ASU Law School Deans Fail Ethics Test, Part 2

SecpThose who bring our own misconduct and mistakes to our attention, so that we can quickly correct it, are our real friends

There’s been a good deal of behind the scenes turmoil since I posted Part 1., where I documented my attempts to bring what, in my opinion, is ethically unacceptable behavior by Andy Vrbicek, a law student at ASU, to the attention of his professors and school. To some this was viewed as a strange, even frivolous thing to do, i.e. to actually address such conduct to the school, etc. [...]  READ MORE

ASU Law School Deans Fail Ethics Test, Part 1

Ignored warnings that student’s defamatory attacks violated school’s Code of Conduct

The Dean of the Law School and the Dean of Students at ASU both failed to address libelous and unethical behavior by a student, which also violated ASU’s Student Code of Conduct, and about which they were warned.

In accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedures, the deans were made aware of the publicly posted defamatory attacks made by law student Andy Vrbicek, as well as his dare to contact the school, so confident was he of being immune to being held accountable for his behavior. [...]  READ MORE