Apocalyptic Consequences of more Arctic Methane Release

Corroborates Billy Meier’s 1989 information on methane danger

In Dahr Jamail’s most recent of several articles dealing with the danger from methane gas, he discusses a recent report warning about the potentially apocalyptic consequences of more Arctic methane release.

Mr. Jamail has been doing important investigative work in this field for some time. His article also quotes Natalia Shakhova, whose comments immediately establish that she too understands the dire nature of the situation and the danger from large, “non-gradual” methane releases. Neither of them appear to have compromised their interest in the truth for material considerations, such as is the case with so many scientists (and others) who are climate change deniers, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Documenting Billy Meier’s Prophetic Information

A place to post and discuss newly corroborated events and discoveries

While there already are about 150 specific examples of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific and world event related information here, and many more throughout this blog, new corroborations can be posted and discussed here.

There are new articles on things like the rising sea levels that corroborate exactly what Meier has long warned about, beginning in 1964 when he first foretold the melting of the glaciers and the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic, and what Ptaah reiterated, in 2006[...]  READ MORE

Weekend Reminder: Henoch Prophecies Update


9.4.14: Russian General Demands Preemptive Nuclear Strike Doctrine Against NATO

See also: New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III

Putin Threatens Nuclear War Over Ukraine

On the off chance that it matters to anyone (outside of the “choir”), here are some recent articles, mainly pertaining to Russian military movements involving Scandinavia, Canada and the US that were specifically warned about by Billy Meier in 1987:

Russia Warns Sweden and Finland Against NATO Membership [...]  READ MORE

Wake the Hell Up!

Russia and its leader (who many Americans also admire because of his macho posturing) continue to openly march forward towards the fulfillment of their negative role in the Henoch Prophecies, as I’ve been documenting on this blog. Meanwhile, many Americans are busy blaming president Obama for all of their woes, failing to understand just how the power game in the USA really works, which was even explained to us by Billy Meier and Ptaah in the process of hinting at the possible fulfillment of another element in the Henoch Prophecies by 2020. [...]  READ MORE

Howling with the Wolves

Watching the Henoch Prophecies continue to unfold…right in front of everyone’s noses 

We could also call this Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately, Part III, as we now see revelations about Germany’s complicity with the NSA and Poland’s turning away from the US.

Of course prophetic information about all this from Billy Meier was published in the Henoch Prophecies 1987 and has been available on line for many years prior to these recent corroborating developments: [...]  READ MORE

Isn’t It Time to…WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION?

There are several news stories that, again, are reinforcing the unfortunate accuracy of the prophetic scientific information and warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, who apparently care more about us, our environment and world than we do.

Reinforcing Meier’s warnings, dating back to 1958, about the ongoing dangers from radiation and nuclear power plants, is this report about workers getting sick from exposure to “unknown fumes”. And there were problems in New Mexico with radiation leaks that must have just gone away by themselves since they’re not I today’s news. [...]  READ MORE

Henoch Prophecies Update!

Our thanks to Dave for updating us regarding the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies. So now the Norwegians have a little more reason to learn about Billy Meier..before they have to start learning Russian.

For those of you’ve been paying attention, this nice little man in Switzerland, and some of his Plejaren friends, have been patiently trying to awaken sleepy humanity to its ill-conceived course and the deadly consequences thereof…for a very long time. But because the mass consciousness has a large population of monkey brains who set up arbitrary “criteria” for judging the reality of Meier’s contacts – such as stating that unless they are the ones being contacted they’re not interested in the content – we get to watch the prophecies unfold like reruns from a bad movie. [...]  READ MORE