Stuart Robbins Admits the WCUFO Photo Is Real

NOTE: Should Stuart have dropped the image of the WCUFO into PhotoShop, fiddled with increasing the brightness and decreasing the contrast and yet failed to see the craft hovering over a gravel road, next to a grassy area with a fence post and shadow, and upon further fiddling should he have not perceived the so-called “halo” around the… Read More

Stuart Robbins Part 2: Israel

Yesterday’s request for Stuart Robbins, and others, to look through the proverbial telescope and test the nighttime WCUFO photo had a brief mention about helping to prevent WW III. While we haven’t yet heard from Stuart, let’s start connecting the dots while he hopefully agrees to participate. Regarding the unfolding events in Gaza, this letter… Read More

Stuart Robbins, Please Test this WCUFO Photo

Let’s try something easy for a change. I’m inviting Stuart Robbins – and all the rest of the skeptics and members of the UFOCI – to simply…test this photo:   Notice that I even said…please. Here’s the drill, drop it into PhotoShop, increase the brightness, lower the contrast and let’s see what you come up with. Since we… Read More

Stuart Squirms, Science Suffers

Astronomer threatens legal action in response to Billy Meier UFO info I sent Stuart Robbins an email* today, which provided him with several links to Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information, recently and unknowingly, corroborated by scientists, who thought all of the items were…”new discoveries”. It’s interesting that, less than three hours after I sent my… Read More

The Deceit and Dishonesty of Derek Bartholomaus

A legacy of lies, thievery, plagiarism, plague UFO skeptic The mere mention of UFOs brings out all sorts of opinions; it’s an often rightly marginalized topic, full of hucksterism, and usually better suited to tabloids than intelligent conversation. The Singularly Authentic Billy Meier UFO Contacts However, the exception is the singularly authentic, historically unprecedented, Billy Meier… Read More

The Stench of Cowardice

Cowardly Kevin Randle, spineless skeptics, still suppress Billy Meier UFO evidence People who, through their own research and investigative efforts, have already concluded that the Billy Meier UFO case and its evidence are singularly authentic, often wonder why I bother with skeptics, dolts and cowards who rush to attack the Meier case. The fact is,… Read More