Billy Meier UFO Film Now Available Internationally

Meier’s long-foretold prophecies of war and ecological disaster have begun

The award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, is now available as VOD through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany/Austria, Japan.

With this breakthrough, hopefully more people, worldwide, will become aware of the Billy Meier case and it’s information that is so crucial to our future survival. Please feel free to watch and rate it on the sites.


In contrast, last August, I taped a Beyond Belief show for GaiaTV with George Noory. In our first face-to-face interview, Noory openly and emphatically expressed his amazement over Meier’s stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos and films. He also made it known that he was blown away by Meier’s prophetic accuracy. I was told that the show would air within a couple of months…though it still hasn’t. GaiaTV is the channel that promotes liars and frauds like Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Of course, since they don’t have a single piece of evidence to back up their delusional claims, my guess is that showing an interview where Noory is visibly impressed with Meier’s very impressive UFO photos and prophetically accurate information, was probably deemed to be…bad for business, the disinformation and distraction business, to be precise. [...]  READ MORE

Ötzi Gives Skeptics Ulcers and Fits

New discoveries support Billy Meier’s information on accidental death of 5,100-year-old Iceman

Several years ago, when I first published information from the Billy Meier case pertaining to his advance knowledge of the discovery of, and specific details about, the so-called Iceman Mummy, skeptics were of course quick to try to debunk it. They apparently didn’t learn anything from the royal drubbing their fellow skeptics gave themselves, when they tried to debunk Meier’s Jupiter information…and ended up corroborating it instead[...]  READ MORE

They Musk – or Should – Be Reading the Henoch Prophecies

A glimpse of where the techno-toy trend and mindless preoccupation with transhumanism is leading humanity

Prominent scientists, like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, are now expressing concern that, “ it is only a matter of time before the weapons end up in the hands of terrorists and warlords,” referring to the dangers of robotic weapons. So people who make and utilize these weapons aren’t “terrorists and warlords” at least in some people’s eyes?

Gee, read a little farther, fellas, and you’ll find this information in the Henoch Prophecies, from 1987[...]  READ MORE

URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling


I want to bring to everyone’s attention that neither this information below, nor the Henoch Prophecies, are the first time that Meier has warned about this fanatical Islamist terrorism.

Please consider the following from Meier’s 1958 Letter:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier’s Update on ISIS

The Plejaren and Billy Meier explain the following regarding all the unfortunate turmoil around the world, such as the situations in Ukraine, in Iraq, in Syria and on its border with Turkey – and especially concerning the IS (Islamic State, ISIS, etc.):

The IS

The IS is led by the self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a terrorist who had been considered to be dead for around 10 years – even by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed the caliphate, is insane and also an extreme psychopath with the intention of founding a powerful theocracy. Christian people from around the world, especially from Germany, England Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and former Eastern bloc countries, want to convert to Islam and afterwards become fanaticised and radicalised, which is encouraged by fanatic Islamists in order to recruit them all for the IS. There are also many people from Arabian and African States, as well as from the United States of America, from Canada, from Asia and from South America, who are fanaticised in the same Islamic way and are called to join the IS as well. And all these fanatic people – men, women and even children – are willing to give their life in order to support and fulfil the delusional idea and the madness of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. [...]  READ MORE