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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

Predictions of Billy Meier, 1949

The inescapable consequences now upon us, of abysmal human ignorance, stupidity, delusion, incompetence and profit-über-alles, were already predetermined…decades ago

Contained within this massive document are the following amazing predictions made by Billy Meier, when he was 12 years old, in 1949. This document clearly needs to be seen in its own right.

Open Letter of Saturday, 12 July 1949 to Governments and Public Media in Europe          

2nd part, 12 July 1949 / Edi Meier

As the predictions of July 7 will come true with absolute certainty, in the future Europe and also the whole world will experience and witness frightening events from today, July 12, 1949, that in the future everything will inevitably turn out as I will call it in the following. These are absolutely certain predictions whose occurrence and fulfilment will be inevitable, and nothing can be done to prevent them from coming true. This is because earthly humanity, through its unstoppable growth, will do everything to ensure that every one of my words will be fulfilled and that my predictions will be slandered as a hoax and me maliciously. To this my friend Sfath said, “Slander does not destroy a sincere human being, for the truth always comes to light.

The following are predictions which I will repeat several times in various forms, just as they are not prophecies which can be changed or averted according to the behaviour of human beings, but predictions which will be inevitable and will come true with precise certainty because they have happened in such a way in the future which I was allowed to see with the help of my friend Sfath. All this will be so because these predictions are taken from the truth, for they do not correspond to a visionary look into what will come, but to seeing, experiencing and learning during a journey through time into the effectively real future, in which the events have occurred and consequently cannot be changed. And what this future will bring to the human beings of the Earth, and that irrevocably, is the following, which I will give off the cuff and thus not exactly in chronological order, but just as knowledge, as everything will come to my mind. And I will also reveal what the hatred of one human being will trigger and create a plague to which millions of human beings will fall victim. But I will tell you about that later, when I have mentioned many other things that will befall and bring much terror.

What my friend Sfath has further explained to me of many things experienced, as well as what he has found out through research, what he has talked to people of the Earth and learned from them – their personal secrets etc. and things and ideas that should never be known by the world, secrets of ideas and things that have an effect into the farthest future and determine many things that will inevitably and unavoidably take place – that shall be made known to the human beings of the Earth through my predictions, and that with the permission of my friend. And he has explained to me ideas and things which I will allow myself to mention in this prediction, which will be so far-reaching and determining the future and more than just a prediction of a special kind, which however surpasses my own view in this and that to say what I myself thought and think about it. And I shall beware of ever stating my own thoughts in this respect, consequently I shall never express my own opinion, but only ever state facts, and that as I recite them in the form in which I remember them.

So what is really to be understood as my personal opinion – effectively in connection with the content of my predictions – I reserve the right NEVER, and in any case, never to address the whole people of a country/state, and it is also NEVER meant when I speak of a country or its government. Only the incompetent rulers and also the coming secret services are always addressed, but also their supporters who do not recognise the truth, who do not recognise the incompetence of their rulers, which is why they helpfully assist them in all their incompetent actions and champion their incompetence. So there is always talk of the incompetent rulers and their blindly believing followers, but also of the racists who hate, abuse, shun, inflict violence on or even murder other human beings because they are of the same species but of a different kind and body colour. Religious belief is also a vicious target for racism, especially Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Mazdaism or Parsism, as well as the many thousands of sects that exist around the world but will continue to grow in number in the future.

When we speak of a particular country or of a particular religion, we are never speaking of a whole people, for they are usually righteous and understanding when everything is explained to them in detail – although belief in a God or a ‘higher power’ is excluded – and they also do not conform to everything the governments do. In view of the fact that their rulers have at least insufficient knowledge of the necessary welfare of the people and of righteousness as well as of the correct leadership of the people and the country, it follows that it is not the peoples themselves but the rulers who are incapable of the correct leadership of the people or the state. How, however, can they govern correctly and for the good of the people and act correctly if they have never learnt to do so before and their intellect and reason are not sufficient to learn this in due time? Either these government rivets are elected by the people themselves or by special government bodies, or they put themselves into power. And in the future this will lead to even stranger blossoms of self-congratulation and their own party adulation, as well as the party bashing of other parties, which will never have happened before. Especially from the 3rd millennium onwards, the greed for power of the power-seekers of the government aspirants will become so blatant that with lies, slander and false suspicions other persons and other parties will be mendaciously lied to and insulted by government power aspirants to such an extent that the people will no longer know what is truth and what is a lie or an assumption.

Regarding politics, from my point of view, I have to say: “Never, ever do I deal with politics, neither today nor ever in my life.” As regards political and also other matters concerning courses of action and conduct, etc., which will be referred to in the predictions in the future, as well as declarations concerning one thing or another which require a harsh statement, I shall mention them under any and all circumstances which may arise. However, it is not in my interest to politicise or otherwise engage in politics, for politics is far too mendacious, too slimy and so repugnant to me that I prefer not to think about it. This is also the reason why I will never be active in elections during my entire life and will therefore never seriously fill in a ballot paper. This will also prevent me from taking a stand on an issue. Privately, however, and in the event that I have to express my opinion, as when it is a matter of work to be done, which I will have to lead in the creation of a cause, which will often be the case in my life, I will raise my voice instructively, whether I like it or not.

With my friend Sfath, already in my earliest juveniles, I have endeavoured in all honour to learn this and always, when necessary, to stand by every human being with advice and action, and also otherwise always to raise the neutral word in an explanatory way and to say what just has to be said in a necessary way. In political matters, however, I keep a low profile, for I learned early on from my friend Sfath, through our joint journeys into the future, that the human beings of Earth who are in government are largely incapable of leading the people from their office, but to say this to them is as good as useless, because in their behaviour in power they accept nothing that is contrary to their personal opinion. And this effectively refers strongly to the psychological leadership of the people and their well-being, of which the incompetent rulers have no idea whatsoever and will not have until the farthest future. Only very few rulers will be in the future who will really work out the ability to lead their people to be ruled correctly and also to implement the aspects, such as the construction of things, which require a real need.I will never under any circumstances – and certainly not in this prediction – conceal what is necessary in terms of explanations, but remain neutral and openly state everything that needs to be explained and said and that does not need to be covered by secrecy. This is also the way I feel about the USA, which I neither hate nor otherwise evaluate in my thoughts or feelings as a country or with regard to its population differently or less than other countries and their human beings. However, if US-America is often criticised in a special way because of its leadership by its presidents, its co-governors as well as the military and the secret service ‘Central Intelligence Agency’ (NB.: CIA), which was founded by Harry Truman in 3 months and will later commit the most serious murder crimes etc. all over the world, then I think that what must be said about this is what corresponds to the effective truth and must not be concealed but openly called by its name what will actually happen.

This man, Harry Truman – who, according to statements by Sfath, after a personal conversation with him, described him as ‘fixed on the outside and nothing on the inside’ – who on the inside, with his hidden plans, is exactly the opposite of what he releases to the outside as a perfect actor and thus plays the good man. According to Sfath, the man is unusually domineering and unscrupulous beyond compare and tries to achieve world domination for America with lies and deceit, which is to remain effective beyond his death far into the 3rd millennium. And so it will also be into the distant future, as I have seen and experienced together with Sfath. And this is especially important with what the US military and the coming US intelligence service will do all over the world in terms of crimes against humanity, countless inhumanities, torture and murder. How area bombings took place in Germany, whereby thousands of civilians, women, children and men who were not involved in the war lost their lives, as also Truman, through his unscrupulous order, ordered atomic bombs to be dropped in Japan, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, whereby there were many more dead than has since been stated and will continue to be admitted. How conscienceless and obsessed with power must a human being be who hatches such atrocities in his brain and allows them to be implemented, and on top of that begins the uranium age, which stimulates all countries worldwide to get their hands on the ‘recipe’ of the A-bomb through spies in order to come into possession of the atomic bomb themselves, which various states will also succeed in doing into the further future of the 3rd millennium and will bring new dangers of warlike threats and actions. And there will be no end to crazy power-obsessed people reaching for the atomic bomb now and then and threatening the world in its dubious ‘peace’.And the whole of the US military and secret service machinations will be no less than what the NAZIs did in the last world war – only in a different way and in secrecy, so that the human beings of Earth will never get to know this and thus shall not experience the atrocities that are being perpetrated and caused worldwide by the military and coming secret services of the USA. And just like the atrocities in NAZI style, there will also be rapes and the following massacres of the victims, who will be slaughtered like mangy dogs, as well as other human beings, but of course all this will be kept secret from the public. Also the robbery trade and the theft of antiquities and the hidden trade with them will be commonplace and practised by the US military and the NATO military in all countries, and indeed everywhere where they will invade, exercise ‘aid’ or wage wars and create ‘order’. But this will be kept quiet, because the participants and their superiors in NATO actions will be treated like ‘sacred cows’ and respected, so their image of help will be preserved and everything from the atrocities to the theft and trafficking of stolen antiquities and other goods will be kept quiet.

Much of what the future will bring, especially by the military and the secret service, will unfortunately not be understood by many American people but also by the incompetent and the human beings who are classified as non-thinking and uneducated, so they will attack me, insult me or try to eliminate me from the world, which will also happen, but will be done unjustly. This is because I will strictly adhere to the necessary and completely neutral logic of the statement, as well as to the formal logic of the underlying purpose. This means that I will first consider the relationships between my statements and the statements’ connections and check their correctness before I make them known, i.e. before I say or write them.And for the incomprehensible, the incapable, the non-thinking as well as the uneducated, it should be said that, depending on their lack of understanding or malice, they will look for or ‘find’ offences in my statements. Statements, however, are always abstract propositions or concepts that are usually expressed in the language used in sentences in which it does not fundamentally matter in the logic of the statement how concrete the content of the statement is, because what is important is only that the decision with regard to the statement is then correct or incorrect. This inevitably leads to the fact that in the case of criminal or felonious deeds or actions of citizens, or in the case of deeds or actions otherwise contrary to order or disorder, to righteousness, to legislation, also to lies or slander, to decency and especially to humanity, etc., that these are inevitably to be judged and assessed correctly according to their value or wrongness, or are subject to an incorrect judgement or penalty.

What has been declared with regard to the decision whether something is judged to be correct or wrong is particularly effective in courts, and this is because on the judges’ chairs the sentence is not infrequently passed not according to the act and the motive, but according to how sympathetic or unsympathetic the impression of the delinquent person appears to the judge. Therefore, from bench to bench, the same offence etc. is judged differently and ‘justice’ is pronounced – or injustice.

The whole of jurisprudence is different from country to country, as it is also in political terms, which not infrequently leads to quarrels within the peoples themselves or even to civil wars and to wars between countries. Thus peoples also clash until the moment of all reason and understanding is exceeded and such differences between peoples arise that wars between peoples ensue. And as if these were not enough, other peoples are also drawn into it, and soon a world war will result from the whole thing, especially if others interfere in it, who actually have nothing to do with it, but through their interference want to give ‘help’ to those who are unable to defend themselves. This is a fact which will be particularly prevalent under the leadership of the Americans through NATO worldwide, which, as a result of cowardly fear, lies and slander, will consider the USSR as the world enemy. This is despite the fact that the dictator of this country is a coward of the first magnitude and kowtows to America, which is known to the American Harry Truman, but he nevertheless resorted to this means of founding NATO, which was rashly accepted by all the other state leaders and the pact was decided in April. This was the prelude to America’s military henceforth being able to invade countries all over the world in the name of NATO and spread its atrocities into the next 21st century. For it will not be enough that the Nazi system was able to rage in the 3rd World War from 1939-1945 and that the genocide of the Jew-believers could be implemented with mass murder. Also in the future, the hatred of Jews will bring much harm, so that the murder of Jewish believers and the hatred against these human beings will not come to an end in this respect. And the fact will be that Judaism and the individual human being who believes in Jews will continue to be persecuted, killed or cursed and blasphemed, which will be proved not only by the neo-Nazis who have emerged from the actual Nazism of the last world war, but also as a result of the far-flung religious practices, mainly from those of Christianity and Islam. The whole of Judaism is rejected by very many adherents and believers of other religions because they cannot come to terms with the Jewish faith in peace and tranquillity. Also the traditional ability of the Jews to handle money correctly and profitably – for which the Christians themselves are responsible, because they imposed this ‘dirty work’ on the Jewish believers in earlier times – fuels the hatred against the Jewish believers to such an extent – and very far into the future – that it will always continue its evil blossoms and practically never come to fruition. This means that the skirmish of hatred will continue forever and never end, consequently anti-Semitism against Judaism will remain forever. At least that is what my aged friend Sfath and I have concluded far into the future. Also, this hatred will not only be practised openly, but also meanly and secretly, which is why outwardly friendship will be feigned and inwardly hatred will know no bounds. Also, through the secret services of many countries, the murder of countless human beings worldwide will continue openly and also in hiding. In particular, America’s secret services and the US military are committing brutal war crimes all over the world under the cover of NATO’s mendacious so-called ‘assistance’, which are being concealed – until one day they become public. America and the whole of NATO will vehemently oppose this and deny everything, as has been the custom in publicised cases since time immemorial.

It will be with the US military – as it has been since time immemorial, it must be said again and again – that it will create fictitious incidents in various countries, allegedly provoked by insurgents, foreign militaries, powers, terrorists and enemies of the state, etc., but which in reality and truth will be due to secret machinations of the US military and, more recently, to the new US intelligence service, when it will be founded by Harry Truman in a short time and will be as devious as the founder himself is. This in addition to the fact that since time immemorial much will be traced back to the US military forces themselves who will equally continue their use of deviousness in the future. This will remain so in the future, and so it will be, whereby a reason will always be found to justify an attack, whereby such fictitious ‘assassinations’ and ‘attacks’ etc. will be justified as ‘counter-attacks’. This will be a time-honoured modus operandi of the American and NATO militaries and, more recently, of the intelligence agency that will inevitably be established by Harry Truman in a few months’ time, with others to follow in time. And it will unfortunately be the case in the future that, through further lies and false pretences, everything will come about in the same way as this Harry Truman will bring everything about through lies even after his death, who in certain circles will only be disdainfully called ‘Atomic Bomb Harry’ behind closed doors and will not be popular. This, however, remains concealed from the public, because in the cowardice that really burns within him, he prevents his ideas from becoming vocal by murdering his followers, who have already done so and will continue to do so.

America will be the might of the world far into the 21st century, not only through its military power, but also politically, technically, economically and religiously-sectarian fanatically. A particular sect will dominate those of those human beings who become of the belief that they are better and more clever beings than the ‘normal’ human beings. Their confused and erroneous belief, which a writer will invent and found a sect with, will make those human beings his slaves who will believe themselves superior to ‘normal’ human beings. Their erroneous belief, according to the writer’s sense, will be that their being will be ‘spiritual’, although the term ‘spirit’ is only an invented name for that which is supposed to explain the human being’s life instinct as well as the intellect and reason, but which is basically called by the correct term, the ‘energy of creation’. This provides the energy and power in human beings that is erroneously attributed to an imaginary ‘spirit’ that is imagined and thus invented, which is supposed to be all-embracingly effective, of divine nature and life-giving, even though the imaginary form of ‘spirit’ invented by human beings corresponds to nothing other than a stupid and faith-philosophical erroneous idea and imagination and thus to a special delusion, namely a delusion of faith. Such a delusion arises as a result of a lack of understanding and reason, i.e. through lack of understanding and reason, when the human being, due to a lack of Intelligentum, attentiveness, attention and recognition of real reality and its truth, is incapable of processing and fathoming a matter of any kind logically through thought and reflection in consciousness. Consequently, he is neither able to process nor to understand or comprehend anything. Every belief necessarily demands from the human being a basic attitude of an imagined blind trust in something that he accepts as true and just believes, in the sense of a context of all the unconsidered elements of the interrelationships. And so, from every faith situation or from all authoritative religious and the philosophically indoctrinated foreign convictions that inevitably emerge from it – or from the self-convictions – the delusional belief in something that does not correspond to the truth and not to reality results. This, as also arises in further and everyday forms, as in respect of political, military, atheistic, ideological and scientific ways, namely that a delusion arises from it that rejects all reality. Faith in God, military faith, political faith, faith in science, as well as faith in atheism and general faith in philosophy, belief in world views and faith in sects will also ensure murder and manslaughter in the future. This, as it will be in the case of the new American sect, which in the coming time will arise from the writer’s mad idea and will spread and cause murders and find its way into the US government machinery as well as into the politics of many countries.The new heresy of the American sect will claim that the ‘mind’ – which corresponds only to a figment of a human being’s imagination and according to the sect’s heresy – would stand as a control system between human beings and the physical universe. However, the mind and reason – as I experienced and learned myself early in my life – are in no way of a ‘spiritual’ nature, nor is the brain anything other than a part of the body. The so-called mind is in fact nothing more than an imagined higher power of the human being, which is supposed to be responsible for the fact that human beings can live, think, decide and act at all.The mind and reason come into being through the thinking and learning of the human being, who in the course of his life and existence works out and stores his records of thoughts. All his conclusions, which he works out mentally, are just as important as also his mentally processed observations and perceptions, his worked-out decisions and actions arising from them, as well as the manner of the same in relation to their fulfilment. The human being has his intellect and his reason – which he has to work out and use throughout his life in order to deal with life in a correct way in the material universe – and he also has to see and understand the body, and thus also the brain, as the Centre of the material object, but not as a being itself, which is fundamentally on the whole, with the use of his intellect and reason, what is called being.The human being with his normally acquired clear intellect and his far-reaching reason is the origin of all creation of that which he himself creatively achieves in his life through his thought work, his clear resolutions and through his action in the positive. However, it only becomes quite clear and conscious to him when he gains the necessary experience of knowledge from it and thus also makes the experience that the mind and reason – if they are constantly diligently cultivated and maintained – are immortal and endowed with abilities that go far beyond what has ever been assumed up to now. Through the elaboration of correct thinking, decision-making and action, all that is illogical and therefore incorrect is exteriorised or removed from the world of thought, whereby real goals are realised which are real and real and far from any belief. This means that no illusions, so-called spiritual, mystical and similar aspects of belief, but only reality and truth are striven for and accepted. This also makes it possible to recognise what has really ever been achieved and that the possibility exists and can be used to let only true and realistic thinking, recognition, decision-making and action determine life and existence in the future as well.Accepting the human being – and above all oneself – as an independent person with an individual personality is of utmost importance, for he is in no way to be regarded as an ‘immortal spiritual being’. As a human being, everyone has his abilities, and his consciousness enables each person to awaken and enhance this. Such enhancements have not been achieved since time immemorial by any practice of faith which assumes that human beings are merely committed to a belief in a God, God-Creator and thus to a religion or otherwise to a sect. Truthfully, exactly the opposite, namely truth and reality, is the only correct thing to do, whereby the limitations of life and material existence can be met in order to be always victorious as a free human being himself and not as a failing human being at the mercy of all that is wrong and even helplessly at the mercy of all the evils of the universe.

If, for example, the teaching of the psychology of the future is examined, it is unfortunately to be seen that it will manoeuvre itself into a blind alley, for it will be misused as a factor in making money, and this will result in a megalomania of the psychologists who will think… They will believe that they thoroughly recognise and really know the psyche of human beings in its function, but in reality they will not fathom anything truthful, but will leave those seeking help in the ‘salt’, consequently the latter will finally give themselves up and as a result of their depressions will mentally ‘rot’ and even kill themselves. The psychologists of both sexes will be without any idea of the existence of a driving life factor, because they will not learn that their practice is degenerating. So they will also not realise that they are only concerned with an idleness that only serves to make money for themselves, but not for the patients who will only seek the ‘wisdom’ of the psychologists.

On the other hand, a US sect that will be making a name for itself in the future – to which psychologists and psychiatrists will also belong, who will then ‘apply’ or ‘use’ their ‘wisdom’, which they acquire through the sect, on their female and male patients, whereby they will get into the ‘devil’s kitchen’, as the saying goes – will in a few decades cast a spell over many human beings who want to be more than the so-called normal citizens. And this will happen by hammering into them a false doctrine that is supposed to directly address the consciousness of human beings, but which will be called by the erroneous term ‘spirit’. In this way, human beings will believe – and especially those believers who have this false doctrine hammered into them – that they can simply increase their consciousness, which they understand as ‘spirit’, in its energy and ability by raising it to the level of consciousness or ‘spiritual’ freedom, intelligence and ability for themselves as individual human beings and enlighten every aspect of their lives. The US Secret Service, soon to be founded by Harry Truman, will be particularly active worldwide and in the long term far into the future, spying on all governments of all countries/states, especially the USSR, China, Switzerland, France, Germany as well as also England and Canada etc. Furthermore, in the future, America will carry out political persecution on an unprecedented scale, and in this particular case, will also involve the country of Ecuador. This, while the USA will continue to spread the fear of its atomic bomb all over the Earth, which will effectively encompass the world and, in a special case, will also call the Soviet Union onto the scene, for its government will not remain idle and ‘make Cuba happy’ with nuclear armament. This, however, will in turn mobilise America’s government and bring the world close to another world war, but will be avoided by threats from America, because precisely according to a massive threat, the US nukes will be brought into the inevitable, unavoidable and truly oppressive arbitration talks, with the threat that the Soviet Union will be destroyed.

From 1989 onwards, America’s presidents will become particularly blatant criminals and criminals, for their métier will be to preserve America and make it great again, which will lead to much military and intelligence activity, as well as occupations, interferences, murders and wars all over the world, especially in the Orient, the Middle East and the Far East, just as America has tried over the decades to seize control of various countries through war and all kinds of skirmishes, including the war in Vietnam that began in 1955 and lasted for 20 years. But there will already be the start of the war next year in Korea, when America, with the mandate of NATO, will begin its bloody handiwork and its striving for world power through the lousy pre-building of Harry Truman.(NB. month of September 2021: As far as my person and my opinion on the whole of what will transpire predictively is concerned, I am completely neutral today, as I was when I wrote the predictions, and express my comments in a neutral manner on the whole of what has taken place, is taking place and will take place in the future.

What I am going to do in the whole matter concerning the predictions and the ‘crown plague’, i.e. corona plague, currently rampant in the world, and the explanations about it, there is only the way of neutrality for me, because I only openly present my knowledge which I have gained through the future journeys with my friend Sfath. With regard to his good advice – according to what may be said, to always put everything into neutral words with regard to everything and everyone, and to say what the future will bring and be for the Earth, the human beings of this world, the planet, the ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora, and the actions of the human beings – I adhere to this. So it will not be that I take a personal stand on this and that, that I say a word of approval or disapproval of something, whatever it will be. So there will not be a word of YES or NO when I am asked about this or that, what is to be done or not to be done, because my personal opinion concerning any prediction, any action of other human beings, like a doing or a letting be, a view or a thinking etc. of the neighbour or the human beings, will always remain NEUTRAL. And for every human being, every decision remains something that is purely PERSONAL and must also remain PERSONAL, in every relationship and whatever it is about. The purely PERSONAL cannot and must not be touched, also not by an order, a law, a decree, a regulation, an emergency situation or anything else. Thus, the purely personal opinion and purely personal decision as well as a personal action or non-action arising therefrom may not be punished in any way or demanded by coercion – insofar as it does not violate law and order as well as a holistically recognised law).

In a very short time, under the leadership of America and with the help of North Atlantic states, acts of war will begin all over the world under the lie of changing politics and helping foreign countries. They will be acts of war that will drag on far into the third millennium, but will bring fallout upon fallout and will not fulfil the true motive that the Americans hope for – namely, to achieve world domination, as secretly behind the whole action of ‘aid’ and alleged transformation for the ‘pacification’ of foreign countries will stand and will be aimed solely at making the USA great and world-dominating. For this purpose, under the guise of ‘peacekeeping’, thousands of nuclear weapons will be stockpiled in Germany, occupied by the USA and the war victors’ accomplices, and the horror of nuclear use will be maintained worldwide, which will last well into the 3rd millennium and will also maintain the US occupation in Germany well into the 3rd millennium. This will ultimately find its purpose in the American sense as a ‘state of peace’ in Europe and especially the permanence of its permanence in bringing into being the ‘Cold War’ between America and the USSR, which will be maintained for some 40 years. This was actually launched unilaterally – based on the ‘doctrine of evil’ – by the US President Harry S. Truman and the victorious powers, on March 12, 1947, through blackmail, who threatened the USSR dictator Joseph Stalin in 1946 that America would use atomic bombs if the Soviet Union did not withdraw from Persia, which was occupied by Stalin’s army.

The whole of the US occupation of Germany, which the Americans actually want to make into a peasant state – but which they will refrain from doing in time – will, however, be justifiably questioned in Germany in the future after the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium. Nothing, however, will stop America from continuing, as it has done since time immemorial, to secretly strive for world domination, which will continue in the 3rd millennium, but will continue to be pursued secretly. However, the stupid in Germany, i.e. the non-thinking, will still grant the occupying forces the right of welcome.

The North Atlantic states – if I am to speak in leaps and bounds about this – which are entering into the pact with the USA are falling for a lie, just like the leadership of the Americans themselves, who will allow themselves to be blinded by lies, deceit, greed for power and, above all, by the fear of one individual of the Soviet Union – which could actually muster the might to prevent the USA from its secret plans of attaining world domination – until far into the future. Through false political views and statements, the authoritative man can push through his fear and particular secret policy setting of how America is to become world ruler in the future, through devious misrepresentation of his USSR fear – which he lies about and defends to the USA Senate as a ‘real threat’. He could and can for a long time thwart the plans of the USSR dictator by threats, of whom he knows that this murderer is actually a boundless coward like himself, as he can also wrap the US Senate around his finger with his fear-mongering and steer it according to his devious plans.

In the coming period, US-America will not only spread into Europe as a result of the victory over Germany, but, with the cooperation of the misguided North Atlantic states, will also spread into the other states of the Earth, in which America will for the time being take an interest and try to sneak in. In doing so, they will constantly agitate against the USSR and the later Russia as well as their leaders, just as later, and indeed in the 3rd millennium, China will fall into their sphere of attention in this respect, which will ultimately lead to the danger of a 4th world war, which, through the provocation of the USA, will be in the destiny sky of the future. It is true that the storage and use of nuclear weapons worldwide is largely officially restricted by reason, but really only officially, because the effective truth will look somewhat different in the future, but this will be concealed.

What will continue to be concealed, far into the future, is the result of the unstoppable growth of earthly humanity, which will reach around 10 billion within only 80 years by the year 2030, thus creating enormous problems. Due to the false and mendacious calculation methods of the world population count clock that will be created, the emerging number of the world’s population will be understated in its mass until long into the future with false data and will be false in truth.

Nature and its fauna and flora, and all ecosystems in general, will be destroyed by overpopulation and its machinations and all the repercussions, which not least will also viciously affect the atmosphere and ultimately cause an abnormal, far too early and man-made climate upheaval, which is already in its infancy and can no longer be stopped due to the effects of the 2nd and 3rd world wars and the overpopulation of 2.5 billion – i.e. around 2 billion too many. This is because all of the coming overpopulation disaster is already underway and can no longer be stopped, and the human beings of Earth can no longer be prevented by words of reason and rationality from continuing to push up their growing population density instead of curbing and maintaining it in such a way and not expanding it so that the future number of all descendants will not exceed the measure of all reason. But all exhortations to reason will be of no avail, for the human beings of Earth are under the delusion of copulation or sexual mating, a sexual union of a female and a male human being, which will lead to unconscious or conscious fertilisation and thus to procreation. Consequently, in the absence of worldwide birth control, it is inevitable that the number of births of human offspring will increase rapidly and that it will become increasingly impossible to keep them within a normal, healthy and reasonable range. In the course of time, the procreation of offspring will be practised like a kind of hobby, which will increasingly overcrowd the Earth with human beings. The whole thing will not be changed by the fact that here and there women may experience difficulties in childbearing as a result of the vaccination against the crown virus, perhaps even becoming infertile or also having to reckon with annoying cycle disturbances. In general, however, late effects in men and women are not uncommon, as well as relapses of those who have already been vaccinated or post-infectious diseases that are life-threatening and require intensive hospital treatment. However, relapses or so-called vaccine breakthroughs, which will occur over time as a result of the unsuitable vaccines, or only half-suitable ones, will be trivialised by the medical profession, with the false claim that they are normal, which they will not be. The late effects will also not be normal, which can last a lifetime and occur as severe subsequent vaccination reactions that have to be treated in clinics, some of which will be fatal.

But so-called environmentalism will also emerge and the growth of overpopulation and its machinations will be eclipsed and denied. And this will take place although both factors will be the reason for the entire environmental destruction, the destruction of nature, the extinction of the forms of fauna and flora and the destruction of the planet. But this will be controlled by forces that will be interested in seeing themselves big in the public eye, as others will gain a lot of money from it, and will therefore do everything to ensure that the real reason for the destruction in all conceivable areas of the eco-systems, i.e. of nature, of animals, beasts and all other living beings, of human beings, plants and the Earth itself, is concealed and allowed to expand. The fact that there is an inseparable connection between overpopulation and the destruction of the environment will be concealed for a very long time, because a lot of money will be earned with it and the publicity of the publicity-hungry personalities will cover up everything that is true. Everything will be about public image, therefore figures from all camps will stand out for environmental protection, whereby all the machinations of overpopulation and these themselves, as well as the money-grubbing executors of the machinations, will be pushed into the background and kept quiet. The main evil of every destruction of all ecosystems of the Earth plus the planet, the atmosphere and the climate will be the gain of money or the accumulation of wealth. This will also happen with the breeding of animals, livestock and poultry for purely commercial reasons, which will have the consequence that a cruelty to animals is already developing worldwide that is unparalleled in the past and will not be remedied despite official animal welfare controls. The egoism and indifference of human beings – but especially of those in power, who will only exercise the governmental system given to them for the sake of their own will – will be particularly to blame for this. With regard to human offspring, on the one hand everything manifests itself in such a way that the population’s desire for many children is unreasonably supported; on the other hand, the dog is also buried in the fact that the numerous pregnancies of various women only manifest themselves in the carelessness of copulation. But the evil of overpopulation will also become the fault and a problem of those various governments who live in the delusion of the more numerous population and who, in their irrationality, will not pay the procreating parents later child benefit but, in the case of new births, will pay the parents ‘offspring benefit’ as a special ‘premium’.

Special ‘bonuses’ will also be given by the incompetent and dishonest rulers who enrich themselves from the tax money by ‘forking out’ such money for themselves and letting it disappear in private dark channels for themselves. But let it be said at the beginning of all things, and this must be repeated later: This does not mean that all rulers can be put into the same bag of incompetents, because there will also be persons in the governments who exercise their office righteously and according to their best conscience and ability and who will continue to do so in the future. In any case, we should refrain from all these when it comes to rooting out the incompetent elements from the governments.

It will take a long time for this to become public knowledge, even into the 21st century, until finally, after the second decade, these machinations of the incompetent and dishonest rulers will be uncovered by ‘chance’. But then it will only be what happened in the years of short decades and until the time of exposure. This, while what happened earlier by all the incompetent and dishonest rulers will not come to light, who are also ‘feasting’ on the taxpayers’ money at the present time of 1947. But my speech of prediction is that only when ‘Pandora’ opens her box will about half the countries of the world learn how their fake rulers have raked aside billions upon billions of taxpayers’ money into their own portfolios already overflowing with money and stashed it worldwide through bogus addresses etc. But their secret wallet will burst when ‘Pandora’ opens in the 3rd millennium and reveals its contents.

Much will change, the already begun, and especially the more distant future will prove what will result from the thought ‘it doesn’t matter what happens’, as a result of the overpopulation of the Earth to an extent that will exceed the world’s fortune in every respect. This does not mean the wealth of the world in the sense of money, which is hoarded hundreds or even thousands of times over in amounts of millions by tax money thieves of the offices, by corruption as well as by rich people and other tax cheats as well as acting greats, model operators as well as sports greats and other ‘greats’ of all branches in all corners and places of the Earth, bypassing the tax levies, The ‘fortune’ is the ability and control that will no longer be given or will have largely disappeared from the ability of human beings. For it will come about in the future that the more human beings populate the Earth, the more and more blatantly not only their attitude and behaviour will change negatively to the point of depravity, but the negative will also be reflected in the atrophy of abilities and in health. Sufferings and illnesses will arise which will be wrongly assessed by the earthly physicians and disadvantageous for the patients, but which are also unknown to them, consequently they will judge them wrongly in their origin, which can hardly be blamed on them, for everything new first requires the necessary knowledge. This also applies to the fact that various good medicines can be obtained from the hemp plant, which have a very healing or calming effect on the psychological problems of human beings. But because the hemp plant was wrongly banned as a stimulant – it was in the 1930s in America – this is disregarded and only in the 21st century will its real effectiveness as various good medicines for various ailments etc. become known. However, hemp as an intoxicating drug or addictive substance will remain banned in various countries, while others will allow it in the course of time.

Hemp was banned by a Swiss named Harry Anslinger, who lived in America and advanced to the Ministry of Alcohol Prohibition at the time of Prohibition, where he introduced the Ministry of Drugs when alcohol prohibition was lifted – which was mainly broken during the alcohol prohibition period by criminals and especially by the Mafia – and the people of the Ministry became unemployed and had employment again through Anslinger’s idea.

The phenomenon is that Switzerland will henceforth become a country like no other, a high-price country with horrendous wages in the form of hourly wages and monthly wages, which will consequently change the money thinking of the Swiss population in such a way that horrendous debts will be incurred, whereby all the debt collection offices of all countries as well as the private debt collectors will no longer be able to get out of their work. Housing prices will be driven up to such an extent that people on average incomes will no longer be able to pay for them, so they will have to live in old flats that offer no comfort whatsoever. Thus, many new flats will simply stand empty and be demolished as useless, so that the building land can be freed up and built on again, which will allegedly be cheaper than if the new expensive and unrentable flats were to remain unused. At least that’s how it was when Sfath and I explored the future on the spot and saw everything as it was predicted to turn out.

But although the human beings cannot buy the expensive flats or simply cannot pay their high rents, expensive plane trips or boat trips etc. are undertaken to Weiss-ich-wohin in order to be able to tell afterwards, blasphemously or boastfully, where all over the world the journey led – but nothing of this was seen, learned and experienced, except just what the travel guide told and what was written in the travel brochure.

The mania for travel is constantly increasing, mainly because aeroplanes criss-cross the vastness of the sky and exhaust fumes pollute the skies, destroying the vital value of the future. As a result, however, travel companies will become more and more powerful and such an important branch of tourism that it will become extremely significant in the future, because a large part of humanity will become dependent on it and addicted to travel. As a result, it will be no wonder that countless Earth human beings will become ill or die as a result of carbon dioxide, as the exhaust gas will be called in the future (NB. 2021: CO2), poisoning everything and anything in the course of the coming time, mainly due to the fault of human beings. Carbon dioxide, produced naturally like everything else by overpopulation and by volcanic eruptions – which, by the way, will become more aggressive from the new 21st century onwards – stores itself in the earth’s soil, but is released again, and this by the perpetual ground frost dissolving due to global warming.The Earth’s atmosphere will be poisoned in such a way that climate change will be forced upon us thousands of years too early, due to the irrationality of the endlessly and rapidly growing human race and its machinations. The overpopulation of the Earth will have evil consequences for the planet and for nature and its fauna and flora and for all ecosystems in general, and it will also wipe out many thousands of life forms, many of which can never be brought back – genera and species of nature, fauna and flora. But everything will only be blamed on environmental pollution and this will be blamed as a burden on the Earth and climate change and will be concealed, which will be the real root cause of it all, namely overpopulation, whose needs, desires and luxuries etc. will constantly grow and demand more and more.Motor-related vehicles of all kinds alone will generate a lot of carbon dioxide through petrol and diesel engines, such as cars, aeroplanes, ships and working machines, etc. And everything happens in order to be able to fulfil the needs, desires and luxuries etc. of humanity, which is endlessly growing at a crazy rate. And so meritocratic and money-greedy companies, corporations and private individuals will be at work, fulfilling everything of earthly humanity and, through their machinations – which must undoubtedly be attributed to the enormous overpopulation that will arise – destroying, annihilating and in many cases exterminating everything of the planet, of nature and its fauna and flora.

Emerging environmental protection organisations of all kinds will only fixate on the worldwide and everywhere visible pollution, just as the exhaust freaks will only fixate on the exhaust gases, while the real evil, from which all of the general deterioration in, on and around the planet and nature as well as its fauna and flora will emerge through the machinations of the hopeless overpopulation, will emerge and become rampant, which will neither be heeded nor even considered with a thought.Only an extremely few of the human beings of Earth will give it a thought, but they will exert their intellect and reason in vain to put a stop to overpopulation, for quite the contrary to their realisation and knowledge that overpopulation will be to blame for the downfall of all things and in many cases of many life-forms of fauna and flora, they are attacked for this by those who believe that they have eaten the wisdom of life with big spoons, and that creating offspring is the ‘sacred’ duty of Earth human beings, freely according to the lying Bible in which it is written “go and multiply”.

All those will contribute a lot to the overpopulation who will make the world crazy by shouting stupidly and loudly and will also hold demonstrations regarding environmental protection and make big slogans and words of environmental protection. They will be especially those who quickly create many offspring and proclaim environmental protection on the side, not thinking that through each offspring – female or male – they will pollute the environment more and more, because they will again demand their machinations, which are based in vital things and needs, but also in these and those crazy fancy desires as well as in unnecessary and environmentally damaging luxuries. However, none of the freaks who cry out for environmental protection and organise demonstrations will give this a second thought, and those in power will also use it as a rallying cry in elections, etc., in order to present themselves as the government’s big shot in their greed for power, or to scrounge their party into the foreground for the sake of profit. But it will also be a fact that those who make themselves available for a government office of power, or who themselves greedily apply for a government post, as a rule have no leadership qualities whatsoever for a popular leadership, let alone that they have worked out the ability to lead human beings at all and to do the right thing. Moreover, it will be the rule – as it has been from time immemorial, and this will extend into the future the longer, the more – that power-seekers will be idolised and considered the best as long as they are given a chance to be elected. But as soon as they belong to the losers and thus do not win the election, the adulation and the endorsement will cease and the person in question will be kicked into the dirt, for losers never bring what is hoped for, namely an advantage of some kind, which is hoped for when, through acquaintance with the elected person in power, it is hoped that this person will give an advantage – as a thank you, so to speak, for having been elected to power. This, however, is so common among human beings on Earth that it also happens in the same way in private life.person who is first ‘esteemed’ and praised is immediately regarded as unfit, stupid, incapable and an idiot as soon as he or she makes a mistake, dies or falls through something other than general contact or interest.

It will not be enough with the exhaust fumes of the aeroplanes, for giant ships, which are like floating cities and can hold almost 10,000 human beings, as well as thousands of giant transport ships with heavy oil engines, which hurl vast quantities of tonnages of CO2 into the sky, will also serve the illness and the holiday mania as well as the travel mania of the human beings. Alongside this will be all the railways, as well as the countless households, factories and corporations, as well as the other businesses and private hobbies that need electricity, which is still generated with hydroelectric power, but which will soon no longer be sufficient to meet demand. Therefore, in the future, coal-fired power plants and then following nuclear power plants will soon be built in addition to hydroelectric power plants, which will not only pollute the atmosphere and promote climate change, but also endanger the health of human beings. Various types of cancer and many other ailments and diseases will affect human beings and cause them to die – triggered by the many different types of exhaust fumes from electricity generation, about which those in charge and those in the know remain industriously silent. It is true that solar power and wind power can be used in the future (NB. 2021: = solar collectors and wind turbines), when the new trend with electric cars and also with other electric vehicles and electric machines with electric energy and other electrically powered sundries breaks loose. But the whole thing will again be nothing more than a temporary solution, as everything will always be laid out in this way when things get ‘dicey’ and a solution is sought for something new to solve the electricity problems. The whole of energy through solar and wind power will bring with it the problem that everything depends on solar radiation and wind in such a way that the sun does not heat the collectors when it is cloudy, and so the wind turbines can only turn and produce electricity when the wind is strong enough. Consequently, solar collectors will only be able to generate electricity when the sun is shining and wind turbines only when the wind is blowing. But since overpopulation is growing inexorably, more and more electrical energy will be needed, which means that energy procurement will become increasingly precarious. That will be the end of it, because without electricity nothing will work, so it will have to be stored in order to be used when it is needed, but the solution for this will only be found by researchers in the third millennium, when advancing technology will bring about the creation of large and capable battery storage facilities that can actually store large amounts of electricity.

And the problems – only of a different kind – will also be there when the time of the crown search comes in the second decade of the third millennium and those in power, as usual, are only looking for a momentary solution, but will not think into the far future.

Life, or rather the companies as well as life, must ‘go on’, and the ruble must roll, that is what is generally said. And it will take 50 years before it is realised that this view is wrong and that everything has to be changed, everything that is harmful to human beings has to be excluded from use, such as the traditional ‘miracle fibre’, the ‘mountain flax’, which has been known for more than 2000 years (NB. 2021: Greek ‘asbestos’ = asbestos) and will be the talk of the town in the future, but will then be branded as carcinogenic and drag many human beings to their deaths, especially those who will work with it unsuspectingly because of the danger of cancer.

But there will also be countless poisons that will be marketed in the future as protective agents against insects, pests and even as fertilisers. Everything will be more toxic than poisonous for the health of human beings and also for that of animals, creatures and every other life-form, but the manufacturing companies and the corporations will not care, because the main thing for them is that they will rake in millions and billions with it.

It will also not matter to their consciences that millions of human beings will become ill and die as a result of their poisons, and likewise nothing will matter to the users, namely the agronomists, the farmers and the private individuals who can get as much as possible out of their soils cultivated with artificially produced poison and ‘earn’ vast amounts of money from the plants sprayed with poisons. All this is apart from the fact that human beings, animals, creatures and other living beings are poisoned by food – regardless of whether it is grown in fields, greenhouses and gardens or artificially produced in factories and corporations – become ill, suffer for life or possibly die as a result. But the disaster of unpunished murder in this way is permitted by law, for the sake of filthy lucre, as is the uncontrolled procreation and birth of offspring, so that overpopulation and the machinations to destroy the world, nature, fauna and flora, the impairment of the atmosphere and climate change can become more and more rampant. But this will not be enough evil, for the destruction of personal well-being will also become widespread, and consequently human beings of both sexes will increasingly experience severe life crises, which will be founded in profound depressions of many kinds and often lead to suicide and panic attacks. The interpersonal system of togetherness of the human species will be lost more and more, and the whole thing will be promoted by the prevalence of thinking in terms of material values and so on. Consequently, also the true togetherness of real and true thoughts of love and the feelings of love of two human beings will practically inevitably fade away in many. Togetherness will be determined only by material values, mainly money, possessions and wealth, but also by acquaintance, reputation and profession etc., whereby presenting oneself in public organs, such as the emerging ‘television’ will be a source of ‘making money’ in this way, especially in the new millennium. In the same way, however, crime will also increase with the same medium, as will the emerging cybercrime, as it will be called. Dioxins of all kinds will also become so rampant in nature that human beings, animals, other self-moving life-forms and also plants, including large tree plants, will become ill and partly die off or be wiped out.

The heavy flow of exhaust gases that mankind will produce in the future will have such a negative and damaging effect on the biosphere – or rather on the populated layers of the Earth on and in which the totality of all living beings exist – that many of the life-forms will become extinct, because through all the negative machinations of overpopulation, climate change will be inevitable and destroy the fabric of nature and its fauna and flora. Carbon dioxide, which will also be officially called greenhouse gas and CO2 in the future, is naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere as a trace gas, but only in low concentrations, which is also of elementary importance for life on Earth in many respects. Only the plant world absorbs the vital trace gas and releases the equally important oxygen via the process of photosynthesis. This is in contrast to the fact that carbon dioxide is released into the earth’s atmosphere through the respiration of human beings – and the vast majority of living beings – as well as through many other natural processes. As a harmful CO2 or greenhouse gas, it influences the Earth’s climate and causes a greenhouse effect, whereby the gas, which is found in water – in nature mainly in lakes and seas – influences the pH+ value through its solubility. That is (NB. 2021: pH value. Abbreviation for potential of hydrogen, lat. = pondus hydrogenii or potentia hydrogenii), the pH+ value is a measure that shows the acidic or basic character of the water or of a liquid. Diluted water, or an aqueous solution, which has a pH value of less than 7 is called acidic, but a pH value of more than 7 is called basic or alkaline. Throughout the history of planet Earth, Sfath teaches, the atmospheric value of carbon dioxide has fluctuated considerably, so that it has often been responsible for serious changes in the climate.

The atmospheric pollution of this kind caused by all the exhaust gases, but also all the coming private and goods transport-related car avalanches that emit CO2, and all the work-related exhaust-generating vehicles, the likewise CO2-generating working machines, and all the other machines of all purposes and types that come into use, etc., will cause man-made and very premature climate change, which will cause one uncontrollable and ever-worsening and worldwide natural disaster after another, which will become bigger, worse and more destructive, claiming human lives and destroying human achievements. And everything will happen in the future solely through the machinations of overpopulation, which will be addicted to this and that and will provide needs, luxuries and desires, which many emerging companies and corporations will fulfil and, for the luxury of earthly humanity, will rob planet Earth to the brink of total collapse and destroy the entire ecosystems and thus nature, its fauna and flora, and exterminate many of its species for all time, consequently the diversity of species will become ever smaller. Finally, the atmosphere will also be affected in such a way that the already incipient and very premature climate change will come in its full form, caused by the guilt of overpopulation and its machinations. The final change in the climate, however, will not be forced upon us until the 21st century, but then it will increasingly bring its force in the form of the ever-increasing natural disasters. It will not only show itself in the change of weather, the great primeval and torrential rains, forest fires, earthquakes and the increasingly aggressive volcanic eruptions in the 3rd millennium – as on the Canary Islands of Cumbre Vieja – and the increased earthquakes, but also through many changes in life-forms and their behaviour, such as, for example, that in wild animals the size of the ears expands, or the limbs become larger and stronger, etc.

Human beings who in the coming time stand up for the protection of the planet, nature and its fauna and flora (NB. 2021: environmentalists) will not only be ridiculed and insulted, but even murdered, especially in the various countries of Africa and South America, but also in Asia. This, while in Europe the human beings will undertake an environmental activity and cleaning of the environment to purify it of rubbish, while others in their stupidity will only make empty and big words and organise demonstrations, blaming only the air pollution by greenhouse gases and thus not recognising the great culpable evil that is really to blame for the negative change of the climate, namely the overpopulation with all its needs, desires and luxuries, which requires machinations to fulfil, which will destroy everything in the world.

The population will increase endlessly, and the world will become so built up and overbuilt that the free natural space will become smaller and smaller. High-rise buildings and many low-rise buildings will be built en masse, as well as roads, factories, pointless sports grounds, race tracks, mountain railways of all kinds, amusement centres, as well as masses of department stores of all kinds and many other things. Some are built as ‘stockpiles’ and far too expensive in order to ‘lose’ money in this way, because the rich no longer know what to do with all their money. Others will hoard billions in order to bask miserly in the rush of money and afford expensive trips and pleasures, while still others without a home and a bed of their own will live or languish on the streets and in misery in the summer in high heat and in the winter in grim cold. But all the rich will be indifferent to this, as will the common people, who will carelessly pass by the outcasts, shunning them and leaving them to starve, without a conscience that the so-called ‘marginalised’ are in need of help. Many of these ‘better’ people, as they will see themselves, find every cent too much for these marginalised people, because in future they would much rather put their money into expensive tickets for so-called sporting events, such as motorbike races, football matches and tennis matches, boxing matches and, and, and, to care more fanatically about this than about real life and the good and woe of suffering human beings.

The future brings the time when only money will be valuable; for this reason, the most diverse companies will merge and unite to form corporations and large groups and large companies in order to have more weight in the financial world and to dominate the market as well as mankind. The whole thing will produce strange blossoms, such as new payment methods and means of payment appearing and making many human beings rich and arrogant. But the time will come when whole countries will begin to resist it, such as China, which will be the first country to make a start and ban these means of payment by the state.

True love between a human being and other human beings, as well as living together in a family in joy and peace, will largely disappear among human beings, because only rank, wealth and name, title, biological appearance and profession will be important. Quarrels, abuse and brawls in families will increase greatly, with women and children being the main victims. It will happen in a particularly radical way in the new millennium, in a country in the north of the Middle East, when the Americans will have to give up their world domination airs and the country they rule without results. The women will be the sufferers to the death, because the religious fanaticism of the men will know no quarter and no mercy and will therefore perpetrate inhumanities on the female beings that will be worse than the world will dare to imagine.

It will be mainly in towns and villages that men will become effeminate and women will become strong, so that they will do the hard work that men used to do.

Men will not only become more and more psychologically bad and vulnerable, but in order to survive in the new world of the 3rd millennium, they will have to seek the help of psychologists and psychiatrists. Women will slowly overcome the discrimination and oppression they have endured for millennia at the hands of the male world and, becoming stronger, will take the helm and also assert their say and power in governments. And it will only take a few more decades until women will play a decisive role in politics, change many traditional things in government and bring about facts of all kinds that have been wrongly handled by the male world since time immemorial. Unfortunately, as has been the case in the male world since time immemorial, many women will usurp or be elected to government, who will use their might and do the wrong thing. Therefore, in politics, there will be many changes and also unusual hate attacks that will arise between the parties and create enmity. In particular, this will happen because different views will be espoused about this and that, for which no consensus can be found between the parties. And the fact that in the near future those women will come to the helm of government who want to express their power will also not change anything, because the newness of their being able to participate in politics in the future will not make anything about it better than it is from time immemorial. On the contrary, the first decades will change everything in politics in such a way that women’s political might will be expressed. But all beginnings are difficult, so say the human beings, and so it will also be with women, who will slowly take the helm of world affairs and thereby bring politics into a new form. However, all beginnings will be really difficult and fraught with many mistakes, but slowly women will get used to their new role and prove the skills they have acquired and acquired, which will completely change the world view of the sexes.

In a few decades, the time will come when superficiality will run rampant from one human being to another and sincerity and true, honest love and the absolutely necessary inter-humanity will no longer count, as has already been explained. Slander of every kind will become a public habit in order to quench revenge and at the same time to gain a lot of money through good speeches. The time will come, which will not be long in coming, when women in particular will publicly accuse their former lovers of rape and sexual abuse, spurred on by feelings of revenge or as a result of greed for money. Likewise, this will happen in families, because hatred as well as revenge and greed for money will grow inexorably and steadily. And since many such accusations will be false and fabricated, they will lead to strife and even greater enmity as well as to one’s own parents being falsely accused of abuse. This will be accepted and taken seriously by the public and the courts because at the same time many real cases of correct rape and sexual abuse by so-called ‘clergy’ will become public and worldwide.

Fornication will increase in the coming times because, firstly, it will be easy to ‘earn’ money from it and it will provide governments with a source of tax revenue, which in its permanence – because fornication will be openly and officially permitted and taxable – will increase the finances of governments. Various rulers, of whom not infrequently different ones – ‘lords’ as well as ‘ladies’ – will make use of the services of whores and whoremongers, will not enrich the state coffers in the future, however, but indulge in their own urges. As has been the case since time immemorial, the same thing will also happen in all countries of the world in the future. From time immemorial and also in the future, ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ of the governments will make use of the services of whores or whoremongers, whereby, as a rule, empty promises will be made by the rulers and believed by those who are at their service, but only until they want the promises to be kept. Then, however, what happens is what has happened since time immemorial, namely that the ‘servants’ refuse and resist with all means. But it will be those of the rulers – ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ – who will allow themselves to be idolised and will deliberately seek out their ‘objects of satisfaction’ as rulers, but who will then lie to them with empty promises and assurances in order to make them compliant, but then simply throw them away like rubbish and leave them lying around when they have had enough of them or when the ground becomes too hot for them. This is what ruling men and women alike will do, making empty promises to those who surrender and satisfy them, believing everything and then being shamefully deceived by them. This will also happen in the future, as it has done since time immemorial, precisely with those in power who will take advantage of their position, who should actually be guiding the destinies of the populations. They will be elements who do not strictly adhere to the rules that human beings, women and men and even children – however they may be – are treated as beings and not just as waste. And what has been said will also increasingly be the case in populations in the future, as my friend Sfath and I have seen, experienced and witnessed in the 21st century. This is because the human beings of the Earth will become so indifferent to each other in the coming time that real and true love and a feeling of togetherness between human beings will hardly appear any more, but only a loose and false togetherness, which will be dissolved again at every suitable or unsuitable opportunity and according to whim and fancy. This will not infrequently happen because a ‘new face’ will appear which will again provoke a new togetherness and therefore the old will be ‘replaced’ by the new. Everything of the alienation of the normal with regard to true interpersonal relationships in terms of genuine affection will develop more and more degenerately in this way, which will ultimately bring consequences that will only be attempted to be remedied by clever persons making financial profits out of it by organising reunion parties and the like, through which then women and men are to get to know each other better and possibly marry. But there will also be those elements who will degenerately rape and even kill girls and women who are completely foreign to them.

And it will be in the time to come that industrial artificial aids will be created for women and men, which many will acquire in order to achieve sexual satisfaction with themselves. This is in order not to fall prey to fornication and also not to have to claim a partner. The industry will even go so far as to produce almost lifelike dolls from synthetic material for this purpose, which can be purchased and with which the human beings will then live together and ‘use’ them like lifelike persons.

Criminal elements – mainly depraved men, but also depraved women – will ‘buy’ women and children from third world countries through lies or coercion and drive them into whoring, just as parents will trade and advertise their children as whoring objects, through a new technology that will be publicly and privately available to everyone. This is how in the future, out of ‘love’ or coercion, partners will be driven to fornication for the sake of money, in order to exploit them financially, while emerging and morally completely degenerate gangs of traffickers will bring many women, girls, but more rarely also boys, from poor and underdeveloped countries to Europe and America and force them into fornication. All of them will then be financially exploited – and in the worst case, ultimately murdered. Fornication – female and male – will become a ‘business’ as never before, and it will continue well into the 3rd millennium, and with it will come much suffering, murder, disease and crime.

Much evil will come from ‘natural’ food cultivation, for it will result in the cultivation of natural food becoming more and more precarious and fertile land more and more scarce and, moreover, the soil depleted. Consequently, the countless emerging and endlessly enriching companies and corporations, as well as the farmers and the special agricultural enterprises, will participate in this circumstance and generally make use of the latest products of technology. These special agricultural enterprises, which will actually belong to the agricultural sector, will in future be a technical-organic unit, which will basically be managed by a farmer with the aim of producing agricultural products in the form of animal and plant products. The main profiteers will be the chemical companies and chemical corporations, who will circulate vast quantities of chemical fertilisers, which will be applied to and into the soil by agribusiness and actual farms as well as private individuals, in order to make the depleted soil ‘fertile’ again, but which will continue to wither, die and become desolate as soon as the artificial fertiliser is discontinued.

The artificial fertiliser era will come up very quickly, and the once fertile soil will be fertilised like mad. And chemistry will continue, for the food itself will soon be chemically produced, and this will indeed be bought and eaten by mankind without protest. This is in addition to the fact that the chemical companies etc. will produce many poisons which will be spread on the meadows, fields, fields and on the food plants themselves and will poison them to the heart, whereby the human beings will fall ill and many will die as a result of eating this ‘food’. Many kinds of cancers will appear, taking many human lives, but those in charge of governments will legally allow the use of the poisons because they will profit tax-wise or bribe-wise by granting permission. So they will claim and allow – with chemists also greedily getting involved – that a minimal amount of the poisons polluting the food is harmless to the health of human beings – to which my old and very experienced friend Sfath explains that even the minimal amount of a poison is very harmful to the human organism. This in such a way that the important metabolism or rather the metabolism functions correctly, and this by the fact that the body’s own chemical transformation of substances – such as food – are smoothly transformed in the body into intermediate products and end products correctly, whereby only the biochemical build-up and decomposition takes place.

The human beings of the Earth will not allow themselves to be taught by irrationality and as a result of greed for money that even the minimum amount of poisons invented and applied by human beings will be harmful to health and even life-threatening not only for human beings but also for every animal and creature and every other life-form and for every plant. Nevertheless, in the future and after thorough instruction, they will allow themselves to officially approve a certain minimum quantity of poisons of this and that kind, and this approval will – contrary to the truth – cost many human beings, animals and creatures as well as other living beings and plants their health and even their lives.

And the nearer and still more distant future will bring that everything will go haywire and haywire and haywire, which I will try to call unspecifically on the time and in such a way that the predictions will then be fulfilled to some extent at that time which I will call accordingly. But everything will undoubtedly come to pass and be fulfilled and all things will come to pass as I have seen them, experienced them and have to name them, for what I have seen with my own eyes in the real future cannot be bent to non-happening and therefore cannot be changed. There are things and facts that the human beings of today are not yet able to imagine, such as what I have also mentioned elsewhere in other predictions. This, for example, that the future will bring refugees who, as a result of wars and poverty, unemployment and political turmoil, will burden the world, and mainly Europe and the USA, with problems that cannot be solved to everyone’s satisfaction. And it is estimated that by 2050 there will be some 250 million refugees who will leave their homes because of climate change and seek refuge in northern countries, hoping that they will then have an honest living. However, many will be ‘deported’ back to their original homeland, while among the refugees there will also be many remaining refugees who will be criminals, antisocial human beings and convicted rapists and murderers, as well as others who will be elements threatening the security of the populations and the order of Europe and America. These will see the continents of Europe and America as those in whose countries they hope to find their ‘happiness’ – as in the USA already in early times the Mafia, etc., as well as the immigrant Europeans who massacred the indigenous people with violence and murder and robbed them of their land.

It will be that especially family clans from Arabia and the South etc. will succeed in gaining a foothold in Europe in order to be able to assert themselves and establish themselves with their criminal machinations as a result of the stupidity of the local governments and security forces. It will then be the fault of the Americans and NATO (NB. ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’) that criminals from foreign countries will be brought to Europe and America as a result of miserable occupation defeats, who will be able to spread themselves criminally and hold their own with protection rackets, narcotics, murder and Gewalt etc. and will never stop doing so. These will in fact be brought in among evacuees from war zones and areas of occupation, where criminals and criminals will spread, which will also be the case from Australia, where the USA will make a special effort at the time of the crown epidemic to expand in a deceitful manner in order to one day be able to assimilate the great island country.

But all this will still be harmless to what will erupt, which has been brewing since the mid-1970s, through the boundless hatred of an American who will join minds with the Chinese leader. For it will come to pass that millions of human beings of the Earth will die when in the new millennium and at the end of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium the crown disease will officially begin to be open and against the truth it will be claimed that its origin is to be sought in bats. The truth, however, will by no means be so, for already in the middle of the 1970s, through the hatred of a man from America and the dictator of China Land, this plague will be created in laboratories and spread far into the 3rd millennium, and thereby much death will be spread throughout the world. And in the process it will happen that first the old and elderly human beings will succumb to the death of the plague, after which only the younger and then the still younger will be the sufferers, namely the children, who will suffer from a new mutation of the crown plague, which will result from a shortness of breath. At first, however, the virologists will not realise that this will be another mutation of the disease, the effects of which could be avoided if the children were also to wear respiratory masks. But this will be avoided because, against the truth, it will be claimed that the children are largely protected from the crown disease and its effects naturally. This will correspond to a lie of misunderstanding and false estimation, because this insidious disease is unpredictable and its danger will be trivialised. This, however, will only become apparent in the long run when those in power will act wrongly in their confusion – because they will be overwhelmed with the epidemic and consequently will not know what really has to be done and therefore will resort to dictatorial measures and the population will be vogued – which will ultimately lead to demonstrations and injured human beings worldwide. During about 25 years, however, the disease will first mutate 5,000-fold and then, at the turn of the new millennium, it will appear in its first form and in a way that is recognisable to human beings and thus detectable. It will not be until close to the second decade of the third millennium, however, that the man-made crown disease will cast a dangerous spell over the world and within two years will claim 300 million infected human beings, but in the same period of time it will claim around 6 million lives. And these will only be the official figures, because the number of unreported cases will be higher.

In Switzerland, for example, there will be about 12,000 victims, in the USA and in Brazil about 800,000 each, and in Germany about 100,000 victims by the end of 2021, but this will only correspond to the official number. However, there will be other countries that will have to mourn high numbers of deaths, such as various countries in South America, India and Asia. But Australia, New Zealand and Israel in particular will also make a big splash at that time of the epidemic, as will Africa and Arabia, which, however, will not let much be known to the outside world and will not be of much interest to the so-called civilised world.

First the older and then the younger human beings will be affected by the epidemic, and by the end of 2021 about 6 million human beings will die worldwide as a result of the epidemic, whereupon the rulers will go drastically mad in their ignorance and demand and order vaccination certificates and differences in rights between vaccinated and unvaccinated human beings. Through the ignorance and incompetence as well as the guilt of the rulers, murder and manslaughter, violence and riots will ensue in the peoples, because correct action will not be taken, on the part of the rulers and the populations as well. On the one hand, there will be the incompetent rulers who will issue confusing dictatorial regulations for the peoples, but who will not comply with them, because all the regulations will be nonsensical and will lead to violence and rebellion. But on the other side will be those of whom the incompetent rulers will have no idea that they are to be divided into different groupings and accordingly must be addressed differently according to their understanding and reason. Thus, in the time to come, when the crown plague will be rampant on Earth in the 20s of the 3rd millennium, there will be 3 groupings that will refuse vaccination against the plague. These, however, will not be recognised by the incompetent and in any case wrongly determining rulers – who are psychologically and also humanly completely uneducated and consequently ignorant, which, on the contrary, would be of urgent necessity for rulers – consequently they will then illogically dictatorially enact regulations of a compulsory vaccination, which will lead to rebellion and will simply be advocated by the non-thinking like-minded people from the populations, likewise unthinkingly.

As Sfath and I have learned at that time in the future of the 21st century, the 3 groupings I have named in relation to their future existence will be called contrarians and disease deniers, while the 3rd grouping will not be named at all and will not be spoken of. However, these two groups that will be mentioned will be those who are not enlightened in a sensible and understanding way and, moreover, will be confronted with illogical determinations of the incompetent rulers, which will inevitably lead to rebellion and violence. This will result in demonstrative action by the contrarians and disease deniers against the insane nonsense of the rulers, but this will lead to strife, murder and manslaughter, not only by the rioters, contrarians and disease deniers who themselves want to take charge of order, but also by individual violent security forces. And this is what happens in various so-called civilised countries, sometimes with bloody consequences and even deaths.

If I want to say something more about the persons of the third grouping, it should be mentioned that they behave passively and remain quiet with regard to riots and demonstrative appearances, and are therefore not noticed by those in power, because they have no idea whatsoever about them and only pay attention to those who think outside the box and deny epidemics. The ‘quiet ones’, those who reject vaccination on the basis of reason and rationality, will be those who go along quietly. However, out of reason and rationality, they will refrain from everything, keep quiet and also not get vaccinated, because they know that the vaccine will not be fully developed and thus not sufficiently tested, and that it may possibly lead to serious present or future health damage or even death. That all around with regard to the crown disease, vaccination fraud will also take place on a large scale in the way that alleged vaccinations will be carried out which will only be a sham or will be done with mere distilled water or not at all, thus the alleged number of ‘vaccinated’ will increase and this will then become the order of the day. Vaccine breakthroughs will also increase over time, especially from the middle of 2021, whereby it will be a question of breakthrough infections arising, which in turn will have to be treated in intensive care units in hospitals – but unfortunately often in vain, because the patients will die from the new infection of the crown disease. A fact, however, that will largely be concealed by those responsible – which will also include those in power – until they are forced to face the truth. This, however, will not stop them from creating a nonsensical vaccination obligation for ‘responsible persons’ or for those who in good faith accept the wishful thinking and scaremongering of those in power, who will then call those irresponsible and lacking in solidarity who do not allow themselves to be vaccinated out of common sense.(NB. 2021: Vaccine breakthrough infection is a symptomatic infection that occurs in a vaccinated person and is diagnosed by an RT-PCR test or isolation of excitation. Vaccine breakthroughs have various causes, e.g. as a result of a mutation of the pathogen that was vaccinated against, because the pathogen is no longer recognised by the immune system, which according to Ptaah is a consequence of the immature crown disease vaccines, consequently a previous vaccination or a survived infection is useless and everything leads to a new disease, which can possibly be fatal).

Consequently, a strict dictatorially enforced two-class society will be created through the irrationality of the rulers and their inability to psychologically assess the human beings, and thus as a result of the lack of necessary human treatment and the lack of correct measures. This, however, will only be partially successful, because the whole crowd of unvaccinated lateral thinkers and disease deniers – all of whom will sadly lack any rational and reason-based enlightenment – will fight back, which will not only lead to riots and demonstrations, but even to murders, manslaughter, quarrels, manifestations and attacks. The incompetent governments in all countries, in their delusion that they will do the right thing for the safety and health of the people, will do exactly the opposite and resort to dictatorship to blackmail the citizens and those willing to be vaccinated into vaccination. This is what the government incompetents will do, as I have seen and experienced in the future together with Sfath, and these incompetent ‘people’s leaders’ will, in their ignorance, bully the unvaccinated of the hard-working workforce into only being able to work with vaccination certificates or, in the case of any loss of work, be denied the further payment of wages to which they are rightfully entitled. This, while the vaccinated will go along with the dictatorial decisions, because they will support the decisions of the incompetent rulers in fear and cowardice, or out of separatist thinking or a sense of injustice. Like them, they will not allow the freedoms of the personality and the personal decision to apply, but will also be dictatorially prepared to disregard or insult those fellow human beings who are unwilling to vaccinate and who, for whatever reason of their sanity and reason, refuse to vaccinate, etc. And this will certainly be so, because I witnessed it myself at that time when it happened in the future.

And it will be so in the future that many of the vaccinated will be those who will only be vaccinated compulsorily and against their actual personal will. This is because they will have themselves vaccinated cowardly out of fear or due to the persuasion of the vaccination advocates, as a result of malicious coercion of dictatorial, unreasonable and compelling government orders and the like, or also consequently according to the demands of some employers or for some other incomprehensible reasons.

As a result of the incompetence of many incompetent rulers, demonstrations of the population will take place everywhere in various countries all over the Earth, which will be brutally and violently put down by the forces of the government security services. And there will be injuries and even deaths, which will be kept quiet about. Nevertheless, parts of the population will insist on being allowed to move freely, which will lead to the rulers giving in and irresponsibly allowing life without security measures. Thus, general travel for holidays as well as pleasure, the lack of safe distance from human beings to human beings will be allowed, and the wearing of protective masks for breathing, saliva and coughing will be abolished. This is an undertaking that will be carried out unthinkingly by the peoples with glee and will cause millions more deaths from the epidemic.

The crown disease will arise in China, but the rulers and the experts of the country will conceal the truth from the world and keep silent, although they will know it – but they will not know the real origin and the real connections. However, despite the knowledge of the existence of the epidemic, no information from the Chinese government and the scientific community will reach the outside world that would contain a warning to humanity that it will spread worldwide in a short time as a pandemic and claim millions of victims. And all this truth of the crown disease will be initially denied – even from China – which will be ‘invented’ in laboratories by the hatred of a man from America and the complicity of the dictator of that country. It will be bred in China as a plague in laboratories by laboratory experts in about 25 years without being noticed and will mutate and survive all hurdles until the new millennium, the 3rd millennium. Then, due to the carelessness of a laboratory worker, he or she will become infected with the newly developed virus and infect other human beings, who will carry the virus further and cause an epidemic that will soon spread worldwide, causing a pandemic and, moreover, influencing the emerging flu viruses from then on, which, however, can neither be proven by virologists nor by medical doctors, because research into this foreign mutation is far beyond their knowledge and abilities. Then various forms will change into new types of viruses which will spread rapidly and which, when they are recognised and become known, will undergo further mutations which will constantly change and transform into other disease-causing moments.

In the 19th year of the new millennium, the deadly crown disease will then be recognised late in the year in China, but will not yet be known, because first everything will be concealed – as will also be the case later in practically all countries of Earth, with regard to the fact that the ‘vaccination recommendation’ with questionable and untested vaccines, demanded and illegally ordered by the inadequate as well as confused governments, is to be combined with a binding vaccination certificate. What kind of dangers of vaccination consequences will occur and how many there will be, is something about which both those in power and the manufacturers of the vaccines, who will ‘earn’ billions, will then remain silent. The whole thing will create a two-class society, namely one class of the vaccinated and one of the unvaccinated, which will lead to friction between the different groups, which will have such a political impact that governmental measures will be the result.

The effect of the crown disease will be spread all over the world, whereby mammals will also become carriers of the epidemic virus and fall ill. In the process, many of those rulers who in their incapacity to govern will lose their heads or will insufficiently and wrongly counteract the epidemic will be in the mistaken belief that they will do the right thing, but in reality they will do the wrong thing, which will bring displeasure and harm to a part of the peoples, who will resent it and consequently rebel. Consequently, the rulers will make themselves unpopular, divide the people dictatorially into those who are loyal to the government and those who are disloyal to the government, those who will believe the rulers because they themselves, through misguidance, will be believers of the medical scientists who want to know everything better than they really and effectively know. And on the other side will be those who will accept a penny of what the rulers wish or order. But it will be clear and obvious that the rulers will then, at the appropriate time – which will be around the middle of the 21st year of the 3rd millennium – bring their real attitude of their lust for power to bear, namely that they want to order, as rulers of the people, to control their will dictatorially, to act dictatorially and to use violence dictatorially.

Apart from the occurrences, e.g. that the crown disease is misjudged by the virological scientists and the bulk of many of the rulers and their satellites – which is why they act confusedly and uncoordinatedly, rashly, erroneously and confusedly, ordering one time this and then that nonsensical thing for the people – proves their incapacity of governing the people. Thus it follows that in their lack of understanding they will not understand that they are forcibly and dictatorially carrying out vaccinations with dubious vaccines among the people, not letting those who are willing to be vaccinated have their way and thereby not only depriving them of their personal freedom of decision, but dictatorially bogarting and enslaving them.

Vaccines, which on the one hand are insufficiently tested, halfway useless, partly only conditionally helpful or even lethal, or will be or can be lethal, must not be used unconscionably out of fear as well as out of ignorance or out of greed for power and dictatorship, misunderstanding of government or out of greed for profit etc.. Vaccines which have not been sufficiently tested and which are only released for use because of the sheer profit or because of fear or dictatorship, and which play with the lives of these and those human beings, must be forbidden, also in the future in the 3rd millennium, since several epidemics are still threatening, some of which will be caused by too many people and will spread evil all over the world. This should be clear to those in power with regard to vaccines and correspond to their sense of justice towards the people. What is being done, however, is exactly the opposite, which corresponds to nothing more than dictatorial determination and action, which amounts to nothing more than a government farce. In the long run, the vaccines used in the 3rd decade of the 3rd millennium may, at least initially, do more harm than real success, which will really be the case in the time to come, because the vaccines would have to be researched even more in order to be used. But due to the profit motive, this will not be taken into account, which will cost many vaccinated people their health, but others their lives. What will then emerge in the course of time through precise and appropriate tests of the vaccines, however, remains unsaid, because in this respect the events of the future should not be anticipated, because the knowledge of this would cause more harm than good.

All that will demonstrably emerge at that time – but which will be officially concealed – will be the ‘investigation’ of a false origin of the epidemic, which is intended to make us forget the effective truth, namely that the origin of the epidemic was an act of revenge by an American who had fallen into hatred. A man who, in the 1970s, secretly joined like-mindedly with the Chinese dictator and, in a spirit of revenge, was able to bring into being the laboratory work that will bring the crown plague in the new millennium. Consequently, it will undoubtedly result in the plague being ‘worked out’ and ultimately beginning its deadly work of revenge and spreading its work of death not only in America – as is envisaged – but throughout the world. The main sufferers, however, will be the people of America, who in and of themselves can do nothing for the hatred of the man, except for those few who will be responsible for the whole thing. But the consequences will be severe, long-lasting and will claim over a million lives in the USA. As everywhere else in the world, the crown disease will also be very severe in America, where, through fear and false propaganda, those in power will decree the supposedly ‘safe’ importance of allowing only persons who can prove that they have been vaccinated against the crown disease and can show proof of identification to enter and use public places and buildings, as will unreasonably be the case in Europe. This is because nonsensical undertakings are emerging to carry out vaccinations by coercion or persuasion or reward, although the vaccines are still too untested and could even be life-threatening and thus possibly cost lives. Truthfully, the substances will be partly completely ineffective in certain human beings and halfway or good in others, which is why deceptions occur and consequently cannot guarantee the necessary safety that human beings may expect from a good and tested vaccine. Moreover, many lies will circulate about the vaccines, because they will be insufficiently tested and will be effective all round only on sight, but especially those which – as Sfath was able to analyse in the future at the beginning of 2021 – fraudulently consisted in a figure of 1.43 million only of distilled water.

And this will be more than just questionable, because it will only be a fraudulent money-making scheme by which those who receive the ‘vaccinations’ will be deceitfully cheated.

On the one hand, the manufacturers of the vaccines will be exalted and praised by many millions of vaccinated people, while others will curse them and they will come down with ailments that they may carry with them – or die from – for the rest of their lives. However, those fearful, incompetent and illogically thinking and wrongly acting rulers who practically order dubious coercive measures and thus divide the peoples into two camps will not take this into consideration. In their irresponsibility, they will work against the health of the peoples, because they will ‘bogart’ them instead of doing what is correct. They will not legally ban holiday traffic or business traffic during the first most important months of fighting – which the law and the security of the state as well as the peoples’ will for health would allow and the peoples would accept during the first months. Nor will they regulate work traffic according to emergency, just as they will not strictly enforce keeping a proper distance from one human being to another, just as they will not make it compulsory to wear protective masks to prevent breathing, expectoration of mucus and coughing until further notice. On the contrary, they will do this completely inadequately and only just for a very short time, but then they will not control this urgently needed regulation very carefully and strictly by security forces and really also implement it, but will end and cancel it loosely again, and just much too soon, consequently it will have no effect.

And it will be that the incompetent in the governments will also swear with lies concerning the effectiveness of the untested vaccines and thus let the human beings believe in false security that every vaccination is effectively effective. And the incompetent rulers will lie to the people that they are doing everything correct against the crown disease and will leave each of the citizenry free and personal will regarding vaccination. A lie, because everything will no longer apply and be observed, but will be handled as a law with fines, because the right of the personality will suddenly be denied to the citizens, declared null and void and they will be forced to act against their personal sense and to be vaccinated in spite of resistance in order to receive a pass for it – contrary to the public promise that this will never be done. And that in spite of a vaccination the possibility of infection will no longer exist in the future, as the part of the dishonest and lying virologists as well as the money-greedy vaccine manufacturers and the incompetent and windmongering rulers will claim at that time, who want to distinguish themselves publicly with importantly lying information, that will then unfortunately become the order of the day. And the fact that vaccination certificates will be falsified en masse and that the number of vaccinated people will be given in millions much higher than will correspond to the truth will be kept secret.

And the time will come, even before the second millennium begins to round off, that the human beings of the Earth will change drastically in their attitude in such a negative way that they will no longer trust themselves to be able to assist themselves with good advice. Many will fail and make their own lives difficult, ultimately killing themselves. Normally, human beings are supposed to manage their lives and their existence, but they forget how to do this in the coming decades, just as they lose self-responsibility for the weal and woe of themselves and their character. He lets someone of fellow humanity decide about him, religions and sects that can convincingly make him believe in the might and power of a god through lies of faith and make everything of life ‘clear’. Or he will become a slave to a sect that makes him a god himself (NB. 2021: e.g.: Scientology as ‘Operating Thetan’ (OT), ‘Spiritual Being’, which is supposed to be fundamentally as such a self or a being that, without having to use a body or physical means, can deal with all things), which furthermore mislead the human being through other belief lies in such a way, through which he becomes a believer to be great and strong and to stand above all others. (NB. 2021: The fact that one or the other member of the Scientology sect – as a rule an ‘Operating Thetan’ – ‘dies’ in the process, whose death cannot be cleared up, seems to be ‘normal’ for this sect). Just as he also neglects the well-being and welfare of his neighbour and of his fellow man in general, and much more so than he has neglected this since time immemorial, and even lets his neighbour and his fellow man die or kill without feeling and without emotion. He is becoming more and more indifferent to his species, but the future will take even worse forms in this respect, as I have seen – when, after staying with Sfath in America, I observed in Death Valley how the wind drove centimetre-heavy boulders across the dead and hard plains.

The human beings of the Earth will become completely and utterly degenerate as a result of their blatant overpopulation and their machinations against their personal neighbours as well as against their fellow human beings in general, against nature, its fauna and flora, against the planet and all ecosystems in general. As a result, the human beings of the Earth become completely indifferent to everything, throwing all their filth of various kinds and forms into the open nature and into the waters, into the lakes, rivers, streams and seas, consequently littering them completely and polluting them with the rubbish in such a way that they make the waters ill – up to the final collapse, where the waters become brackish, stinking and rotten. Because of all the rubbish on water, land, moor and swamp, etc., the species and kinds of creatures living in it, in it or in the air of it, become sick and unable to live, they waste away and die in agony, if they are not caught by human beings for food, for hunting reasons or out of pity, etc., and killed by them.

Other waste is produced as waste material from the nuclear power plants that are created and used for energy production well into the 3rd millennium. The nuclear waste will then be buried deep in the earth or sunk into the oceans in so-called final repositories, which will be just as dangerous for the future of the Earth and future human generations as it will be for nature, its fauna and flora, the atmosphere and the climate. This is because the repositories of nuclear waste will sooner or later release their radiation to the outside when the soil or Earth above the repositories erodes, the containers disintegrate in the waters and the radiation from the repositories is thus released. The Earth, the soil above the repositories, no matter how ‘bomb-proof’ they are built, will erode and also be washed out, washed away, carried away by the wind and disappear through the change in the Earth, exposed and the radiation given free rein. This will be similar to what happened in America in the 1939s when, from the depleted Plains, the earth’s surface was eroded by the wind as a giant cloud of dust, which was blown hundreds of kilometres wide and far across the land as a dust storm. This, after fertile land that had been used and ploughed by human beings for 14 years until it was completely depleted and dried out and barren by the sun’s heat, was driven very wide and far over the land as a sandstorm monster by a developing sandstorm. And this is what threatens in the distant future the places in Europe and the repositories that will be built in the future for nuclear waste, but which will contaminate large areas in the distant future when the time will come when they will be torn apart by nature as a result of earthquakes and the radiation will be released. It will be long after the time when the seas will have grown due to the melting of the ice of the glaciers and the North Pole as well as the South Pole, flooding the nearby lowlands and even causing villages and towns to sink forever under the masses of advancing water, but it will inevitably happen.

The completely irresponsibly constructed nuclear waste repositories, which will eventually simply be filled in and become a radiation hazard to all life-forms of every kind and species in the distant future, will become deadly pits. In the future, they will contaminate fresh waters and salt seas for a long time, just like the weapons, bombs and ammunition – including lost nuclear bombs – that are dumped in lakes and seas by armies simply because they have not been used, have become obsolete or useless. One day, however, they will become the deadly legacy for human beings and the world of living beings in general of the ‘modern’ achievements of overpopulation. This is because toxic gases are produced by oxidation, drift upwards and enter the atmosphere, which are then inhaled by the life-forms that fall ill or die as a result.

Apart from the nuclear repositories, which will bring much disaster to the earth’s planet far into the future, a series of disasters will soon befall those innovations of energy production which are called nuclear power stations. Several of them will be destroyed by internal errors or explosions and will become practically useless for all time and become atomic monsters. According to my friend Sfath, their atomic radiation or the radioactivity of the destroyed plants will be about as strong as natural uranium after 200 years. However, the food that nevertheless grows in these still nuclear contaminated areas must not be eaten, at least not in large quantities, because it will be lethal, and this will equally apply to the respiratory tract, which will be endangered after this long time. The radiation-related toxicity or the so-called radiotoxicity will be about the same as that of normal granite rock after about 30,000 years. On the other hand, the weak or medium-level nuclear waste will only need about 500 years to become no more radioactive than the agricultural fertiliser phosphorus, while highly radioactive waste will need about 1,000 years to become only 5-6 times more radioactive than uranium ore, which is extracted from natural uranium.

Over time, the outer shells of the weapons – which retain the explosives – all of which are of the oxidising type, will decay. As a result, the outer material of the weapons will be reduced by oxidation, which, in addition to the formation of toxic gases, will also cause the explosive to decompose and water to penetrate, which will set in motion a chemical process that will in turn release substances that are dangerous to all life and harmful to health.

He, the human being of the Earth, will become incapable of thinking and acting for the good of the Earth, for nature and its fauna and flora, for the atmosphere and the climate, and thus for all ecosystems. Consequently, through carelessness, he will not only disturb the course of natural life, but downright destroy it, thereby shovelling his own human doom. His self-responsibility thinking will sink deeply in future times through the emergence of his very evil selfishness, his over-populating, irresponsible indifference for the body, the life and the weal and woe of his neighbour and the world. And it will happen that he will so deeply undermine everything that concerns him and responsibility, his personal interests, that he will no longer spend any thought to do even the slightest thing to protect a life of a fellow human being, an animal, animal, other living being or plant, or to assist them to live. What concerns the weal and woe of a life of any kind or species is accepted stoically unthinkingly, indifferently and as completely unimportant. This, while for one’s own life, well-being, desires and pleasures, as well as the personal of all kinds, everything will apply and will be championed and done with horrendous fear, without any consideration for one’s neighbours, fellow human beings or anything else at all. As a result, human beings will become even more indifferent and inattentive, and the entire overpopulation will not perceive what is changing in free nature and in the entire fauna. So they will not realise that the later climate change has already started in the early stages and that it will soon be apparent that the fauna is changing.

There will be many human beings in the coming future who will not endure life, young and old, who will simply extinguish and end their lives because they will find their existence an unbearable burden and will kill themselves, so this kind of death rate will rise above the level of all those who will die of disease. This will also happen when in the 3rd millennium the crown disease will be rampant in the world as a pandemic and many, out of fear or organic and insatiable pain, will no longer be able to cope with their suffering and will seek their end in their escape in suicide.

And there will be countless deaths through terrorism, as in New York, where more than 3,000 human beings will lose their lives in a terrorist aeroplane attack and the US population will be ruled terroristically for 4 years by an autocrat 20 years later. This, after which America will suffer its defeat in its world domination powers after Vietnam and other countries in the Middle East and will have to withdraw militarily without having achieved anything, after which chaos will break out in the foreign state with murder and manslaughter by the rule of Islam and the rights of women will be restricted with threats and death.

And in the third millennium, many incompetent women and men will try to make themselves big and strong as rulers in their desire to make a name for themselves, by insulting other women, men and parties and trying to make them impossible through lies in order to make themselves and their own party look better than they really are. It will be those women who will be no better than those men in government who are incompetent and unworthy of their office. So the bad ones among the women will think, do and act in the same way as the bad ones among the men who will be unworthy and incapable of governing.

In the future, those who aspire to power will privately trample their opponents and their members into political filth with lies, attacks and dirty insults as has never happened before and will be the order of the day for the political future. All the many ruling parties, which are fundamentally bad and even wrong and damaging to the populations, will become more disunited among themselves than ever before due to foreign influences, whereby the antagonism and false suspicion will increase to such an extent that police and security measures will have to be taken, not least because one party thinks it is better than the other, although they are actually pulling on the same rope, namely power, which, however, will have different forms and which can never be coordinated with each other.

In Persia, the emperor will flee and a religious regime will seize power and bring death and destruction to the people, especially to women, as it will also become in the country of Afghanistan when the world domination-addicted American occupation will leave as a loser after the second decade in the new third millennium, as the USA has already had to do several times in the Far East. Also in the future, America will have no great chance of ever conquering the world for itself and bringing it under its rule, because fate has determined something else for this state. Especially from 1989 onwards, there will be presidents at the helm of government in the USA who will do more harm than good in the world.There will also be an increase in extreme political attacks, which will mark the future far into the new third millennium, but also private attacks will cost many human lives, because the perpetrators will be religiously as well as politically misguided, but also because they will no longer be able to think clearly and rationally, will go crazy and commit murders, as well as unexpected mass murders and massacres of human beings, and will strike worldwide.

The emerging will for freedom will drive the peoples to rebellion, but this will be put down by all the powerful governments, as will be the case in Arabia when the talk of the ‘Arab Spring’ arises and will cause many deaths, because all the rulers tending towards power will seize the reins of state misrule with evil violence.

Human beings will become more and more effeminate, and in the distant future they will be genetically manipulated and changed by being genetically endowed with special characteristics. In this way, superhumans will be effectively ‘bred’ for this and that field of work, who will then form an elite depending on their field of expertise and work out more and more and faster in their special field and thus shape and also mis-shape the future, which will ultimately lead to the downfall of humanity or its freedom. Due to the increasingly precarious lack of space, human beings will step on each other’s toes and become violent towards each other. Conservationists of both sexes will be murdered in all parts of the world as they go about their work trying to save what is left to save. This will happen mainly in so-called underdeveloped countries, which in the future will clear out or burn down their rainforests, which will be especially the case in South America and Asia, where logging or land grabbing will become the order of the day.

Every human being will defend his living space and be anxious to fight and die for it, but it will be of no use to many when in 3 months Germany will become 2 countries, namely an American occupation state Federal Republic of West Germany, and the defeated Soviet Union part of East Germany will then become the ‘German Democratic Republic’ (GDR). And as had been the case since earlier times with the Chinese Wall as a protective wall, at the beginning of autumn 1961 it was also ordered, on the basis of a decision by the political leadership of the Soviet Union, that a wall should be built in its occupied territory of East Germany. Thus planning between the countries of the GDR and West Germany, whereby the borders will not only separate the states, but also prevent the population from fleeing the GDR. This will lead to the GDR population being prisoners in their own country, so to speak, and also fleeing to West Germany at the risk of their lives, which will inevitably also lead to deaths, because the police – which will be called the People’s Police – will consist of people who will then, without conscience, shoot human beings. There will be very, very few who will not obey this order, but will themselves flee at the appropriate opportunity to escape the dictatorship that will be real in the country, where even children and juveniles will be stopped by the state under threats and forced to spy on their own parents and betray them, just as human beings will be betrayed, persecuted and murdered as enemies of the state. Private homes will be monitored by secret microphones, female and male athletes will be doped with drugs etc. by the state in order to emerge victorious in both international and national tournaments. Those who refuse will be forced to do so, or simply murdered, which will be presented as an accident, as will also be the case when people are able to flee to the West and lose their lives there by ‘accident’. But priests and preachers etc. who appear suspicious will also be strictly monitored by the state security service, just as their churches and other public premises will be monitored with secret microphones and secret film recordings will also be made of persons who have been spied on, in order to later have evidence against them when it comes to being able to accuse and convict them later as enemies of the state.

And it will be the case in this country, the GDR, that during its existence human beings will be secretly executed in secret cellars as dangerous ‘enemies of the state’, or as murderers and other serious criminals, or as alleged spies. And everything will happen without the knowledge of the public. Those condemned to death will be shot or lynched in secret cellars, but others will be executed with the guillotine. That will be as I predict, and it will be that a man will come to power in Moscow who will have a visible mark on his head, who will then put an end to all the unworthiness of human beings in the GDR and give the people their freedom, after which they will tear down the Wall again.

What will be in the GDR, namely the wall, will later be imitated all over the world, but mostly in the form of high and even electrically charged fences around the country’s borders to prevent refugees from entering the country. The influx of refugees from poor southern and Asian countries – stirred up by a ‘welcome culture’ and refugee appeal from a German federal leader – will trigger a worldwide wave of refugees that will eventually number some 250 to 350 million human beings.This will be, and many criminal movements, along with the Mafia and other traditional criminal organisations – as well as many private people striving for money and wealth – as far away as America and South America, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Arabia, and far back in the Far East, will in the future make themselves known worldwide. Mercilessly and without prosecution, many criminals will commit murders and other evil deeds for which they will never be called to account, and if they are, they will only receive ridiculous sentences and conditions. The same will happen with various organised as well as political criminal movements that will act as state power and use drastic methods, such as the death penalty, torture and rape, etc., against which the public hermandad will do nothing because they will receive horrendous bribes for it, belong to the criminals themselves or be afraid of them. Many criminals, torturers, rapists, murderers and assassins will speak of their faith in God, of God and His justice, of law and order, of love and humanity, but they will trample on all order, all law, all love and all humanity, they will murder, rape and plunder. In doing so, they will push their belief in a God and the like into the foreground, just as the rulers will then do, who in truth will never be concerned with the welfare of the people, but always only with their might, which they can exercise over the people, for which they are paid horrendously or take the ‘reward’ themselves.

There will rise in about 40 or 45 years a world terrorising criminal organisation – an Arab-Afghan world terrorising criminal network called ‘Al-Qaeda’ – which will carry out many attacks and mass terrorist killings of civilians worldwide and spread deep into Africa and remain consistent for a long time. Even after the death of the founder of the murderous organisation, who will be assassinated by the Americans, it will continue to exist long into the 3rd millennium. This will also be the case when, a short time later, the religious terrorist organisation called ‘Islamic State’ will make its presence felt, a new and extremely murderous and conscienceless murderer and criminal organisation that will emerge in Syria and Iraq and become active worldwide, including in Europe. Holding strange religious Islamic views, they will form a murderous organisation as an evil sect, which will attract many like-minded men and women from all over the world, who will carry out their bloody trade by murdering and massacring. As members of this terrorist organisation, which will be called ‘IS’ in short form, many lunatics and homicidal maniacs from Europe will join and murder with impunity, also women and men from all over the world, especially from Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain and Germany etc., who will mostly go unpunished on their return to their home countries – if they survive – because justice will fail shamefully. The criminals will only be talked about for a short time, and that will be the end of the matter for them, because they will not be held accountable for their murders, rapes, massacres and torture etc. – because they cannot be proven to have committed them, or because their persecutors and the courts do not want them to.

Far into the 3rd millennium, however, the ‘Islamic State’ will carry out its murderous mischief, just as the IS members will carry out many criminal and religiously despising, deadly attacks on human lives – i.e. far into the 3rd millennium. Thus, the ‘Islamic State’ will continue to exist for a long time and will even penetrate into the south of Africa and South America and claim its victims and destruction. And local criminals and criminal gangs will also be up to mischief there, just as they are in Europe, the USA, Japan and in all countries in general. This will also happen in the new Russia after the dissolution of the USSR, because criminality and criminals will not stop at one state, just as every epidemic spreads in every country and a pandemic spreads worldwide. Since time immemorial, the human beings of the Earth have known only murder and manslaughter, bloodshed, revenge and retribution, and this will continue to be the case in the third millennium, even when the great danger from outer space strikes the human beings of the Earth.

Just as the GDR will build walls around its borders to keep out refugees – let it be said again – the USA and other states will do the same to keep out invaders and prevent their own countrymen from fleeing, just as other countries will also build walls and fences on their borders in the 3rd millennium to stop the refugees who will come en masse from foreign lands and flood the European and US states, consequently they will still see the only solution in building walls and fences to keep the refugee flows under control.

Also, humanity with its horrendous overpopulation will face many natural disasters, which will increase due to climate change, which will come about as a result of the machinations of overpopulation and will be unstoppable because the practising companies, corporations and private individuals etc. will practise and implement the machinations demanded by overpopulation. Likewise, humanity will not be able to do anything about the increasing storms, natural disasters and forest fires, as well as the volcanic eruptions and the melting of the glaciers and the North Pole and the South Pole, which will cause the waters of the seas to rise and engulf the living land of the coasts and the land bordering the sea. A catastrophe will be the melting of the North Pole, the South Pole and the glaciers, for the whole of this process will have a tremendous bad influence on the formation of the weather, to such an extent that the Earth will reflect the sunlight more and more weakly, which will then bring the result that the formation of clouds will be impaired in certain areas and elsewhere the sun will cause the land to dry out and become barren.

The problems caused by nature will be unavoidable for all human beings of the overpopulation of the Earth and will become an insoluble problem, which will be further increased by their mad machinations of wants, needs, desires and luxury cravings. The companies and corporations as well as private individuals will indeed fulfil everything according to their capacity of their efficiency by robbing and destroying nature, its fauna and flora and the planet, exterminating living beings of all genera and species, polluting the atmosphere with poison and gases and driving the climate to change, but they will not be able to do anything to regenerate everything that has been destroyed and exterminated and to bring back to life what has been exterminated.

And there will be a shortage of land to grow natural food, because the irrationality of the ever-growing overpopulation will concrete over the fertile land and build it up with houses, skyscrapers, factories, roads, sports fields and other things, so that there will be no soil left to grow the necessary food. Mankind will eventually fight over every centimetre of soil to be able to plant another crop, because the soil – which will be fertile to a depth of about 30 centimetres – that they gain through the irresponsible and atmosphere-polluting slash-and-burn and deforestation will quickly become barren.Not only will the Earth be plundered down to the last crumb of usable soil, but also the mountains will no longer be spared, as will the oceans. These will not only be fished dry, but all life-forms – including those hitherto undiscovered – will fall victim to them, which are a thousandfold down to the bottom and deep in it, and which humanity does not yet know today, not even those which have survived undiscovered by human beings since prehistoric times and will fortunately still survive and actually still exist. Due to overpopulation and the machinations of companies, corporations and private individuals to fulfil their needs, desires and luxuries, the oceans are being robbed, destroyed and annihilated to the same extent as the Earth’s surface, the Earth’s interior and the mountains. And the lack of natural resources, the remaining stock of ores of all kinds from which things are extracted, such as iron, copper, rare earths, oil and many other things, as well as herbs and other plants, animals and creatures and also other life-forms, etc., are being unconscionably exploited to the point of no longer existing and of extinction. Thus the oceans will be deprived as a last resort of their last resources – as before the Earth’s surface of the Earth’s petroleum, gas, rare earths and all ores – of the living creatures and minerals and chemical elements that have been arranged in the bottom of the oceans for millions of years and perform their important functions of the oceans. Everything will be exploited in the future by the greed of companies, corporations and private individuals, as machinations of the horrendous overpopulation, which is growing in numbers and will have about 10 billion in the year 2030 and with its needs, desires and the urge for luxury creates machinations that fulfil others and thus rake in vast amounts of money and – ruin the Earth. And once this has happened and all the earth’s resources have been exhausted, then the moon will be resorted to for further exploitation, which will soon be earmarked as the next victim of exploitation. This because already in a few decades the earth’s resources will begin to dwindle to such an extent that those who think a little further ahead will already be thinking about further exploitation, which will already arise in earnest in just 2 decades. This will happen when the really first moon landing will take place towards the end of November 1969 – the first will be faked, as has already been mentioned earlier – which will emerge as the actual origin of the fixed idea of extracting chemical elements from the moon, at least once on its reverse side. But this will only be the beginning, for the ideas will be further developed in this respect and will reach as far as the exploitation of asteroids, other moons and other planets.

What else humanity – which will continue to grow inexorably as an overpopulation – can do to make all life impossible over time will result from also doing what will finish off the Earth. This will result from the fact that slowly but surely all life in the wilderness, such as animals, beasts and other life, will be as good as wiped out. For it will soon be the case that life-forms such as lynxes, wolves, bears, deer and stags etc., as well as other animals, creatures and other life-forms that want to return to their old ancestral territories, will be shot down or driven away by hunters and poachers as well as private individuals. It will mainly be animal keepers and other keepers of living creatures, such as people who keep cows and sheep, poultry, small animals, fish and other living creatures – which are often kept in far too large numbers and in some circumstances not infrequently still in a torturous form – who will shoot their mouths off and curse the wild creatures who dare to take up their old places again. All creatures of the wild are exterminated or driven out, foreign ones are not admitted, as is the case with plants by freaks who live under the delusion that foreign plants have no right to grow and flourish where they are not native, but can acclimatise despite the new climatic conditions. A process that is natural and determined by nature, and in which human beings should not interfere, but let nature work, for it alone does everything correctly, while human beings, by their meddling, ruin everything for it. In this way – no matter which world of living beings it concerns, whether plants, animals, creatures or other living beings – everything in the course of nature is disturbed and changed according to human illogical sense in such a way that it becomes incapable of life and slowly but surely all life disappears. Thus, in the future, those freaks who pose as guardians of the preservation of only native animals, creatures, other living beings and plants of all genera and species will not do good to nature, but harm it with idiotic ideas and ways of acting etc. And that will be how everything will become that I predict, namely how time will make it happen through overpopulation and its machinations that climate change, which is already beginning at the present time and will bring much destruction of human achievements in the future, will be inevitable. But before the death of the planet really comes, it will firstly show with its nature with primeval catastrophes through climate change that it is being tormented and that it will therefore fight back and rebel, so to speak. On the other hand, it will happen and be what the geologists will deny in every respect – because, as usual, they want to know everything better, as Sfath explains – namely, that the Earth can no longer bear the pressure on the Earth’s crust from the machinations of buildings, roads and all other structural monstrosities, which will still be done in the future and far into the third millennium in terms of Earth-destroying things. Consequently, in the long run, the Earth will no longer withstand everything as it should. This is also because the interior of the earth is no longer in equilibrium as a result of the hollowing out of the planet and in its exterior through the depletion of all minerals that are superficial to the planet, which have kept the equilibrium in order for billions of years and should continue to keep it in order.

So the overexploitation of minerals of all kinds will on the one hand be the reason that everything will get out of hand, because humanity has more and more needs and demands things that have to be cleared away from the planet. Thus, in the future, the ever more blatantly increasing overpopulation of companies, corporations and private individuals will demand planet-destroying machinations, whereby the Earth will be so continually robbed and its natural balance driven into an imbalance that can never be redressed. As a result, the planet will spin more and more and will also be dissolved, burned up and absorbed by the central star, the sun, much sooner than the scientific data will calculate in the future.The idea, which still seems crazy today, that the humanity of the Earth with its constantly growing overpopulation could emigrate and settle on other SOL system planets and on the moon orbiting the Earth, will be connected with much greater problems than those imagined by the ‘space researchers’ in their fantasy. Real space, the space that can lead to worlds other than SOL planets, begins far outside the SOL area, where the final gravitational pull of the sun ends. For there begins the real outer space, which is not to be equated with planetary space, which is called world space. Space must first be overcome further so that other solar systems in the galaxy ‘Milky Way’ can be reached. For the emigration of Earth human beings, it will not be enough to simply reach and possibly colonise the planets of the SOL system, the Moon and Mars as well as the moons of other planets – which will remain the pipe dreams of Earth human beings for a very long time – for there will be greater problems than the scientists responsible for space travel will be able to imagine. On top of all this, there will be the threat of the red meteor and the great danger from outer space, which Earth human beings will have to face and which will require more than just advanced technology to overcome, but much and even more understanding and reason.

On the other hand, in the future – as already explained – there will be a great deal of unusual subterranean movement and also displacement triggered as a result of the huge masses of buildings, cities, villages, concrete and asphalt roads, etc., which will exert a tremendous pressure on the interior of the Earth, which the outer and inner layers of the Earth can no longer cope with. This is contrary to all the placatory and contrary calculations and assertions of the scientists responsible for this, the geologists, who on the one hand want to know everything better because they will be ‘scholars’, and on the other hand because they cannot prove the whole thing with their primitive apparatus and devices as well as with their assumptions. In reality, however, inner-planetary shifts will be produced which will increasingly lead to earthquakes, seaquakes and volcanic eruptions, which will become worse and stronger in the course of time, which will also trigger earthquakes, mountain quakes and seaquakes, which for many and even hundreds, thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years have not made themselves heard of and have been ‘silent’ or ‘quiet’, but which in future will produce an activity all the stronger than was previously the case. Since time immemorial, this has tempted human beings – which will increasingly be the case in the future, since human beings will be ‘swimming’ in their money and they do not know where and how they must, should or want to use it – to buy or have houses built in areas that will be endangered by nature. Thus, the dangerous mountain slopes, the volcanic slopes and the water hazard areas such as sea beaches and flat areas bordering the sea will be built up with houses, factories, sports grounds and passenger lifts, etc. and with all sorts of other things that will inevitably be destroyed in the event of landslides, sea-rising waters or in the event of volcanic eruptions and lava flows. Many of those who are materially damaged by this will throw up their hands and, in their mad belief in their non-existent God, ask him “Why?” They will ask their imaginary God why this has to happen to them of all people, and that is why they do not ask themselves why they themselves did not think that the disaster was inevitable and that they alone are to blame for the loss they have suffered, because building should not be done in danger zones. Such events are absolutely foreseeable, so everything has to be handled correctly and the danger is not called out all the more.

Furthermore, it should be repeated once again – and this cannot be said often enough: It will consistently be the machinations that are due to overpopulation – which companies, corporations and private individuals will then fulfil, earning billions in the process – but through which nature and its fauna and flora will be killed off, destroyed or in many cases wiped out. The atmosphere will be really damaged and the climate changed in such a way that abysmally all ecosystems will actually be affected to their very foundations and made incapable of regeneration in the course of time and climate change. And ultimately, it will be through the machinations of ever more rampant overpopulation that, among other things, the oceans and waters will be overfished, all other aquatic life-forms will be robbed of food for human beings, and as a result of the melting of the perpetual ice, many life-forms will be deprived of their habitat and become extinct. And the same will happen on the land, which will be built up, but on the other hand the forests will be burnt or cut down to create new living space and planting land for the machinations or for the needs of overpopulation, whereby, for example, the soil of burnt forests will be completely exhausted and infertile after only two or three years, because the humus layer is only very thin and through crop rotation the former forest soil will quickly be exhausted.And the destruction of nature and the extinction of the life of fauna and flora will continue, namely by the mass of overpopulation in the future simply throwing away their daily rubbish of any kind into the open nature, the fresh waters and seas, and also littering and poisoning the meadows, fields, floodplains, moors, forests, swamps and mountains. Creatures of all kinds and species then swallow this rubbish, become ill and die miserably as a result. But this is not enough, because parts of the rubbish – mainly plastics – will last for many years until they decompose in such a way that they become harmless, but by then they will have brought deadly damage.

One fact will be – which will be disputed by geologists until well into the 3rd millennium, until it can all be proven by the latest suitable equipment and apparatus, but which will take a very long time – that the pressure on the earth’s crust and interior will be so altered by the machinations of overpopulation that natural disasters, such as increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, will be inevitable. Until then, however, other natural disasters will increase and claim many human lives. There will be an increase in sea islands due to volcanic eruptions on land, i.e. they will become more extensive due to magma flows, when the volcanic ejections flow into the sea and produce many toxic gases that will get into the air and cause severe problems for many life-forms to breathe and possibly bring them death. But it will also be and become a fact – which is also promoted by the tides of the seas and the natural movements of the Earth – that the planet, even if it is only a little and by centimetres per year, is moving ever closer to the Sun on its elliptical orbit, in addition to the fact that, practically still imperceptible to human beings, the lurching movement and the spinning of the planet are becoming stronger. Thus one day the Earth will be burnt up by the Sun as a satellite, then dissolved and ‘inhaled’ as particles or dust etc. by the Sun. Of course, the whole thing is normally a natural process, which happens many times a day in the vastness of all 7 universe belts, but in the case of the Earth, the whole thing results prematurely and uncontrollably, namely through the overpopulation machinations that companies, corporations and private individuals will consciencelessly fulfil for the sake of profit. The Earth, however, is becoming more and more unbalanced as a result, and the strong tides, which are becoming ever stronger as a result of the melting of the poles and the glaciers, are bringing the Earth ever closer to the sun through human fault. The Earth, which of course is already slowly but surely being drawn towards the sun, is becoming unnaturally more and more unstable as time goes on, so that the impending end will inevitably be sooner than it is in the natural course of events. A fact that will, however, be denied by the scientists responsible for it, because on the one hand they want to know everything better than nature itself, and on the other hand because they will only be in a position to really determine and recognise the facts with the help of equipment far in the future.

It will come about in the 3rd millennium that the world order will collapse like a house of cards and chaos will arise, this as a result of overpopulation and its machinations, which arise in the form of needs, desires and luxury etc.. These will rob and exploit the planet for raw materials etc. in such a way that nature and its fauna and flora will be wiped out, destroyed and exterminated – precisely by the companies, corporations and private individuals who will earn huge sums of money stupidly. They will be the actual direct destroyers of the planet, annihilators and exterminators of the plant and animal world – as the machinations of overpopulation. In the future, this overpopulation will continue to increase uncontrollably and bring more descendants into the world, who in turn will invent new machinations, have new needs and new desires for new inventions and advanced techniques, as well as other new achievements and for new futuristic luxuries, etc. And also these descendants – hardly will they be able to procreate – will again put new descendants on Earth, and everything will start all over again, and even worse than before, because the development will not stand still, consequently also the machinations of the countless needs, the desires and the urge for luxury will increase. Inevitably, old-established and new money- and wealth-hungry companies, corporations and private individuals will re-emerge to fulfil all the demanded machinations of overpopulation. And this will continue in this framework until the big bang comes and everything degenerates to such an extent that earthly human beings and their increasingly power-obsessed rulers of both sexes will no longer know what else to do in order to be able to survive with the hopelessly overgrown human beings or overpopulation. Until then, it will be illusory for human beings to spread to other worlds and flee from Earth, so it will not be possible in the foreseeable future to realise the fantasies of those space fantasists who propagate the ’emigration’ of human beings from Earth to other planets or to the moons of foreign worlds. But as long as the money system exists and also the necessary technology for the division of space from Earth to other SOL planets and their moons is not sophisticated enough – some of which could really be inhabited by humans, contrary to the assumptions of narrow-minded scientists who want to know everything better – the whole thing is still impossible. The necessary money alone forms the greatest stumbling block to the whole thing, for without it every development of technical species is impossible – as is every other. Money rules the world, and money is ‘traded’, ‘shifted’ and abused in every conceivable and unthinkable way by the financial institutions all over the world, which the so-called normal person does not even dare to dream about. Every development of any kind requires financing, and financing since time immemorial and also today and in the future means money, money and more money, effectively nothing else but money. And money effectively rules the world, and will continue to do so as long as it exists and is the reason for crime, inheritance theft and murder, as well as murder and manslaughter.

The inventive mania of human beings will know no bounds, especially with regard to futuristic and useful things, but also with regard to unnecessary and idiotic things, such as sunglasses with tiny recording devices that can record what is seen. In particular, however, new weapons and means as well as war machines and war planes will be invented and financed for murdering and killing and especially for war purposes and executions – for which many billions can be raised practically every year – but not to remedy the misery of those who are gnawing at the hungry or who have to die miserably of some need, whose thousands of human beings are everywhere, waiting in vain for help and hoping for humanity.

This is apart from the murders committed by criminal gangs and terrorists as well as private individuals worldwide with weapons and means that they can easily obtain in the black market and which thus end up in the blood-soaked hands of these degenerate human beings. For this and for their bloody doings there is no excuse whatsoever, no matter whether their religious delusion is still so profound, their childhood and their origins still so socially degenerate or their ‘love pain’ or their jealousy etc. and their other freak-outs are still such that it is considered excusable for ‘wimps’ and other ‘understanding people’.

The overpopulation that is rampant on Earth will mean that much hatred and misery will be spread over the world through their machinations, namely by the military and criminal gangs – who have all been merciless murderers since time immemorial and will also be so in the future, even if militaries ‘defend’ the respective country – creating nothing but death and misery and spending money on unnecessary arsenals of weapons. There is always enough money for this and there will also be in the future, no matter whether it is in Switzerland, in the whole of Europe or in America, in Asian or in South American countries, where obviously human beings are harassed and murdered day after day.

We have on Earth countless incompetent state leaders who hypocritically ‘visit’ places of worship, thinking themselves clever and competent in ‘governing’ the country they preside over, while they harass those who are not of their mind. They will be the ones who will be lied to by professionals, so that they will act irresponsibly according to their speeches and create false conditions, whereby the peoples will be misled by the fear-mongering of the rulers and forced to do what they order – against all reason and rationality. This will be proved when in the coming time the crown disease will be rampant worldwide and vaccinated persons will nevertheless fall ill with the disease and possibly die of it. But it will not be the self-thinking, but the delusional believers in God and the government believers of all nations who will remain in bondage to their rulers and together with them will then accuse their unvaccinated fellow human beings of being evil and guilty of the continued existence of the crown disease.

The truth will be that the crown disease virus can never be eradicated, but will remain for all time to come, even if it can be largely contained by future means and will temporarily disappear. For the time being, however, this will not be the case, because the vaccines will still be unsuitable at the beginning to such an extent that the human beings of the Earth and the part of the incompetent rulers will go along in false and illusory security. This is because the antibodies of the epidemic will constantly dissolve again after some time, consequently the epidemic can again infect the vaccinated, who will falsely believe themselves to be healed and immune and consequently as unassailable by the crown disease, but this will be concealed from the public. And even the self-important incompetent rulers will believe those liars who spread the opposite of the truth and earn money with it. This will inevitably mean that the dubious vaccinations will have to be repeated again and again, but for some they will be useless and bring them nasty illness, long-term damage to health or even death. So the vaccinations will be repeated at certain intervals, but this will mean no guarantee for the vaccinated that they will then be spared from the crown disease for all time to come. Those persons who are vaccinated with a ‘real’ and effective vaccine will be lucky, because the vaccine serum will be good and respond to them, so that they can be reasonably sure of being spared from the disease for some time. But the disease will bring with it the characteristic that it will change and produce new forms. New forms against which the vaccines used will prove only half usable or even null and void.

The truth is that it takes a very long time and even years to develop truly preventive and safe vaccines against an epidemic or disease, which then offer the best possible protection for human beings – or also for animals and creatures etc. – through vaccination. However, what the vaccine manufacturing companies in various countries are offering at the time of the rampant epidemic will be a quick fix and thus not the ultimate in what can be expected against the crown disease.

What will be done at that time, however – when the pandemic, laboratoryed by the hatred of a human being, will be rampant and claim its victims – with regard to vaccinations against the particularly insidious crown disease, will be geared solely to profit, and this will be done by companies and corporations that can test and try out their dubious and untested vaccines free of charge on all earthly human beings, because the human beings in their fear will demand it, which will then be amply exploited and advocated by the incompetent rulers. This will happen with the help and support of those incompetent rulers, virologists and generally competent medical forces who will call themselves ‘scientists’ but who do not know what is right to do, namely that first and foremost a strict travel ban to all parts of the world and keeping a proper distance from one human being to another and wearing masks over mouth and nose will be unavoidable. This step, which would have to be maintained for such a long time in order to bring the crown disease safely to a halt, will not be taken, however. This is apart from the fact that this disease will ‘work’ so deceitfully that it can no longer be fought correctly in the long run with a single vaccine of the same kind as a result of constantly occurring new mutations. In time, depending on the type of mutation, the disease itself and the various ailments, afflictions and illnesses arising from it will require different and separate treatments in order to be able to contain, reduce or cure them. This will certainly come to pass as I predict, for I have seen and experienced it in the future. Like all my predictions – which are not based on visions of the future, but on diverse and real glimpses of the future that have occurred in the future – they will come to pass with absolute certainty, and much more than I am entitled to state openly in this matter, in order to prevent fear and also bad reactions.

The coming events of the future will not only change the world, the atmosphere and the climate, all ecosystems, their nature and animals, the creatures and all other creeping, flying, crawling and running life-forms and the entire world of plants as well as the planet Earth in such a way and cause thousands of genera and species of animals, creatures and other life-forms to become extinct that their total number will be so impoverished that all life will be reduced in such a form that it can only be perceived sporadically in the still sparsely existing free nature. Everything that results in the life of free nature will be completely disregarded by the human beings of the Earth in the future, namely the entire circle of living beings of all genera and species, as a result of which they will only very sporadically be shown the due respect by persons protecting nature and its fauna and flora.

The modernity of the times to come will reduce the life principle of human beings, and everything will remain of the false opinion that the supposedly highly developed intelligence of the human being is the prerequisite for the weak empathy and mild consideration that he will show to all living and natural things. Only in the early years and decades of the new 3rd millennium will natural science, emerging from modernity, gain the knowledge that all kinds of non-human living beings, mammals, all animals, all other life-forms and the plants of every genus and species are sentient, intelligent creatures, proving that all have a complex inner life. Although this will be an advance of modernity, it still largely excludes the knowledge of the common or scientifically uneducated peoples, because they do not come to terms with these profound facts. It will, however, be that the circle to animism will be closed, namely that the truth and nature of inner inspiration and statement correspond to reality and confirm the fact that without exception all self-determining life-forms have an inner life in the form that they are endowed with a mind and an emotional life of their own special kind. Consequently, it will be recognised that all beings with an inner life – which partly exists at least in those diverse higher mammalian forms of life as a form of partial consciousness – partly possess precisely a consciousness and consequently also a feeling life and a mind. What consequences this will have in reality for the attitude of human beings and their thinking towards all the other non-human life-forms will nevertheless not be grasped by natural scientists until well into the third millennium.

With the rapid growth of earthly humanity and the rampant overpopulation, every kind of development will inevitably proceed, up to the futuristic technical high development and so-called space technology, which for the time being will bring the human beings of the Earth into the Earth orbit and to the Moon and the Red Planet, Mars, but no further, if we disregard probes that will cross the SOL system, which will not exactly testify to great intelligence of those who will start this action in the future and thus reveal the position of the Earth to foreign beings who will not necessarily be friendly. This development of every kind, which will proceed much too fast, with which Earth human beings – especially the huge overpopulation – will not yet be able to deal correctly and normally, will bring great problems, which will not only cause various addictions in humanity. There will also be unimagined fornication and organised sexual child abuse in the future – leading up to high church offices and into other sectarian and even government circles – which will, however, often be kept silent about, as well as slandered for the sake of hatred and money.

And there will be all kinds of new criminality in the future, which will even find its continuation in serious crimes and in threats of war, murders, slavery and the beginning of war. Advertising will be carried out by propaganda in the latest remote viewing technology and trade and sales in the form of remote buying and remote payment (NB. 2021: electronically; by screen; by credit card etc. etc.).However, every new invention, which is inevitably and irresponsibly pushed forward by the growth of human beings resp. overpopulation, will not be mastered in the everyday life of human beings, because everything is developed too fast and this innovation will not be mastered. Consequently, the human being, or a large part of the overpopulation, will fall prey to completely new technical addictions that will dominate him in such a way that he will orient his life, his work and his behaviour towards them and will even have his most valuable good, his money, administered via the latest technology and even let it be scammed.

The belief in a Christian saviour and in a non-existent God in all religions of the Earth will again spread strongly and once more cast its spell over the majority of the overpopulation. Henceforth the whole of the belief of all kinds of the many different religions and other sects of the religious and believers in a God-Creator etc. will be spread over the whole Earth by fanatical believers and also by learned ‘clergy’ via radios and later by television. The predicted new developments, the inventions of technology, the broadcasting of the religious lies and other unworthiness of the belief in a God-Creator will cast a spell over the human beings, making them completely unfree and dependent as in earlier times. And this will happen in an earth-wide form, whereby the righteous and capable of the governments will have to give way to the unrighteous and incompetent, the unfit and God-believing rulers, who through ‘advisers’ will do what they are ‘advised’ and taught by those who ‘advise’ the incompetent rulers on behalf of and for an expensive fee – mostly on behalf of the figures of the shadow government of the world lurking in the dark background. In this way, moreover, the peoples will be ruled like trained animals and beasts etc. by the believers and will believe the lies, which means that they will follow and do exactly what the higher-ups in the governments want and demand. However, this does not mean that all rulers can be put into the same bag of incompetents, because there will also be persons in the governments who exercise their office righteously and according to their best conscience and ability and who will continue to do so in the future. In any case, we must refrain from all these when it comes to rooting out the incompetent elements from the governments.

A great many human beings on Earth will become completely addicted to narcotics, which will be produced in great masses mainly in South America and the Near East, and smuggled into the world by criminals and gangs of criminals, and sold to the addicts by small-time drug sellers. Chemical poisons of all kinds will cause a furore as drugs in the near future, just as the coming futuristic technologies will also lead to addictions. It will mainly be communication technology, in the form of handy and wireless telephones equipped with long-life batteries, which can be carried around and used freely and without any problems, without which the human beings will no longer walk, because these long-distance communication devices will become a necessity and addiction for them – especially for young human beings and for some fields of work and for everything and anything.

Many of the rampant overpopulation will become lonely or so harassed by fellow human beings that they will become so psychologically distressed – even children – that they will see suicide as their last chance to escape the whole of their personal distress. Many, however, will be driven to the life-neglecting tendency and become criminals or rot on the streets, become addicted to narcotics and completely perish from it. Many others will change their whole human behaviour and lead their lives harmfully to the murderous way of life, so they kill and murder without even becoming aware of themselves. This will be especially so in countries like America, but especially in South America and Africa, where crime will flourish or poverty will be rampant, because there the new chemical and natural drugs will be adulterated and laced with sugar or other substances to make more money. The drugs, which become worse and more frequently used as a result, will increase addiction more and more, especially among unstable human beings and those suffering from poor psychological conditions, so that more of the addictive substances will be needed and the money for them will be lacking. This will then lead to robberies and assaults being committed for it, which will lead to killing and thus to murder.But more and more uncontrolled, unexpected and sudden suicides and murders will occur among the peoples, because the human beings will no longer find a foothold in the overpopulation and will freak out. Heresies and sectarian as well as political delusions, as well as hatred, jealousy, sectarian delusions, feelings of inferiority as well as false understanding and imagination etc. will arise and also lead to murder and manslaughter, consequently the future of the overpopulation will be more and more burdened with it.

In the near future, climatic conditions will begin to change more and more in a negative way, for which Earth’s humanity will be mainly to blame, not only because of its thoughtless and criminal wrongdoing against nature and its fauna and flora, but also because of the irreparable damage to the planet itself. The very serious damage caused to the Earth itself by overexploitation as a result of the needs and desires, the wishes and the urge for luxury goods of the rapidly and uncontrollably growing overpopulation cannot be repaired either with the best will in the world or with the use of a lot of money and all possible means. Also what is eradicated is lost for all time and cannot be restored, not even if there were a magic behind it.

The rapidly increasing overpopulation will mean that the earth’s resources that still exist will be exploited ever more rapidly, frequently and radically, and that the entire environment will be steadily more polluted, destroyed and rendered unlivable for any wild creature. Not only fields, meadows and floodplains, but also forests, all oceans, the important inland waters, the mountains and the glaciers are littered with rubbish of all kinds. The future will bring with it in the coming time that refuse of many kinds will contaminate everything, whereby all life of all waters and of the land will be burdened, will become ill and will perish badly and miserably and effectively die, when the wild creatures feed on the discarded refuse of the human beings, which their digestive organs cannot process. It is to be said that far into the coming 21st century it will be these plastics that will be the worst and most dangerous and destructive materials for the free living world, which will henceforth impair the entire environment and bring death to very many living creatures. On the other hand, there will also be many kinds of chemical toxins that will be released into fields, meadows, floodplains, forests, gardens and the atmosphere and that will have a negative impact on the climate in addition to the gases that actually destroy the climate.Apart from the ‘protection’ of food crops from pests by chemical poisons, or also to promote plant growth, no consideration is given to the fact that the well-known harmfulness of the poisons causes terrible suffering and illnesses in human beings, including cancerous tumours. On the contrary, a minimum of toxins in food is officially permitted, so that human beings can fall ill and die as a result, for which, however, the health insurance companies have to pay enormous amounts for treatment and hospital costs, while the human beings who fall ill as a result of the permitted minimum amounts of poison have to go suffering towards their death. All this arises in the emerging and extremely intensive horticultural and agricultural enterprises, which are becoming immensely large and ever larger, and which can only be cultivated with large machines and gases that are harmful to the environment. This, while animals and poultry are kept in such large numbers that they can no longer be given adequate care. This will lead to the emergence of cruel conditions in many places, which will be tacitly tolerated by the authorities or combated far too laxly.Horticulture and agriculture will be run with chemically produced artificial fertilisers and poisons, which will lead to the death and extinction of many living creatures that until now have eaten the pests in gardens and fields, meadows, fields, forests and everywhere else. But the intensification of commercial horticulture and agriculture, which will lead to gardens, fields and meadows being driven to higher production with all kinds of artificial fertiliser and meadows being mown several times a year, will lead to bird life suffering and rapidly diminishing and in some cases even being wiped out – be it songbirds or birds of prey. Also animal species, creepers, lizards, beetles, butterflies and all kinds of other creatures, as well as vital insects and wild bees – which number about 30,000 species worldwide and have nothing to do with the so-called honeybees, such as the garden woolly bee and the common dwarf blood bee, the June long-horned bee, the common furry bee and the great bellflower scissor bee, humped silk bee, horned mason bee and the russet mason bee, which are native to Europe and can be found and observed everywhere, insofar as human beings have their eyes and senses open when they walk through the countryside – are being wiped out.

The same fate will befall the human beings or the majority of the overpopulation in the future in the later 3rd millennium, namely by robbing them of their ever scarcer living space, because the necessities demanded of them inordinately, as well as the other machinations of their desires and the craving for luxury goods will increase so inexorably and very rapidly in terms of desire – just as the rapid increase in overpopulation itself – that they can no longer be fulfilled by the companies, corporations and private individuals.Because the machinations – which consist in needs, desires and luxury goods – of earthly overpopulation are destroying more and more of the fertile and vital cultivated land – which will be urgently needed for the natural cultivation of food – whether by roads, innumerable new residential and work buildings, sports facilities, runways, factories, paths, bathing establishments and railway lines etc., the land for the cultivation of the necessary food as well as the habitat for wild life is also becoming smaller.

Much wild life will also be wiped out and many aquatic life will be deprived of their habitat, with overfishing of the seas and inland waters being the main cause of the dwindling of aquatic life, but not the end, for if this is not stopped, aquatic life will also soon be wiped out. The blame for this will be borne by the large number and the machinations of overpopulation, for their food needs will only be met by plundering the oceans and inland waters to the bottom with everything and everyone and completely. The new life that the explorers will discover and find at the bottom of the sea will have to serve as food for the mass of the overpopulation until it, too, is finally wiped out, consumed and thus also exterminated.

Many birds of many species will become extinct through the fault and machinations of overpopulation, which will already begin in a few decades in such a way that the birds will first be driven out of their traditional areas. As a result of the more intensive use of meadows by agriculture and the cutting of their grass several times a year, some bird species will lose their traditional breeding grounds and habitats. The human beings of the Earth will not pay any attention to this, because they will not care whether they are songbirds or birds of prey, night birds or any other species. And in the case of water, they will also not care which aquatic life of all kinds, amphibians, insects, reptiles, butterflies, spiders, all kinds of animals and creatures it will be that they drive away or extinguish their life for all time.

Through irresponsible interventions by human beings in the whole of nature, in its fauna and flora, as well as in the course of nature itself – by which the atmosphere and the climate are also partly determined – it will already be destroyed for longer and longer through the growing and increasing numbers of human beings, and even more so through the overpopulation that will develop from then on and through their illogical machinations. But this will not be all, for the irresponsible and destructive interventions in nature, as well as in the planet itself, will cause chaotic upheaval and change in the climate and thus in the weather patterns. This will lead to tremendous and primeval storms, to enormous rain masses and floods, but also to great heat waves, which will claim many human lives and cause immense destruction.

And there will be equally irresponsible machinations concerning many insane atomic bomb tests, which will be ordered by power-hungry state leaders, consequently various countries around the Earth will become nuclear powers, which will then use their possession of atomic bombs as a threat to ‘protect’ themselves against attacks by other countries and their war ambitions. And it will continue in this way, for the next thing will be the research and production of hydrogen bombs and their test trials, which will exceed by a thousand times all that happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the conscienceless and irresponsible extermination order of Harry Truman, the President of the USA, in 1945, which just as conscienceless and irresponsible murderous elements carried out without argument and thus bombed in the age of uranium.

Now there is also the irresponsible exploitation of the earth’s resources, which affects the entire earth’s tectonics, which will be disputed by geologists, as well as the fact that the many city buildings, airfields and roads, etc., etc., cause severe pressure imbalances in the earth’s interior, which are very slight and affect the earth’s crust with pressure vibrations that can be effective up to thousands of kilometres away and ultimately lead to an earthquake or the eruption of a volcano. This, says my experienced friend Sfath, will of course not be accepted in any way by those Earth human beings who will fancy themselves ‘experts’, nor will they worry about it until well into the new 3rd millennium. As early as next February, this slight pressure oscillation – starting from the great world cities, which have grown in some cases by as many as 10 million human beings within the last 10 years – will accordingly exert greater pressure through new buildings on the earth’s crust and the lower layers of the earth, as Sfath explains; which, however, the terrestrial liars, etc., will deny. will deny – that an earthquake will break loose in Morocco that will claim some 13,000 human lives, but this will be only the beginning of many others that will be over the years until the beginning of the 21st century. For it will be that before the end of this millennium many more human lives will be claimed by earthquakes, as well as by volcanic eruptions, for there are still some that will take their toll.

Volcanic eruptions will also be in the 21st century, just as in the next centuries after that the Earth will not only come to rest, but it must be increasingly expected that many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will afflict and change the world, so that its face will be perceptible from orbit in the 4th millennium in a different way than it is visible now. However, as I mentioned in my prediction on 7 July, the Hibok-Hibok volcano on the island of Camiguin in the Philippines, for example, will also erupt in 1951, as will the Lamington volcano in Papua New Guinea, which will cost over 6000 human lives. However, the volcanic eruptions of the future will increase greatly, which will also result in the deaths of human beings in the multiple tens of thousands, while the land around the volcanoes and also the earthquake zones will change greatly. But there will also be seaquakes that will cause a lot of disaster in land areas, such as a seaquake that will occur at the early beginning of the third millennium in the Indian Ocean and will bring terror, death and homelessness as a result of the destruction of many huts and houses as a tsunami in the month of December 2004 around the Indian Ocean. This seaquake alone will cost a total of more than 240,000 human lives, with many injured human beings losing their lives later.Everything of nature, fauna and flora, climate and weather conditions will change drastically due to human fault. And as I repeat what I said in the prediction a week ago, everything of nature and of the planet will gradually rear up, so that tremendous storms of all kinds will occur in such a way that immeasurable material damage will result, to landscapes, houses and all kinds of other buildings, but also to roads and streets, to mountains, railway lines, torrents, streams, rivers, lakes and even to the beaches of all oceans. The forces of nature and climate-induced upheavals will also cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and destroy human achievements, floods, tsunamis and mountain slides well into the third millennium and beyond, as well as millions of human lives through wars and terrorism. Gross overpopulation and the precipitously changing climate due to human guilt will change everything in such a way that humanity will no longer be able to control it. It will already begin in the next few decades, because rapid and increasing global warming and climate change, which will produce huge snowfalls, hailstorms, enormous amounts of rain, hurricanes, typhoons, seaquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes – as they are all called in the various countries – and other storms, as well as droughts, storms and forest fires of unimaginable proportions, will affect the whole world and thus South and North America, the whole of Europe, Asia, Australia, etc., in such a way that it will become a storm. and even storms will spread their mischief to the North Pole and South Pole.Huge damage will be caused when the seas invade the land with storm surges, etc. Torrents and streams will become raging rivers, and rivers will become raging torrents, with wild waters overflowing all banks and causing violent floods. On all continents, huge areas of forests will go up in flames, entire landscapes will be devastated by storms and many human achievements and livelihoods will be destroyed. Europe will be hit by hurricanes and tornadoes for longer and longer, and also much human work will be destroyed because it will be built too close to the shores, mountain slopes and volcanoes, etc., as well as in floodplain areas, which in principle should be kept free of human housing, factories and warehouses, as well as sports facilities, etc., because these would be destroyed in the event of a flood. These would have to be kept free of human dwellings, factories, warehouses, sports facilities, etc., because they would have to provide the necessary flood space for wild floodwaters flooding everything and anything, which, however, will not be taken into account by the human beings of overpopulation, which will be to their detriment.

As already explained, the first severe earthquake with many deaths will already occur next year, and in the following year also the first violent volcanic eruptions, which will also be followed by tremendously extreme earthquakes and seaquakes, whereby these will extend far into the 3rd millennium and, becoming worse and worse, will then claim countless human lives. The beginning of the whole thing, which will bring much suffering, distress, misery, death and destruction in the future, is still taking place on a small scale, but the more numerous the overpopulation becomes and the destruction of nature, its fauna and flora, as well as the atmosphere and the climate, increases and multiplies as a result of the irresponsible needs and crazy desires of overpopulation mankind, the worse everything will become. Thus, in the course of the next few decades, a disaster will be in the offing, which Earth human beings will no longer be able to cope with. Consequently, towards the end of the 20th century, everything will increase to such an extent and be carried into the new millennium that everything will then degenerate completely and get out of control in every respect. But this does not mean the end of the horrors, for once the new millennium has arrived, nature will rise up even further and more violently against the environmentally destructive madness of overpopulation-related machinations and reach masses reminiscent of primeval times on Earth, this also in terms of storms that will increasingly degenerate into hundreds of kilometres per hour. But there will be other evils that will upset the future of humanity on Earth and spread great terror, because many wars, uprisings and bloody and unprecedented terrorism will become the scourges of earthly humanity, about which, however, more will be said later.If we look at and analyse what is to come in the near and distant future, namely up to the first decades of the third millennium, then it becomes clear that Earth human beings themselves are to blame for the coming disaster and chaos as well as for all catastrophes, even if pathologically stupid and irresponsible know-it-alls and scientists will claim otherwise. Fundamentally, overpopulation is without doubt the factor of all evils, respectively all their needs and desires, which are carried out by tremendously destructive machinations on nature and its fauna and flora, whereby inevitably also the atmosphere and the climate are influenced, which also leads to global warming respectively climate change and world-wide environmental destruction. Also open prostitution and criminality as well as an asylum seeker problem and new Nazism will spread and create great problems, whereby this new Nazism will not only spread in America, but this will also be addressed again later. Against this and against all other evils in general, very harsh, effective and comprehensive countermeasures must already be taken and implemented today, as well as against the world domination-addicted machinations of the USA, which, through power-obsessed and willing creatures and US secret service manipulations, instigate wars, revolutions and political upheavals all over the world, but also invade foreign countries and wage wars themselves with their own army. In doing so, they plunge them into chaos in order to use the mentality, religion and politics of their populations to break the resistance against the USA and to exterminate all those who tend to oppose America.

Due to the rapidly growing overpopulation, the USA is forced to exploit the Earth more and more frequently and to destroy the environment, nature and its fauna and flora in order to satisfy all the increasing needs and desires of all kinds of the unstoppably growing world population, whose number is predicted to be around 7 billion by the turn of the millennium alone. The needs and desires of the growing overpopulation are increasing in relation to the number of humanity, through which the planet Earth as well as its nature, fauna and flora, as well as the entire environment in terms of land, forests, fields, floodplains, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere and the climate are increasingly affected in a very bad way and completely destroyed.The planet itself is being tormented, because nuclear and other explosions are disrupting the Earth’s structure and triggering earthquakes that will increasingly lead to major catastrophes with many deaths in the future. Waters, nature, the atmosphere and near-Earth space are being polluted, primeval forests are being destroyed and annihilated for profit, and the Earth’s resources are being irresponsibly exploited. The order of the day and of the future would be to counteract the entire madness of Earth human beings, the ever-increasing overpopulation, and to put an end to all the resulting criminal destruction of climate change, which has already begun and will lead to catastrophic consequences in a few decades. But the predictions clearly suggest that all the destruction, devastation, chaos and catastrophes will not be stopped. So all the bad things set out by the predictions cannot be avoided, but that does not stop me from continuing to shout out that all the overpopulation madness and its destructive machinations must be stopped, and stopped very quickly, before nothing can be saved.

So it will in no way bring the hoped-for success if in future the so-called environmental protection organisations and all the organisations – which will spring up like mushrooms – make big noises. But all those who will then deal with environmental pollution will not address and denounce what will be the real cause of all environmental pollution, the destruction of all Earth’s ecosystems and climate change – not even the freaks who will run demonstrating and shouting through the streets of the cities and will provide the future politicians with ‘powder’ and ‘ammunition’ for their election campaigns. They will all fixate on the emission of toxic greenhouse gases that will have brought about climate change, but not on the truth that lies in all the madcap machinations of horrendous overpopulation that companies, corporations and private individuals will fulfil, making billions in the process. So it will not be considered and shouted around that overpopulation will be to blame for all the disasters and so this must be drastically reduced by a worldwide birth stop and then birth control introduced. This is so that overpopulation does not come about again, which, through its vital but mainly unnecessary desires and the uncontrolled desire for unnecessary luxuries, once again brings about machinations that burden the Earth, its nature and fauna and flora, and all ecosystems as well as the planet itself. A second time would really be impossible for humanity to have another chance to save itself and the world. This, however, requires that a worldwide and controlled birth stop and thereafter an effective birth control must be introduced, whereby the world population is reduced and can be kept at a reasonable level. This alone can curb the increasing needs and desires of earthly humanity and end all the destruction associated with it and reduce it to a reasonable level. In fact, already today, in 1949, a great deal of evil has been done to ensure that the predictions will be inexorably fulfilled, and this also in the respect that environmental pollution from fossil-fuel engines of all kinds, as well as from smokestacks, etc., has already become a problem. This is because already the air is no longer the air to breathe as it was 5 years ago, I feel, because air pollution is already affecting the climate, besides that countless other forms of change in nature are appearing, the waters are changing strangely and in general the pollution is already noticeable now, which the scientists apparently do not notice yet. And it is also not noticeable to them, the ‘greats of knowledge’, how also the destruction of cultivated land in 1949 by more and more human buildings of all kinds, such as dwellings, factories, roads and paths as well as sports grounds etc., is taking on ever more blatant forms and plants as well as genera and species of living beings are disappearing and are simply nowhere to be found.

These are parts of predictions that have been made so far and which are now to be made public, together with the following poem, which shows what will happen on Earth before the change to the 3rd millennium. Humanity must be enlightened, and all public bodies are obliged to do this because they are the mouthpieces to the population. So it is desired that the whole thing will be published in full. Edi Meier

Addendum It was of course quite clear that there was not the slightest reaction to this prediction, which had been sent by Rev. E. Zimmermann about 3,000 times to all European and world-wide national governments, large and small newspapers and radio stations, as well as to the government of the USA and personally to the US President Harry S. Truman, neither in a public way, nor that privately a confirmation of the receipt of the letter had been received or any other confirmation. There would have been much more to say and explain in this prediction, events which reach very far into the future, but which would exceed all human imagination, which is why nothing should be said about them and that should suffice in these predictions.

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

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Chris Lock
Chris Lock
Blog Member
November 2, 2021 6:33 am

Here’s proof of Billy’s prediction of the increased volcanic activity post-2017, including the rising coastline of Iwajima and elsewhere. Currently, 48 volcanoes are erupting worldwide.