Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 2

Looking back from the future to see how we got there

Since we didn’t go into many actual specifics in the first video, let’s take a look at some specific predictions from Billy Meier and indulge in a little speculative, reverse engineering.

Certainly, for Americans, among the most concerning of the many unsettling predictions would be:

16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time. [...]  READ MORE

YouTube Rejects NEW Censorship Attempt by Marie Adler

Adler scam targeted indie filmmakers in US and five different countries

YouTube* today rejected and denied another desperate attempt by con artists, Marie Adler & Associates, to suppress and censor information about their international scam to defraud, extort, and steal from independent filmmakers.

Adler had again sought to have Michael Horn’s  DECEPTION ON DEMAND, Why Are OJ’s Lawyers After Me? and What Is Marie Adler Trying to Hide?removed on so-called…”privacy” grounds, an almost laughable claim by the shameless Marie Adler and her accomplices, Mark Belasco and Jeremy Lunt. [...]  READ MORE

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

Looking back from the future to see how we got there

Michael Horn Live EP 36!

We go out on a limb and focus our attention on that which Billy Meier has predicted,  for the US and the world at large. After all, the economy is supposedly great, so how could Billy Meier’s predictions about a global financial collapse possibly be accurate?

There are some people who, understandably, wonder why we should bother anymore when some events will now happen with certainty. The answer is that there are also other events in the distant future that will happen that are quite positive but also require the fulfillment of the efforts – including the ones we make now – in order to be realized (See: 1958 Letter). [...]  READ MORE

Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

See the Video

Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs. [...]  READ MORE


Persevering on the right path until justice is finally done

“We have determined that the copyright takedown request we received for these URLs was invalid. Your copyright strike has been resolved.” YouTube

I am very pleased to announce that YouTube has restored my film, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, and my two videos, “Why Are OJ’s Lawyers After Me?and “What Is Marie Adler Trying to Hide?” to my channel.

I’m very grateful to YouTube for responding to my concerns; it was a difficult process to go through because, in light of how big a company they are,  I didn’t think my complaints would be considered nor that Adler’s dishonest attempts at silencing me would be recognized and rectified. [...]  READ MORE

More Filmmakers Join Against Marie Adler Scam

How we conduct ourselves throughout our ordeals contributes to our character development. 

Since this is more of a personal matter, than directly related to what I usually discuss on this blog, I’ll post my updates here.



Despite the renewed efforts of Marie Adler and her accomplices to use every unethical means to suppress my free speech – and the public’s right to know about their nefarious activities – not only have I re-posted my film on this small platform  but it will also soon be available on others and, most likely, back on Youtube. [...]  READ MORE

Don’t Demonize Your Foes

Treat each other with love, peace, freedom and harmony

Don’t Demonize Your Foes

It’s in how we deal with our everyday lives, and the people in them, that the practice of the spiritual teaching is perfected.

If we are still fortunate enough to have what for many in the world is the luxury of a “normal” personal life, so far un-impacted by natural disasters, wars, terrorism, societal collapse, etc., let’s inwardly acknowledge our appreciation, and also include and extend thoughtful, authentic understanding to others. [...]  READ MORE