This new article, forwarded to me by J. Smith, appears to confirm what Billy Meier explained in regards to how the west is provoking Russia…and what it may lead to, which was also long ago foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. as the time fulfills Yes, we the people were warned but, as this news also… Read More

See the trailer for The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life, the new documentary with Billy Meier: … answering questions pertaining to: Virtues to Develop · Human Relationships · Children & Families · Egoism Pro & Con · Women & the Future · Changing the Prophecies · The Spiritual Teaching & Evolution · The Effects of Swinging-Waves on… Read More

German journalist corroborates Billy Meier’s warnings about the IS I received the following information a few days ago from Andreas Mitterdorfer: “Today in the news they reported about a journalist and former German politician who spent 10 days in the caliphate of the IS. His name is Jürgen Todenhöfer* and he went there to find… Read More

Here’s my latest audio/video interview on the Billy Meier UFO case, conducted by Rick Scouler on his show, “Topic: UFO”. I couldn’t thing of a better title for the blog; maybe I should have held a contest?… Read More

We teach what we need to learn..and practice what we teach A new study confirmed the anti-burnout, stress relieving benefits of mindfulness meditation programs. In 1990, Michael Horn created just such a program, which he has taught to individuals and groups internationally in a Consciousness Awareness Workshop, also known as Standing in Spirit. Derived from… Read More

In light of the dreadful farce (a word that Billy Meier also used below) of the U.S. getting into yet another concocted war, let us refresh our memories with what Meier wrote in 2006: “Yet further with the CIA and their torture prisons, that are to be found in diverse countries and specialize in special… Read More

  as the time fulfills The brand new film on the Billy Meier UFO contacts is now available! Now learn more about this ordinary man on an extraordinary mission. With more than 70 years of proven contacts with extraterrestrials, and volumes of the most prophetically accurate information in human history, there is no reasonable doubt left about… Read More