The News…or as the News Catches up the Meier Material

A New Concept Car…and the Coming San Francisco Quake Draws Nearer 

As Wendelle Stevens said, in 1978, “I carefully studied each picture as they came to me, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures I had never seen there before. I looked carefully at cars shown in the streets below for style and any configurations not familiar at the time. I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.” [...]  READ MORE

Have a Happy Obliviousness

Ah yes, summer, isn’t it lovely? Along with our own deliberate fireworks celebrations,  nature seems to be upping the ante on our dreamy ignorance of just what dangers we have sold our energy consuming souls for. While Fukushima, the first little wake up call (which continues to spread contamination worldwide), has been all but buried in the news, we got our own gentle reminder that we’re completely at the mercy of nature when rising floodwaters threatened a Nebraska nuclear plant.

Certainly, since we apparently escaped unscathed, this little anomaly shouldn’t be enough to even momentarily derail the money machine mentality behind this insidiously poisonous technology. Then again, if the water doesn’t do it, maybe a little fire will get our attention. [...]  READ MORE

And The Hits just Keep on Coming

Okay everyone, there’s actually a reason why we publish news reports that corroborate Billy Meier’s impeccably accurate prophetic information. You see, boys and girls, the nice little Swiss man and his friends from another world have gone to a whole lot of trouble to try to help us to not destroy ourselves. Stated positively, they’ve been trying to help us help ourselves to assure our own future survival.

Let’s see how well they, and we, are doing.

There are a couple of important new confirmations of Meier’s warnings in Atomic Energy: Human Insanity Knows No Limits and the very recent Natural disaster refugees more than doubled to 42 million, which has this little tag line, “Monitoring group worries climate change is playing big role in 2010 jump”. Let’s take this last article first, okay? [...]  READ MORE


The magnitude of the lies we have been told about the Fukushima disaster are just beginning to be revealed. Naturally, what Billy Meier has been told and has published is again being proven to be – fatally – accurate.

And yet it is completely doubtful that comatose humanity will pay attention and realize just what a dire situation, and terrible prognosis, this is.

Read it and weep…if you still have enough sense to.

The Ruptured Rapture: Why the Majority of People Shouldn’t Gloat

The “Rapture”, predicted for May 21, 2011, failed to occur, naturally, and so it gives us yet another opportunity to examine the collective insanity that attends such delusions.

There are those, relatively few, human beings who choose for themselves to do the hard work of taking complete self-responsibility for, and exercising conscious discernment in, their lives. But huge numbers of religious people abdicate their self-responsibility to an outside, imaginary, authoritarian source.

And it’s ironic that these individuals don’t understand that they are still the actual authority, not the gods they choose. For who indeed chooses one god, one religion, or one belief system over another? Who is the one that says, “Thisis the true god, the true religion, etc.”? After all, there are a whole bunch of “one true” religions and gods out there to choose from. So, who then is the authority? Obviously the one who chooses, who decides, who authorizes one deity, belief, etc., over another. [...]  READ MORE

Pardon My Cynicism…or Don’t

Is life so imitating Billy Meier’s warnings  – from as far back as 60 years ago – that the blatant obviousness both of his accuracy, and our idiocy, cannot be recognized for what they are?

Okay, a rhetorical question of course. But when this kind of a mind-boggling headline emerges, Historic Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14 States, is there any doubt that the real imponderable will be…how quickly it will be forgotten, except (perhaps) by those who’ve been directly affected by it? [...]  READ MORE