July 25, 2013, 7:54 AM: “…when the prophecies prove to be true”

On July 25, 2013, at 7:54 in the morning, I suddenly awoke to the phrase, “when the prophecies prove to be true”, emphatically and urgently repeating itself inside my head.

I got up and searched the prophecies and predictions section of my site and found it, in context, in what are called the Henoch (Enoch) Prophecies:

Quetzal: You apparently never give up hope. Your optimism is honourable and deserves to be heard by human beings, but the way things have developed throughout this century there is not too much hope that human beings of Earth will come to their senses and heed your words. This will then be the case only when the prophecies prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass. Probably only then will the time come when the defamations against you will end in regard to your contacts with us, although they will long continue to be vehemently disputed by your enemies as well as by pathological know-it-alls and critics who dismiss them as swindle, lies and fraud. The full truth about our contacts with you will be proven in the distant future, and then mankind will accept our help we offer through you—even when they erroneously assume we come from the seven-star system known to human beings of Earth as the Pleiades. [The Plejaren claim to live in the Plejares, an altered time-space configuration about 80 light-years beyond the Pleiades. MH[...]  READ MORE

Once again…Too Little, too Late

new study by research scientists confirms what Billy Meier has long been told, and warned of, regarding the release of methane gas from the now rapidly melting permafrost, including the danger of…atmospheric collapse.

Not surprisingly, the main focus of the report is on the economic impact, since human beings of Earth seem to think that economics and money matters trump everything else and, of course, all other problems are virtually non-existent, as in what a species becomes that continues to ignore reality, the laws of cause and effect and…nature. [...]  READ MORE

If You Want to Keep a Secret…Write It Out

Or: Further Consequences of the Abolishment of Handwriting

This may be considered a bit of a throw away piece but it again relates to how successfully people – especially the younger generations – are being dumbed down faster than equally dense chunks of rock hitting the Earth (like when Apophis most likely will).

Our government could have saved itself, and us, immense amounts of money, time and effort, ha it realized just how effectively people’s brains and various skills were atrophying and turning to mush. Many of the problems with espionage and security leaks could easily have been avoided if, instead of all the complex measures involving codes, secrecy, etc., the information would have simply been written out, in that nice, fancy, flowing cursive handwriting because, as we keep finding out, few people know how to write it or read it. [...]  READ MORE

Silent Subterranean Seismic Screams…Do We Have Your Attention Now?

Once again – doncha get tired of hearing that? – a, pardon me, “new study”  confirms information give to Billy Meier from the Plejaren extraterrestrial human pertaining to how seismic activity, i.e. pertaining to earthquakes, can foretell explosive volcanic eruptions.

A hopeful sign is that it only took scientists…five years this time to catch up with Meier’s information, which was verifiably provided to him in 2008.

Now, while it’s hard to resist expounding on this new corroboration (which we can add to those already presented in a 22-minute segment of as the time fulfills) and pointing out what absolute dolts and suicidal imbeciles we must be to still not even want to grasp the reality – let alone the unique historical significance – of Meier’s dual role as the only authentic UFO contactee and the prophet for the New Time…I will resist doing so. [...]  READ MORE

“…when big parts of the continents disappear”

It seems that yet another of Billy Meier’s prophecies is on its way to fulfillment and of course no one’s paying attention.

In his Warning to All the Governments of Europe, written in 1958, Meier states, in sentence number 127., “And in the Third Millennium when the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear…” While the sentence goes on to say that people would be “creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics,” which is also beyond remarkable, we should first notice that there are seven continents on Earth. [...]  READ MORE

What’s another Word for Told Ya So?

Hi there, boys and girls! You may remember that, yesterday, we discussed recent revelations about what those naughty wolves were up to and how Billy Meier, that kindly, bearded gentleman in Switzerland, was already letting that cat out of the bag about all that long ago. Sure, we forgot to mention how far-reaching are the plans by the U.S. and the EU to, er…chip in and herd every single last one of the sheep into a very tightly controlled, biometric pen, as was foreseen by Mr. Meier when he was but a 21-year-old lad, back in 1958. [...]  READ MORE

Choose your Metaphor

“in bed together” or “howl with the wolves”?

As the world learns more about the secret machinations of the NSA – and USA – we are again gently reminded of just how unfortunately accurate Billy Meier’s prophetic information has been.

As Edward Snowden states that NSA spies are “in bed together with the Germans and most other Western states”, we merely need to click on those old, reliable Henoch Prophecies again, where Billy Meier colorfully states, “At first, many countries will howl with the wolves of the US, partially due to fear of American aggressions and sanctions, as will be the case with many, many irresponsible [ones] in Switzerland and Germany but also of other countries.” We note that he specifically even mentions the Germans (Germany), like Snowden did. [...]  READ MORE