Many things have been long foretold and warned of and many have already come to pass, though their foretelling is unacknowledged by most. Like the inevitability of death itself the truth is ignored, though that which has been foretold in prophecy need not necessarily arise if human beings heed the warnings and change to the… Read More

Are the Russians paying attention because they know we don’t? Let’s acknowledge and consider that the Russians have started making their military moves into the Artic region, including moving their troops to Arkhangelsk, as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. And maybe some ambitious bureaucrat pointed out to Putin, “Hey, back in 1958, this Swiss guy,… Read More

…isn’t entirely successful. While you can be assured that the profiteers and poseurs in the (mainly U.S.) UFO “industry” who perpetuate delusions, fantasies, charlatans and utter nonsense, have decided to make the Billy Meier case – and its very inconvenient truth – “disappear”, the same attitude doesn’t extend to the rest of the world, fortunately. Meier’s… Read More

Now that the first of the presidential debates is over, however you viewed the candidates and their presentations, it would be good to see exactly what the Plejaren and Billy Meier have to say about each of them. In particular, you may be interested in what they specifically had to say about the extreme dangers… Read More

If you have any doubts that we are in the times long foretold by the other true prophets before him, as well as by Billy Meier, then read the news headlines of the day, contemplate the Henoch Prophecies and realize what his happening because humanity has failed to heed the warnings…as the time fulfills.  … Read More

In a rare and very specific commentary on the Republican candidate for the U.S presidency, Mitt Romney, Ptaah, the leader of the human extraterrestrial Plejaren race, described Romney as a classic psychopath, providing a detailed list of the characteristics for determining psychopathic individuals. The Plejaren don’t insert themselves into our politics and Meier and the FIGU… Read More