Today this important warning is circulating, much as the seawater circulates and carries things along in its currents. There is little to say that can make anyone feel better; nothing to say that can change what has happened – and much of what will happen – all because of human ignorance, greed and denial. Nonetheless, we… Read More

The enormous fires that are raging now in the Western United States have reminded many people of the specific warnings given by Billy Meier and the Plejaren. It is still too early to know if this is the situation that Ptaah warned about, more than a decade ago. It was pointed out by Ptaah that… Read More

Yes indeed, “experts” have indeed been “puzzled” by a steam and gas spewing volcanic geyser near Rome’s airport. Of course it may not be quite so puzzling to those of us who’ve been reading – and hopefully learning – from the prophetic information published over the past seven decades by Billy Meier. In this particular… Read More

On July 25, 2013, at 7:54 in the morning, I suddenly awoke to the phrase, “when the prophecies prove to be true”, emphatically and urgently repeating itself inside my head. I got up and searched the prophecies and predictions section of my site and found it, in context, in what are called the Henoch (Enoch) Prophecies: Quetzal:… Read More

Maddening Machinations…and why I Go Bonkers Imagine for a moment that you belong to an organization comprised of people who are all looking for an elusive mine with a vast treasure in gold, etc. You and your fellows have searched long and hard and have followed one lead after another, one report of the shiny,… Read More

A new study by research scientists confirms what Billy Meier has long been told, and warned of, regarding the release of methane gas from the now rapidly melting permafrost, including the danger of…atmospheric collapse. Not surprisingly, the main focus of the report is on the economic impact, since human beings of Earth seem to think that economics… Read More