Or: Please, No More…UFO Petitions! There’s now yet another UFO petition being circulated to “…demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP – the Rockefeller Initiative.” As someone who’s been involved in the field of UFO research for 33 years, why would I ask people to not participate and/or support… Read More

Slowly but surely the real story about Pearl Harbor begins to come out…with all sorts of qualifiers, of course. But as has proved to be the case innumerable times before, the real and complete truth was told to Billy Meier long ago. Likewise, we are seeing the prescient truthfulness of the warning regarding Israel’s secret… Read More

Regarding: The verification of copyrights, etc. I’m responding here to the fourth comment on my recent blog that referred to another remarkable confirmation of scientific information published by Billy Meier years before “official discovery”. The person posting the response raises some points about the difficulty they have had in trying to verify copyright dates for… Read More

That’s right; just imagine how easy it will be for skeptics to point out the obviousness of the latest confirmation of Billy Meier’s prophetic accuracy. After all, didn’t everyone – didn’t they – point out long ago that an experiment to combine pig DNA with spinach genes would be successfully undertaken by the Japanese? Okay,… Read More

While you may wonder, “Water they talking about?” and shout out, “Liquid they’re doing now!”, there is sufficient commentary contained within this report. I merely wish to bring it to your attention.… Read More

…or What Else Is New? Yes, another oil spill, this time off the coast of Brazil, where I’ve been living. So, is this being given major news coverage yet in the states? And of course while blaming Chevron is the easy thing to do, isn’t it true that we all share in the blame for… Read More

First, odds are that the full extent of the abuse, depravity and perversion at Penn State is not yet known. But what we can already see is disgusting evidence of the moral rot, and lack of real, true values, at the heart of our country. The worship of sports and its personnel is an idiotic… Read More