not prevent infection or transmission may prolong the pandemic by creating the perfect conditions for additional and transmissible variants to develop.
Sweden bans entry from Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, September 3, 2021
Sweden has re-imposed entry restrictions on travellers from the US and five other countries, but will consider more lenient rules for vaccinated persons.
The Swedish government today officially extended the entry ban for non-EU/EEA countries until 31 October, ‘The Local’ reported last week.
There are several exemptions to the ban, including for travellers for certain reasons and from certain countries, but on Thursday six countries were removed from the exemption list of ‘safe countries’: Due to an increase in Covid-19 infections in these countries, the entry ban will also apply to Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and northern Macedonia, the United States and Israel from 6 September.
Israel is particularly noteworthy because although it has long been one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, with the highest percentage of the population (25%) having received a third booster vaccination, it is also the country where the recent wave of Covid infections has just reached a new high. This does not necessarily mean that all travel from these countries is banned, as travellers may fall into another category of exemption, for example if they are travelling for urgent family reasons or if they have EU citizenship or a Swedish residence permit. The decision to reintroduce the restrictions for these six countries follows an EU recommendation.
Sweden currently makes no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers when it comes to travel from countries outside the European Union, but the government hinted that further exemptions for vaccinated travellers ‘residing in certain third countries’ could be on the cards.
“There are a number of countries with which Sweden has close relations. There, the government will now look into the possibility of exempting fully vaccinated residents of certain third countries from compulsory vaccination,” Interior Minister Mikael Damberg told the TT news agency on Thursday.
“I’m thinking mainly of the United Kingdom, but also the United States, even though the United States is more complex and many states have very different regulations.”
Neither he nor the government’s statement on Thursday gave any indication of when such exemptions might be introduced.
Cyclist suffers from immune system disorders due to Pfizer injection: My best form is gone, September 3, 2021
Belgian cyclist Greg Van Avermaet finished 104th in the time trial of the Tour of Benelux. He puts this disappointing performance down to a dysfunctional immune system after his Corona vaccination. He went all out but, by his own admission, did not reach his normal level.
“The data proves that there is something wrong with my immune system. My body is fighting an unknown enemy and that is probably the vaccine,” Van Avermaet said in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad. “I will consult some doctors in the next few days and follow their advice. If that means we don’t race anymore, so be it. There’s no point in the world championship that way.”
Before the Tour de France, the cyclist took Pfizer’s vaccine. “Obviously it brought some problems. I’m sleeping well, training well and feeling good, but I’m three per cent off my best form. In normal form I will be in the top 20 in this time trial,” he said.
“It is sad that this had to happen to a great athlete like Greg van Avermaet,” said programme maker and former cyclist Flavio Pasquino.
“As long as the government refuses to provide correct, audited figures on side effects, the conflicting anecdotal evidence with people affected by Covid and human beings affected by side effects undermines the credibility of the policy,” says lawyer Michael Verstraeten.
MP Gideon van Meijeren (FVD) says: “Another healthy human being who was susceptible to propaganda and fell into the trap. He was led to believe that it would be a good idea to be injected with experimental gene therapy.”
“He also now suffers from a disturbed immune system and regrets having been vaccinated,” Van Meijeren adds.
Doctor on side effects of Covid vaccines:
“We are heading for a crisis”, September 3, 2021
The Covid vaccine is not a panacea, contrary to media reports, says internist and cardiologist Peter McCullough. In the UK, for example, more than 65% of recent deaths from Corona were fully vaccinated.
Dr McCullough pointed out that 50% of deaths occur within 48 hours of vaccination and 80% within a week. So there seems to be a direct link between the vaccines and the deaths, he said in conversation with One America News.
“There is great concern about the safety of vaccines at this time,” the professor stressed. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already included several warnings in the package insert of the Corona vaccines, including a warning about blood clots, myocarditis, paralysis and neurological disorders.
There is no reason to force a vaccination card on human beings, Dr McCullough said. “This is a form of coercion and goes against the principles of medical ethics.”
Human beings are not being informed of the risks. “I think we are heading for a crisis. An unnecessary crisis. We don’t need the vaccine. It would be a great relief if the vaccination programme was ended early.”
Dr McCullough and other doctors say the biggest threat is not Corona but the vaccines. “The crisis right now is the vaccines,” the internist said. “I’m getting panicked calls from people who don’t want the vaccine, saying it’s not safe and not effective.”
Dear Mr von Burg what does ‘every possible pressure’ mean?
Published on September 1, 2021,, September 2, 2021.
You are an important man. As head of politics at the ‘Sonntagszeitung’ you have a huge reach. You shape political discourse and when you call for a change of political course, your words have a big impact in the country.
Let’s not fool ourselves: You and I are not going to be friends. In the debate on pandemic control, we hold positions that could not be more opposite. I am convinced that the measures to combat the pandemic are doing more harm than good and should therefore be ended immediately. I consider the experimental mRNA method, which you refer to as ‘vaccination’, to be extremely dangerous. You, in turn, see our activities as equally dangerous. That is to be accepted and the discourse about it is welcome to be sharp-tongued. You are also doing that. You dish it out. And not too scarcely. Anyone who decides against the experimental mRNA vaccines is a ‘vaccination refuser’ for you. You call for ‘compulsory vaccination’ and quite blatantly for the exertion of ‘every possible pressure’. You wrote these words deliberately. It is an open call for exclusion and violence. Quite deliberately, you also do not exclude the most extreme measures, which should have no place in a civilised society. Some consider your statements to be justiciable. But of course, Mr von Burg, you know that the powerful are behind you.
You are free to do all that. But there is an elephant in the room that we need to talk about. That fact is: I would only have the Covid ‘vaccination’ administered to me under torture or physical duress. And I am not the only one. I am a minority, but we are there. There are many of us. And we are human beings.
This fact and your demands raise questions. How should human beings like me be treated in our society? I have already come to terms with the fact that I will most likely be excluded from social life. Restaurants, bars, clubs, ski lifts, even public transport, which I help to finance, will soon be tempi passati for me. I can live with it, others have it worse. I know human beings who have lost their jobs because of compulsory vaccination and now have to live in a caravan with their children. Whole families are plunged into extreme poverty. Because they refuse a pharmaceutical product. This is also your work, Mr von Burg. How does that make you feel?
An acquaintance of mine literally collapsed under the pressure you demanded. He accepted the ‘vaccination’, which he feared so much that he collapsed when it was administered, then rushed to the toilet, threw up, vomited the pressure and fear – pardon – off his chest. Are you proud of yourself, Mr von Burg?
How far are you prepared to go if I and the other human beings who insist on their right to determine their own bodies still do not buckle under economic pressure and in the face of extreme poverty? What will your demand be if the last 20% do not cave in, even under the inhuman pressure that is already being exerted and envisaged?
Mr. von Burg, what does ‘every conceivable pressure’ mean?
Yours sincerely, Michael Bubendorf Source:
The Russian Covid Vaccines, September 2, 2021
Paul Craig Roberts is a US economist and publicist. He was Deputy Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy programme.
There are four Russian vaccines. None uses experimental mRNA technology.
They are Sputnik V, Sputnik Lite (the first of the two Sputnik V injections), EpiVacCorona and CopyVac. The first two are vector vaccines based on two strains of live human adenoviruses. DNA virus vector technology is used to introduce genetic information into cells, similar to the Oxford vaccine. The experts I interviewed believe that these vaccines will have similar side effects to the Oxford vaccine.
The third vaccine uses short protein sequences and no genetic information.
The fourth vaccine is a traditional or classical vaccine technology using inactivated viruses.
The last two would be much safer than the mRNA ‘vaccines’.
I have no information on the protective efficacy of the two safer vaccines.
Unlike Biden and the totalitarian Western politicians, Russian President Putin has left vaccination to individual choice. He has said that vaccination is the means to fight the virus, but that it is a personal choice.
The question is why Putin believes vaccination is the solution? Is there no database in Russia on the negative effects of vaccination, or are they underestimated and ignored as in the West? Did no one inform Putin about the successful use of ivermectin in India to combat the virus? Was Putin not informed that the Tokyo Medical Society had endorsed ivermectin?
Both HCQ and ivermectin can be used for prevention as well as cure. They are much cheaper than vaccines and have been used for decades. They are so safe that in many countries they are sold over-the-counter like aspirin.
The question remains: Why are so many countries focusing on ineffective and dangerous vaccines when there are safe and inexpensive preventatives and cures?
Is it just mass ignorance and incompetence, or is there really an organised global attack on the human population?
We need answers to these questions. The mRNA vaccines are particularly dangerous because they allow the virus to escape the immune system and develop variants that could become even more deadly and untreatable.
Does the vaccine have any active ingredients against covid?, August 18, 2021, by Peter Haisenko The numbers are disturbing. Countries with the highest vaccination rates report the highest ‘incidences’: e.g.: Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel. What seems like a paradox must raise serious questions.
The ‘fourth wave’ seems inevitable and our revered Mr Lauterbach also knows why. On Twitter he shares his wisdom with us: “Good thread @EricTopol on loss of effect of vaccinations against covid. He estimates after 6 mon effect 50-60% against Delta infection. Since vaccinated infected are very contagious, her-denimmunity is impossible. This also means that as long as there are many unvaccinated people, masking and testing will remain.”
And adds: “We should keep the incidence low. Because in autumn the protection against infection and against LongCovid is lost. Vaccination probably only protects 50% against infection. And 20% of those infected after vaccination get LongCovid.”
If one looks at these statements more closely and relates them to the course of the usual flu epidemics, an analogy emerges. Apart from the fact that there has been no flu since Covid, the seasonal courses of the waves are congruent. Many infections in autumn, winter and spring and almost none in summer. This analogy can be taken further. If flu vaccinations are given during the cold seasons, the infection figures only drop at the beginning of the warmer seasons, only to rise again in autumn. But the joke is that the course would be exactly the same if flu vaccinations were not given. Flu vaccination has been going on for many years and the success of this is that flu numbers have remained at a consistently high level. On the contrary, I have received reports that people had a severe case of flu in the very year in which they were vaccinated against flu. After decades without a flu outbreak. There are no reliable figures on the effectiveness of the flu vaccination. There also can’t be.
Infections are cyclical – corresponding to the time of year
When the ‘Covid measures’ were ordered in spring 2020, all the figures already indicated the end of the winter wave of infections. So it was easy to claim that the strict measures had had the effect of preventing a further spread. However, the fact that this was probably not due to the measures at all, but to the time of year, should not even be discussed. It was simply claimed that the mild course of the summer with all its mass demonstrations was due to the measures. With the knowledge of the seasonal cyclical increase of infections, it was just as easy to predict the next wave for autumn. Again, it was claimed that worse would have been avoided with the now even more drastic measures. There is also no proof of this.
As the government has now had to confess, there is no evaluation or knowledge of which measures have had what effect, if any. As a Christmas present, salvation through vaccination was then proclaimed. Nevertheless, it was observed that the decline in ‘incidences’ only arrived with the onset of the warmer season. At the same time, it was announced that the ‘protective effect’ of vaccination is limited to six months and questionable for new ‘mutations’ anyway. A milder course is claimed, but proof of this is also impossible or not published. But what is this six-month limited effectiveness all about?
Quite simple. Most vaccinations were carried out in late spring and early summer. That is, at a time when the cyclical decline in all infections was to be expected anyway. Just as it is to be expected that an increase is inevitable with the autumn, i.e. after about half a year. How can one explain that there will be a fourth wave, despite a high vaccination rate? Again, it is quite simple: it is claimed that the vaccination only works for half a year. The catch, however, is that this six-month period covers pretty much the same period during which the general infection figures are close to zero anyway. During the summer. Coincidentally, the end of the vaccination effect falls exactly at the time when, again cyclically, the increase in infections is to be expected. So I make the prediction here that we will again be presented with high ‘incidences’ throughout the winter. This is already being explained with ever new mutations and of course with the proportion of those who ‘voluntarily do not get vaccinated’. This new linguistic variant is in itself a disgusting distortion of the perception of the right to the integrity of one’s own body, which one now claims ‘voluntarily’.
A genuine vaccination also protects in contact with infected persons
So, since the ‘covid incidences’ also follow the quite normal cycles of the seasons, the question must be asked whether we would have had and would have a different course of incidences at all if vaccination had not been carried out at all. After all, even the wise Mr Lauterbach has already ventilated that vaccination halves its effect after half a year. Exactly on time for the next expected wave of influenza, which no longer exists. However this ratio of half the effect can be scientifically proven. Is it absurd to ask whether the so-called ‘covid vaccines’ contain anything at all that could protect against covid? Also because even the Lauterbächen know that vaccinated people can get infected and die just as easily as unvaccinated people. Yes, that the vaccinated can be just as contagious as the unvaccinated. But it goes on.
I have been vaccinated against smallpox. I travelled the world all the time and so I also came to areas where smallpox is not yet considered extinct. That was no problem for me, because I have a vaccination against it, so I am immune. So it is completely irrelevant to me whether I come into contact with people infected with smallpox. Isn’t that the point of a vaccination? Or was it once. So if the vaccination against covid were a protective vaccination according to the conventional definition, every vaccinated person would have to be completely indifferent as to whether and how many unvaccinated people cross his path. He is protected. But that is exactly not the case. The vaccinated person cannot even feel safe if he only tolerates vaccinated people in his environment. They can also be infectious and infect him with something he has been immunised against at the cost of vaccine damage. This can only be described as an ongoing paradox if, indeed if, one believes that there is an active ingredient in the covid vaccines that immunises against covid.
There have been vaccinations that required two consecutive doses. But then one had acquired protection that lasted a lifetime or possibly needed to be boostered decades later. Tetanus, for example. The wonderful human organism has a long memory once it has come into contact with a pathogen and defeated it. I recall the swine flu campaign of 2009, where it was admitted that human beings older than sixty years did not need to be vaccinated because they had already been exposed to this type of virus in their lives and were immune. So what is the value of a ‘vaccination’ that develops limited protection for only half a year? Can it be a vaccine at all, in the classical sense?
Even the manufacturers doubt the effectiveness of their mRNA vaccines.
The fact that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ in particular are not classical vaccines is not disputed. The manufacturers themselves document quite openly in their contracts with the supplying countries that they themselves have no idea whether the so-called vaccine has any effect at all against covid. They go even further in the contract texts and document that they also have no idea whether and what side effects these products have and that it is completely unknown whether and what long-term consequences can occur. Thus it is documented in these contracts that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines – in the conventional sense of a protective vaccination.
It is also known that these so-called vaccines contain all kinds of things that you don’t really want in your body. If you look at the statements in the contract texts, it is not even certain that there is anything in them that could be effective against covid. And that brings me back to the considerations I made at the beginning. If an alleged vaccination only has an alleged effect that is analogous to the annual infection cycles, then the suspicion must arise that this injection does not contain any active substances at all from the beginning that serve its postulated purpose. Mind you, I am only talking about the mRNA vaccines here, but these are the very ones we are being coerced into using. Vector vaccines like Astra-Zeneca or Sputnik V have been vilified or still not licensed for a year.
What active ingredients are actually in the serums?
So we are forced to be injected with substances of which the manufacturers do not know or do not want to announce whether they can fulfil their purpose at all and what side effects they can unleash. Practice has shown that there are side effects on an unprecedented scale. It has also shown that human beings die as a result. A healthy brain cannot even imagine what purpose and goal they really serve. It is already beyond question that these ‘vaccines’, which only have emergency approval, are the largest direct experiment on human beings. The only thing that remains open is what effects we will have in the future. Whether there will actually be millions of vaccination deaths, also in the long term, and how long the whole circus will go on like this. And which active substances are actually contained in the serums. They obviously do not offer protection against the coronavirus. In any case, we will still experience the annual cyclical waves of infections that are suddenly supposed to no longer be normal.
Finally, a question, addressed to all those who know medicine: There are very different side effects. Sometimes none, sometimes severe to the point of death. Is it possible that the way the injection was given is decisive for the course of the disease after vaccination? In the sense of whether the needle only hits muscle tissue or pierces a small vein. The latter would mean that the ingredients of the serum gain direct access to the blood circulation system and are thus flushed into the body to places, into organs, where they then unfold their dangerous to lethal effect. I think this could explain why there are such dramatic differences in the courses after the injection.
Partners of Facebook and Google produce report on manipulating human beings to get vaccinated by using their reputation, public image, shopping habits and religion, September 3, 2021
A partner of Facebook and Google, which uses artificial intelligence to collect data from people’s internet history, has written a report outlining ways in which human beings can be mentally programmed to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.
NATIONAL FILE has obtained a copy of the cynical report from Resonate, a Reston, Virginia-based company in the Washington, D.C. area that seeks to denounce ‘racism’ and employs executives who have previously worked for the Washington Post, AOL and other companies. The report is titled Moving The Needle: How To Reach The Vaccine-Hesitant And Resistant. The report gives tips on how to manipulate the values of human beings in terms of ‘safety’, ‘reputation and public standing’, ‘social weight’ and even their religion and shopping habits to force them to vaccinate. The report specifically states, “DRAW THEM TO VACCINATION SITES BASED ON THEIR SHOPPING PREFERENCES.” The report also compiles information on the children of vaccination opponents and refusers.
Resonate’s listed partners include Facebook and Google. Resonate acknowledges that its data collection enables its clients to “gain a deeper understanding of each consumer engaging with your digital media presence across all platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, etc”. This partner of Facebook and Google has used the personal data of human beings to create an extremely creepy profile of the ‘anti-vaccination’ community. And Resonate makes it clear that they track the ‘web traffic’ of human beings to build their research. Here (Note: See are some screenshots from the Resonate website describing how they get their information from ‘web traffic’ and how they work with Facebook, Google, Oracle and others.
‘Long-term effects not assessable’:
British Vaccination Commission against vaccination of 12- to 15-year-olds
4 Sep 2021 12:17 hrs The British Vaccination Commission has come out against general Corona vaccination of 12-15-year-old children. The benefits of vaccination for healthy children are marginal, and the long-term consequences cannot yet be assessed. The experts’ vote is not binding on the government.
Source: © Dinendra Haria/Keystone Press Agency The British Vaccination Commission (JCVI) has surprisingly come out against nationwide Corona vaccination of 12- to 15-year-olds. Although the commission extended its vaccination recommendation for children and juveniles in this age group with heart, lung and liver diseases, it did not want to issue a general vaccination recommendation.
The reason given in a statement by Public Health England on Friday was that the health benefits of vaccination for healthy human beings in this age group were marginal. In addition, the commission referred to indications of a connection between heart muscle inflammation and mRNA vaccines, the long-term consequences of which could not yet be assessed.
So far, the Commission’s recommendation has been to vaccinate 12- to 15-year-olds only if they fall into the group of human beings particularly at risk from Covid-19. This includes, for example, human beings with suppressed immune systems.
Only a week earlier, the British Department of Health had announced that it was preparing for the nationwide vaccination of 12- to 15-year-olds in the largest part of the country, England. Whether the government will follow the recommendation of the vaccination commission was initially unclear.
The chief medical advisers of the four parts of the country, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are now to make a final recommendation, which will include not only individual health but also other considerations such as keeping schools open. The German counterpart of the JCVI, the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO), had initially also recommended politically against the general vaccination of 12-17 year-olds. After the STIKO came under massive pressure, this assessment was changed.
In some of the articles I sent in, reference is made to the database ‘European database of suspected adverse drug reactions’, e.g. here:
Since I think it is very important that the human beings, and especially FIGU, know the official figures of suspected adverse drug reactions and can provide them on request, I have written instructions on how to do this, which should enable any human being with access to the internet to access the figures.
Unfortunately, as far as I know, this database is not mentioned in the ‘mainstream’ media, by governments and virologists loyal to the government, such as Christian Drosten, in order to keep people ignorant about it and to continue pressuring human beings to get vaccinated against Corona.
Many kind regards Achim
European database of reported suspected adverse drug reactions
If you are interested in the officially reported suspected cases in Europe, especially regarding the Corona or. Covid19 vaccines, in order to be able to detect them for themselves and other human beings, can find them out as follows:
1. Go to the Internet page:
2. Click on the highlighted link at the bottom of this page:
3. This will take you to the following page. Then click on the button ‘Accept’ at the bottom:
4. Now you get to the page There click on the letter ‘C’, see marking.
Here you will see a list of all medicines whose names begin with ‘C’. Go down until the Covid19 vaccines appear:
5. Now you can click on the 4 links so far that lead to the reported suspected cases of the COVID-19 vaccines listed there. For example, clicking on the link ‘COVID-19 MRNA VACCINE MODERNA (CX-024414)’ will bring up the following page:
6. By clicking on the tabs at the top of these individual pages, the adverse reactions can be listed according to various criteria.
7. If you use an internet browser with an integrated translator, e.g. Google Chrome, you can have the pages automatically translated from English into German by two clicks. To do this, click on the following symbol in the address bar on the far right and select ‘German’ as the language.
The page in question will then be displayed translated into German.
For explanation, a section of this page from ‘About the database’➔ ‘Background’:
This website was created by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to give the public access to reports of suspected adverse reactions (also known as ‘adverse drug reactions’). These reports are entered electronically into EudraVigilance by national medicines regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies that are marketing authorisation holders.
EudraVigilance is a system set up to collect suspected adverse reaction reports. These reports are used to assess the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and to monitor their safety after they have been authorised in the European Economic Area (EEA). The system has been in use since December 2001.
The website was created in accordance with the access guidelines for EudraVigilance. These were developed to facilitate the monitoring of medicines safety in the interest of improving public health and to increase transparency for interested groups, including the general public.
The Management Board of the European Medicines Agency adopted the access guidelines for EudraVigilance in December 2010. Based on the 2010 pharmaceutical package, the Management Board adopted a revised version in December 2015. The guidelines aim to provide access to suspected adverse reaction reports to interested groups, such as national medicines authorities in the EEA, the European Commission, healthcare professionals, patients and users, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions.
Transparency is an important guiding principle of the European Medicines Agency and is seen as a crucial factor in building trust in the Agency’s work. By increasing transparency, the Agency is better able to meet the growing demand for access to information from interested parties, including the general public.
Achim, Germany

COPYRIGHT and COPYRIGHT 2021 by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, ‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell’, Semjase Silver Star Center, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland. No part of this work, no photographs and other pictorial materials, no slides, films, videos and no other writings or other materials, etc. may be reproduced in any form (pho- tocopy, microfilm or any other process), including for the purpose of teaching, etc., or processed, duplicated or distributed using electronic systems without the written consent of the copyright holder.

Published on by:

‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell’, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland

Achim, Germany

Copyright 2021 by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland

COPYRIGHT and COPYRIGHT 2021 by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, ‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell’, Semjase Silver Star Center, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland. No part of this work, no photographs and other pictorial materials, no slides, films, videos and no other writings or other materials, etc. may be reproduced in any form (pho- tocopy, microfilm or any other process), including for the purpose of teaching, etc., or processed, duplicated or distributed using electronic systems without the written consent of the copyright holder.

Published on by:

‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft Universell’, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland

Achim, Germany

Copyright 2021 by ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschmidrüti 1225, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland

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Robert Olson
Robert Olson
Blog Member
September 6, 2021 6:12 pm

Having been in the aviation industry for going on 39 years, I have been trying to inform my fellow aviation friends, family & acquaintances to “NOT” get the COVID-19 clot shots (aka: COVID-19 vaccines) & to not fly if the kill shots are made mandatory. It is only a matter of time until aircraft start falling out of the sky and injuring or killing many innocent people.
Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby are also covering this; see the link attached as an example.

Blog Member
Reply to  Robert Olson
September 7, 2021 4:22 am

Don’ try to force them to get the vaccine that’s not the way to do it. Just tell them about it once and explain clearly and if still no then it is up to them. If they give in and take it because you keep nagging them therefore don’t do it because of knowing about the facts and truth but because of you bothering them and if anything bad happens you will get the blame regardless if it would have happened with the vaccine or not their thinking is short reached . sorry site is lagging for me. Another site regarding aliens has the same problem but only these two.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  salini
September 7, 2021 5:46 am


Why are you accusing Robert of trying to force someone to take a vaccine? Did you read his comment?

As for your other comment about “alien” sites, this site is not affiliated with any of the charlatans, swindlers or frauds in the UFO industry, nor is it what you would call a typical alien website. The invaluable and crucial information from Billy and the Plejaren is the treasure here, not the UFO’s or extraterrestrials.

And you’ve already been told that the blog is going through some changes and we are working on improvements. It will get better. Practice a little patience. If you have time to study the Creation-energy teaching, I highly recommend it.

Impatience and Uncontentment Lead to Hate and Anger

rex resa
rex resa
Blog Member
September 7, 2021 2:04 am

Stop the presses:

Ptaah’s pops met with Truman, in an ill fated attempt to get him the abandon his desire to nuke Japan? Incredible!

And we’re just now hearing about this?

I haven’t been this surprised in reading a c.r. since learning Nixon and Mao basically cooked up the Corona Virus.

But that is way more of a bombshell. The Reverberations of just that info rattle my teeth.

It be nice if the Storage Banks wrote the history books. That would be the day.


-rex resa

•Calmly steps back into the bushes

Dave Schrock
Dave Schrock
Blog Member
Reply to  rex resa
September 8, 2021 5:09 pm

Totally agree!

Blog Member
September 9, 2021 6:15 am

Imagine if you could make all your inncarnations be aquarius you would become the wisest human being. unless you have to be the others as well to learn?

Timothy Allen Anderson
Timothy Allen Anderson
Blog Member
September 9, 2021 9:13 pm

I Would like to know if Billy has ever made mention of the Georgia Guide Stones and their reference to keeping Earth’s population at or below 530 million. I do not recall ever reading about this in any contact report, but then like many here, I didn’t read about Sfaath meeting with Truman either until now. Seems very coincidental or someone knew something about the Plejaren or the six previous Heralds of truth.

Blog Member
Reply to  Timothy Allen Anderson
September 10, 2021 10:50 pm

easy to answer. It was most likely an different alien at that time that calculated the info and gave it to the earth humans.