How MUFON Helped the Spread of ISIS

Fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger to their own lives

I recently spoke with someone in the MUFON organization who is actually concerned with the real world, unlike many people who involve themselves with “researching” UFOs. In fact, she was extremely concerned about the spread of ISIS, or the IS. Her fears are not unfounded of course but she was unaware of how MUFON’s suppression of the Billy Meier UFO case helped the spread of ISIS. [...]  READ MORE

UFO, IFO, Beamship or…Groundhog Day?

This blog is in response to John’s very excellent points in his question below:

Q: Michael, you have done an incredible job bringing the Meier material to the public. I want to thank you for all your efforts and please continue holding their feet to the fire.

I just wanted to pass along a thought. To me….the Meier photos, videos, audio are like comparing apples and oranges. To clarify….Billy Meier’s photos, etc., are not UFOs at all. They are IFO’s, Identified Flying Objects (the apples) as opposed to UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects (the oranges). They are identified as beamships of various classes that are piloted by known extra-terrestrials. After all, if the pilot and the flying craft are ‘Identified’, how can they be classed as ‘Unidentifed’ ? It is just a thought…. [...]  READ MORE

Astronomer Discovered Pluto…but MUFON Can’t Discover the Meier Case?

It’s true, back on February 18, 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto (although it actually was there long before he discovered it). While Pluto’s a mere 3.67 billion miles away, and the telescopes of Tombaugh’s day were primitive compared to today, he still did a better job than MUFON has in discovering the Billy Meier UFO case, which is one finger click away on a computer.

I bring this up because I had a call from a very sweet woman at MUFON who informed me about this year’s symposium and invited me to buy vendor space there. I was a vendor at last year’s event and had some interesting interactions there, which also included my successfully “pleading the Meier case” to a judge, as I describe in And Did They Listen? [...]  READ MORE

Balancing the Ledger with MUFON

As I have been unhesitatingly critical of the MUFON organization and their nonsensical focus on chasing lights in the sky – while they know and actively suppress knowledge and information about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case – it’s truly nice to be able to say that there are those in the organization who are more than willing to openly discuss it.

In much the same way as I enjoyed balancing the ledger, so to speak, in regards to acknowledging the two UK skeptics who interviewed me on their show, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to discuss the Meier information with MUFON member Lorien Fenton on her show. [...]  READ MORE

“You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Ah yes, that famous line uttered by Jack Nicholson, which couldn’t be more appropriate and accurate than it is today. That’s because so many people, when faced with the truth, simply call the bearer of the truth a liar. Indeed, they can’t handle the truth. It should also be said that since there’s no shortage of liars today, it’s easier to thusly label anyone who says such highly controversial and uncomfortably thought-provoking things. So I think it’s time to revisit the accusations against Billy Meier of lying about his experiences, i.e. his contacts with extraterrestrial human beings…for those who can handle  the truth. [...]  READ MORE