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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Stupid People Killing Their Own Children

Overpopulation; under-educated, confused, selfish and tragically stupid human beings have allowed and assisted this, once controllable, plague to grow

Here are the headlines:

COVID cases for children soar to highest number since pandemic began, officials say 

Every kindergarten teacher at this San Antonio school reportedly positive for COVID-19 

We’re told that 5 million children had tested positive for COVID-19, which is one-quarter of the country’s total cases.

What bothers me the most:

Kids Will Have Top COVID-19 Rate Of Any Age Group In AZ

Arizona: More than 3,000 new COVID cases for 4th day in row

And this is the reason:

Sacrificing the Children Leads to the Death of Society

Well over a year ago I began warning and pleading with the knuckle-draggers in Arizona to investigate the most accurate, comprehensive COVID information from Billy Meier. As you can see, I also specifically warned about the need to protect the children.

Overpopulation, under-educated, confused, selfish and tragically stupid human beings have allowed and assisted this, once controllable, plague to become unstoppable. In fact, had the utterly failed governmental, medical and media officials in Arizona simply investigated, questioned, and challenged the information…the disease could well have been contained, controlled and conquered. The information would’ve worked its way up the media chains and helped to warn and inform the rest of the country.

Make no mistake about it, those incompetent, ignorant and arrogant persons – who chose to ignore, suppress and censor the information – are criminally negligent and must be held accountable.

I will do everything possible to see to it that they are,

Billy Meier said it a few years ago:

America will destroy itself.

The New Forced-Vaccination Nazism

For a good, clear explanation of just how insidious and widespread the new forced-vaccination Nazism is, please see and share this video, from a courageous ethics professor.

We are also reminded of what Meier said on November 15, 2020:

Well, what will be further the case besides all said, that refers to the fact that the freedom of the people in relation to the self-determination of the vaccination wanting or not should be limited and they should be forced to the vaccination. Ultimately, the whole thing could then, should it come to that, lead to the fact that the vaccinated would be endowed with more rights and the unvaccinated would still be marked – Hitler and all consorts of the Nazis would then send their regards, as at that time when the Jewish believers were discriminated against with a yellow Jewish star on their chest and sent to the gas chambers.”

See also:

Arizona Officials & Media: The Deadly Cost of Incompetence

Arizona COVID Disaster: Could They Have Prevented It?

Scandal: NPR Hid Own Role in 200% Arizona COVID-19 Increase

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Barry Smith
Barry Smith
Blog Member
September 9, 2021 7:36 pm

So right Michael , you sent dozens of articles, made phone calls , sat on hold , called them out on radio , you tried but, did they listen – no. This could have been prevented if they would just read the material and act accordingly. The Plejaren don’t get directly involved but, when PTAAH spoke about the virus and gave so much information , I knew this was serious . It’s going to be a long 800 years .

Simon Walsh
Simon Walsh
Blog Member
Reply to  Barry Smith
September 9, 2021 8:24 pm

I second that Barry.

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
Reply to  Barry Smith
September 10, 2021 12:19 am

Who can wait 800 years

France How
France How
Blog Member
September 10, 2021 8:29 am

My brother and I are presuming the vaccin IS the Mark of the BEAST. We haven’t taken the vaccin.We know Billy is the true foretold Prophet. We accept and believe in his teaching. We accept him as the New Herald and Prophet foretold by the old Prophets. It’s a previlege to live in the time of the New Prophet and read his teaching. The few of us around the world will make the difference in the future.Pls accept the flowers Billy.