ASU sees 1950s cartoons, vampire TV shows and zombie tax laws as real keys to higher education In keeping with their tradition of offering the most scientifically significant and thought provoking information, such as “burning questions” about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Daffy Duck cartoons and tax laws regarding zombies, the so-called Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University is presenting… Read More

I’ll be interviewed by Rob Simone on C2C (Coasttocoastam) Sunday, March 9 at midnight Pacific Time. We’ll be discussing the banning of my new film, And Did They Listen?, by Arizona State University, as well as some of the things covered in the film. Please feel free to listen in and lose lots of sleep,… Read More

A “new scientific discovery” about evidence for an “aggression gene” comes as no surprise to those who’ve read Contact 251 and other information from the Billy Meier UFO contacts. Since it gets tiring always saying (and I’m sure hearing), “we told you so”, here’s a paragraph from the contact: “To some extent the creators merely… Read More

Or: The perversity of diversity instead of healthy controversy I recently contacted Arizona State University regarding screening my new film, And Did They Listen? for the students and faculty alike. I was referred, and submitted my film, to Ms. Beatriz Kravetz, a lovely woman who is apparently in charge of such things. Quite honestly, in… Read More