I’ve received a good number of emails asking why I haven’t posted any recent blogs showing more corroboration for Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information, etc. Certainly such information continues to be corroborated and I’ll include an example below*. However, it must be pointed out that the country I live in is submerged in a… Read More

As the time fulfills, it becomes less and less necessary to try to prove anything to a world that has largely chosen to ignore the harsh truth. But a couple of items that find their way into the news will be noted here and there for those who may be interested and would benefit from… Read More

There is yet more corroboration of scientific, and other, information published before “official discovery”, or occurrence, by Billy Meier. These “prophetically accurate” items, recently in the news, still post-date Meier’s original information. Please note that it was said that it would be at the time that the prophecies begin to fulfill themselves that the authenticity… Read More

Russia’s recent warning that an attack on Iran is an attack on her, by the West (U.S.) and/or Israel, echoes what Billy Meier told me in May of 2006. The subject of Israel and its self-determined fate was explained to Meier, as far back as 1981, “His land, Israel, as is said in a prophecy,… Read More

I tuned in to the Republican debate Monday night (January 16) right at the point that Ron Paul was answering questions, making statements about, U.S. foreign policy and how attacking people all over the world in their own countries, especially those who hadn’t attacked us, was not only the wrong thing to do but led… Read More

The following blog was prompted by an email from a friend who seems to think that the actions ascribed to George Romney and his company in this film may be justifiable as an exercise of true “free market capitalism”. He raised points about the rights of corporate owners to sell, along with the rights of… Read More

It was at the time when the ancient prophecies began to fulfill themselves, when the upheavals started, and the people had lost themselves in all that was unreal. It was at the time when neither reason nor clarity were possessed or valued by very many. As the long foretold, unstoppable wave of destruction rolled in… Read More