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My name is Nathanael Mallow.  I live in Southern CA and work as an engineer. Like many of you, I came to the Meier case after hearing several of Michael Horn’s radio interviews.  In fact, the first two interviews I ever heard, about the case, are linked below:

This is not one of those attempts to relieve your wallet of any monetary burden, offering you some silly scenario in return.  You know, those people that sell their ‘stories’… Stories like:

  • ‘Inbred’ reptilian blender grey babies.
  • The attack of the Invisible Planet heading this way soon and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you give me your money.
  • A conspiratorial mindset where our government is behind everything.
  • “I’m a ‘contactee’ and I’ll see you at the next ‘con’-vention.”

Hearing Michael in his actions against ‘marauders’, ‘defamers’, ‘skeptics’ and ‘banal debaters’ gives me pause.  I pride myself in being patient, though I am not at all tolerant. At the very least this is something I need to work towards.  Michael seemingly takes all this in stride and has not allowed the truth to be compromised.  During numerous interviews over the years, Michael has displayed an admirable resolve.  He doesn’t take things personally.  When I hear radio interviews where the host attacks him using vulgarity in defense of their ignorance and their use of slander and muckraking, I view it all as a free lesson in the art of being steadfast. These are some of my favorites:

The reason for this letter is to ask for your assistance with current and future endeavors to bring reason and sanity to our world.  Michael presents the ‘Billy Meier case’ to the English and Asian speaking countries.  Billy brings the teachings of creation to all inhabitants of our planet.

The mission is to build up the ‘Freie Interessen gemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien’ or ‘Free Community of Interests for Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies’ (known simply as FIGU) so that FIGU will act as a beacon for The Spirit Teaching, The Teachings of Creation, The Teaching of The Truth and The Teachings of The Prophets.  These teachings will, in it’s own time, lead mankind out of the morass of the belief-driven, degenerated-drunk, shackled mindset to the Love of Creation’s Wisdom.

Michael has done and continues to do an exemplary job in bringing the Meier information forward.  After knowing him for about a year, I can tell you his life is extremely frugal.  In the face of doing an extraordinary amount of radio shows, interviews, live interviews, movies, study groups, writing, probes, inquiries and research he does not make an exorbitant amount of money.  If you like what he has to say and want to help him out you can do so by clicking the link below:

Michael sometimes has the need to fly to different locations – so if you would like to donate frequent flyer miles you can transfer them here:

USAIRWAYS: 00467225330

United: FR760081

From time to time, Michael spear-heads different projects: interview films, videos, radio shows and more.  So I am also suggesting these equipment donations:

Wireless headsets with microphones – I am tired of hearing those echoes!

While it is true the mission is continuing through Michael’s work, it is also true: He/She who struggles for spiritual light and spiritual love, to him/her the door to Creation opens.

I would remind those reading this, you are just as capable as Michael, Billy, FIGU and friends when it comes to dissemination of “…the most important story in all of human history…”. Talking about Billy Meier and/or The Teachings, without proselytizing to people, writing blogs, starting talk shows, talking on TV, using Social media, writing officials, actors, etc., is a fulfillment of the self-obligated love you have for your fellow man.  So let’s all strive to allow the mission to continue through us and through our actions.

If this information is brand new to you, you may take exception with the whole “…the most important story in all of human history…” thing, if that is the case, then think on this:

In the forward of “Might of the Thoughts” a book written by Billy, Elizabeth Moosbrugger writes: “So the book which lies before you is dedicated to a humankind which is ill in its consciousness, so that it finds again the creational-natural way which it lost long ago.”

(Original letter published by Nathanael Mallow on: Sep 1, 2014 @ 22:38)

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  1. I’ll keep reading material. Hope next lifetime I will be able to interact face to face. I don’t want to disrupt anything. Is ther a break away civilization. The Joe video was cool. Hope he gets well

    1. If you study the material, and interact here and other places with other people also engaged in the study, it may benefit first in this lifetime. One thing we try to recognize and realize is that just because other human beings may be from other worlds and more advanced than us in many ways, they are still just human beings.

      For now, interacting face to face with the people in your life here and now is the perfect place to work on making a contribution to this world, to your life and the lives of others. What may or may not happen in your next life isn’t as important, although advancing your evolution in this life may well contribute to what your next personality does, in certain ways.

  2. Agreed. Amazing clarity comes from the teachings. I’ve been sharing with peers. Love creation and your brothers and sisters. This way of life I’ve followed a lot. Lots of love around this way.

    1. My like minded friends and family appreciate this work. The past 4 days have been great. We are realizing much is instilled in us and it feel as though we being reminded of These values. Like when catching up with a old friend after some time apart

      1. I second Sheila’s sentiment. Welcome Matthew, welcome to the truth that you have been yearning for, the knowledge you have been seeking and the wisdom you have been born to call your own. Enjoy every cognition! Salome

  3. absolutely fantastic, I am going through a spiritual awakening and progression. I finally feel like all the beliefs and truths I have been seeking inside me are finally revealed. I feel sad for our Human Race and it’s current state! But I am excited for my future development

  4. I have question for Michael .
    Has Billy taken any photo’s with new technology or was it all with the old stuff he had. ?
    Also , Does he to this day still take photo’s.
    Thank you.

      1. Thank you for answering so fast. It’s too bad Billy does not take pictures with our new technology , I’m sure it would make many skeptics take another look at Billy’s claims.
        Like you say it is not so much about the Beam ships but mainly about the message.
        Have you seen these Beam ships or any of there space crafts ?
        Thank you

        1. I’ve had seven sightings, only one of which I’m sure was a Plejaren craft, with possibly two others. The others were probably secret military craft.

          Nice in any event but nothing much can be done with/about any of it.

          1. Hi Michael,
            Hope you are well.
            Quick question..could you post a link or point in the right place in the contact notes where Earths history is described by the plejaren i.e the creator god geneticists who tampered with our DNA and star in the bible.
            many thanks and blessings to you,
            Lee from UK

          2. I tried to count the ones I have seen since I was young but I lose track . It’s not an issue anymore, I do know they exist. I will get a feeling and know where to look. If the military ones can go invisible , then I may of seen them to.
            I have never seen one like what Billy Meier’s has in his pictures or like the one he filmed. I am not sure what to think about this other than it was staged.
            Now the question is , was it by Billy or by the Plejaren’s.
            I can see why many call it a hoax. This you must understand .I am sure you deal with skeptics all the time Micheal and especially those who have a vested interest to protect . I don’t know Billy like you do, so just to get this straight, If he says they are real , they could very well be so. That’s how I look at it, but that is me. If you are to make his case the monumental event of the century , your going to need something better than old pictures or 8mm film
            footage. In todays world , the expectations are much higher.
            You need to get Billy to do it once more on a grand scale and have others do the recording. This would make your job much easier. Just a suggestion.
            Thank you

            1. Klyde,

              Nothing more – or newer – is necessary than people patiently reviewing such information as is contained in these links:

              UFO Proof & Evidence

              Special Evidence

              Quik-Clik Overview

              Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

              Prof. Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

              Prof. Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships



  5. I have seen all this several times and more. Thank you for putting it all out there. Not every one will take the time . The spiritual people will get it and cherish the message, but the materialist will put up the fight. Nothing else will do,why ruin it? like you say.
    I have the feeling that Billy is not done yet. If they are still communicating with him, there is more to come. It has been way over 50 years and the people of earth are ready. The ones who rule and control everything are not ready to give up just yet.
    We are in the most vulnerable times . We had such a beautiful Paradise, why ruin it?

      1. This is truly the most fascinating aspect of the whole Billy Meier’s case. I had tears when I read (What The Plejarans Wish For The Human Beings On Earth). To recognize the beauty of it all and what a place on earth it would be if this was the true norm for all humans. Wow!! It could truly be a Heaven on Earth instead of this earthly spell they have in place to control all their Social Slaves.

  6. Hallo michael ik heb al heel vaak de contactnotes beluisterd, maar als de plejaren ondoorzichtig middel van profetieën willen waarschuwen, ze kunnen bijna alles zijn zoveel verder waarom dan zichzelf niet laten zien aan een zichzelf zo belangrijk vindende idioot zoals bijvoorbeeld Erdoğan, alle goedwillende gewone mensen hebben niet voldoende macht om iets te veranderen tenzij men met duizenden de straat op gaan en dat is onmogelijk zeker in Nederland

    1. NOTE: Here is a rough translation of the above: But I have to ask HJ to please submit all further comments in English and use his/her full name:

      Hi Michael, I’ve often heard the contact notes, but if the Plejaren to warn opaque way of prophecy, they can almost all be so much further then why not show himself to himself so important finding idiot example Erdoğan, all well-meaning ordinary people do not have enough power to change anything unless they take to the streets with thousands and that is certainly possible in the Netherlands

  7. Hi Michael,
    What’s the reason the Egyptian pyramid were built and when were they built?

    Thanks for all you’re doing.

    1. Hi Majid,

      THere’s information here about the age of the pyramids. Also, regarding the sphinx, Meier said:

      Official Contact Report 222, Wednesday, February 3, 1988

      Billy: …The new pyramid, as well as all the others and the Sphinx structure, were built in more recent times, so about 4,500 years ago, solely by Earth people, by their own forces. The builders were early Egyptians, like also the largest part of the workers, who were free people and artisans to a certain part, while many others, who came in small numbers as slaves from other countries, had to perform their hard work, together with a small number of domestic slaves. That majority of the workers, however, was based on free Egyptians. For the purpose of the nourishment of all workforces, a veritable industrial food-city was built near the pyramid, and also mass campsites were provided for resting and sleeping, as well as tombs for the many deceased, who were at work there. That’s how I remember it being explained to me by you. Now, is this right, or did I fall into a fallacy?

      Quetzal: Everything is correct; so therefore, no further explanation is necessary.

      See also:

  8. Hi Michael
    Hope all is well with you.
    Do you happen to know where in the contact notes Semjase explains that the Bafath created the fatima miracle of the sun and Marian apparitions in 1917?
    Peace to you and your family

  9. I have been following Billies information relay since the 70’s. I laugh when people talk of “DISCLOSURE”. The disclosure was made when he had his first contact@5yrs old. When will these money grubbing morons put aside their egos and help spread the truth and guidance provided in Billies communications…WAKE UP RISE UP!!

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