Finding the Mother Lode

For eons treasure seekers had relentlessly hunted for the mother lode, an elusive and long rumored vein of purest gold.

It was said to be so blindingly brilliant that the mere sight of it would make men turn away from all other temptations. So transfixing was its purity and beauty that he who held but a nugget in his hand would thereby possess such wealth as not even all the kings and emperors had ever amassed.

Of course people appeared who promised maps and excursions, for a price, to where the mother lode could be found but the gullible would always find only disappointment and no comfort for their loss of time, hopes and investments. [...]  READ MORE

A Quick Question or Two

Let’s scale this down a little bit.

If there was an old organization in your neighborhood – with branches in many neighborhoods – that had long been granted tax-free status, whose officials dressed up in elaborate costumes and performed weird, superstitious rituals and incantations, and that was discovered to have been producing and protecting pedophiles, probably for as long as it’s been in existence, what would sane people do about the situation?

Would sane people continue to donate to and support such an organization? [...]  READ MORE

The WCUFO and where It Can Take Us

See the 74-page Report on the Amazing, New High Resolution WCUFO Photos Here! 

Test the WCUFO Photo Yourself!

The photo immediately below is one of 63 photos that Billy Meier took of the WCUFO, using a 35mm film camera, in 1981:

WCUFO on the ground 1
WCUFO on the ground 1

This photo is a detail of a section of the craft as shown in Rhal Zahi’s video here:

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi's video here:
Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

This object was not made by anyone on Earth and no one has yet been able to duplicate it…in over 33 years. (For more  of the newly analyzed  photos of the WCUFO please click here and here . And this video report reveals more information about the nighttime WCUFO photo.) [...]  READ MORE

Politics: Retarding Progress through the Art of Advantage

Politics has been called the art of the possible. I call it the art of advantage.

Politics means that we seek to get things, to acquire or get them done and that we’ll, gladly or not, exchange something that the other person (usually considered our opponent) wants in order to do so. Of course we try not to exchange anything at all and are very careful about just what, and how much of it, we’re willing to exchange. This isn’t about compromise, where both people actually want the same thing but disagree on how to go about getting it. [...]  READ MORE

Forbidden Topics

Here’s a little note on why I have put up blogs for discussion pertaining to crop circles, astrology, etc.

We have to remember that Billy Meier has indeed said to not believe anything, including what he or the Plejaren say, as our friend Dyson has frequently reminded us. Of course we occasionally get a little cognitive dissonance here when we discuss and/or favor positions different from what we understand that Meier and/or the Plejaren espouse.

Both crop circles and astrology are good examples because, in the case of astrology, I was attacked for even daring to discuss something because of all of its tabloid superficiality, fortune-telling associations, as well as the clear information from Meier about how inaccurate our known versions are, and in the case of the crop circles, the same people who quoted Meier and admonished me were the ones (okay, the main one) who most vocally opposes Meier’s information about the causes and parties behind many of their formations. [...]  READ MORE

Surprise, Surprise! Billy Meier UFO Case on Hulu…Who Knew?

Look at what’s in the top five documentaries at Hulu today:

The Silent Revolution of Truth, in top five Popular Documentaries on Hulu, February 12, 2014
The Silent Revolution of Truth, in top five Popular Documentaries on Hulu, February 12, 2014

My partner in The Silent Revolution of Truth, producer, director Jack Gerlach just sent me the link. And so our first documentary on the Billy Meier UFO contact case is now in the mainstream…keeping some interesting company to be sure.

Soon the public will become aware of And Did They Listen? and the truth about “extraterrestrials, “aliens”, etc., – and the reason for the Meier contacts – will finally be known to all who are interested in it. [...]  READ MORE

Crop Circles (Part 2)

Regarding the crop circles and the mathematical formulas purportedly contained therein, it seems antithetical to the approach that the Plejaren have taken, in as much as they don’t present their “message” in a rarified language that mainly only specialists, like scientists and mathematicians, can more readily comprehend.

The crop circle language would then be directed more towards…the elite. But the Plejaren and Billy Meier specifically criticize the specialized terms that scientists create and use to separate themselves from, and elevate themselves above, the ordinary people. [...]  READ MORE