European Scientists Studying Plejaren COVID-19 Information

Still disease will spread, cause many deaths, because of conspiracy theorists and incompetent leaders

A thank you from Ptaah and the Plejaren generally to all human beings who act rationally and responsibly

Excerpt from the 739th contact of Friday, 22nd May 2020

Ptaah Which is right. In regard to that I can also say that all those members of your core group and passive group across the world who follow their intellect and rationality, have followed your comprehensive website publications and the advice included in them regarding security measures and have so far remained safe from the rampantly spreading corona disease. Also very many persons outside of FIGU have read these publications, followed them and have spread them in their circles, wherethrough many Earth human beings remain spared from infection and death through the coronavirus. [...]  READ MORE

As Arizona COVID Cases Rise by 2,400 the Cowards Keep Silent

Political and economic considerations prevail above all things, including life itself

I just saw an article by an Arizona journalist, Blake Morlock, exposing the cynical, politically motivated polices of the governor that are costing human lives:

 Eating Az alive: Ducey’s coronavirus inaction is killing Arizonans for political purposes

I congratulate Mr. Morlock, though I don’t know if he has what it takes to deal with the information we publish. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that whatever skepticism may initially arise when reading this, and the linked to, information (including the foretelling of coming US civil wars, breakup of the country, 2020, etc.) he should know that I’ll gladly respond to his questions, challenges, etc., and, in fact welcome them. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Warning: What Is Yet to Come

Irresponsible leadership will cause 500,000 deaths by end of June; Trump, Bolsonaro to blame that US, Brazil will have largest numbers

Further information on necessary behaviours to be observed

Extract from the 740th Contact, Saturday, 23 May 2020

Ptaah Greetings to you too, Eduard, dear friend, but it is indeed the case that I still have a few things to explain to you in this regard with regard to the safety measures that should be observed under all circumstances. And these explanations are needed according to the need, which you should also publish on your website for publicity, namely the following points, which I will now mention: [...]  READ MORE

Scandal: NPR Hid Own Role in 200% Arizona COVID-19 Increase

KNAU news director Gillian Ferris trashed info in April; Flagstaff Medical Center ignored all warnings

The news that appeared on the website of Flagstaff NPR affiliate, KNAU, about the 200% increase in Arizona COVID-19 cases, conceals the role that the news director, Gillian Ferris, played in preventing critically important, factually accurate, and at the time unknown information from reaching the public.

To No Avail

On April 13, I exchanged a series of emails with Ms. Ferris, informing her of the information I published on February 20thFebruary 25th and March 16 and which I’d already sent to various state and local governmental, medical, educational, scientific, and media personnel, etc.* [...]  READ MORE


Ample evidence the majority of people on earth are hopelessly…stupid

Sorry, it’s inescapably obvious. So, let’s add something else to the list that you can bet they will ignore, at least until it blows up a good portion of Germany:


For those who may not understand the relevance of this new information, here’s what Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher, Sfath, said…in 1948:

220. On the American continent much will be destroyed far and wide in a more distant time, as the great caldera will break open, which cannot be prevented, as the Earth being broken open by the great Eifel caldera in Germany cannot, whereby the upper part of Europe will become a sea of fire. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19: More About the Moronic State of Affairs in Arizona

New aspects of the festering, ever-growing COVIDtastrophe begin to be revealed

I received this information, after posting my article about the atrocious state of affairs in Arizona:

Banner Health says the number of COVID patients on ventilators has quadrupled

Arizona officials use Hacienda rape case as defense to withhold some COVID-19 numbers

 Mentally Anesthetized

So what troubled the incompetents and dummies in positions of public trust and accountability, in Arizona, tasked with protecting the public health, who actually bothered to read the information I provided them? The obvious answer, of course, is that the information came from an alleged extraterrestrial race. [...]  READ MORE