An Open Letter to the Skeptics in Hiding

Dear Esteemed Skeptics,

I think that you’d all agree that it’s time to rethink your philosophy…and come out from hiding, for goodness sakes!

Last week I sent an email with this headline to you…and many dozens of your colleagues, including skeptical luminaries such as James Randi, Stuart Robbins, Michael Shermer, Stephen Novella, Derek Bartholomaus, Phil Plait, etc.:

Stunned Skeptics Suddenly Silent as WCUFO Proved…Real

Strangely, despite the great confidence in your espoused skeptical viewpoints, etc., it appears that the title of my blog was also psychically accurate in foretelling your collective future silence as well! [...]  READ MORE

Stunned Skeptics Suddenly Silent as WCUFO Proved…Real

Controversial UFO authenticated; corroboration of Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings continue to increase

With the publication of the new photographic analysis of the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) photos taken by Billy Meier, by Rhal Zahi, a professor with expertise in the use of state-of-the-art technology, image processing, web animation and computer modeling,  a stunned silence is the only response that can be detected from the ranks of the top professional skeptics worldwide.

An additional supporting visual aid, in the form of a short but easily understood video, nicely augments the published documentation. (A more comprehensive video can be found here.) [...]  READ MORE

“Experts” May Be “Puzzled”…But We’re Not

Yes indeed, “experts” have indeed been “puzzled” by a steam and gas spewing volcanic geyser near Rome’s airport.

Of course it may not be quite so puzzling to those of us who’ve been reading – and hopefully learning – from the prophetic information published over the past seven decades by Billy Meier. In this particular case, involving Vesuvius and the coming destruction of Rome, it was spelled out quite clearly to Meier by Semjase, in 1980.

Further clarification about the eruption of Vesuvius, and all of the damage that it will do, was told to Meier by Quetzal, in 1987 (emphasis added, for whatever good that may do): [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: NSA Spying FIRST Revealed by Billy Meier…in 2007

UPDATE: Surprising information (in Part Two) pertaining to the depth of manipulation of computers, television, etc., by a cabal intent on controlling every human being.

With revelations of the extensive spying on the citizenry by the NSA that threatens every aspect of privacy and democracy itself, it will be interesting to see how people will react to an even more startling revelation, i.e. that Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier, already warned of exactly this situation – in 2007.

In Meier’s 440th Contact, on January 15th, 2007, with Ptaah, a Plejaren extraterrestrial space traveler with whom he’s been voluntarily meeting for over 70 years, the hard, essential facts were made crystal clear: [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: Why Won’t They Look through the Telescope?


Hi Morton,

Just for clarity’s sake, by “this subject” what exactly do you mean?

While I haven’t seen/read everything produced by TED, I am unaware of any discussions on the scientific and legal standard of proof that is freely available for public viewing in the Billy Meier case. As I’ve taken great care to emphasize, the existing books and documents that bear copyrights establish ironclad proof of dates of publication.

Since our conversation is a matter of public interest, and record, is there some reason you choose to not acknowledge, let alone challenge, this claim? Your apparent reluctance to do so has become the mastodon in the room. [...]  READ MORE