Scientists again Echo Meier Regarding Danger of NW Quake

A recent report  compiled by 150 scientific experts could be a hopeful sign that the otherwise certain devastation, destruction and loss of life from a mega-quake in the Northwest can be averted.

The Plejaren warned Billy Meier about the quake and ensuing tsunami in 2005. Since Meier published the warning, the scientists have upgraded the seriousness of the threat to a level of 100% certainty.

The other recent upgrade of scientific information that comes closer to conforming to the information published by Billy Meier pertains to NASA upgrading their estimate of the size of asteroid Apophis to almost exactly what Meier was told by the Plejaren. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C Tonight!

Michael Horn will be interviewed by George Noory on CoasttoCoastAM Thursday, February 21, from Midnight to 2:00 AM Pacific Time.

He will be discussing the prophetically accurate scientific information – the higher standard of proof – that establishes Billy Meier as the only authentic UFO contactee…and the significance of Meier’s experiences and information for humanity.

This will be Michael’s 14th appearance on C2C.

Billy Meier Warned about “New” Radiation Dangers…Two Years Ago

With new concerns surfacing more frequently about the real, spreading dangers of radiation from the Fukushima disaster, one only needs to read the highly specific warnings published by Billy Meier…in 2011.

Once again, Meier’s information – provided to him by the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings with whom he’s been in contact for over 70 years – is proving to be factually, and prophetically, impeccably (and painfully) accurate.

Human beings who come across this information now must decide if they will sit on the sidelines, perhaps simply lamenting the sad state of the world (in between playing video games, pretending to be their imaginary online identities and watching “reality” shows and sports, etc.) or if they will wake up and participate in correcting that which still can be corrected…as the time fulfills[...]  READ MORE

Russian Meteor a Warning to Prevent Apophis Impact

With the obvious worldwide interest in the meteor that struck in Russia’s Ural mountains, comparison is being made to the Tunguska event that occurred in 1908. The difference of course, apart from the magnitude, is that Tunguska was a manmade event…precipitated by extremely unusual circumstances.

Perhaps the meteor strike will prompt Russia, China and the European Space Agency to greatly accelerate their plans to deflect the otherwise certain impact of the Apophis asteroid, in 2036. It is encouraging that some efforts to prevent Apophis from hitting were announced after Billy Meier’s information confirming that what he described as the Red Meteor was indeed Apophis. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: The Future of America, Obama and…Asteroid Apophis

UPDATE: Eight months after Billy Meier reports that scientists will soon make discoveries about the three remaining forces still unknown to them, it appears that the first of these breakthroughs may be about to be made. Once again, the authenticity of Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrial human beings is demonstrated by verifiable prior publication of scientific information.

While the discoveries have yet to be made, and the skeptics will still try to nitpick, intelligent people will contemplate just why a so-called “simple Swiss farmer” is not only publishing this kind of information but how he’s consistently published prophetically accurate scientific information up to decades in advance of “new discoveries” by NASA, JPL and scientists worldwide. In addition to being documented on this blog, over 50 specific, ironclad examples are contained in the new documentary, as the time fulfills[...]  READ MORE

First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?

A Chinese scientist from Tsinghua University, in Beijing, recently announced a plan to divert asteroid Apophis from colliding with the Earth. Apophis is known to people familiar with the Billy Meier information as the Red Meteor.

Meier first published his warnings about the Red Meteor/Apophis in 1981, which we have since posted in illustrated form in six languages.

First, the Russians heeded Meier’s warnings – while not “officially” admitted, his information is known and studied by various international intelligence agencies and even the…Vatican – and it appears that their open invitation to the European Space Agency and the Chinese was actually noticed, at least by the Chinese. [...]  READ MORE

47 ESA/NASA Experts: Increasing Ice Melt, Rising Sea Levels…as Billy Meier Warned in 1964

47 scientific experts that were brought together by ESA and NASA warned that there’s an increase in the rate of ice sheet melting with resultant increases in the rise of sea levels.

Antarctica and Greenland are both losing ice at a rate of more than three times as much as in the 1990s.

Now, for those who are actually paying attention to just how thoroughly we’ve been warned and warned and warned again by Billy Meier, perhaps you will be motivated to find a way to speak up for…our planet, our lives, please consider doing so. Consider pointing those who share our common interests to all of the free information, all of the specific prophetic warnings about the very times we are in, in a non-missionizing way. [...]  READ MORE