Threats from a Neo-Nazi

Things wouldn’t have gone this far without support of “UFO researchers and investigators”

The internet has made it easy for people of low, or no, character to hurl libelous, defamatory claims and statements against innocent people with impunity. This is done not only on blogs and forums, etc., but in abundance on sites like YouTube.

The Billy Meier UFO case is of course a frequent target for such vile actions. While paling in seriousness and danger to the 23 assassination attempts on Meier’s life, they perpetuate the false, unsubstantiated charges against the case. [...]  READ MORE

A Species Too Stupid to Survive?

Protests from anti-GMO crowd yet to materialize

For some strange reason, despite 65 years of specific, prophetically accurate information published by Billy Meier, in addition to independent expert authentication of his UFO photos and other evidence, the people of Earth have seemingly been unable and/or unwilling to grasp its genuineness and significance. In fact, for his troubles, Meier’s been the target of 23 documented assassination attempts.

Identity Crises

However, that a “man” will give birth to a baby, thanks (again) to medical intervention, appears to be acceptable and un-troubling (other than the public funding) to many people. Yes, in this case the “man” was originally a woman who became a “man” but still wanted to bear children. Another case of someone with too much time on their glands who decided to get their plumbing redone. (We won’t discuss whether or not the “man” is now actually a man, chromosomally speaking. BTW, this whole new “identification” thing may complicate other matters, such as supporting this white woman who “identifies” with being black and now could perhaps start “identifying” with litigation, or some such mess. Taken farther, we could start “identifying” with other people’s homes, cars, spouses, etc., and try to take possession of them on those grounds. Wait, I guess we already do, it’s called thievery, adultery, etc. Never mind.) [...]  READ MORE