Despite their overestimation of their own divine infallibility, scientists have now corrected their erroneous estimate of the size of asteroid Apophis, upgrading it from 270 meters to 325 meters…bringing it closer to what UFO contactee and prophet Billy Meier verifiably published in 2008. (Meier and the Plejaren referred to Apophis, beginning in 1981 as the… Read More

UPDATE: Eight months after Billy Meier reports that scientists will soon make discoveries about the three remaining forces still unknown to them, it appears that the first of these breakthroughs may be about to be made. Once again, the authenticity of Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrial human beings is demonstrated by verifiable prior publication of scientific information.… Read More

I’m reaching out to the skeptical community to offer support to one of their own, Stuart Robbins, who seems to have gotten himself way over his head in some very deep “stuff” and is obviously crying out for help. Stu posted a blog, a seemingly harmless enough venture for a professional astronomer in a field… Read More

A recent, NASA funded scientific study shows – for the first time – that space travel is harmful to the…brain. Of course, NASA’s information is – once again – superseded by Billy Meier’s very specific information on space related brain injuries, which he first published in 1981…31 years before NASA. While the NASA study refers… Read More

A Chinese scientist from Tsinghua University, in Beijing, recently announced a plan to divert asteroid Apophis from colliding with the Earth. Apophis is known to people familiar with the Billy Meier information as the Red Meteor. Meier first published his warnings about the Red Meteor/Apophis in 1981, which we have since posted in illustrated form in six… Read More

Since the world is supposed to officially end on December 21, please take advantage – now – of this very limited time offer! Okay, so the end of the world is not official but the end of this limited time offer is. Free Stuff First! The Silent Revolution of Truth, our first documentary on the… Read More