Racing Down the UFO Road to Nowhere

The real price of the cover-up of the Billy Meier case will be paid by humankind for a very long time to come, which bothers the shills and hucksters not one bit

In my presentations and interviews I’ve been emphasizing the very overlooked fact that the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life forms would be the single most important discovery in all of human history…exceeded only by contact between them and a person on Earth.

Nonetheless, the UFO field is filled with one unsubstantiated claim after another from people popping out of the woodwork in an attempt to reap some kind of bounty from the delusional, distracting, disinformation rich circus. [...]  READ MORE

Why I Won’t Be on C2C Anymore

…and why that’s okay.

I recently sent C2C host, reporter George Knapp a couple of emails, suggesting he interview me again, both of which apparently really ruffled his feathers. As I did convey to him, it wasn’t my intention to be as insulting as he interpreted them to be. The lines that he pointed out that inflamed him were:

“In fact, focusing on anything but the Meier case as far as UFO related matters goes, is a huge waste of time that only continues to produce the very evident dead-ends. Having said that, I’d be delighted to address those claims and any challenges to them if you’d like.” [...]  READ MORE