On the German language FIGU site, Billy Meier and several other contributing writers have forcefully expressed their deep concerns about Switzerland remaining independent of the European Union (EU) and all of its freedom eliminating machinations. Meier foretold the existence of the EU, and its diabolically determined destiny as a dictatorship that would enslave every European,… Read More

Update: Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile   There have been several strong earthquakes in Peru in the last few days, which reminded me of the information below, published by Billy Meier, that I first read in 1986: Thursday, March 4, 1976, 03:16 AM Now arrived it has over the world, the gray-evil time,… Read More

Look at what’s in the top five documentaries at Hulu today: My partner in The Silent Revolution of Truth, producer, director Jack Gerlach just sent me the link. And so our first documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contact case is now in the mainstream…keeping some interesting company to be sure. Soon the public will… Read More

The new film on the Billy Meier case And Did They Listen? has just been released. It’s a very different approach than any of my previous films. It’s a look back at the present time on Earth – from the future – when we had access to all of the authenticated evidence of Meier’s 70+… Read More

Or oh no, not more bad news I’m sorry to have to remind us all so early in the new year that, in addition to the unpleasant reality about Fukushima, the unreported consequences of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster also didn’t just…disappear. As Billy Meier was told, in the 495th Contact, on August 11, 2008,… Read More

NOTE: Please see below* for a very important update! Probably…not. And yes, I may be talking to you. I only hope that you’re at least a little offended, angry and defiant enough to challenge my presumptions. So let’s get right to it. The photos you will see here are of an object that was manufactured on another… Read More