Or why aliens just may not be making pretty designs in our fields Several years ago, I asked Billy Meier about the crop circle phenomena. In the late 1990s, I had expressed my opinion in a UFO magazine article that they seemed like they were made by “somebody”, meaning extraterrestrials, who were giving us some… Read More

The new film on the Billy Meier case And Did They Listen? has just been released. It’s a very different approach than any of my previous films. It’s a look back at the present time on Earth – from the future – when we had access to all of the authenticated evidence of Meier’s 70+… Read More

You know that nice man, Billy Meier, who took all those pretty UFO photos? Well let’s also remember that he’s been warning us about a number of things for a very long time. For instance, you remember how last year we pointed out the beginning of the escalation of events involving Canada and Russia. It… Read More

NEW Billy Meier Films, Book for 2014 In the News The First of the Real FREE* Offers Tools for Survival…and Real FREE* Gifts Hi Everyone, I’m taking this opportunity to use my blog to announce some new projects for 2014 and to offer a few health related items that are packed with value for you. NEW Billy… Read More

I want you to know that each month Hillary Raimo and I will be discussing information from specific contacts in the Billy Meier case with listeners on the airwaves. This month, on November 14, we will start with Contact 251.   We invite you to join us for these discussions!… Read More

We teach what we need to learn..and practice what we teach A new study confirmed the anti-burnout, stress relieving benefits of mindfulness meditation programs. In 1990, Michael Horn created just such a program, which he has taught to individuals and groups internationally in a Consciousness Awareness Workshop, also known as Standing in Spirit. Derived from… Read More

In light of the dreadful farce (a word that Billy Meier also used below) of the U.S. getting into yet another concocted war, let us refresh our memories with what Meier wrote in 2006: “Yet further with the CIA and their torture prisons, that are to be found in diverse countries and specialize in special… Read More