US Astronaut: Billy Meier UFO Photos “Absolutely authentic”

Real scientific experts undo the decades of damage, defamation and disinformation from the skeptics 

The difference between self-dismantled skeptic, Michael Shermer*, and real scientific experts is that they possess the requisite technical expertise that neither Shermer nor any of the skeptics do.

Thanks to another military investigator, we were directed to an old video interview, from 1995, with astronaut Gordon Cooper, who was a pilot on the Mercury-Atlas 9 and Gemini 5 missions. Cooper  was no stranger to photography and said the investigators brought him Billy Meier’s UFO photos (see 58:20): [...]  READ MORE

European COVID Cases Surge…As Billy Meier Predicted

We continue to publish the most critically important, accurate COVID information, BEFORE the CDC/WHO, etc.

COVID Surging in Europe? Can’t Be!

There’s surprising news from Europe – surprising only if you rely on the “news” for the news – that COVID is once again surging:

Covid-19 Appeared to Be Under Control in Europe. Now It’s Surging Again.

It’s exactly as Ptaah foretold, first on May 22nd:

“That will certainly be possible with the mentioned persons, while on the contrary, due to the irrationality of the unteachable ones, in the coming time further harm will not be avoidable, although a rational action and behaviour will be necessary because the rampantly spreading corona disease is not ending quickly; rather, although for the time being it is indeed somewhat diminished in Europe, it will however flare up again, as our calculations show.” [...]  READ MORE

Is Billy Meier Over 160 Years Old?

Information regarding time travel as well as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, true statistics, etc.

New Translation Contact 748

Here is a new, official translation from the 748th Contact. It covers enormously interesting information regarding Billy Meier’s time travels with Sfath, his true age, etc., as well as updates on the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, which has been greatly under-reported.

As soon as the official translation is available it will be posted on the blog.

Coronavirus Mutations

I guess this is new…to most of the world [...]  READ MORE

Arizona Parents Demand More COVID Suffering for Their Children

As bizarre as it may be, it seems an extraterrestrial human race is more concerned about our future survival than we are


When the full extent of the COVID scandal in Arizona is finally made known, not only should those who’ve suppressed this life-saving information – for months – be held accountable, but perhaps it will contribute to greater awareness everywhere regarding the true facts about this disease…and the extraordinary assistance we received from an extraterrestrial human race, who are apparently more concerned about our future survival than we are. [...]  READ MORE

Take a Breath

variety of creative breath work processes and techniques, from the Russian martial art, Systema, to relax and revitalize the body


The profound, ever-increasing challenges of these difficult times can be enormously stressful. With the additional limitations and pressures from lengthy lockdowns, social isolation, societal upheaval and all around uncertainty, many of the ways we’ve used for relieving stress may no longer be available to us, or feel inadequate, adding to our own feelings of overwhelm, causing anxiety, depression, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Shermer: Skeptic, Defamer…Rapist? Part 2

In his own words, the cowardly, characterless man who’s defamed Billy Meier for years, indicts himself as a manipulative fraud and phony


What Happens When you Give a Man Enough…Rope

Regarding Michael Shermer: Skeptic, Defamer…Rapist?, please read the exchange below between Andrea and him carefully and consider that he has indulged in cowardly character assassination and unsubstantiated claims against Billy Meier, for many years. No real scientist – or any decent person – thinks, or behaves, this way.


“If you subscribe to theyflyblog and/or have listened to the interviews Michael Horn has given over the past few years, you know that he has attempted to engage and debate with UFO Skeptic Michael Shermer—without success. I thought I would try my luck.

As the coronavirus is at the fore of most people’s thoughts, I began my correspondence with Mr. Shermer by asking him how it was possible for Billy Meier to know of, and publish, all of the most important aspects of COVID-19 before official sources like the CDC and the WHO. [...]  READ MORE

There’s No Place Like OM

If you like to learn about or discuss the world of dreams, sleep paralysis and other interesting sleep or meditative phenomena, this is the place for you.

Please share and discuss your strange and funny experiences here.