Our thanks to Dave for updating us regarding the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies. So now the Norwegians have a little more reason to learn about Billy Meier..before they have to start learning Russian. For those of you’ve been paying attention, this nice little man in Switzerland, and some of his Plejaren friends, have been… Read More

Some people have assumed that there is new footage of a UFO from Billy Meier that we show at approximately 9:40 in as the time fulfills. However, that is not the case. The fact is that…I took the film from my seat on a Swiss airlines flight to see Meier in Switzerland last October. And… Read More

UFOs have long been considered a fringe topic and attempts to present credible information have been largely marginalized by associating them with all the cranks and crackpots who fill the pages of tabloids. While most of the marginalization, disinformation, etc., has often come from governmental, media and/or intelligence groups, the greatest enemies of the truth… Read More

Michael Horn Brings the Billy Meier Case to Asia Read all about Michael’s extraordinary presentations of the Billy Meier case at the 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress. …and: Michael Brings the Billy Meier Case to Colleges and Universities And read about Michael’s new multi-media presentations specially intended for colleges and universities that will explore… Read More

After the re-election of President Obama, there’s been a sudden resurgence of a disease, previously thought to have been largely eradicated in America, with even more virulence than even the CCMED (Center for Control of Moral and Ethical Diseases) had imagined. Yes, racism is back with a naked vengeance, or perhaps it was just festering largely noticed.… Read More

Many things have been long foretold and warned of and many have already come to pass, though their foretelling is unacknowledged by most. Like the inevitability of death itself the truth is ignored, though that which has been foretold in prophecy need not necessarily arise if human beings heed the warnings and change to the… Read More