Were the Words “Coward and Liar” too Strong to Describe Stuart Robbins’ Behavior?

In an August 19, 2011, podcast, Stuart Robbins refers to loveable little old me as a… “jackass”, among other things. He refers to this podcast on a blog of his where he also effectively calls Billy Meier a liar and a cheater, by claiming that Meier retrodicted information about the Red Meteor to fit the information about the Apophis asteroid, newly discovered in 2004.

Robbins neither apologizes for calling me names, nor does he qualify his statements with anything as non-accusatory as “In my opinion, Michael Horn is…” or “Meier may have, etc.” nor does he substantiate his accusations. Having stated that, and the fact that Robbins liberally allows his own supporters to also violate his own stated rule regarding not allowing any defamatory remarks, it came as a surprise to find that the pseudo-scientific skeptic is now playing crybaby and painting himself as the offended party. [...]  READ MORE

Wow, World War III, Wouldn’t that Be Cool, Dude?

First the Russians went ahead and moved troops, now it’s the Canadians, doesn’t it sound kinda like…familiar?

Isn’t it interesting when we can see history unfold before our very eyes? Isn’t it even more fascinating when we can see Meier’s prophecies and predictions slowly coming true, even though humanity as a whole is too lazy, dumb and interested to notice?

I mean having a front row seat for the unfolding of something like, oh I don’t know, World War III for example, wouldn’t that be really nifty, especially for those who live their virtual lives online, where everything is just a video game anyway? [...]  READ MORE

Who Is Jennifer?

Before I tell you more about the question itself…let me answer it.

Jennifer is either someone working for an intelligence agency against the Billy Meier case…or a future hope for the generations to come. Obviously, in the online world of anonymity, screen names and false identities, it can be difficult to verify someone’s real identity. And in the case of someone who is possibly a minor, discretion is advised on the part of all parties.

Ironclad, Still 

Whoever she is, Jennifer’s challenges to the Billy Meier case online just resulted in further confirmation of Meier’s truthfulness and accuracy. They also resulted in a surgical dissembling of the sophistry laden, phony “research” published by IIG that supposedly “proved” that Meier had retrodicted and/or published incorrect information about Jupiter, its rings and its moon, Io. [...]  READ MORE

At the Threshold

It may be too early to say if the latest reported breakthrough regarding a subatomic particle exceeding the speed of light will hold.

But just for the record, it seems that pesky Mr. Smarty Pants Swiss farmer, Billy Meier, is at it again. Or I should say, he has been for a very long time.

Search the links below for “speed of light” – and feel free to bypass any other information in them that you’re sure is absolute nonsense (like astrology) or that you may not feel quite ready for:

Excerpt from Contact 4 [...]  READ MORE

Science News of the Day 9.21.2011

Yesterday we made a small footnote reference to information that scientists may be coming closer to discovering the opposite of black holes, which they refer to as white holes.

Of course I thought that the opposite of a hole, which goes in may just be a bulge, which goes out. Kind of more like what Billy Meier had been talking about back in…1986.

I guess time will tell on that one. And maybe time will tell on this one also. Scientists announced that they’re questioning their own theories and conclusions about where the “asteroid” came from that killed the dinosaurs. Perhaps they may also be coming closer to confirming Billy Meier’s information from 1978 about the “comet”, originating from outside the orbit of Pluto that did the deed. [...]  READ MORE

Three Magic Words

“I love you.”

Nice but no, those aren’t the ones I mean. The ones I’m referring to should be mandatory on the first day of every science (and other) class, at every grade level. Of course they should be required to be learned and frequently practiced by every skeptic, as well as all other religious people.

Those words are, “I don’t know.”

We shouldn’t be afraid to utter those words. The reluctance to do so is often based on self-overestimation, from which many people suffer in regards to subjects about which they are ignorant,  or simply hold firm prejudices against. [...]  READ MORE

‘Dear Jennifer (Part 2)

Dear Jennifer,

Now that I’ve returned I’ll address the points you raised more thoroughly.

Well the point about the prediction regarding the planetoids is that it’s in that book. Of course should it not be, then there would be  a point to deal with.

Now, regarding your being a skeptic. Well, you made skeptical comments, on a skeptical website, regarding Billy Meier and his information. So I would say that it’s a fair assessment and, unless you are very different than Stuart, you would be comfortable with that label, no? Of course if you prefer to say that you differ with Stuart because you would firmly declare yourself to be, or are aspiring to be, a scientist, then please say so and I will refer to you that way. Naturally, I would then request that you retract your skeptical comments and, as you shall hopefully understand, your unfair defamatory ones about me. [...]  READ MORE