A Skeptic Cries out…for Help

I’m reaching out to the skeptical community to offer support to one of their own, Stuart Robbins, who seems to have gotten himself way over his head in some very deep “stuff” and is obviously crying out for help.

Stu posted a blog, a seemingly harmless enough venture for a professional astronomer in a field not usually known for creating ongoing public controversy. The problem is that the blog in question (which will doubtless be the lengthiest and most popular he’ll ever post) pertained to Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, especially in regards to what Meier called the Red Meteor, now officially known as asteroid Apophis. (The illustrated information can be seen here, in six languages; is it “coincidental” that the Russians and Chinese both became proactive about deflecting Apophis…after this was published?) [...]  READ MORE

Another Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Prophetic Scientific Accuracy

A recent, NASA funded scientific study shows – for the first time – that space travel is harmful to the…brain.

Of course, NASA’s information is – once again – superseded by Billy Meier’s very specific information on space related brain injuries, which he first published in 1981…31 years before NASA.

While the NASA study refers to “cognitive problems” andneurodegeneration”, Billy Meier’s information, reproduced below for your convenience (thanks to Mahigitam for finding this information!) are the sentences that specifically refer to the brain damage (emphasis added): [...]  READ MORE

First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?

A Chinese scientist from Tsinghua University, in Beijing, recently announced a plan to divert asteroid Apophis from colliding with the Earth. Apophis is known to people familiar with the Billy Meier information as the Red Meteor.

Meier first published his warnings about the Red Meteor/Apophis in 1981, which we have since posted in illustrated form in six languages.

First, the Russians heeded Meier’s warnings – while not “officially” admitted, his information is known and studied by various international intelligence agencies and even the…Vatican – and it appears that their open invitation to the European Space Agency and the Chinese was actually noticed, at least by the Chinese. [...]  READ MORE


Since the world is supposed to officially end on December 21, please take advantage – now – of this very limited time offer!

Okay, so the end of the world is not official but the end of this limited time offer is.

Free Stuff First!

The Silent Revolution of Truth, our first documentary on the Billy Meier UFO case, has now been re-mastered and reissued as a two-disk set for $25.

We will give you this $25 value free with the purchase of our newest film, as the time fulfills – or with any purchase over $25 at our site[...]  READ MORE

47 ESA/NASA Experts: Increasing Ice Melt, Rising Sea Levels…as Billy Meier Warned in 1964

47 scientific experts that were brought together by ESA and NASA warned that there’s an increase in the rate of ice sheet melting with resultant increases in the rise of sea levels.

Antarctica and Greenland are both losing ice at a rate of more than three times as much as in the 1990s.

Now, for those who are actually paying attention to just how thoroughly we’ve been warned and warned and warned again by Billy Meier, perhaps you will be motivated to find a way to speak up for…our planet, our lives, please consider doing so. Consider pointing those who share our common interests to all of the free information, all of the specific prophetic warnings about the very times we are in, in a non-missionizing way. [...]  READ MORE

Henoch Prophecies Update!

Our thanks to Dave for updating us regarding the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies. So now the Norwegians have a little more reason to learn about Billy Meier..before they have to start learning Russian.

For those of you’ve been paying attention, this nice little man in Switzerland, and some of his Plejaren friends, have been patiently trying to awaken sleepy humanity to its ill-conceived course and the deadly consequences thereof…for a very long time. But because the mass consciousness has a large population of monkey brains who set up arbitrary “criteria” for judging the reality of Meier’s contacts – such as stating that unless they are the ones being contacted they’re not interested in the content – we get to watch the prophecies unfold like reruns from a bad movie. [...]  READ MORE

Solved! The “Dot in the Sky” UFO!

Some people have assumed that there is new footage of a UFO from Billy Meier that we show at approximately 9:40 in as the time fulfills.

However, that is not the case. The fact is that…I took the film from my seat on a Swiss airlines flight to see Meier in Switzerland last October. And while I will leave it to others to determine what the object is, one thing that is not debatable is that Meier casually gave information about the movements and interests, of numerous countries, in the Arctic and its valuable resources that have indeed occurred since the interview was filmed. [...]  READ MORE