The True Origins of Islamic Fundamentalism

Once again the world witnesses the fulfillment of the prophecies about Islamic fundamentalism that Billy Meier had already begun to publish as far back as 1958:

82.) The murdering and destroying fanatics of religions and sects will, in their death-bringing fiery beliefs, speak of justice in the name of god, and thereby spread misery, need, death and corruption.
83.) And it will be that the fanatical Islamist’s bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades by the Christians, will come into being when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world. [...]  READ MORE

All that Glitters Is Not Bread

The Illusion of the Intrinsic Value of Precious Metals

I am obviously not an economist but I have some thoughts about the consensus reality of gold and precious metals. As we’ve all noticed, in light of the problems with the dollar, there’s been a greatly increased interest in various precious metals. Gold has hit highs around $1,400 per ounce, as of this writing.

Of course I understand that people make a lot of money trading gold, precious metals, etc. Nonetheless, while we are told that the gold and/or silver standard is superior to the dollar, which is only printed money with no intrinsic value and nothing to back it, the value of gold is still reported in terms of…the dollar, i.e. some form of currency. [...]  READ MORE

To Be like an Extraterrestrial

There’s an awful lot of babbling, fantasizing and projecting about what extraterrestrials are like. Regarding the ridiculous, deliberate disinformation about “evil aliens”, “Grays” and “alien abductions“, people have all sorts of idealized, imaginary ideas about how actual, far more advanced, extraterrestrial human beings would think and act.

Due to the deluded, religiously influenced New Agers (and many members of the so-called UFO community) in addition to the negative stereotypes we have images and illustrations of shimmering, perfect “space brothers (and sisters)” who are sparkly, all-knowing, etherial creatures with benevolent smiles beaming all sorts of “love and light” at us. They pop up on many websites pertaining to UFOs, ETs, the New Age, etc. [...]  READ MORE

On Rewriting Our Future History

As the most recent atrocity at the Russian airport shows, humanity has – so far – failed to heed the decades’ long warnings so as to effectively rewrite what is otherwise going to be an extremely painful future history.

I specifically refer to the prophecies published by Meier, since 1951, which have long revealed both the causes and effects that create and become our world. Should his warnings regarding acts of terror, and all sorts of other extremely negative events, remain unheeded then we have no one but ourselves to blame. [...]  READ MORE

There Is Nothing Supernatural

“The term ‘supernatural’ is an incorrect word which is utilised to describe something perceptible, which, for the human being, lies beyond that which is normal, material – that is to say – beyond that which pertains to the material senses, and  thereby beyond the capabilities of material perception, therefore, rather, in the realm of the feinstofflich. To designate that which is feinstofflich – the fluidal – as supernatural, is fundamentally wrong because, truly, there is nothing which lies beyond the perception of the human’s senses, rather only something which belongs beyond material sensitivity, in the realm of the feinstoffsinnlich. I am talking, in particular, about the effect of feinstofflich thought-vibrations which, in their feinstofflichkeit form, are designated as fluidal energies and fluidal forces, and which, created by the thoughts and feelings, also yield, outside of the brain, the most varied effects which can also be perceived by other human beings. These fluidal energies and their powers are not only the energies relating to telepathy, levitation and teleportation, rather also those of clairvoyance and remote viewing, whereby, for every single factor, manifestations occur which are individually different for each human being.” [...]  READ MORE

To Understand What Is Already Happening…and Yet to Come

While people frantically theorize what is causing the sudden, widespread die-offs of various creatures, Billy Meier has already provided insights into these disasters, and others yet to come, caused by our long term abuse of the environment. It would serve us well to  carefully study the full article from which the following is excerpted:

“The climate change does not only change Earth, but the effects carry out into the SOL system as far as the Kuiper Belt, and probably even much farther out into space. If the ocean currents intermingle, then they create tremendous amounts of energy through their huge masses of water, which influence the gravitational field, besides that, through the climate change also the Earth’s atmosphere contracts and compresses, which has already imperceptibly started. Through the whole thing of the already occurring climate change, inevitable first changes have arisen in fauna and flora which unfortunately have not yet been detected by scientists, but from which sooner or later visible consequences will emerge. The time has come already where the climate change is moving around gigantic masses of ice and water through which dangerous pressure-related effects are created on the earth’s crust and tectonic shifts are provoked.” [...]  READ MORE

Nobody Is Coming to Save Us

Nobody is coming to save us.

This is, as they say, both the bad news and the good news.

Now that some people are awakening to the unpleasant realities unfolding and occurring all around us, there’s a desperate new twist to the old, failed religious cosmology that promises help “coming from above”. This new idea, that some extraterrestrials are coming to save us from our own, greedily, self-created mess, is pure escapism. It’s the same kind of utterly delusional fantasy as the ideas of “Ascension” (which is also warmed over Christianity with a New Age twist) and that “the Earth is moving into a higher dimension in 2012”. [...]  READ MORE