The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: Evidence Reference Guide

Quick links to some of Billy Meier’s physical and informational evidence

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 77 years, have an abundance of what is lacking from every other claimed UFO case, i.e. actual, independently tested, physical and informational evidence.

Apart from the still irreproducible nature of this evidence, the fact that Mr. Meier freely turned over the evidence for independent, expert scientific analyses in itself speaks against any claims that it was hoaxed. [...]  READ MORE

ASU Astronomy Club Retracts Offer to Show UFO Film

While I was in the midst of my correspondence with Ms. Kravetz at ASU, I contacted the astronomy club there:

Hi Astrodevils,

My name is Michael Horn and I invite you to see the trailer for my new film, And Did They Listen?, about the Billy Meier contacts in Switzerland, the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case…now spanning 70 years.

I am hoping to be able to screen my film for your club…and answer any and all questions and challenges you may have. Released on January 21, the film has already been picked up for US TV this spring (along with two of my other films on the Meier case). [...]  READ MORE