Putting the Pieces Together

It is still up to each human being to determine if they will respond to the call to action.

We can now put some of the pieces together, connecting information that spans…60 years.

In 1958, Billy Meier published information warning about “modern human enslavement” that will be introduced by the USA and the EU by which “the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a ‘biometric identification system'”.

In October 2017, Meier published new prophecies and predictions, including:

1. The great misery and the end of the overpopulation-crescendo will be that the global elites will realize that they can only guarantee the retention of their power by drastically reducing the population, and this reduction of humanity threatens to be implemented in the future in a lawless manner by these world powers, if the mass growth of the population is not stopped beforehand by means of a drastic global birth-stop and a global birth-rate-control. The world powers resp. the governmental mighty, the people-rulers and the capitalist powerful, who as such form a global elite, which overall is also strongly religious-sectarianly involved, as will remain the case in the future, will, in the manner of their actions, be much, much worse than the war-crimes and human-rights-crimes that took place under the NAZI-regime.

2.  The future globally powerful elite will show no mercy at all and will carry out an extermination of human beings, which could not be more terrifying. And that may occur, according to probability-calculations, in a variety of ways, such as e.g. that various old deadly plagues are cultivated and prepared with new deadly agents, but also that artificially cultivated diseases can be used to decimate humankind. The calculations also point to the possibility that infectious biological materials will be used secretly for the decimation of humanity, and that their lethal effects will be presented to the public as new and incurable plagues, whereby the toxins permeate the entire organism via the respiratory tract and the mouth or also through the skin or mucous membranes, so that inescapably, unstoppable mass die-offs occur. Also belonging to the arsenal for decimating humankind to a governable size are such things as intentionally provoked famines and wars and poisoning of the food and drinking water, which will take place worldwide, thus not only in a few murderous and dictatorial states.  Also to be considered a possibility is that a thermonuclear war will be used to depopulate the human mass, in order to reduce them so that they can again be governed, so indeed also in that way, a mass murder of peoples resp. a murder of humankind can take place on an unprecedented scale.

Many times, Meier has also warned about various nefarious parties, worldwide, including a so-called Dark Order, with aspirations for complete world domination, which they pursue using sophisticated technological means, as well as covert actions, etc.  Now, thanks to Alexandra Bruce, who has provided controversial and cutting edge information for many years, we learn about the identity of at least one of these powerful organizations, SERCO, by way of research done by American Intelligence Media…as well as the possible means by which they intend to effect their alleged evil agenda.

In light of this, reminding people about the dangers of 5G now takes on an even greater importance.

Again we see that truth is indeed stranger than fiction and that Meier’s warnings long precede, and continue to be validated and corroborated by, researchers and whistleblowers.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together reveals an almost brutally unimaginable picture, rendered by the human collective over many millennia. And yet it is still up to each human being to determine if they will respond to the call to action, if they will dare to take the only steps that can – and will – over a very long period of time, lead us to reason, to true peace, love, freedom and harmony, which for now may seem unattainable…as the time fulfills.

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32 Replies to “Putting the Pieces Together”

  1. I just finished having lunch their was a small piece of fish I had …then I started pondering. I wonder if this fish came from the Pacific Ocean? My thoughts then led me to ponder what I’m currently reading the energy evolution Viktor Schauberger who in fact was one the head engineer’s in ww2 for the terrestrial non interstellar UFO

    Respectfully Ptaah answering true or false to conspiracy’s

    42. Nazi UFOs: The Third Reich owned a futuristic aircraft.

    140. TRUE

    141. The Nazi Reich developed disc-shaped aircraft that went around 2000 km/h (1243 mph) and reached an altitude of over 12500 meters (1.24 miles).

    Page.81 fig.2 within the book I’m reading “The energy evolution” explains Viktor’s trout turbine

    An page.161 fig26 explains his repulsator.

    With that said ***I Highly, and in humbleness sense connecting this two (1). The trout turbine and
    (2). The repulsator
    But also
    (3). Creating a noble ceramic filter
    That would form a Octopus filtration for ocean seas and shores and ebb and flow is the ONLY option we have to save our seas

  2. In other words this technology has been tried and tested…it WILL work to use inversion technology to suck the oil out and extract it from ocean sea.

  3. LUis. I recently read an article on the internet about the engineers at Fulushima Japan were going to dump ALL the catammentad water into the pacific ocean! “You have better NOT ANY fish from the Pacific ocean because of the radio active contamination from the Pacific ocean. I stopped eating fish because unless the fish is labeled where when and more I just WON`T eat fish anymore. We need to have ALL foods labeled NO bar codes!” If you can try to read the label to see where the fish is coming from. “These terrible Dark Forces will do ANYTHING to kill us all off!”

  4. Hi MH I just sent that website to my other organization wespac foundation urging wespac to sight the petition from Carol Rosen asking everone to stop the weaponization of space. I urge everyone who is a member of figu,They Fly,The Future of Mankind etc to sign on this petition. Here is the web address http://www.peaceinspace.com/index/php/en/ “This is an urgent messgage to prevent Trump,The Deep State,Dark Forces,Black Ps and espcailly SERCO from trying to destroy ALL life here on Planet Earth and eslwhere in the vast cosmic universe and other universes too!” The more who sign on this petition the better off we will be because these bad malevolent mean forces think they are above the law so they think they can try to kill ALL of us off! We NEED to send these shills and cabals a messge that we will NOT obey them and that we WILL resist them with all our might and everthing we`ve got”Might of Thoughts!” etc!

  5. We NEED to send a messge to SERCO that we WILL NOT cooperate with such a bad malevolent sinister force!!! We will send SERCO back where they came from be it the Sirius System,Orion System, etc and or elsewhere EVER!!!

  6. Comment from Terry Carch, moved here from the now deleted temporary “site updates” notice:

    Here is an article you may want to read and check out. This article coincides with Billy Meiers prediction of the deteriorating state of the US neverending warmongering police state. From counterpunch.org for Monday June 4rth 2018: ” The American Way of War: Evolution Stops Here by Robert Koehler

    Thank you & Salome
    Anthea WC (Site Tech Support & They Fly Blog “helper”)

  7. With sincere regret I disavow my presence within these pages. For historical context , my final comment:
    Abrupt, irreversible climate change leading to extinction is WRIT LARGE in the scientific vocabularly. Irrefutable evidence calls for the near-term extinction of terrestrial humans. Where we go go from here is anyone’s guess.
    But I refuse to disavow the evidence.
    For reference:

    Peace be with you all.

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