How The Black Vault Locks Out the UFO Truth

What happens when anger and immaturity triumph over one’s own commitment to finding the truth 

I recently posted an introductory comment on the The Black Vault, a website created by John Greenewald, primarily about “UFO disclosure”. Since John had received and posted some supposedly important information about UFOs, from the CIA, my purpose was to try to open a discussion with the forum members, and John, about the Billy Meier contacts and its incomparable, independently authenticated evidence. [...]  READ MORE

The Singularly Authentic Billy Meier UFO Case

Face-to-face contacts still ongoing for 79 years; scientific analyses and authentication span over 40 years

the key to our future survival has been handed to us. do we have the wisdom to use it?
Billy Meier UFO photo, 1975

The REAL UFO Films the Pentagon Hid from You

Miliary, aerospace, legal opinions:
US Astronaut: Billy Meier UFO Photos “Absolutely authentic”

USAF OSI Investigator Concludes Billy Meier UFO Case Real

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Independent analyses and authentication of Meier’s UFO evidence, by scientific experts from 1978 – 2017:

Scientific Experts’ Comments on Meier’s UFO Evidence

Analysis of Meier’s ET UFO Photographs

Report on UFO Sound Recordings

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO [...]  READ MORE

More About “Alien Abductions”

Hysteria about NOT being abducted reaches fever pitch

My recent blog about exploitation of the gullible by the profit-seeking promoters- and goofy poseurs – in the wild, wacky, wonderful world of UFOlogy, raises the question:

Are all reports of so-called “alien abductions” really false?

The perhaps surprising answer is…no.

As for dealing with the inevitable hysteria of those who feel left out because they have NOT been abducted by aliens – information like this, from the 249th Contact, may be helpful: [...]  READ MORE

Revisiting the UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion

Shamelessly thrusting and quacking their way to the stars

In case you’re wondering (and you should be) why Chinese children excel in school consider that they don’t seem to waste their time on a favorite, delusional pastime of many westerners, i.e. UFOlogy.

Now that the UFO topic has gained widespread interest, and some degree of credibility, there’s an increase in the glut of escapists, imbeciles and profiteers who think (or want you to think) that they’ve been contacted, probed, abducted and deducted by “aliens”. [...]  READ MORE

Free UFO Home Study Course

Everything you need to know from world’s leading UFO authority

“Thank you. This is pure gold!”



“Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.”  George Noory, Coast to Coast AM (after Horn’s 20th appearance on C2C)

Michael Horn will give away the first four lessons of his UFO Home Study Course absolutely FREE. There will be no obligation to purchase the remaining course.

Included in the complete UFO Home Study Course will be everything you need to know about:

UFOs, the cover-up & disclosure

Extraterrestrials, interdimensionals

UFO  Contactees

Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, etc.

Alien abductions & animal mutilations

Roswell & Rendlesham   [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Warns WHERE Apophis Will Hit

NASA, US government and media blackout info about ongoing UFO contacts

The Express today published their second article regarding Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis. In this interview, Michael Horn relates what the Plejaren told Meier about the specific location that Apophis would most likely hit, i.e. between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

And while NASA, the government and the US media, i.e. the fake news, continue to narcotize the masses with vast amounts of inaccurate, useless gibberish, it’s still the responsibility of the people to desire and search for the truth. But while masses of people in America are far more concerned with legalizing marijuana, and literally narcotizing themselves, a little intrusion such as Apophis could still disturb their reverie here at home. [...]  READ MORE

NASA Fatally Wrong about Asteroid Apophis


Another example of NASA’s miscalculations and more reasons to heed the warnings from the Plejaren.

Space agency’s miscalculations greatly underestimate real threat

While the dire reality of the environmental destruction is staggering to consider, there’s another massive threat to the planet and human survival. NASA recently took the opportunity to disagree with Elon Musk’s concern about a threat to the planet from asteroids, and then to specifically dismiss concerns about asteroid Apophis.

Both times NASA greatly – and dangerously incorrectly – minimized the actual threat of Apophis impacting Earth. [...]  READ MORE