Michael Horn Live, EP 32

  • Personal Self-Responsibility vs Cryptic Conspiracies & Nose Rings
  • Time, Black Holes, Gravity and Time Travel
  • The Supreme Court, Abortion and the Spiritual Teaching
  • Crystal Meth Warning in 1958
  • The Harry Lear Interview: Apophis & Pi

Michael Horn Live, EP 32

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific

Personal Self-Responsibility vs Cryptic Conspiracies & Nose Rings

You might wonder how this excellent video is connected to the above title, as well as to Billy Meier’s information, from October 2017, and the Henoch Prophecies. Tune in to find out.

Time, Black Holes, Gravity and Time Travel

Todd suggests that the information in this article, regarding new discoveries pertaining to how the brain functions, relates to information told to Meier by his teacher, Sfath, in 1947. Notice that the translation also includes information about “dark and enormous space wanderers with great gravitational force”.

The Supreme Court, Abortion and the Spiritual Teaching

Looking at a complex issue in light of the spiritual teaching.

Billy Meier Regarding Crystal Meth…in 1958 :

68.) The bodies of the people will be destroyed by drugs and addiction and towards the beginning of the Third Millennium a dangerous new drug with the name crystal will cause a furor amongst addicted people whose faces and bodies will be furrowed and ruined within a few months, and aged in such a way as if the addicted were monsters a hundred years old.

Question: How did Meier know this in…1958?

The Harry Lear Interview: Apophis & Pi

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The CIA, SOG Team and Skull and Bones

Scientists Stunned – Billy Meier Predictions Right Again!

Dr. Cornish, Billy Meier Revealed It 30 Years Ago

Beyond 2020: The Future of America & the World

Regarding new problems with Brexit, as I said in 2016:

“In light of Brexit, the power-hungry bureaucrats will still try to usurp total power and control, so vigilance and determination must be maintained and their efforts defeated.”


August Presentations

“Michael Horn is the world’s leading expert on UFOs.”          George Noory, Coast to Coast, July 4, 2018

August 17TH, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Speaker at the Clyde Lewis Panel

August 18TH, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Salon 112 Lecture: Independent Military, Legal, & Aerospace Corroboration of Billy Meier UFO Contacts

August 17TH, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Salon 112 Workshop: How to Assure Your Future Survival…as the Billy Meier Prophecies Fulfill

As the prophecies now ceaselessly fulfill, how best to assure your future survival

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


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Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)

(Also a version of Michael Horn)

18 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 32”

  1. John Salathe was mentioned as the inspiration for the first gen of big wall climbers. This reminded me of the rumors about him. He was an eccentric Swiss man who taught Yvon Chionard how to make pitons. He claimed to visit with ETs. Had an unusual diet of fresh plants and owned a home in San Jose CA said to be haunted. Have you heard of Him?

  2. Hi MH I fianly got to watch you on EP32. I really enjoy listenging to your lectures. I have airborn alergies. Years ago Iused to get terrible nosebleeds due to two loose blood-vessels in my left nostril but I never ever had nose rings. I agree with you about nose rings and tattoos. I think nose rings and tatoos are horrible. However I do love the British accent and lavender which I know Billy hates but that`s miner but the spiritual teaching and the laws of Creation we can all agree on are extremely important and we need to get as many people as we can to learn about these most important issues. Miner preferences, likes and dislikes are of a personal nature as i just explained. Great show as always. Keep up the great work you are doing. Salome Terry

    1. Hi David I just saw the video you put up. I was watching Richard French on local cable channel RNN and found out that Trump, Teresa May and the Queen who is now 92 years old and they are ALL making such a mess and a mockery of this world that I don`t see how this planet Earth could stand to put up with all the shanatans going on much longer especially Trump who is acting like such a two year old who is on his way to Helsinki Finland that if Trump doesn`t behave himself that will be the end of the U.S. of A!!! What with all the US warmongering going on by the US who will EVER come to add the U.S.A. anymore? As I`v always believed and said “there is NO such thing as a good politician!” How in living hell are we EVER going to clean up our act and start to act and
      behave like the people from Erra,Timarz,etc,etc,etc??? The U.S.A just CAN`T be the world`s cop forever and keep fighting wars forever!!! If Trump doesn`t behave himself in front of Putin then we will have “LOST EVERYTHING and become a REAL thrid world banana republic!!!” Either we learn to get along with Russia etc or there willy REALLY be a Third World War and a nuclear war too to end ALL WARS!!!”

      1. Hi, Terry.

        I like to think that a third world fire (or perhaps WW4, if you count the Meier material) is not unavoidable. “Nothing is written in stone” is the motto I try to live by each day; meaning what we do today is what will shape tomorrow. So it’s up to each of us to fulfill our duty as human beings in our own little spheres of influence.
        While I understand your sentiment when you say “there’s no such thing as a good politician,” I think in a sense people in power are but a reflection of those who put them there in the first place.
        Our politicians lie because we (people in general) tend to live in lie; we lie to ourselves and often enjoy being lied to, whether wittingly or unwittingly. It’s why we steal from our neighbor, pollute the air that we breathe, poison the food we eat, and become enamored of the next charlatan who holds himself above us. Only when people, individually and collectively, start turning towards honesty and decency that truly honorable and courageous individuals will rise to power.
        And regarding Trump, even though he’s mostly an incompetent blabbermouth, the USA had had much worse leaders. People are quick to forget that it was the criminally irresponsible George W. Bush who opened Pandora’s box by launching two major wars in the Middle East and putting Draconian legislation in place in the form of the Patriot Act, all of which regrettably continued under President Obama, who was either unwilling or unable to undo it all.. Now, Trump faces the same dilemma.
        Anyway, don’t lose heart. We still have a long way to go and much work to do. Even if the future looks grim, you’ll need a positive outlook to weather the coming storm.


  3. Hi MH Here is an article I just found on counterpuch.org for Friday July 13th 2018 Three Climatic Monsters with Asteroid Impact by Jeffrey St.Clair Make that 2 asteroids!) from c2c under In The News about 2 asteroids no too far from our solar system if you want to look up that article too. Salome Terry

  4. Here are the two articles: 1. from conterpunch.org three Climatic Monsters with Asteroid Impact by Jeffrey St. Clair 2. Cosmic Double Take Rare Binary Asteroid Discovered Near Earth from Space.com

  5. Hi Ned Does this sound all too familiar? Yes Mars and Malona all over again i.e. the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter the nuclear war between these two wars in our solar system! all because of these nefarious sinister rulers who think they can rule and run all over us lesser humans who can`t even make enough money to save us from drowning in a sea of nuclear waist envionmental fossil fuel mud and lets not forget climate change due to overpopulation with forest fires in the west US,rain and floods in the south US and blizzards and noreasters in the mid-west and north-eastern US. Sooner or later the Earth will either look like Mars all over again or even worse Venus with it`s chokingly overheated unbreathable smolderringly hot environment even a billionair like Elon Musk, Ray Kurswell and Jeff Bazos won`t be able to cook up technology to save their nefarious sinister necks for all the money they own robotics and all etc. So these cabals and shills think they can get away with all their do nothing cash and run away from us ordinary humble human beings who have to eck out a living just to survive by such deplorable meager means and ways!

    1. Hi Terry,

      Well all respect should be given to all human life (at least according to the Meier material) because they have the spirit of life within them which is not easy to accept if a some of those are very powerful and care not for the life and limb of other folks or their actions does to them. So, that being said even if the very intelligent but profoundly stupid (in the literal sense of being numb – not the raw intelligence) to Creational laws (neturally, not based on magic hocus pocus “Creation” that part made-believed) and values led Earth Humanity to the path of ruin it says a lot about conscious state of the said folks that have alleged to run the show. While I won’t get into the profound dislike and personal grudge Earth Humanity has with it’s god(s) (and by extension aliens whether real or make-believed in) the future where human evolution is neutered isn’t one that will last.

      IN fact, trying to soft-land a future where every one has a universal whatever (like basic income) tied to a control grid that alleges to track everything isn’t one based on the truth about life or living one’s life and one that will end in ultimate failure. I haven’t a clue what Elon Musk’s believes what should happen but it’s a sharp left turn that no one is questioning held by folks keeping it going to the point of being a religion in of itself.

      What we can say HAD Earth Humanity valued the truth it wouldn’t have to fight an uphill battle against the lies that are finally catching up to everyone, everything, and everybody. The P’s from Billy stuff are pretty interesting in the sense that everyone actually works or is involved in almost some capacity to its society (including armed forces as we would call it). It’s not surrounded by false promises to get elected or hidden by labyrinthine systems that lack trust between different groups but actually consciously maintained by everyone with a stake in that future and how its shaped. Every single one of them, on what I could assume, is capable to act as defense forces whereas we here have to have all these special forces and various military commands and command chain that’s quite frankly bloated. So, we do have a lot of similarities and words that are used more consciously in the Meier material which the Earth equivalent outside of it mis-understands because folks are trying to “soft-land” the lies of their past to a future they should be responsible for but never know why they do not succeed.

      We can hope for a better future but it can’t be soft-landed because there really isn’t a way to soft-land it in the first place. I’m sure if Earth Humanity was put to the task they could think of a global peace fighting force to that level and a different future that isn’t reliant on hand-outs or the “gig” economy to function.

  6. Hi Ned I used to like Elon Musk until he desided to built these malevolent androids and robots to kill anything that it can get it`s hands on worse than the Borg of Star Trek lore. to kill off all of humanity. With the very dark forces running this Earth in the name of forever war and diseases to maim and destroy human life on this very young savage barbaric world is enough for me to not trust anyhing , anyone who lies wit religion, politics, business corporations, money, economics etc. I think this is why the Sirian Star System tried to cut our lives short to get control of the human race of Earth as they did with Mars and Malona all over again. “We need to change course and join with the Plejarens if we want to survive to live a very long happy healthy free peaceful harmonious loving society like the people from Erra, Timarz, and Sonare(Sona) are doing now and forever for good. how else are we going to live any other way!”

  7. From the 1958 letter to the letter to all governments it states: “70. All those who are addicted to drugs of any kind that they drink, inhale, or inject into their blood will become like wild animals and lose control of themselves and many of them will rob, steal, break in and murder, rape and extort in order to get the poisons to which they are addicted – their lives will be a torment and become a real catastrophe.”
    This rings true to me since in the Philippines during 2016 US election campaign and the Asian Pivot, the Filipino president was being negatively publicized because of his handling of the country’s drug crisis. The drug was called Shabu which was another name for crystal meth. And the intake methods and the symptoms of the drug users directly mirror Billy’s prophecies and predictions.
    A quick internet search yielded this tidbit:
    “According to a recent United Nations report, methamphetamine was identified as the ‘most used’ illicit drug in the Philippines. Additionally, the Philippines—along with Burma and China—accounted for most of the world’s production of methamphetamine over the past decade.
    Most people smoke shabu, but it can also be snorted, injected, or simply dissolved in a liquid. In no time at all tolerance can set in after frequent use, and the user will need greater quantities to get high.
    Crystal meth is a dangerous drug in that it:
    * is highly addictive
    * produces anxiety, tension, irritability, irrational thought and behavior
    * causes loss of appetite
    * causes inability to sleep
    * produces feelings of euphoria and elation
    * causes mood swings and unpredictable behavior
    * causes weight loss, tooth decay and cracked teeth (see The Faces of Meth)
    * causes mental and physical deterioration (including psychosis and death)
    * causes violent and destructive behavior
    * causes increased heart rate and blood pressure, which can lead to strokes and death
    * increases risk of convulsions, respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, and extreme anorexia”

    Source: https://alcoholrehab.com/drug-addiction/crystal-meth-in-the-philippines-shabu/

    1. Hi Eusebio, that drug is very dangerous and widespread indeed. Folks will steal, lie and beat their own mother or father over the head to get more. I had a friend who I found out was addicted to drugs. Over a period of years, she became extremely paranoid to the point that I had to cut off all communication with her. She thought everyone was out to get her. It was disturbing to watch and listen to and I don’t think she will ever fully recover her mind. It’s possible she could greatly improve, but I don’t think she will ever have her sharp and intellectual mind again. These people become a danger to themselves and to society at large.

      1. Hi Melissa & Eusebio it really is a horrible horrible drug that can be made with chemicals bought from hardware stores. Around here we have a meth farm of around 30 people who the police claim they can do nothing about, probably waiting for them to die off. Plus it keeps them busy investigating all the break ins and thefts, make work project that never deals with the actual issue.

        1. I totally agree, Sheila. It was a huge problem back in my home state of Ohio. People were overdosing almost daily and the rehabs were so full, new people couldn’t get in. People have given up and have forgotten how to live and love one another. They turn to substances or other vices to fill the hole they have inside. As I was telling Michael the other day, Billy has been so spot on with his predictions and prophetic calculations that it amazes me that more people haven’t worked out how this case has proven itself on so many levels.

          1. Yes, the drug problem is very serious and very hard to get a humane handle on it. I watched some YT videos during the Asian Pivot cycle of the mainstream media and it makes folks there very confused on which side to support since the Filipino president is both trying to keep the crystal problem in check while trying to stop the rampant killings that comes into effect. The prison system is also very bad since overpopulation in the cities are at an all time high. Not to mention how very religious the country has always been.

            1. G’Day Eusebio, If we use the Population Table of 2009 found at: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Population_Table_2009
              we are feeling very much kicked in the ….. as far as intelligence and living by what it takes to exist as a planet capable of supporting human life and actually having human life goes when we figure out from values that are 9yrs old, that the Philippines needs to lose 97, 117, 873 human beings and at least one religion to be within Creational recommendations.

  8. Hi everyone here is a very important article i just found and read from counterpunch.org 7/16/18 that ties in with Billy Meier `s predictions. “Undermining Trump-Putin Summit Means Promoting War by Dave Lindorff I was satching Channel 4 WNBC when between 10:30 and 11 am I just happened to be watching the summit meeting between Trump and Putin which I personally trhought went well since we all know by now that we better learn to get along with Russia otherthwise we will end up with a nuclear war. That is why Trump won the 2016 election because Hillary Clinton want to go to war with Russia which Billy predicted in his Prophecies and Predictions. I also sent an email to my other organization wespac foundation on this same article too. Please check and read this article becuse this article ties in with what Billy said about Russia and the U.S. “MUST learn to co-operate and get along or else we will be nothing but toast etc!!!”

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