How Could It Be Any Other Way?

Recent horrendous acts of violence and terror by Islamic fanatics were anarried out against UN personnel and others apparently in retaliation for the burning of a Quran (Koran) by an imbecilic religious fanatic in Florida. So, once again in the fine tradition of revenge and retaliation that is the eye-for-an-eye brand of justice that originated with the Old Testament, we see how easily things flare out of proportion…and how little consideration is given to the laws of cause and effect.

Certainly the burning of any book, supposedly holy or not, is no excuse for harming let alone killing anyone. But the percolating poisons of religious delusion need very little additional potentiating in order to render all rationality inoperative. The preacher in Florida, seething with righteous anger at the mere existence of any other delusional religious belief system competing for adherents, demonstrated that insane actions delayed can and will still erupt unless completely contained and neutralized. [...]  READ MORE

Change In Focus

For the better part of the past 24 years I have focused on presenting Billy Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples evidence and information to the public and to confronting the various skeptics, debunkers and defamers.

Try as they did, none of the skeptics could duplicate or effectively debunk any of it.

In the past few years I have focused mainly on the “higher standard of proof”, i.e. the prophetic and predictive information from Meier, who is the prophet for the new time. The source of the most abundant, specific, prophetically accurate information in history, he makes even great seers like Nostradamus seem like vague mumblers in comparison. [...]  READ MORE

Why Religious People Can’t Recognize the Prophet

Religious indoctrination has a number of interesting effects on people, one of which is to prepare them for the coming of a “savior” or “messiah” who, ironically, never seems to arrive. The indoctrination often keeps people in some state of anticipation and hope that must be defended in the face of all evidence, and reality, to the contrary.

Further, the supposed savior, in Christianity, is assumed to be a carbon copy of one “Jesus Christ”, himself a mythical figure, based on the life of a man named Jmmanuel, who was foretold in Isaiah 7:14 and mentioned once in Matthew 1:23. The popular image of the “Jesus Christ” figure is, incongruously, usually portrayed as a nice, blonde-haired, blue-eyed white man, perhaps more likely to hail from Kansas than the Middle East. [...]  READ MORE

The Future San Francisco Earthquake

Below you’ll find four pages from Message from the Pleaides, Volume 4. This is Wendelle Stevens’ description of the viewing of 11 photographs, taken by Billy Meier , showing the future San Francisco earthquake.

In addition to the mind-boggling notion that Meier saw and photographed this event during a time travel trip with Semjase, please also note that Stevens mysteriously misidentifies the Transamerica building, twice referring to it as the World Trade Center.

While there is a World Trade Center building in San Francisco, the building he is actually describing is definitely the Transamerica building. [...]  READ MORE

Anne Coulter to Work at Damaged Japanese Nuclear Reactor

Anne Coulter, the outspoken conservative author and media figure, has apparently decided to put her money where her mouth is. Appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show, Ms. Coulter decried the portrayal of radioactivity, such as is being detected at the damaged nuclear plants in Japan, as being unhealthy for human beings. In fact, Ms. Coulter said that there’s more evidence that it’s actually beneficial.

Later, Ms. Coulter surprised her critics by saying, “All these whiney liberals do is complain about things melting. First it’s the glaciers, now it’s the nuclear plants. I’m so tired of listening to government gripers and Democrats in diapers. Unlike these wimps, I’m going to Japan to not only tour but to work at a damaged nuclear plant. I don’t wear white for anything but weddings so don’t expect to see me cowering in some sissy suit, unfashionably covered from head to toe. It’s going to be Coulter couture all the way. [...]  READ MORE

Letter from a Skeptic

To Eduard Billy Meier, and all whom it may concern:

This letter is not an attack or criticism.

I’ve always wanted to believe in non-terrestrial life.  I am, however, a skeptic when it comes to anything fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to believe in and experience something profound, but, sensibility and a firm grounding in analytical physical viewpoints and explanations has kept my eyes clear.

I was initially drawn to the Billy Meier story by the fantastic pictures and videos.  The phenomenon has always interested me, but, I’ve never personally seen anything with my own eyes that couldn’t be explained, corroborated, or disproved. [...]  READ MORE