Yet Another Prophecy Being Fulfilled before Our Sleepy Eyes?

The 30-year anniversary of the war between Argentina and Great Britain over the Falkland Islands was recently noted, as well as the growing dispute regarding oil rights in the area.

If one was cynical they might think that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that they were only concerned with upholding the rights of the Falkland Islanders to “determine their own future” was simply diplomatic/political doubletalk, i.e. lying.

Whatever one may think, a careful read of Quetzal’s unambiguous, prophetic words to Billy Meier – 31 years ago – about the long range ramifications of the (then coming) war between the two countries may be of interest, especially as it relates to the prospects of a Third World War. [...]  READ MORE

Obviously just another Coincidence

In July of 2011, we pointed out that Russia moved troops to a place called Arkhangelsk, from which it was long foretold that they will eventually launch large scale attacks. Perhaps because of the obvious unlikelihood that Billy Meier could come up with the exact and largely unknown name of the staging area for the prophesied attacks, skeptics and the phonies and critics in the UFO community have completely ignored this compelling information. They are further boxed in by the fact that the prophecies have been online since 2006, thereby annihilating the frivolous and commonly resorted to claims that Meier “must have” backdated his information, redacted it, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Ho-hum, Meier Right Again, this Time about Dangers of Space Travel

A just released article about the now realized dangers of space travel  states that,  “Brain scans of NASA astronauts who have spent more than a month in space have revealed damage to their eyeballs and brain tissue.” While this “new revelation”, determined by researchers using MRI brain scans, may come as news to some, those who have long followed the information from Swiss UFO contactee may be simply stifling another yawn.

In Contact Report #150, from October 10th, 1981 – verifiably in publication for decades – Meier is told in great detail about the extensive dangers that await humankind in our, still primitive, steps towards real space travel that will gradually lead us to explore our own solar system and ultimately propel us into actual outer space. [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 6)

Very little has to be said about this automotive development and its indication of the direction that technology is taking, as well as how it shows the kind of cars described by Wendelle Stevens when he viewed the photographs of the…coming San Francisco earthquake.

The reason that no more needs to be said is that even after this mega-disaster – and others – occur, people will still be in denial of Billy Meier’s prophetic accuracy, even though they’ll be able to verify that he predicted the specific events long in advance. [...]  READ MORE

How You Can Prove that the Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real and True

Simply read Billy Meier’s corroborated, prophetically accurate scientific information, such as in WILL HUMANITY WAKE UP…IN TIME? and you will know that the Billy Meier UFO case is real,  factually true and accurate.

That’s it.

Prophetic Accuracy

If I said no more, and if you are an intelligent, reasonable person, a little effort on your part will reveal the inescapable truth to you. You will see that Meier’s remarkable prophetic accuracy has nothing to do with “lucky guesses”, nor does it rely on dubious interpretations of vague, mystical, symbolic texts. Instead, you will find example after example of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information that leaves only two possibilities. One is that Meier is indeed receiving his information from far more advanced beings. The other possibility is that he’s the most amazingly accurate psychic and/or prophet that ever lived. [...]  READ MORE


I’ve received a good number of emails asking why I haven’t posted any recent blogs showing more corroboration for Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information, etc.

Certainly such information continues to be corroborated and I’ll include an example below*.

However, it must be pointed out that the country I live in is submerged in a vast of sea of religious delusion which allows for, and actually encourages and makes seemingly normal, such primitive, cultic, essentially savagely sick degenerations of the human consciousness as are peddled by many of the current crop of aspiring “leaders”, such as this fool[...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 5)

As the time fulfills, it becomes less and less necessary to try to prove anything to a world that has largely chosen to ignore the harsh truth. But a couple of items that find their way into the news will be noted here and there for those who may be interested and would benefit from the additional reminders. Most people will not draw the connections but for those who are willing to perceive them, perhaps there are still some things that can be prevented, mitigated, or minimized in impact and severity. Perhaps not. [...]  READ MORE