Welcome to the Theyfly Blog! We would appreciate if you can spend a few minutes reading the below guidelines and policies for posting comments and being an active member.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a warning, up to 2 times. On the 3rd strike, if the comment is degenerated enough, then members risk suspension or a total ban.

Credit to the English FIGU forums for the framework of these rules:

  1. Members must post in a way that is respectful of other members. Be civil, sincere, and coherent in your posts, no flaming, no trolling, no passive aggression, no seeds for later attacks, no underhand jabs and the like. Members should avoid posting comments that could cause offense or be generally construed as objectionable in content or tone. Posts of this nature will not be tolerated. Some degree of good humour is always welcome; it helps to keep the fundamentalists and fanatics at bay.
  2. It is advised to use the search function prior to posting any questions, as there are many topics, issues and questions discussed in the past years.
  3. The blog was created to discuss the publications and topics relating to the spiritual teachings and pro-active expansion of the mission. Off-topic comments, over enthused conspiracies, attacks etc., will not to be tolerated. This is not an Info Wars station. Such behavior will no longer be allowed.
  4. Remember that this blog is for a large group of people, with the interest of not only studying the spiritual teachings, but proactively using it in daily life. Any conspiracy based, theory-based ideology etc. that claims to be representation of FIGU without officiated documentation, links, collaboration, and the like will be rejected. As a suggestion, please use “in my opinion” if you are uncertain of the information you are posting, which will be more acceptable than authoritative command in FIGU matters that you may not know or understand completely.
  5. Abuse of the blog is not permitted. Examples include such things as posting copyrighted material without permission, advertising without proper context, lobbying, using fake IPs, fake emails, prescribing or advising on medical related problems without qualifications, and excessive unsubstantiated disagreements. However, a healthy disagreement or criticism is always welcome, granted, this is dealt with in person through face-to-face through video or in person and not through online comments.
  6. All internet arguing, swashbuckling the Meier material for attacks, judgement, nitpicking, brooding and the like, will no longer be tolerated even in the slightest. Members that have an issue with one another, should their comment be submitted for our review, will be directed to email to deal with and solve the issues via face to face through Google Hangouts or Skype. This is non-negotiable since moving forward, we want to detract attention from online, inhumane, communication and move it (as close as possible) to true human communication which is far superior.
  7. Absolutely no discrimination of any form will be tolerated, not against any race, group, sex, preferences etc.
  8. Comments should always be posted in relevant topics and related to the spiritual teachings. Members are asked to read the topic descriptions before posting.
  9. All comments should be consistent with normal writing, written in a coherent, readable format and must make sense. Excessive use of emoticons, large text, capitalized text, punctuation or colored texts should be avoided.
  10. The moderating team reserves the right to edit or remove any post at any time. The determination of what to edit or remove, or what is construed as indecent, vulgar, offensive, spam, etc. is up to moderators and not users.
  11. We will not pass on or trade any personal information to third parties. But the information such as email may be used by the moderators for correspondence purposes only.
  12. Every user must provide an active email address, and or, confirmed identification of the person.