Michael Horn on C2C on…September 11!

George Noory will interview me on C2C and, while the listing says September 10, my segment starts at midnight Pacific Time) on…September 11.

So it’s a fitting opportunity to show that Billy Meier was indeed forewarned about the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, in the…same contact as all of the specific, now absolutely proven prophetically accurate information about the Russian military movements, the Islamic uprisings, computerized weapons, etc.

Any rational, reasoning person should now see the complete irrelevance of arguing about the space photos and realize that it’s of the utmost urgency to be focusing on the spiritual teaching, learning to observe and control one’s thinking and making strong alliances with like-minded people, etc. [...]  READ MORE

The Things He Fears the Most

NOTE: I thought this would be of interest in light of the overall Hornet’s Nest topic…and before I post the MUFON update on Thursday.

I recently had the opportunity to engage in an exchange of emails with someone outside of the UFO field who said that they had very high level contacts in a number of, political, entertainment and scientific fields etc., in fact all the way up to the…White House. There were a few things that I learned in these exchanges that were both surprising and a bit disappointing. To me they confirm what Meier and the Plejaren have long said about our beliefs-dominated behaviors. [...]  READ MORE

The Dangers Posed

Now that the first of the presidential debates is over, however you viewed the candidates and their presentations, it would be good to see exactly what the Plejaren and Billy Meier have to say about each of them.

In particular, you may be interested in what they specifically had to say about the extreme dangers posed by one of the candidates. You can find all of this in the new film, “as the time fulfills”.

And here’s a new press release inviting the world to discover and investigate what Meier has to say about many other things…including the rapidly developing situation at the Polar Regions which, along with the WTC attacks on 9/11, was long foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. [...]  READ MORE