Once again – doncha get tired of hearing that? – a, pardon me, “new study”  confirms information give to Billy Meier from the Plejaren extraterrestrial human pertaining to how seismic activity, i.e. pertaining to earthquakes, can foretell explosive volcanic eruptions. A hopeful sign is that it only took scientists…five years this time to catch up… Read More

It seems that yet another of Billy Meier’s prophecies is on its way to fulfillment and of course no one’s paying attention. In his Warning to All the Governments of Europe, written in 1958, Meier states, in sentence number 127., “And in the Third Millennium when the time comes when big parts of the continents… Read More

Hi there, boys and girls! You may remember that, yesterday, we discussed recent revelations about what those naughty wolves were up to and how Billy Meier, that kindly, bearded gentleman in Switzerland, was already letting that cat out of the bag about all that long ago. Sure, we forgot to mention how far-reaching are the… Read More

“in bed together” or “howl with the wolves”? As the world learns more about the secret machinations of the NSA – and USA – we are again gently reminded of just how unfortunately accurate Billy Meier’s prophetic information has been. As Edward Snowden states that NSA spies are “in bed together with the Germans and… Read More

NASA has asked for the public’s help in devising means to protect the Earth from asteroids. Of course, the Russians and Chinese already appear to have taken the hint, i.e. have paid attention to the information first presented to Billy Meier in 1981 by the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings pertaining to what they called the Red meteor… Read More

Having succeeded in getting the U.S. out of Iraq, the pressure now mounts on President Obama regarding his apparently very reluctant intervention in Syria, as well as the all-invasive use of drones at home and abroad. While the article by Peter Baker in the New York Times may serve to antidote some of the infectious,… Read More

UPDATE: News reports finally begin to mention global warming, overpopulation. How’s about an answer tailor made for the American mind, “Hey, don’t worry about it! Let’s catch the big game, find out what’s goin’ on with the Kardarshians and buy some lottery tickets!” And if someone asks, “Didn’t that Swiss guy say something about this too… Read More