Here’s a little break in the action to let you know that we’ve got a ton of new designs on our Zazzle shop, thanks to the efforts of David Valdez. You will find not only great, wearable full-color photos of the UFOs  taken by Billy Meier but also many of the beautiful symbols from the… Read More

NOTE: I thought this would be of interest in light of the overall Hornet’s Nest topic…and before I post the MUFON update on Thursday. I recently had the opportunity to engage in an exchange of emails with someone outside of the UFO field who said that they had very high level contacts in a number… Read More

I am glad to announce that I am in discussion with the leadership of MUFON about the Billy Meier UFO case. I have informed them that there are at least three more highly credible professionals in the fields of science and technology, who are now endorsing the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence.… Read More

According to NASA, “Melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet is likely unstoppable, two new papers published Monday indicate.” Please read everything at, and linked from, here pertaining to the glaciers melting, the rising of the seas and the related, unavoidable effects that humanity now faces…for the foreseeable future. We also reported on related developments… Read More

Here’s a bit of very good news. We just got some great support for “And Did They Listen?” from Foster Gamble, whose film “Thrive” has been hugely successful…with over 23 million views! It’s extremely heartening that Foster’s willing to come forward and mention the many people he knows who have also long been intrigued by the Billy Meier… Read More

As was recently pointed out, Russia appears to be in the process of fulfilling its long foretold  military ambitions. But just to make sure that there’s no ambiguity, that no one has any doubts, the Russians have just made it crystal clear*: “After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop… Read More

For eons treasure seekers had relentlessly hunted for the mother lode, an elusive and long rumored vein of purest gold. It was said to be so blindingly brilliant that the mere sight of it would make men turn away from all other temptations. So transfixing was its purity and beauty that he who held but… Read More