Too Late Even for More Trees

Jet-setting to climate conferences didn’t solve the problem either

Not only has the mainstream press finally recognized the inescapable and undeniable reality of the unstoppable nature of climate destruction , but it inadvertently hit on the major causative factor, overpopulation, something even the environmentalists have failed to recognize.

As is often the case today, even well-intentioned people succumb to the pursuit of celebrity and irrelevant distractions, instead of a steadfast pursuit of the solutions to the problems they initially recognized. Some 10 years ago Billy Meier spoke about the hypocrisy and posturing around environmental issues that would supersede serious study and effective actions. [...]  READ MORE

Prophetic Painting? You Decide

Painting from 1965 shows numerous images seemingly foretelling specific current events 

In 1965, my painting below was displayed in the Sixty-eightth Annual Exhibitionby Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I draw your attention to several of the images in the painting, beginning in the top left.

1. There is a white football player kneeling while another football player is standing, looking away from him. Behind him is the partially obscured word “Hero”. [...]  READ MORE